URGENT: Help us kill the bill!


Fellow Patriots,

What I’m about to describe may be our best chance of killing the bill that will essentially kill our liberty. There is still a way we can stop government run healthcare, and it comes in the form of Scott Brown, a candidate for U.S. Senate in the special election in Massachusetts.

The special election takes place on January 19th between Liberal Democrat Martha Coakley and Republican Scott Brown.

Brown, a state senator and strong opponent of government run healthcare, would strip Democrats of the ability to pass the bill should he get elected.

Last October, polls showed Brown trailing by 26%. Today, Rasmussen released a poll showing Brown was only trailing by 2% among likely voters!


This is New York 23 all over, only better. This time it’s a simple two way race with no way to split the vote three ways.

But to win it, we need to throw all of our resources behind Brown and help make it happen.


TaxDayTeaParty.com is putting together a full crew of bloggers, campaign volunteers and poll watchers to travel to the district next week.

We know Democrats are going to send in everything they have, and the GOP is ignoring the race. The campaign needs all the help they can get!

IMPORTANT: We need to raise some quick money to mount our campaign and go help Brown in this race. Please take a few moments to contribute to our fund and help make it happen.


Also, if you have volunteered for a campaign before or know the ropes, or you’re a decent blogger who is able to aggressively follow the opponent and provide constant coverage, and you can join us, let me know ASAP!

We may be able to assist with travel expenses and will need plenty of help.

Know people in the state?


Voter turn out will be low, so we have a chance for an upset and we can STOP THE BILL DEAD IN ITS TRACKS!

Blog it, tweet it, visit the Scott Brown campaign website and donate/volunteer directly… do whatever you can to help take this seat!

It’s our time to shine.

For Liberty,
Eric Odom

32 Responses to “URGENT: Help us kill the bill!”

  1. Ashish says:

    We are not a socialist nation. And, we will never be a socialist nation, whoever is in office.

    Anyone who believes so is unpatriotic at heart, and scared of something that they’ve done in the past (hmm, elect Bush?).

    If you wish to grow this party and advance this fear to the point where action is taken, then win office and REPEAL Social Security, REPEAL Medicare, REPEAL the military and public schools, REPEAL public fountains and street lights.

    I hope I’m not censored on this website, because I think the TEA Party is onto something, but needs to act with more intelligence and less wild emotion.

  2. Gail P. says:

    Laurie, you are the Pot calling the Kettle black!

  3. Ginny says:

    I have to agree with the person who said we have power in our taxes. If we could gather a huge group and have them change their # of dependents so that much less less is taken out (save the tax money - you will need it later) and everyone send a note to that effect to your senator, congressman, newspaper and the President, they might have to actually listen to us. No money, they will quickly fall. Yes, there is power in numbers. Hit them where it hurts - in their pocket.

    Meanwhile, here’s hoping that Brown wins in MS Tueday.

  4. Gail P. says:

    For me it’s not about being a Democrat or Republican it’s about government taking from us and redistributing to the people who they think have needs. I wish everyone would stop saying those crazy Republicans or those elitist Democrats. I am really tired of hearing the blame game. We have only to blame ourselves for voting in officals and allowing them to make bribes and backroom deals. It’s time to force them to do what is right, not what will get them reelected. Yes we need reform in the health industry. Insurance is expensive, but take it from someone who knows, it’s alot more expensive when a health problem comes up and you can’t pay for it. But to force a bill like this is idiotic. I refuse to stand by and watch people taking from others just because they can. Just because someone has more money than you doesn’t make them a bad person. Either we all pay for it or no one pays for it! Equal treatment. Isn’t that what our country is all about???

  5. jon says:

    On such monumental things, which will effect all americans, we, the people should go to the polls and vote as we would in an election. A margin to accept, or deny, this issue be as it would to elect a president. Since it is known that favors/bribes have taken place to secure enough votes for passage of this bill I contend it to be illegal in all ways. The bill is tainted from its’ beginning in so much as lobbyist have came to Washington with cash in hand not to represent the people but rather corporate intrests. The decisions of our politicians will not be in the best intrest of america and its’ people but rather in the content of ” this bill” for corporate america. Contact your senators and represenatives and let them know you will not be voting for them if they pass this bill. It has become quite clear that a third party is necessary in this country. A party which consists of workers not insiders, not good old boys. Tell your congressmen all that they may think they can do as they please but NOVEMBER is coming and our votes shall reflect their votes. If we as a people do not like decisions being made then we need to look at our Constitution and exersise our rights and start telling our neighbors to do the same. We can put good common sense people in office and they do not need to be presently in office of any kind. Be a doer get involved.

  6. HopefulFuturePresident says:

    I see plenty of argument here for both support and kill of the bill. To supporters of this bill- Have any of you actually read the 2000+ pages of either version of the bill? It does not take 2000+ pages of policy to make efficiency.
    The people that is advertised as “needing” it aren’t even covered by the bill. There is no reason to vote for a bad bill just because change is needed. If you’re gonna change something, make good changes, not bad ones. That is why this bill should die. Point blank.



  8. conkm44 says:

    When we talk about killing health insurance reform, are we saying that the status quo is acceptable? I personally know a doctor who spent 40 years serving and was faced with foregoing treatment for his illness or bankrupting his family because the insurance company said the treatment was experimental. Do we prefer to have someone who is trying to make money for an insurance company making the decisions or a government employee?
    I don’t understand the logic. If we get government out of our lives, that means we will have the corporations and banks controlling us. Remember Pinkerton strike busters? Remember when the corporate goons were called out to attack strikers? Who enforced the law of the land when it was ignored? The federal government. Do we think that Bank of America, Citibank, Exon Mobil and the rest of the Wall Street crowd will work for our interests?
    The Republicans talk about small government, but under Bushes and Reagan, they spent the country into the hole we’re in now. George refused to fund his war in Iraq and wiped out the budget surpluses of the Clinton years. The Republicans deregulated Wall Street and the Banks and paved the way for the mess we’re in now. Is the Tax Party a shill for right wing republicans or actually trying to reclaim the government for the people?

  9. In response to Dan T, I can’t help but to burst his myths on his comments of what the left wants and has done. In regards to slavery, it was not the “right” that refused to allow “negroes” their freedom; it was the left that opposed granting their rights of freedom. Also, in his statement about “freedom” for negroes, it was a Republican that signed into law the abolishment of slavery, not the left! If you had any education of true history and not the distorted version now being taught in schools and colleges, you would see that even though the majority of the Republican President was in favor of slavery abolishment, it was the now known Demoncrat party that truly opposed setting the negroes free and giving them their rights as dictated under the Constitution that “all men are free and equal and are given inalienable rights under God”; not by a particular party or parties! The suggestion that the “right” is against the aforementioned is truly incorrect. You must be reading the moderen version of history when you say and believe that the left has created all these wonderful steps throughout history. It is contrary to the true facts, but what would one expect when these liberals twist facts to suit their goals. A great point of deceit shows in the bama scam of healthcare, which will not cover every American, will cover illegals under a rider plan at no charge to them, will increase health premium costs by 25-35% on the average family, will increase taxes on every American worker by 8-18% on their paycheck, will cause more small businesses to fail laying off more workers thus raising the unemployment stats, and the taxpayer WILL PAY four years berfore any so-called healthcare will begin! I could recite more false statements, but I know that the majority of Americans (67%) realized now that the health scam is nothing but a power grab for more government control over the lives of Americans and businesses, that the health scam will not help but harm more Americans, and that the true intent is to turn America into a socialist government. If you would study a little history of the rise of Hitler, you will see that obama has taking page after page from the history of his rise to power and socialism, i.e., taking over the financial institutions, consuming ownership of businesses, and condemning anyone who voices opposition to the their movement. Next we will loose the right to free speech, the right to assemble, the right of religion, the right to bear arms, and so on. It is the socialist movement of the Hitler regime that obama is coping and moving this country to a completye dictatorship. The gullible that follows his acts and beliefs think they will get something for nothing, but in the end, they and all Americans will be losers and will pay dearly, if this socialist movement is not stopped. We must band together and expunged all in Congress that do not heed the will of the people, no matter what party they are, for if we don’t take back the government now, we are doomed as a free society as we know it. History will show who will be the winner, and hopefully it will not be the socialist left as Mr. Dan T. believes!

  10. Ben Rader says:

    I agree full heartidly, we need to take our country back. We thought we elected educated people. Instead we have short sighted people trying to take over our entire lives. Stop government control and stop the politicians gavy train. They should obey the same laws we obey. They should have the same insurance we have. They should pay for all the corruption they have committed and that is a lot. They cheat, steal, lie and nothing is done. They lie and cheat in the elections. THEY SHOULD BE IN JAIL NOT IN OFFICE.

  11. Eyes Wide Open says:

    Take a good look at the PBS site on universal health care in other countries. Especially the more detailed description that they have available as a tab that is presented prominently. If you read the short summary you get one impression but when you read the detailed one the picture is very different.

    Essentially every program is running major deficits and rationing of type that would never be acceptable here. Things like knee and hip replacements not available at all, multiple visits to get one issue resolved so they can bill several times what should have been a single visit.

    Then there is Switzerland where it is not at a deficit and it seems pretty good but everyone pays $750 per month. During the discussion the president said people now go bankrupt paying for their insurance but never from a health problem. He went on to say that he wishes they had not passed the bills to create the system they have. He also says that it is inevitable that they will soon be running at a deficit.

    I think the Dem’s have made it clear that no matter who wins this election they will not be a factor in the health bills final passage as they will stall certification until it is passed.

    For those who are sure it will be deficit neutral, well you are out of your mind. Consider the GDP numbers that came out a while ago is down to 2.2 percent. They cannot even estimate that within 30%. What about the unemployment numbers good job there. Off by a factor of 10.

    In an interview I saw Brown did not say he was for or against the health bill. He did say he would evaluate it and decide which was best. In any case he seems like he would be a good addition to those in DC.

    I will contribute and I am thinking of going up there to help, it is only about 5 hours away.

  12. Scott Orth says:

    Spirituality and conservative moral values are the fabric of all great nations. These ideologies were to be the Culture of our great nation. No one understood this better than our founding fathers. Now Laurie and many like her want to destroy this Culture by attacking its values. Many great nations like the Syrians, Babylonians, Egyptians to the Romans fell because of degradation of their values. The one largest cause was allowing or bringing people from other nations into theirs without fully indoctrinating them into their Culture. As such, the poor values of the insurgents grew in popularity. The erosion of the original values resulted in the downfall of these nations. I for one will donate to Scott Brown. Let’s take our great nation back!


    It takes idiots like Laurie who thinks it’s all about haters, racists, or anything to do with civil rights who can’t see the crystal clear motives of those who want to destroy our constitution and rid the American flag who are out to turn this country into Germany of the 1920’s 30’s and 40’s better hope it’s successful. It takes someone who’s truly ghetto with a very low IQ to be like her not understanding what is really going on.

  14. this is about the nevada voting i just saw on fox the republicans are running two candidates against harry reid the dumb asses did this in alaska and got the democrat elected there is no difference and this shows it!!! thats why im independent

  15. Dan T says:

    A bill that will essentially kill our liberty?
    You’ve got to be joking me.

    The United States is the ONLY industrialized nation in the world without universal healthcare, AND one of the unhealthiest, so by that definition, you can’t possibly be saying that every other developed nation (and many poorer developing ones) in the world, from Britain to Norway to Japan, is a tyranny?

    And also…that the tyrannies are running their countries better!!!

    That’s just stupid.

    You know what I like about being on the left?
    That the left ALWAYS wins in the end…

    …years ago the right was against banning slavery, then against women’s suffrage, workers unions, then equal rights for negroes, and many other ideas that promote freedom and democracy, and guess what? WE HAVE ALL THEM NOW!!!

    The current debates are over abortion, gay marriage, global warming and Uni’ Healthcare, and guess what? They’re ALL going to pass and happen, sooner or later, and there’s nothing you can possibly do about it. Society is growing smarter and realizing how out of touch with reality the right is, how backward religions are, (though I grant you that backwards and bad are not the same thing) and how right-wing racism, fascism and unchecked greed ruin civilizations.
    Generation after generation…the left and common sense has, does and will always TRIUMPH!

  16. velma moore says:

    i’ll do anything i can to help kill this obama (the communist) care bill. i live in an all democratic state and all you can get when you try to talk to bingaman and udall is the same old democratic crapt. i live in new mexico maybe they will read this and we can embrass them into reality. i’ve tried everything else.

  17. Gray Champion says:

    As you “Tea-Baggers” (and I mean to wear that branding in defiance of the elite as if it were a badge of honor) — As you go forth to save America for our children, don’t forget the source of our unalienable rights. I believe Almighty God is interested in the cause of freedom. Don’t you?

    “…Here is my creed: I believe in one God, the Creator of the universe. That He governs it by His providence. That He ought to be worshipped. That the most acceptable service we render to Him is in doing good to His other children. That the soul of man is immortal, and will be treated with justice in another life respecting its conduct in this. These I take to be the fundamental points in all sound religion.
    -Benjamin Franklin
    (Smyth, Writings of Benjamin Franklin, 10:84)

    So — Remember…

  18. FesterDjester says:

    HOW DID WE GET WHERE WE ARE TODAY? I suggest that everyone who hasn’t seen “THE FALL OF THE REPUBLIC” video by radio show host Alex Jones from Austin, Texas watch it. He also has produced several other videos about what has happened to our country and where our nation is headed. Some of the material seems far-fetched but keep a open mind, use your own judgement and form your own opinion. They can be found at http://www.alexjonesmovie.com. Just click on the titles to the right and they will play with windows media player. Also watch the “THE OBAMA DECEPTION.” The two listed can be found on YOU TUBE also. Each is about 2 hours in length.

  19. margaret says:

    I know we have a fighting chance I am from MA and have volunteered. I am putting signs up everywhere. the responses from people in the phone calls are if the is a (R)after the name I am voting for them

  20. Vi McCane says:

    I just recieved an email from the Brown campaign they are asking for people to come up and help. They will pay for food and lodging, Vi

  21. Bill lardieri says:

    Anyword on people going up there with the tea party?

  22. Laurie says:

    Hah…You people are a joke and rather funny at that. But I must say you ARE entertaining. It’s a wonderful sight to see the Republican Party disintegrate before our very eyes. Haters, racists, and people who would deny civil rights to those that aren’t “like them” have no place in our country. Your motives are crystal clear and no amount of hiding behind an American flag will camoflage your intent. This country is not the Germany of the 1920’s and therefore your efforts will not be successful.

  23. dante says:

    i email michael steele that RNC should send money and people to help Scott Brown get elected in Massachusetts!!!
    i also contributed money and will contact people i know there to do the same. i am so distraught with the socialist,Godless direction of my country! its so depressing…

  24. Patty Parrett says:

    Scott’s vote is #41 in the Senate and KILLS Obamacare, Cap and Trade and anything else the Dems throw at us. Do NOT allow another progressive backed by SEIU into the senate!
    Please join the national phone bank.
    Go to:




    Or you can contact Field Director Brad Hansen at:

    brad@brownforussenate.com or call 509-595-4683

  25. nancy hill says:

    Go Scott!Us freedom loving Americans r all behind u and may God b w/u.

  26. toni whisnant says:

    But if he wins then when will he actually be “in office”?

  27. bill lardieri says:

    Just donated to both the tea party patriots and scott brown!!

  28. Steve L says:

    Just made a donation to the Brown campaign, left a Scott a message that he holds the hopes of millions of Americans across the country.

  29. Holly says:

    Just donated to him. I really hope he can help KILL THE BILL!

  30. Chris K. says:

    Just donated to TDTP and Scott Brown. Suggest everyone do the same NOW!

  31. Elaine says:

    We are SPREADING the word. GO SCOTT!

  32. Jesse frauenhofer says:

    Thank god that an opportunity like this is here to stop this markist president from attempting to turn the USA into a socialist country.

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