Adam Kinzinger, a Tea Party Candidate for Illinois


This morning when I logged into Gmail, I had at least 50 emails from tea party activists who were responding to my post yesterday about our need to pull it together as a movement. The general theme seems to be that we need a good, coherent, simple list of folks who meet the following criteria:

-Aligned with the basic principles of liberty
-Feel that states should trump the fed in power
-Believe that liberty should come first and foremost in any political decision
-Are not a part of the old establishment
-Would represent Americans well in Congress
-Have a very decent chance of winning
-Are running against incumbents who clearly do not place liberty first

A while back we highlighted Richard Behney and his run for U.S. Senate in Indiana. Richard and his wife, Laura accepted an invitation to come to a Christmas Party I hosted in Chicago last month and we had a fantastic chat about the state of the movement and the work that needs to be done in 2010.

He also informed me that hundreds of tea party activists flooded his website when we wrote that post, and his campaign most certainly felt the “tea party effect.”

Today I want to bring another candidate to your attention and ask that each of you consider lending your assistance in his bid for a seat in Congress. His name is Adam Kinzinger and he’s currently making his way through the Republican primary in the 11th Congressional District of Illinois.

I just got off the phone with Adam and he is, without question, a strong “tea party candidate” for Congress. Not only does he strongly support the movement, he’s been active in several tea parties and tea party events during the past year.

We also discussed the 10th Amendment and state rights, and Adam is a strong advocate of states controlling their own destiny.

Adam will be working to fire far left liberal incumbent Debbie Halvorson in the general election. The 11th Congressional District of Illinois leans slightly Republican in voters, and many believe she was only able to get elected in the district is because her Republican opponent last time around was a big fundraiser for then Gov. Rod Blagojevich.

I strongly encourage you to check out Adam’s campaign website, consider a donation to his campaign, and if you live in Illinois… volunteer to help get him elected.

Also, if you’re on Twitter, say hi to Adam and let folks know about his race for Congress.

The following is Adam’s full biography.

Adam Kinzinger, 31, is a focused, results oriented leader dedicated to getting our government back to the roots, which made it strong in the first place.

Adam was born in Kankakee but spent most of his childhood years in Bloomington, IL where he currently lives. His mother, an elementary schoolteacher, and his father, a former CEO of two faith-based organizations, taught Adam important values of hard work and responsiveness to the needs of less fortunate individuals in our communities. Adam earned his bachelor’s degree from Illinois State University in 2000.

While a sophmore at ISU, Adam, at the age of 20, challenged a twelve-year Democrat incumbent for the McLean County Board. By focusing on a message of bringing local government back to the people, he won a seat on the board to become one of the youngest county board members in McLean County history.

During his service on the board, Adam focused on ideas he believed in – opposing elected officials’ pay raises in tough economic times, standing out against internet taxation to local businesses, and supporting measures allowing for greater public participation in county government. Adam quickly earned the respect of his colleagues, was easily accessible to his constituents and was often the lead Republican spokesman on important issues facing the county board.

Adam sought a second term in 2002 and earned the endorsement of the Bloomington Pantagraph for his efforts in bringing a fresh perspective to county government. His message resonated with the voters and he was overwhelmingly reelected.

In 2003, Adam joined the United States Air Force. He was commissioned a 2nd Lieutenant in November 2003 and was awarded his pilot’s wings in 2005. Captain Kinzinger now serves as a pilot with the Air Force Special Operations Command.

Captain Kinzinger has been recognized for his efforts both in an out of uniform. In 2007, he received the United States Air Force Airman’s Medal for saving the life of a young woman who was violently attacked. Despite the likelihood that he too would be stabbed, Adam wrestled the knife away from the attacker and pinned him to the ground until the police arrived. He was also awarded the National Guard’s Valley Forge Cross for Heroism and was selected as the Southeastern Wisconsin American Red Cross Hero of the Year.

Adam Kinzinger understands the value of American freedom and is committed to protecting and serving the citizens of his district and country both in uniform and elected office. He has the skills and drive to rise above the political noise, bring government back to the people and to create a lasting positive impact for the people of the 11th Congressional District.

So what do you say? Can you help Adam out by donating a few bucks to his campaign?

In response to many of the emails we’re receiving about the need to highlight candidates, we’ll be posting a weekly update as to what tea party candidates are out there and where they are running for office.

Disclaimer: I do not personally know Adam Kinzinger, I have no attachment to his campaign, and I do not claim this post to be a “tea party” endorsement of any kind. This post is here merely to highlight his campaign and allow activists to make their own decision on whether or not to show support.

-Eric Odom

17 Responses to “Adam Kinzinger, a Tea Party Candidate for Illinois”

  1. Top Jones says:

    if i had to live in Illinois i would be voting for Cpt K, i hope he wins there and that we hear good reports about him in the future. He seems to be grooming well to lead in the restoration of this nation. i pray he keeps his reputation clean. When the righteous reign the people rejoice, but when the evil beareth rule the people mourn. Stay straight. tj

  2. [...] We posted a general summary of Kinzinger and his race for IL-11 over on TaxDayTeaParty.com a few weeks back. You can view the post here. [...]

  3. Diane Burkland says:

    I agree with John Brotchie.Let’s stopthe Obamacare Bill in it’s tracks, by helping all we can to see that Scott Brown gets elected in the special election for Kennedy’s seat he will tip the scales in our favor. They won’t have the votes to pass Obamacare. If you don’t live there, go to his web site and donate. If you know someone in MA,call them and tell them to help get out the vote.

  4. Robert Bullard says:

    It seems some of our Government officers are incompetent which is concealed until they are required to make a judgment. We must have a to be sure we elect officers who are competent. It’s becoming “America Home Of The Incompetent Land Of The Indentured Servant.

  5. Trying to be a Chicago Repblican says:

    Regarding Nancy J Kapp’s question is there a Chicago proper Tea Party? If so I would like to learn how to get involved.

    Additionally, the Republican Party gave us Alan Keyes who campaigned on reparations back in 2004. Option A Keyes. Option B Obama. Who did I vote for Option B. Thanks for your support Republican Leadership.

    If you are not familiar with Alan Keyes IL senate seat run please review the following: http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/5747800/

  6. Jason says:

    I’m tired of seeing people pushing Republican candidates on Tea Party websites. What have they done for us?! Nothing! The Republicans are just as guilty as the Democrats for the current state of affairs and the usurping of state rights. We need candidates that will distance themselves from both parties, return the power to the states and get us back to what the forefathers created. We need true Tea Party candidates!

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  8. Eric Odom says:

    @Publius, I welcome your strategy and ideas. You can email them to me at eric@taxdayteaparty.com.

    I don’t claim to have the answers. I’m just doing what I can, when I can.

  9. Publius says:


    That general theme that we need a good, coherent, simple list of folks who meet the following criteria isn’t a strategy, it’s a wish list. At best what you are suggesting is merely general tenets of an ideal candidate. How does that get you from Point A to Point B? That the bulk of Americans will just “get it” and should vote for them?

    What you’re implying to us is that you’re very idealistic and naive, without a more definitive strategy in place.

  10. james m. mayer says:

    I have been working for the past few months for a strong conservative in the Illinois Eight. His name is Joe Walsh.
    http://www.walshforcongress.com He seems to be in the lead as we currently have 80 Tea party types canvassing for him. We have a primary on Feb 2nd. Anyone who could help us get him the nomination can help inspire the rest of the Tea party candiates nationally. Joe is a true blue Tea Party guy. Please consider helping him.

  11. Jack Tomoser says:

    For Floridians looking for a true conservative get to know Marco Rubio for US Senate running against RINO (Republican In Name Only) Governor Charlie Christ. Click,copy and paste the following to your search engine and judge for yourself:
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W19AO4klxSc Go Marco Go

  12. Gene Cheatham says:

    Nice job, Eric! What a great idea. Hope a mighty groundswell occurs to make genuine change as our Founders designed. Hope to see you tomorrow.

  13. Nancy J Kapp says:

    As a Chicagoan, I am looking for anyone that can support our constitutional rights and will check this gentlemen out.

    Also, there will be no conflict as regards his military duty as Mark Kirk is currently in the Reserves, in Afganastan and if this Rino can do it, I would suspect Adam can. Sounds like a great guy.

    Also, does anyone know if there is a Tea Party started in Chicago proper? I know there are many suburban chapters, but looking for downtown Chicago. I know this is swimming up stream, but we must.

  14. John Brotchie says:

    Eric ….
    Great idea - promoting candidates that WILL do something.

    As a follow-up, I urge you to tell readers about Scott Brown (R) who is running for Ted Kennedy’s seat in the Senate. Please ask all your readers to contact anyone they know in Massachbusetts, suggesting that they vote for Mr. Brown. His campaign web address is: http://www.brownforussenate.com/

    If you Google “Scott Brown for Senate,” you’ll find tons of news about him. Especially interesting is Michelle Malkin’s column of yesterday (1/3/10) http://michellemalkin.com/

    HE can stop Healthcare bills because he will NOT vote with the Democratic majority. He WILL break the 60 vote stranglehold we’re currently suffering under! His opponent (AG, Martha Coakley) is a guaranteed More-Of-The-Same, Rubber Stamp, politician who will vote the party line every time.


    John Brotchie

  15. Robert Neugebauer says:

    This is an interesting candidate with good credentials whom I would consider supporting. My only question is how does he deal with the conflict of working for the government in the service of his country as a 2nd Lieutenant and vote in congress on issues which would oppose the administration he is working under contract with. Is he relieved of his duties to the Air Force during his time of service to the congress or would he leave the military completely once he is voted into office.

  16. Nancy Williams says:

    Hi Adam,
    I am from Illinois and now live in Florida. I am sadded to see how the state of Illinois has fallen under the Obama mafia rule. I will be watching and rooting for you as a Teabager. I have left the republican party and now I am an Independent. We have got to take this country back to save us all!! Thanks for your outstanding service to your country.
    Melbourne, Fla

  17. Clay Barham says:

    Is government at any level, invented, designed or fashioned for the purpose of providing justice or preventing injustice? For those who look to government as our nation’s highest authority, the dispensing of justice is its highest duty, instead of a nation based on freedom principles, where the people are the highest authority and government’s highest duty is to prevent injustice, usually closest to the people served. There is a major difference between justice given and injustice prevented, just like equality and inequality. Justice and equality inspire admiration, but preventing injustice and encouraging inequality made America the great nation it became. It is easy to decide which is best when comparing America’s prosperity to almost 200 other nations in the world where most starve, are whipped, beaten and murdered by their prosperous elite rulers. Claysamerica.com

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