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-Eric Odom

2 Responses to “The new and improved social network”

  1. Alan Lowberg says:

    Stand For Freedom 2010
    Delegate D–, 3rd Continental Congress, the hardest part about writing what I have written here was to read that article you posted by Eric Odom. http://logisticsmonster.com/2009/12/29/like-i-said-earlier/

    After reading his article, I thought to myself, rather than do what he suggests, if we want to insure defeat in the most critical midterm election in the history of this nation, why don’t we just vote for the lesser of two evils like we have been doing for many years now and save ourselves a lot of trouble? A strategy like Eric Odom espouses, is a dream for the Democrats and Republicans because they are both masters at “borging” (assimilating) various groups. They spend all their time strategizing so they can win elections, and no longer have time to do the people’s business. But Free People must at this critical juncture, in this nation’s history, return to our founding principles, no party. Not a third party, No Party! And the missing element in all this strategizing (humanism) is that people need to vote their conscience and leave the outcome in God’s hands, period.

    One time many Americans from the South attempted to protect their Freedom as a nation by separating into Southern Nation. This I believe had its impetus in the faulty Supreme Court ruling Dred Scott v. Sandford. The south felt pressure to exert States rights over any Federal usurpation, but by attempting to secede, while at the same time holding slaves and firing on Fort Sumter, they got what they did not want, but nevertheless what was best for the Country.

    A good lesson is to be learned here, based on the controversy between the Constitutional State rights, a position held by Jefferson Davis, verses an ideological mandate from the Declaration of Independence that all men are created equal, held by Abraham Lincoln. Which is right? Had not Davis ordered that first shot to be fired at Fort Sumter, a million lives may not have been lost, and in time we may have ended with an even better solution, perhaps without the 14th amendment? I am just saying that no matter whether Free People have a strong Constitutional issue, or a strong ideological issue, we must not fire the first shot.

    It took a great war to preserve this nation so conceived in Liberty. We are once again “engaged in a great civil war, [that war was actually a war of secession] testing whether that nation—or any nation, so conceived and so dedicated—can long endure.” Today it is the two party system that has turned its back on the Constitution and our founding principals; the Republicans and Democrats are leading this new secession revolt, where many Americans are willing to cede their Freedom and be assimilated into a New World Order, which is not grounded in the rule of law, nor is it conceived in liberty or dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal. I believe so many are so easily led astray because they see no alternative. We must show them there is an alternative, that it is simply a matter of returning to the Constitution and our Founding principals.

    Thankfully, violence has not broken out. At that time in history, Fort Sumter was a line drawn in the sand saying America shall remain an undivided free nation, and the symbol for holding this ground in a nonviolent way. Today the Articles Of Freedom create a line drawn in the sand saying America shall remain an undivided free nation; they are also the symbol for holding this ground in a non-violent way. “We, the undersigned, renounce and condemn any and all INITIATION of violent force and will pursue all lawful and Constitutional means to fulfill our duty.” Articles Of Freedom: go to http://cc2009.us/aof. Free People must recognize the great threat the two party system poses to the cause of freedom, and cooperate with it no longer.

    These are our founding principles: no party affiliation, vote conscience, and trust in divine providence. But those who place party affiliation ahead of the Constitution and our founding principles care not for the Constitution or our founding principals, and are communist in my opinion.

    But if we must talk strategy, then think about this.

    First, we have the Republicans who are trying to assimilate various groups such as the Tea Party People, Conservatives, People of Faith, and other Grass Roots Patriots. The problem with that is the Republicans stated purpose is to win elections. To do this they will go any way the wind blows. In this case the wind is blowing towards a “New World Order” (George H. Bush), and ironically anti religion, (John McCain).

    They have another strategy I would deem brilliant; deceptive as it is, their operatives are floating the idea, that Tea party People, Conservatives, People of Faith, and Grass Roots Patriots need to take back their party. First, of all one has to assume that all these people are Republicans which they are not. Second of all, the strategy of taking back a party is an insult to True Patriotism. True Patriots are intent on taking back the Country, and pursuing America’s Manifest Destiny, and that does not involve supporting any political party.

    Second, we have the Democrats who are trying to assimilate Independents, Illegal Aliens, Health Care Providers, and Homosexuals. As an added bonus, the Democrats are pushing civil rights for these last three groups. Civil rights are granted by the Federal Government, and protected by the Federal Government. The rest of us schleps languish along in our unalienable rights which are granted by God, recognized by the Constitution, but must be defended by the individual. Individuals are out numbered, and this, therefore, is a brilliant strategy by both the Democrats and the Republicans who no longer represent their constituents in constitutionally recognized individual unalienable rights.

    What about these Independents? Nation wide about one-third of all voters are Independent, and out of that one-third about 40% break for the Democrats, and 35% break for the Republicans, so it is about even. If we add up all the Independents, the Tea Party People, Conservatives, People of faith, and other Grass Roots Patriots, they make up by a very large margin an overwhelming majority. In my opinion the Tea Party People are already ours, so are the Conservatives, so are People of Faith, and so are other Grass Roots Patriots. The question is, are we going to share all these groups with the two Communists Parties or not.

    Independents in my opinion are the new swing voters. What gets me is the Democrat leadership knows it, and they are going after them with everything they have. I listened to a propaganda utube recently and this “Independent” who was obviously a Democrat was claiming Independents have elected their first President, Obama. The good news is, the Republicans do not even like Independents, but what I think they really don’t like is the fact that many of them think for themselves, hence the term Independent—I am an Independent. But in their stupidity, the Republican leadership is alienating them, and their lead SPOKES PERSON, Rush Limbaugh, never misses an opportunity to slander their integrity. I do not know how Republicans get nearly half their vote. The good news for Free People is, if we stay separate from any party affiliation, with a concerted effort I believe large numbers of Independents can be educated to the benefits of Constitutional government and our founding principles, and I believe this 100,000 million people voter block is where we should focus most of our energy. We could even use a slogan, Free People are Independent voters. It is not up to Democrats or Republicans to decide the fate of Independents; it is up to Free People to decide their own fate.

    Illegal aliens are another potential swing vote if the Democrats get their way. As I said, Democrats hold out civil rights as a carrot. Illegal aliens are here illegally, yet they partake of the same rights and privileges as United States Citizens, and in many instances they have access to more rights and privileges. These are civil rights, doled out by the Federal Government, sanctioned by many States, and supercede our own unalienable rights in some cases. One such case is Citizens of the United States’ unalienable right to live in a Nation free from foreign invasion. Article 4 § 4 US Constitution.

    Health Care providers, I think have the weakest case for appealing for civil rights, but that is what the Democrats are offering them, and if Free People can start to show that we can reverse this usurpation of the Constitution, many of them may join us as well.

    Homosexuals could be the hardest people to relinquish their pursuit for civil rights, but once again, if they see that Free People can significantly weaken the Democrats’ ability to sell what is not theirs to sell, civil rights, then we may be able to convince many of them to settle for equal rights, or what the rest of us have, unalienable rights, but at this point we have to prove unalienable rights are better.

    This is going to be double tough with the homosexuals community, because as England tried to stir up “the in habitants of our frontiers” (Declaration of Independence), the Democrats wish to stir up the Homosexual Community to fight against those who hold dear their unalienable rights while they are willing to cede their own, for civil rights. The Democrats very own liberal Courts greatly exacerbated the problem by already setting precedence by misapplying the 14th amendment and ruling on their behalf in several State cases. I see this as the biggest threat to unalienable rights, and the rule of law, when people can be granted special rights, civil rights, based on personal life style choice.

    This is a civil war we are in, and the war is between those who want to come under Federal Government jurisdiction as Federal citizens, ceding their Constitutional unalienable recognized rights for civil rights, and those who are Citizens of the United States, and want to remain free souls under God. It is a war because the entire political landscape is being changed by Democrats and Republicans who are granting special unconstitutional rights and privileges in exchange for votes.

    I do want to say one thing in defense of Illegal Aliens, Heath Care Workers, and the Homosexual Community. There is an old adage that says “you can’t blame them for trying.” Should the Free People of America hold any hostility towards any of these people? No! In this age of mega corruption permeating from the top down, is it not reasonable that people would try to grab onto a life line any where it presents itself. These people are not the enemy; it is the two party system that has corrupted the Federal Government and lured them with Unconstitutional benefits.

    The Democrats and Republicans have been amassing their troops for many years in this way; the Free People of America must begin to amass our troops, those who are loyal to unalienable rights, under a new Continental Army. The Original “Continental Army” was established by Continental Congress, June 14, 1775. In my opinion, all those who are unaffiliated with any political party, as they were at the time, who sign the Articles OF Freedom, and are willing to pursue a reformation of Constitutional Government according to our founding principals by all means necessary, are already soldiers in the New Continental Army.

    Free People should be going for all the same people the Democrats and Republicans are going for, but for a different purpose, to once again take up America’s Manifest Destiny, a destiny which shown bright for more than one hundred years, a destiny of living free, and proclaiming freedom to all other nations.

    We have to go this way, because the Democrats and the Republicans spend all their time fighting each other and figuring out ways to steel tax payer money to fund their reelection campaigns, and pass unconstitutional laws to lure people to voluntarily surrender their unalienable rights, and thereby changing the political landscape. And they have been winning elections with this strategy; it boggles a free mind.

    The two party system has polarized America. If Free People join either party they too shall be part of the negative effect of polarization. With all this effort spent on advancing party platforms, the Democrats and Republicans do not have time to do the people’s business, and that is what is wrong in America.

    Abraham Lincoln in his Gettysburg address promised a new birth of freedom. I do not believe we have ever fully realized that new birth of freedom, and that is a shame because we have had about one hundred and forty-five years to do so. During the Theodore Roosevelt administration we made great strides towards a new birth of freedom. During the Franklin Delano Roosevelt administration, we lost any ground that had been gained in the cause of freedom. During the Reagan years we saw a slight surge forward for the cause of freedom, but since Reagan we have once again gone backwards and at an alarming rate. The difference between this decline and former declines is, it is difficult to distinguish who is moving us backward faster, the Republicans or the Democrats, and also what makes this decline different is, this time we may not get another chance; it could very well be decided in this next mid-term election, so we have to get this one right.

    I know about Lincoln’s unconstitutional use of many powers he used to curtail an unprecedented situation, but it was either that or a divided nation that would have failed, and we would all be speaking some other language right now. It is also quite evident Abraham Lincoln had no intention of holding onto any unnecessary power. Those who doubt it, I suggest you restudy those events. I admit he set a bad precedence for executive order, but not a legal one, and he certainly can not be blamed for what other Presidents have done, or for a people who never seized the great opportunity availed to them by his actions, or who never held succeeding Presidents accountable for overreaching their Constitutional powers for far less serious reasons.

    Mr. Odom says “The RP has an extensive infrastructure already in place, and a third party just does not have the time necessary to be effective in the 2010 elections.” First of all, no party is the answer. “We The People” are to “secure the Blessings of Liberty.” Second, The Republican Party has had one hundred a fifty years, and we have seen no New Birth of Freedom, time’s up—YOU’RE FIRED!!!

    If America were ever to make a clean break from party affiliation now is the time. With the INTERNET, we can organize around core principles laid out in the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and the Articles of Freedom. America is still waiting for this new birth of FREEDOM, let’s give it to them. George Washington said political parties would corrupt America, and the panic based government strategies played by both parties today have fulfilled every warning he gave in his farewell address. Fool us once, shame on you, but fool us for many decades, shame on all the people. We must turn from the culture of corruption; that is, the two party system. We are engaged in a great civil war, and now is the time for the FREE PEOPLE to rise up and establish a new birth of Freedom for all Americans.

    The TEA PARTY and other GRASS ROOTS PATRIOT MOVEMENTS has given us a chance to once again achieve that New Birth of Freedom Abraham Lincoln promised; Continental Congress must not let them down by espousing any strategy that delivers them back into the hands of the enemy. And if they are not the enemy, why would most Democrats or Republicans in office today, who are so steeped in unconstitutional policy, deem what I am saying sedition? The next eleven months could be the most exciting time in American history, but we must turn our back to the culture of corruption if we intend to be successful in taking back our Country.

    The Articles Of Freedom pledge says “In full view of The Creator as my witness, I hereby pledge my signature, and vow to join with a goodly number of millions of Americans to hold our elected and appointed officials accountable for all of their violations, with a firm reminder that each one has sworn a Oath [or Affirmation], to Preserve, Protect and Defend the Constitution for the United States of America. In seeking to hold them accountable, I shall hold myself accountable to do the same.” Now is the time for Free People everywhere to rise up and hold ourselves accountable, and not vest our confidence in any political party. Plus while the Democrats and Republicans are busy fighting each other, not for American, but for party superiority, all those who desire to take their country back can do so, and the two corrupt political parties will not even see us coming. Free People make up the largest voter Block, Now is the TIME to use it!

    I would like to ask if The Year of our Lord, 2010, be declared by this Continental Congress, the Year of Freedom. I want to wish everyone a happy and free New Year.

    On To Victory
    Alan Lowberg
    ME-Delegate 3rd Continental Congress 12/31/2009

  2. Dano says:

    PACs are always trying to get more people involved, in order to get more donations. A pox on the PAC system and those who profit from it.

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