POLL: How should the movement vote in 2010?


Today’s poll from Rasmussen is very telling in many ways. The poll, released this morning, suggest that the GOP base IS the liberty movement. And right now, that base has left the party.

In a three-way Generic Ballot test, the latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds Democrats attracting 36% of the vote. The Tea Party candidate picks up 23%, and Republicans finish third at 18%. Another 22% are undecided.

Among voters not affiliated with either major party, the Tea Party comes out on top. Thirty-three percent (33%) prefer the Tea Party candidate, and 30% are undecided. Twenty-five percent (25%) would vote for a Democrat, and just 12% prefer the GOP.

Among Republican voters, 39% say they’d vote for the GOP candidate, but 33% favor the Tea Party option.

This is good for our movement because it proves what we’ve been saying all along… the two major parties have been courting the wrong crowd. Especially the Republican Party.

I mean, recent polls make it clear that the dominating ideology in America is conservatism. This poll makes it clear that the dominating part of the Republican base is the liberty movement, not the moderates.

Many within the movement are not Republican and never have been, but I think it’s safe to say that the majority of the movement strongly opposes efforts by Democrats to destroy our country.

This was the major problem with John McCain, in my opinion. McCain is a moderate. And while many claimed it was for different reasons, I believe he lost because he had nothing significant to offer the liberty movement. Obama on the other hand promised his base a free ride in life.

It’s wild that Republicans can’t seem to grasp the simplicity of the situation. We’re not asking for freebies, we’re not asking for handouts… we’re instead just asking for our right to be free. We’re asking for representation that will protect our liberty, not trample it.

So, I think this poll makes a few things clear for us. First, Republicans can’t win without the movement. Second, the movement can’t win without the party. At least not in the short term.

If this polling data is correct, then we fail the second we split the vote that opposes Democrats.

This is only my opinion, of course. And I would certainly love to hear yours.

NOTE: In 2010 we need to remain focused. And our focus needs to be on removing big government thugs from office. Starting with those who support healthcare, cap and trade, bailouts and other dangerous legislation.

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  1. Stutz says:

    At this time the tea party should not try to become a third party but a way to endorse the candidates that support our fiscal ideas. Splitting the GOP is not going to help remove the cancer that is in congress now.
    Republicans in office now should be given a chance to pledge to support the tea party ideas or else we run a Republican that will support our ideas against them in the primary elections.
    The tea party could pick to endorse whatever candidate fits with our values the best.

    Just what I think,

  2. Bob Harbert says:

    The 3rd Party route is a losing path. It is very tempting because the Republicans have screwed up so badly and spent just like Democrats but, for better or worse, we have a 2 party system and 3rd parties have no chance. That is just the way it is and no amount of wishing things were different will matter.

    Third parties have no voice in Congress so even if you got a President, he/she would be on the outside looking in and would not get anything positive done. Congress is where the control of money is, not the Presidency!

    We must take back the Republican Party from the RINOs and then we will make a difference. If we can take back our party then we can get this country back on a track to fiscal responsibility!

  3. Daniel Cole says:

    The biggest factor in the upcoming elections has been ignored: MOTIVATION. We true conservatives are much, much more motivated than either the R’s or the D’s. Everyone knows that motivating the “base” is the key to winning elections. If we give in to the RINOs now we’ve lost everything we’ve achieved thus far. IF AND ONLY IF we stand our ground, on our principles, the republican party will stop taking us for granted and will again return to its conservative roots. Choosing the “lesser of two evils” is EXACTLY the thinking that got us in the situation we’re in. The democrats are doing exactly what you’d expect a democrat to do. The majority of republicans, however, say one thing when campaigning and then act like democrats once elected. In a perverse way of thinking, Obama getting elected is the best thing that has happened to our country in a long time; just look at how he’s ignited conservative passions! I know, I know, you’re thinking that America can’t survive another four years of the democrats in power. Tell me what the difference is if we have four years of liberal RINOs in power? Trust me, we won’t have either IF WE STAND OUR GROUND. The VAST majority of Americans agree with us, but have been betrayed, again and again, by the wolves in sheep’s clothing, aka the republican party.

  4. Hugh Lambert says:

    The idea of a third party is absurd. You would think we learned our lesson with Ross Perot. Al Gore may also have something to add to that dialogue when Ralph Nader ran as a third party candidate in 2004. My thought is that the Tea party should be the base for the (R) party as it is still closer to the views we hold. While both parties have been reckless and unrestrained in spending our taxes on earmarks and and other unneeded projects, I still believe it would be foolhearty to think of a third party as beeing the solution. I see the Tea party as a powerful force to secure pledges and commitments from candidates to return this nation to sound fiscal policies. I cannot commit to a third party movement.

  5. Rem says:

    FIRST…..we take BACK the GOP,
    SECOND…..we take BACK the Congress,
    THIRD…..we take BACK our Country!!!!


  6. B. Johnson says:

    I’m voting state sovereignty in 2010, as opposed to voting conservative. This is because the Founders reserved the lion’s share of government power to serve the people to the states, not the Oval Office and Congress.

    In fact, Chief Justice Marshall had established the following case precedent, now wrongly ignored, which appropriately limits Congress’s power to lay taxes.

    “Congress is not empowered to tax for those purposes which are within the exclusive province of the States.” –Chief Justice Marshall, GIBBONS V. OGDEN (1824) http://supreme.justia.com/us/22/1/case.html

    So not only is Obamacare, for example, illegal because of the
    Constitution’s silence on public healthcare, but based on Justice Marshall’s official words, Congress never had the power to lay taxes to fund Obamacare in the first place.

    The reason that we are now being threatened with unprescendented high federal taxes is this. As exemplified by Obamacare, neither Obama or Congress has the constitutional authority to do most of the things that they are now doing. In fact, the Oval Office and Congress have been greatly overstepping their constitutional authority since the time of Constitution-ignoring socialist FDR.

    But the main reason that the federal government has been getting away with ignoring its constitutional limits is not because of widespread corruption in the federal government. It is because US citizens have evidently not been teaching the Constitution and its history, particularly state sovereignty, to their children for many generations, IMO. This is evidenced by the ill-conceived, anti-state sovereignty 16th and 17th Amendments.

    More specifically, not only did the constitutionally powerful state legislatures unthinkingly destroy their voice in the constitutionally humbled federal government by ratifying the 17th Amendment, the 16th A. made it difficult for state lawmakers and citizens to fight constitutionally unauthorized federal taxes.

    So what can voters do to remedy this nightmarish situation? Well here’s a quick-and-dirty plan to destroy the phony powers now associated the Oval Office and Congress. This plan will hopefully drastically reduce federal taxes, most of which are illegal under the Constitution anyway.

    With the problematic 16th and 17th Amendments in mind, voters can give the state sovereignty restoration movement some real momentum, IMO, by doing the following. Regardless that it is not practical to repeal the 16th and 17th Amendments, voters can elect pro-state power leaders to both the federal and state legislatures in 2010 who will do this. Pro-state power lawmakers can protect citizens by using their legislative votes to fight constitutionally unauthorized federal taxes layed by corrupt Congress, keeping illegal federal taxes from ever leaving a given state. (Did you hear that bankrupt California?)

    Pro-state power lawmakers can also use their legislative votes to fight illegal federal government interference in citizens’ lives. Such interference is evidenced by the threat of using treaties to force US citizens to comply with foreign laws. In fact, Jefferson had noted in general that such ideas are an abuse of federal treaty power.

    “Surely the President and Senate cannot do by treaty what the whole government is interdicted from doing in any way.” –Thomas Jefferson: Parliamentary Manual, 1800. http://www.constitution.org/tj/tj-mpp.htm

    Again, pro-state power lawmakers can effectively use their votes to repeal the 16th and 17th Amendments, just as Constitution-ignoring DC Democrats are presently using their votes to effectively repeal the rest of the Constitution at this time.

    Finally, the following link should help give people an idea how state sovereignty-ignorant voters have shot themselves in the foot with big, corrupt federal government as a consequence of the foolish 16th and 17th Amendments.


  7. Larry Gumb says:

    I’m for a third party. I had the Patriot Act used against me by a politically connected business owner in Portland Maine. We need a party that will shrink this monster currently posing as our Government. Violators of our rights need to be brought to trial.

  8. Clete Randolph says:

    It seems to this 58 year old man we clearly must defeat Obama & the Dems. To try at this time to place a third party at the head of the race is wishful thinking. Our only real choice in 2010 is to take over the Republican party by insuring our “Tea Party” candidate is in place to lead the GOP. Introducing a third party now play’s right into the Dems hands and devides our peoples votes to make them incapable of taking the victory from the Dems. I was a republican, however I always believed in voting on the issues important to our country, not on the man. I now am a Libertarian. I will only vote for those people & issues that bring me more freedom not less. If it confines, restricts,or limits my freedom I am against it PERIOD!

  9. Wayne R says:

    The Q is do we sacrifice in the short term for the sake of taking the country back in the long term. The answer is: only if that is the only way. And I think it is in fact the only way. The only way to reform the GOP is if it keeps losing elections. As this occurs, the third party can be building the movement from the ground up, the way it is supposed to be done. Besides, Sarah Palin can pull it off because the mainstream media continues to underestimate her, just as it underestimates the power of our movement.

  10. Steve Wheaton says:

    The continuing extra-constitutional activities of the Obama Administration and their willing accomplices in our Congress, seems to indicate that the Democrats are not particularly concerned about the 2010 election. Why? These people are not stupid. They are agenda-driven and need no guidance to walk the party line. So why the apparent lack of concern? Maybe they know something the rest of us don’t. Are we so naive, so trusting of our fellow Americans that we discount the possibility that the 2010 election could be stolen through fraud? I suggest that the best use of Tea Party members in 2010 would be to become precinct election judges and MONITOR the election much like the UN monitors elections in third world countries. That is what I am going to do. This will require petitioning my County Clerk and jumping through whatever unknown hoops are required. Election fraud as our country experienced in 2008. If the Black Panther Party can get away with intimidating voters, at least we can lawfully protect our voting process. I apologize for being long winded.

  11. David S. says:

    The poll should have an option for “Back a 3rd party principled candidate if the candidates with the D and R party nomination are losers.” At that point it doesn’t matter if they are “viable” or not. Your typical moderate R will bankrupt the country just a fast as a D will do it so what’s the good of that? The R’s won’t find their principles if they know we will back them anyway.

  12. David S. says:

    Do whatever you can during the primaries to help a good principled tea-party-type candidate win the party nomination. But if the one that wins the nomination is a loser, then rally around a 3rd party candidate. It doesn’t matter what letter is in front of their name, if they are going to do more harm, don’t support them in the general election, or you will be contributing to our demise!

  13. Brenda says:

    This is NO time to experiment! We must take our country back together without being divided. If we lose next time, it may be lost forever. Take back the Republican Party!

  14. Billey Roach says:

    Well folks, I don’t think a third Party can win in 2010. Therefore, we should vote all the Democrats out- I believe in a conservite agenda. If we can stop Obama
    in 2010 with a new congress- we have a slim chance to save this great nation.
    All democrats are not bad- just about 95 per cent of them. All Republicans are not good- I think probably about 70 per cent of them. If we can stop this madness
    that the Democrats are pushing through before 2010, perhaps then we can get the TEA members to put more pressure on the Republicans so that by 2012 we can have
    a meeting of the minds with the Republicans to get our Government back to some sense of what our nation was founded on- The constitution. However, if we do that and the Republicans will not move in that direction after 2012, only then should we try to get some sensible republicans as well as Democrats
    to join with us- then perhaps there would be a possiblity for a third party
    by 2016.In any case- this Democrat congress must be defeated in 2010.
    All members of Congress or their top assistants must read all bills that are to be voted on. I doubt any member of Congress has read 30 per cent of the bills in the past eight to ten years. This must stop. I realize that any one person cannot read all this massive amount of date that comes out- however, there has to be time- not 48 hours - for
    staff members to read the legislation and brief their boss. A period of two weeks is a very short time to try to absorbe date of this magnitude- so we must stop this hurry up- it is emperitive that things get passed in so many days. That is insanity.
    I have attended a few tea parties last year- as well as many Town Hall meetings.
    We the People are the ones that MUST take back our country- and soon. After all, they work for us- so let us all get involved- that is what it going to take-people getting involved and telling their Senators or representative who they work for- and that since we hired them, we can fire them.

  15. Samuel Bradley says:

    The urgent need is to remove Obama and Democrat control of Congress. Our only chance is with the GOP. But the days of Eisenhower are over… we can no longer vote people into office and trust them to do the right thing. First, work to get better GOP candidates. Next, work to get them elected. Then watch them like a hawk and if they transgress the tiniest bit, get all over them big time. We can never go back to the good old days of thinking people can be trusted once elected. They must be constantly reminded that they serve at our pleasure.

  16. A 3rd party candidate will almost guarantee a dem. re-elected. Let’sget a majority for the rep. and then bombard them with “we the people” letters and emails and post cards demanding that they do what WE ask them to do. Then we can work on a 3rd party.

  17. Mel Pinney says:

    For all intents and purposes, we live under a duopoly. A third party candidate has virtually no chance of winning any significant election. Because of current laws and regulations, voters are left to vote for only one of two viable candidates: one who supports big government or another who supports bigger government. Even that great conservative Ronald Reagan more than tripled the national debt. There are many things that could be done to make the playing field more level:

    1) Instant Runoff Voting (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/IRV) — Voters would not only select their 1st choice, but also their 2nd, 3rd, etc. In the case of no one getting a majority of the votes, the candidate who finished last would be eliminated and his 2nd choice votes would be allocated to the remaining candidates. This process is repeated until one candidate has a majority. Not only does this method eliminate the so-called “wasted-vote” objection, but also the need for primary elections.
    2) Proportional Representation – Within a geographic area, you may have, say, 5 representatives. Have a general election whereby all voters vote for their top 5 choices and then the top 5 vote getters win.
    3) Get rid of the Electoral College.
    4) Eliminate gerrymandering.
    5) Term limits.
    6) Greatly ease ballot access laws.
    7) Any presidential candidate who is on the ballot in at least enough states to statistically win the presidency must be included in any debates.
    8) Candidates for vice president shall be elected independent of the president.

    There are many “Tea Party” organizations that were formed during the past election. However, without a coordinated effort, I fear that power brokers will divide and conquer what the citizen patriot wants accomplished. For the 2010 election I feel that our best hope for change is to get a Republican majority in both the House and Senate. However, even with this win, it won’t cure the endemic problems with our federal government. As far as I know, there is only one organization is devoted to solving these problems. http://www.DownsizeDC.org is a non-partisan organization which, among other things, aims to have all members of congress:

    1) Read every bill in its entirety before voting on it.
    2) Write the bills they enact (rather than they be written by staff or lobbyists).
    3) One subject a time (no more ear marks).

    The DownsizeDC website utilizes an email system that allows its 29,000+ members to effectively communicate with their representatives on a number of subjects. If all the Tea Party organizations would provide a link to http://www.DownsizeDC.org on their website, it would help provide a tremendous voice that will keep Congress aware of the fact that they work for us and not vice versa.

  18. Burke says:

    I think the movement should be a true Conservative, traditional American movement. We should go after candidates in both parties, supporting true Conservatives and blocking Liberals.

  19. Burke says:

    I think the movement should go after candidates in both parties, supporting true Conservatives and making sure Liberals or Progressives do not get elected in either party.

  20. darlene halfacre says:

    I left the Democratic Party after what they did to Hillary and now i’m not either party. i don’t trust the DNC or the GOP they are a bunch of liar’s. all they want is to get that pay check and free health care the rest of there lives, and they lie cheat and steal to get it. So i hope we can finally get some people in there who really care about the country like i do.

  21. fellow liberty activists, so long as America uses the “Plurality Voting System” for balloting, there will ALWAYS be ONLY 2 political parties.

    the ONLY way for another party to be effective would be to grow a movement BIG enough to DISPLACE one of the duopoly parties.

    who knows, perhaps the Tea Party might eventually one day be large enough to create a political party version of itself. i’m personally torn in that idea, as it is wonderful to have a NON-partisan growing movement such as the “Tea Party”. but perhaps over time, we’ll come up with some kind of outside-the-box method of having both?

    regardless, in the meantime, i submit that with regard to the election process, it is best to work within the 2-party system. in saying this, i’m not suggesting that those interested should only work through the GOP. as the Campaign for Liberty suggests, those who are so moved to seek political office should do so strategically, within whichever party in their district/county would be effective.

    i believe it is paramount to stress that we DO NOT seek “conservatives” OR “liberals”, but CONSTITUTIONALISTS who mandate a CONSTITUTIONALLY LIMITED and ACCOUNTABLE government — this is the ONLY path to advancing liberty.

    i feel strongly that if we fail to do so and continue to play the “left/liberal - right/conservative” deceptive political game which continues to polarize and divide America, this movement will eventually buckle, and the globalist socialist/fascist goals will become a reality over the coming decade or so.

    in liberty,



  22. Alison Newhall says:

    Has anybody thought that, maybe just maybe, the advocates of a third party are really the Dems trying to divide us? They know they will win if that happens. They create websites, write blogs, etc. disguising themselves as Conservatives. Be aware of groups trying to do this. They are very sneaky and will do anything to push their socialist agenda. We must stand united against the Dems.

  23. John L says:

    For those who think that we should go the third party route, even if it means we will lose another election or two, Know this: We don’t have two more elections to lose before winning! We may not have one! The Obama plan is to collapse our economy, creating chaos, and then to declare a national emergency. He will use that declaration to “postpone” elections, and to assume dictatorial powers. At that point, you will no longer have to worry about the two party system.
    For those who doubt that this can happen, this was a plan put forward and given very serious consideration during FDR’s presidency. Obama’s megalomania far exceeds that of FDR.
    I do not suggest that we should support any candidate of either party who is not one of us. In fact, I am inclined to the position that I am not likely to vote for any candidate who has previously held any elective office.

  24. Bill says:

    We need a third party to effect change in Washington. There are not enough “good” candidates to bring about change in the GOP to make it a viable solution. A few good men, even some of us Marines, will not be able to take the corrupt party leaders out or eliminate the corrupt special interest group money.

    We need a party that has not soiled itself with layers of corruption. We need a party that is impervious to the special interest group money and corruption presently in Washington. We need a fresh clean uncorrupted start. We need goooh.com

    This party WILL NOT split the Senate or the Presidential election since it will only have candidates in the House of Representatives. A party of citizens to put a citizen checkpoint in place to bring power back to the people, not the corrupted. “We the People” should have a seat AT the table, not UNDER the table, in Washington.

    We have a solution but we must vote for it. Join now and begin the selection process for a concerned citizen such as yourself to represent you as your next congressional representative. Join now then Vote goooh in 2010.

  25. Rich says:

    Let us take a look at just who we are. That is Tea Party Members and who we were little more than a year ago. Some were Democrats, some were republicans most of us were conservatives disgusted with both parties but especially the Democrats. Clearly we all can agree that forming a third party is not viable at this time. We cannot win by splitting the Republican party. The only way we can defeat the Democrats is to adopt the same (but refine them) tactics of the Democrats (most of which come from communist and socialist playbooks). We the People always have been the most powerful form and fourth arm of government, we just have seldom used that power. Now we just cannot afford not to use that power. Take back our government? We let that go to the politicians a long time ago. We must indeed take over the Republican party and begin the long and arduous task of moving us as a nation back to the vision of our founders and the promises and guarantees of the Constitution. I say long and arduous task because even among our conservative ranks there are those that are not fully convinced that this is the best way to go. I say let the Democrats win in 2010 and our freedoms are gone forever and nothing short of total civil war will ever get them back.

  26. IndyPatriot says:

    So many people say they are going to vote for their tea party/912 candidate. My issue is there is so much talk of supporting them, but when it comes to people actually opening their wallets, nothing happens. Its all talk, talk, talk. Protest, protest, protest. March, march march.

    We have a great candidate running for Senate in Indiana, hoping to oust Evan Bayh, with a big show of support everywhere but financially. It would be a huge detriment to our state and this movement if he had to drop out because of lack of financial support.

    If you find someone you believe in and think they’ll get the job done, SUPPORT THEM FINANCIALLY! Even though we are in hard times, they’re not going to make it without money.

    And by the way, I think a 3rd party would just completely split the republican party. How many times does history have to repeat itself? Obviously, the GOP has left us…let’s be the majority and put up candidates that will make them come back to us.

    I’m just sayin’!

  27. BJC says:

    Both parties are useless and clueles. We NEED a third party NOW. http://www.GOOOH.com

  28. Brandon M. says:

    Rather than worrying about voting for a certain party how about just voting for the best candidate? I would prefer independent candidates as opposed to people who would vote a certain party line, give me someone who will vote the right choice as opposed to someone who will vote whatever the whip tells them to.

  29. Denton Howard says:

    i am with Kcrouch and Lthomas and I still agree with you Phil but not for any of the current regime unless they are refounderers. The problem with Perot and others that are or may be espoused is that they were an individual and not a united Party. if you want to go off and vote without knowing you are going to win, then it is a thrown away vote! Comeon people it is all statistics and math. Simple math at that. MAJORITY WINS!!! If we run a silent campaign to get numbers and they are not enough, we concede till we are the winners. not difficult and known as incrementalism…works EVERY time. Ask the current regime as they are masters of the art. glenn beck coming on, back in an hour

  30. 911truther says:

    I am only voting for gop candidate if I know they are not an incumbent and have a history of Constitutional advocacy. Otherwise a GOOoh would be good. The republicans offer us who will play ball.

  31. Les Wood says:

    Obviously, we need to take over the GOP in the primaries. If the elites in the GOP get behind a RINO, I say that we run a third party candidate, just like we did in New York. It sends a clear message that RINO’s are going to become extinct and that they may have to move to the Democratic Party where they belong.

    It is best to properly identify our third party candidate as a candidate backed by Tea Party. Perhaps we should use TEA PARTY as a political party, rather than CONSTITUTIONAL, CONSERVATIVE or INDEPENDENT parties.

    Let me make myself clear (as the traitor Obama so often states), this action on our part is the plan and will be followed through in every case where a RINO is nominated by the elites.

    We have a movement going that is unstopable, if… we do not hesitate or show weakness.

    I say that the cut off choice of a RINO is when he has a record of voting 70% or less for the conservative issues.

    Be ready for OBAMA to use an excuse to to bring in Martial Law. We have to be orderly in all Tea Parties. Pick up after ourselves and we need to invite the media to cover or film our own events and post them as some have already done in the past. Thanks for that.

    Les Wood
    Plains, MT.

  32. CCD6116 says:

    In the short term I would agree with many of the other comments. We need to bring the GOP back to the right. We cannot achieve this as a third party at least not yet. It seems to me we need to take control of the primary’s where possible very similar to what the hardcore left did to Hillary for “O” in 2008.

  33. Rob Koonce says:

    Ok let’s look back. Where did the Patriot act com from? Where did this economic mess we are in come from? Where did the wars we are in come from?
    We are fooling ourselves if we think anything but a third party will get us out of our current mess. And that might not work either. But if we sit on the fence and choose between two evils we will never have our country back.

  34. Teri says:

    Sadly, being a third party will only serve to increase the strength of the dems. We need to work to take out ALL imcumbents - and in 2 years work to take out ALL those incumbents. We can do what the legislature won’t do and what our founders wanted us to have a citizen legislature. We can create term limits - at the ballot box.

  35. Robert West says:

    I believe that our government has used the 2 party system to their advantage for too long. To keep us separated by sometimes trivial issues, and separated even though deep down many of us have the same convictions. It’s time for a third party that unites us once again for the better of the whole. I have seen this in person being a longtime union member. The system causes personal division on the surface which keeps people separated on real issues. That will benefit most in the long run. Let Freedom Ring
    Keep Up the Fight! GOD BLESS AMERICA pray for her!
    Robert West

  36. Dick Circle says:

    We must win in the Primaries. The Tea Party must back a candidate who believes in our Principles no matter whether they are Republican or Democrat. If this candidate wins in the Primary we must back them in the election. In order to do this in a lot of states we must register as independants so we can cross the line to vote. If we go for a third party candidate we will have bad results as recently seen in New York. We are way past being able to just vote a straight party ticket.

  37. Cristina Rodriguez-Roig says:

    Has anyone seen CNN lately? Have you noticed the smirk on the political commentator’s faces and their guest’s faces when they report on how split the vote will be next year because the conservative base has left the Republican party? They are reveling in the fact that they think they will succeed in dividing and conquering us!!! We can NOT let them and fall into a typical socialist trap!!! Look at the history of all socialist countries and they all have one common denominator, those countries fell when the socialists created discord and division in the only political force that stood in their way. Right now I believe Eric Odom is right and that as a third party we will lose next year. Maybe or maybe not in 2012 the movement as a third will make more sense, but for now we must choose the route that will ensure a defeat of the socialist arm of the Democratic party!!! Because of personal experience I know just how much damage socialists can cause in short periods of time. You see, I was born here in Miami, FL but my family and the family of my husband comes from Cuba were they faced political persecution because they disagreed with Castro’s communistic and socialistic agenda. They were forced to flee the country with only the clothes on their backs. My grandmother, with a gun to her head was almost forced to leave without my father who was only about 12 at the time, simply because his name was the same as a politician who opposed Castro. We must learn from the mistakes of all the countries that fell to socialism so we do not repeat them!!!

  38. Brian Emreschak says:

    Our founding fathers gave us the way to impose term limits on politicians.We must start with 2010,and vote out as many incumbents as we can.Do you people realize the shock, not just in the United States, but worldwide if we vote out even 75% of those corrupt bums ??? The Tea Party Movement is quite a force,and it is growing.We must purge the theft and corruption from D.C. It may take a few voting cycles to accomplish this,but future candidates will see that the american people mean business.We need conservative candidates who are for boarders, language,and culture.Educate family and friends, and tell them to join The Tea Party Movement!

  39. Bob Mayers says:

    Miki Booth said ir perfectly in case you didn’t see it:

    GOOOH is not a third party but a third choice and one that every disenchanted American voter will embrace when they see the GOOOH candidate on the ballot. The GOOOH plan is for the US House of Representatives only. TEA party patriots overwhelmingly endorse the GOOOH plan. These are the people like me that left the Republican party. Guess what? We’re not going back. Accept it and stick with the momentum of We The People. We still have freedom of choice. I choose to side with We The People and fight to restore the Constitution and our individual liberties and both political parties be damned.

  40. Van Gray says:

    I think it is way past time for a new
    party to take over this out of control
    government. Both parties have completely
    gotten complacent towards the people
    who have been voteing them in. Now it is
    time to vote them out and put a party in
    who will fight for the people. In addition the military has been cast
    aside as a low priority when in fact
    we should be proud of what they are doing to protect our country. I say
    this as a Navy vet from vietnam and
    my son is currently serving as a Navy
    Corpsman and has been to Iraq two times.
    Lets let the Constitution be our guide
    and make politicions accountable.

  41. gramma jude says:

    Eric, I think that we need to be talking to Michael Steele. He needs to understand that just because we have politicians in the gop which most are corrupt themselves, the support of the gop needs to go to new candidates from the grassroots of america. That the money they do get (from us) needs to be directed back to us. He needs to understand that if they don’t the gop will lose again. Is this strong arm politics or what? I would like to see him at a meeting (open to all of us) to discuss this topic. I do not trust his new campaign about signing a pledge to vote our way. I am very leary of the bait and switch schemes which have gone on far to long.
    Also,, why are we competing with 9-12 about going to washington. It seems to me that we should be correlating the march. People cannot afford to go twice. I think that the teaparty movement needs to be talking to the 9-12 group.

  42. Valerie says:

    The tea party movement should be heavily involved with the selection of candidates running with an R behind their name. It is the quality of the candidates that matter. If the GOP disregards the basic party principles then they deserve to lose. We must have common sense conservative candidates that really believe in the constitution as written and faithfully adhere to those principles.

  43. Daniel Stinson says:

    I choose the 3rd Party option above. I don’t want to be associated with the GOP at this point following the TARP debacle lead by Bush’s Goldman Saks advisors at the Federal Reserve. The “Bridge to No Where” doesn’t help out either. I don’t want the special interest moving too quickly into the Tea Party movement and disrupting the ethical guidelines that we’re trying to establish for ourselves.

    Both Parties need to be directly challenged head on so that each gets stuck with their special interest and let those conflicts of interest unravel their Parties to our benefit. I too lost a vote to Perot which placed Clinton into office for 8-years. But, I also voted for Bush (McCain initially during the GOP primary), who created the Patriot Act. The Patriot Act may have been great to get things rolling faster against the terrorist short-term; but now Obama’s administration has this “Patriot Act” at his full disposal against average citizens. Our politicians are thinking too short-term and aren’t sticking to the quality of our Constitution’s capabilities to empower us against foreign enemies.

    Not much of FDR’s New Deal turned out to be Constitutional, but that didn’t prevent Congress from overriding the Judiciary and imposing Social Security anyways. Obama is trying to accomplish everything FDR didn’t finish including that 2nd Bill of Rights. Likewise, Republicans too timid to rock the boat on fiscal ingenuity won’t push any Fair Tax or Flat Tax resolutions because of their loyalties to the Trilateral Commission’s goal of a one-world-economy and unified currency.

    A new labor platform has to be implemented on a bipartisan basis in order to hold a 3rd Party together long-term. FDR’s AFL-CIO union has almost completely confiscated and consolidated small unions into a larger conglomerate that controls all aspects of the unionization movement in the US. For what’s left over, IBT has pretty well swallowed up the remaining unions that AFL-CIO hasn’t integrated into their network. A union duopoly isn’t appropriate for sustaining workers rights and will only lead to internal intimidation and conflicts of interest with corporations and unions co-owning one another. Some sort of strong labor element needs to be established within the Tea Party; accompanied by better anti-trust oversight of union’s influence and powers. Without the ability to pull unionized conservatives and blue collar Republicans out of their dependence on the Democratic Party’s unilateral hold on labor votes; a plurality vote will be very hard to come by with too slim of margins. Attacking the voter block of labor votes at the Democratic Party could easily sway 10-15% of their votes to a 3rd Party.

    Only parts of our country that have unusually conservative GOP members would have trouble supporting a Tea Party candidate adequately enough to keep a Democrat from gaining a seat in either Chamber of Congress. As a Georgia resident, I can clearly say with confidence that no Tea Party candidate should loose to Saxby Chambliss, and I’m in one of the most politically conservative State’s in our union. Tom Price and Johnny Isakson have been very aggressive at staying close to the 9/12, Constitution, Liberty, and Tea Party movement, so they would probably retain their incumbency as GOP candidates. I’ve already voted for Herman Cane once before and wouldn’t hesitate to vote for him again here in Atlanta; his HITM membership over at News Talk 750 should be a must have for updates on all the weird intentions Obama has with our nation.

  44. Regatt says:

    It’s all about Money. Gold. Oil. Power. It a Devil thing. The want to make you think you need to worship Gold. The Big Coorprate Big-Wigs, want you to support Money, over Freedom. They cause you to turn away from Religion. They fill you with anger. They want to turn you into a military. We start to become a Roman Government rather than a Greek one. The Militaristic Rome fell, due to inner turmoil. Perhapes the Devil, is in the Greed of America. You hate, because you do not understand. You are told, not to look at all sides of a story. You become single-minded. You lose sight of what life should be about. You feel empty. Break the single-mindedness rage. Try to understand ‘why’. Why are we at war? Why are there so many poor, in America? If America has such limited Resources, then what Americans have ALL the Money? Is it the Government? Or is it the Billionairs and Millionairs? The Big Coorprate Money-Launders? Insurance Companies? Bankers? Wake up America! Don’t let Hate become your single-minded OBSESSION!

  45. Bob OKC says:

    Three words: divide and conquer. Reality is this - well known independent financial analysts agree that we have one election cycle (2010) for conservatives to save the country as we know it today. After this coming cycle, if conservatives are not successful there will be too much put into motion to stop the current direction of expanding gov’t and increasing debt. It’s simply not sustainable. We will have no leverage to prevent the US from becoming another EU type country. That works well for socialists that want to take America’s wealth and distribute it to other countries, thus leveling the playing field. The wild cards in the mix are the BRIC countries.

    So, short term, the conservative vote needs to coalesce rather than scatter. Long term, other factors may allow exploration of a meaningful third or fourth party. The libs love seeing the splintering that’s going on with conservatives.

  46. Larry Kennedy says:

    Hey folks. When you get the chance go to Tea Party Patriots website,click on social networking link(right side) and under Groups(blogs) watch LTC Allen West on YouTube. Perhaps something we all can understand!

  47. LChad says:

    Vote Candidate not Party. Constitutionalist and conservative candidates should run on their position and philosophy. Parties only persue power unto themselves, and have no real fidelity to the Nation of these United States.

  48. John Rodgers says:

    At this point in time a vote for a third party is risky I wasted my vote on Perot and along with many other Americans and we wound up with 8 years of Clinton.
    Right now I beleave supporting a Republican with Tea Party values is the way to go.

  49. Larry Kennedy says:

    To Wendy Tuch. I wouldn’t normally waste my time in responding,but,in this case I’ll make an exception. I am a retired disabled Vietnam Veteran who spent my entire adult life in the service of my country! I wasn’t drafted during the Vietnam war I VOLUNTEERED. I have travelled and lived all over the world as part of my service and experienced first hand the brutality of repressive regimes such as the current “junta” in power. Obviously, you didn’t read my entire blog. Being stoned as the messenger is nothing new. Ask any Vietnam Veteran. The POTUS is possibly an impostor and is possibly serving illegally. He has not proven the constitutional requirement of being a “natural born citizen”,as of yet!!! My point being that all of this dialogue may be a moot issue. Every single piece of legislation may be illegal. His cronies have spent upwards of $1.7 million dodging this issue. One of the main reasons I’ve been apolitical my entire life is because of just this. Everyone talks NOBODY Listens. I’ve earned my right to my opinions,which are not all negative,but rather realistic,and most people can’t handle the REAL truth,preferring instead to focus on the messenger. I sincerely hope that there will be something left to vote on by the time elections roll around. There is a method to their madness and their rush to enact all this legislation possibly before the truth comes out as it inevitably will.

  50. Miki Booth says:

    GOOOH is not a third party but a third choice and one that every disenchanted American voter will embrace when they see the GOOOH candidate on the ballot. The GOOOH plan is for the US House of Representatives only. TEA party patriots overwhelmingly endorse the GOOOH plan. These are the people like me that left the Republican party. Guess what? We’re not going back. Accept it and stick with the momentum of We The People. We still have freedom of choice. I choose to side with We The People and fight to restore the Constitution and our individual liberties and both political parties be damned.

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