POLL: How should the movement vote in 2010?


Today’s poll from Rasmussen is very telling in many ways. The poll, released this morning, suggest that the GOP base IS the liberty movement. And right now, that base has left the party.

In a three-way Generic Ballot test, the latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds Democrats attracting 36% of the vote. The Tea Party candidate picks up 23%, and Republicans finish third at 18%. Another 22% are undecided.

Among voters not affiliated with either major party, the Tea Party comes out on top. Thirty-three percent (33%) prefer the Tea Party candidate, and 30% are undecided. Twenty-five percent (25%) would vote for a Democrat, and just 12% prefer the GOP.

Among Republican voters, 39% say they’d vote for the GOP candidate, but 33% favor the Tea Party option.

This is good for our movement because it proves what we’ve been saying all along… the two major parties have been courting the wrong crowd. Especially the Republican Party.

I mean, recent polls make it clear that the dominating ideology in America is conservatism. This poll makes it clear that the dominating part of the Republican base is the liberty movement, not the moderates.

Many within the movement are not Republican and never have been, but I think it’s safe to say that the majority of the movement strongly opposes efforts by Democrats to destroy our country.

This was the major problem with John McCain, in my opinion. McCain is a moderate. And while many claimed it was for different reasons, I believe he lost because he had nothing significant to offer the liberty movement. Obama on the other hand promised his base a free ride in life.

It’s wild that Republicans can’t seem to grasp the simplicity of the situation. We’re not asking for freebies, we’re not asking for handouts… we’re instead just asking for our right to be free. We’re asking for representation that will protect our liberty, not trample it.

So, I think this poll makes a few things clear for us. First, Republicans can’t win without the movement. Second, the movement can’t win without the party. At least not in the short term.

If this polling data is correct, then we fail the second we split the vote that opposes Democrats.

This is only my opinion, of course. And I would certainly love to hear yours.

NOTE: In 2010 we need to remain focused. And our focus needs to be on removing big government thugs from office. Starting with those who support healthcare, cap and trade, bailouts and other dangerous legislation.

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  1. Donnie Smith says:

    Why is that two high school dropouts can reproduce in the back seat of a compact hybrid car, but we have to preserve 5,500 acres for two spotted owls…? Yes, that’s just one of the reasons I may run for Congress… The way Americans select and elect Congressional Representatives today is asinine.
    You see, a true representative listens to his constituents, and then votes accordingly in Congress exactly the same way his constituents ask him to vote. What he believes excepting for one single solitary issue is immaterial, and preferably, he will not belong to any political party that has an agenda. What he believes excepting for that one issue may very well be contrary to what you believe, but the only, I repeat, the only reason to vote for a candidate is that the candidate believes he must faithfully represent his constituents and the ideas and direction they want for THEIR country…!
    Again, it does not matter what he believes excepting that one issue. He is a true representative. As your representative, he cannot second guess you, or believe he knows better than you, or go along with some political party agenda… He must maintain a constant connection with constituents in his district and be completely educated as to what they want… The direction they want the country to go… And then, he as their representative must then vote in congress exactly as he has been instructed to vote… Period, no if, ands, or buts…!
    For Americans to have true representatives, their representatives must not belong to any political party, or spend their time in Washington listening to lobbyists or working on political agendas. Political parties are bringing this country to its knees spiritually, economically, socially, freedoms, and the maintaining a defense of those that would kill us. You cannot fix the Republican party… You cannot fix the Democrat party… You cannot revamp the Independent party… Each and every one of us must be in the majority that is truly represented, not ignored, not marginalized, not told to shut up.
    You may think you can take over the established parties, but you do not understand how entrenched, corrupt, and resolute they can be to keep the power they have been allowed to assume by a complacent electorate.
    Dream on if you must, but is time to hitch your votes to a newer and better way of selecting representatives… It is called GOOOH, pronounced GO, and it is a way to ignore and defeat the two most corrupt entities and not only have your voice heard, but elect representatives who will actually listen and then vote your way and not theirs…! Now isn’t that a novel concept that our nation’s Founding Fathers came up with…? http://www.goooh.com

  2. Jak says:

    I agree with Jim: Libertarians must unite to throw out the left, and not let the right legislate morality. Libertarians are the true party of the founders and what America was meant to be.
    I’m tired of hearing that a third party will only defeat the possibility of one of the two big dogs winning. This is a scare tactic, and it has worked well for many, many years.
    If we don’t try, it will never happen. If we try, there is a possibility. And each time we try, the possibilities are greater.
    There has never been a better time in history for a third party to win. It is NOW or never. Let us not allow those scare tactics to sway our resolve to change how our government is run. Let us go back to basics, our Constitution, and our Liberty, the Tea Party.
    From TC Meuninck, I quote: ” When enough candidates acknowledge their allegiance to Tea Party core principles, the nation will know a new party has emerged.” Our nation already knows a new party has emerged. I also think that enough potential candidates see that the Tea Party has a major following and this will give them the courage to run for office this coming year.
    To paraphrase Holly, “I believe there are some candidates that have not been around long enough to become corrupt..” Let us not forget that Barack Obama hadn’t been around long enough to be corrupted.

  3. Al Sundin says:

    I agree with Rob Crambell, (See above). You can not see much difference between a republican or democrat politician any more. Seems like they have one thing of interest in mind, THERE NEXT ELECTION.

    We need to give them all the boot, and find those who will stand up and take back our constitutional rights.

    The goverment no longer a government OF the people, BY the people, and FOR the people. IT IS OUR DUTY duty to remove them from office!

  4. Oligogracy says:

    The fragmentation of conservatives is a very real problem today. The complacency of conservatives has made the GOP what it is today. Now it’s time to fix it. It is encouraging to see the direction this poll is taking; http://www.gopreformpac.com

  5. Randy rothschild says:

    We must focus on the the seats that we can take like NY23. If we can win 20-40 seats in 2010. We canhave a voice in who gets the nomination in for the GOP in 2014. Then we can strive for many more wins in 2014 and 2016 and really start to turn this progressive crap around. the people we supports must be moral, if we put in any of theses established DEMs or GOP we risk losing all cred.

  6. Holly says:

    Eric and TeaParty,
    Great work you are doing! I think you must begin a vetting process for all Republican and independent or third party candidates ASAP to determine who has earned the right to be endorsed by the movement. Once we have endorsements in place we can support them. Those seats that no incumbant has earned our endorsement we need to find qualified candidates for to stand behind. If my calculations are correct at a national level we’ve got 535 seats to replace/fill and I believe there are some candidates that have not been around long enough to become corrupt and are adhering to our conservative values that deserve to have our support in 2010. Thanks!

  7. Aaron says:

    If tea party candidates try running for any congressional seats in 2010, you are ruining the opportunity for Republicans to defeat the Democrats. The Tea Party is simply not strong enough to take down Democratic candidates, and if you interfere in the 2010 elections, you’ll only be helping the Democrats stay in power. Idiots!!!!!!

  8. Mike Hersman says:

    What are the merits of the prospective group and what tests can we establish for the potential candidates?
    Where do they stand on the primary needs of the group?
    First is returning to the Constitution. Educating the public on the principles of the Constitution and Bill or Rights are the two areas that are being attacked.
    Then pointing out how they are being attacked and how the results are destroying these two basic standards we cherish.

  9. Rob Crambell says:

    Its time that people figure out republican & democrat are the way the goverment keeps us apart.Give it up take back your constitutional rights.The goverment no longer works for the people so not only is it our right but it is our duty to remove them from office!

  10. TC Meuninck says:

    I didn’t vote for any of the above - it is premature. But that does mean I don’t have strong convictions. The natural answer is coming and is not listed. It lies within the spirit of this movement and faith new leadership will stand out.

    The Tea Party should keep doing what it has been doing while building a bridge to the Republican Party. Pound on doors and let our voices be heard and get out the vote. The Tea Party should support and encourage candidates for office regardless of party affliation who share Tea Party core principles.

    When enough candidates acknowledge their allegiance to Tea Party core principlles the nation will know a new party has emerged and at that time the Tea Party Movement can caste off the Republican Party image or swallow them whole.

    Unfortunately the Democratic Party has gone over the cliff and may be without hope.

  11. Ruth in CT says:

    I voted for Ross Perot and regretted my vote because of the split it caused in the GOP and allowed Clinton to win. Obviously I wasn’t happy with Geo.H.W. Bush. Yes, it was because he wasn’t conservative enough. I guess I am what people are calling Liberatarian.? Is that correct? He said “A New World Order” and that was it for me. Let’s take back the GOP. Work to get those moderates out, the leadership if they don’t move our way. We can show them we mean business in 2010 elections. This may mean that some of us will have to vote for someone that may makes us uncomfortable but will move the movement to right. If we split the vote again we will never have the America that we once knew.

  12. Jim says:

    Libertarians must unit to throw out the left, and not let the right legislate morality.

    Libertarians are the true party of the founders and what America was meant to be.

  13. PghVince says:

    What difference does it make how anyone spells IMPEACH, I’m sure everyone knew exactly what was meant!!
    NOTHING is free, but costs could be reduced without spending us into backruptcy/oblivion!!!! Costs are the only problem with our current and still, BEST health care in the world!! If costs were lower, the UNinsured would be able to afford to pay for their own!!
    WHO are these ‘rightful’ citizens??
    Education is NO guarantee of intelligence, just look at the idiots in our Congress and the idiot in the WH!!
    I only hate the stupidity, ignorance and attitude that runs rampant among lefty-loons!!

    Sorry, Marcia B, I think you were being admonished, too!!

  14. Carl Bedwell says:

    The Tea Party movement is a phenomenal and historic event to be sure; however, if we are truly going to accomplish the goal of bringing our country back from the brink of Socialism, we CANNOT split the votes through a third party (yet). I truly believe that we have become a force of change in this country, and our voices are being heard; however, this movement is still in its infancy, and does not yet have the power we need to support electable third party candidates.

    During this time of growth (and turmoil), we must continue with our efforts of educating anyone we can on the merits of our movement, the Constitution, and the freedoms we’re losing. In this, we will continue to awaken others to the political farce we call today’s government, and our movement will grow into a force of TRUE change.

    To start, and recognizing that not everyone in Washington is a turncoat, we should go to great effort in recognizing these select few as Patriots by promising the Tea Party’s support and endorsement during their upcoming elections - regardless of their party affiliation. Those that support a Communist/Marxist ideology (easily determined through their voting record) should be “outed” as such, and we will inform them and the world that our money, time and effort will be tirelessly spent on ensuring they do not have a job come 2010.

    Both Health Care and Cap & Trade are excellent “test fields” for a “Tea Party Candidate Assessment.” Simply put, those that vote for either of these pieces of legislation are obviously traitors that need to lose their jobs in 2010, and those that fight against it (for the right reasons) are individuals I would consider Constitutionally-minded Patriots. Once these individuals are identified, we simply need to develop a mechanism to expose each incumbant politician for what they are (Patriot or Traitor) - and publish it to the world.

    I have a number of other ideas on how we should fight this insanity, and someone else may already be working on something similar to the above, but I’d love to help on at least this part if we deem it feasible.

    Nonetheless, we need to use our growing influence strategically if we truly want to turn things back to where they were intended, and I think ideas such as the above will help us get there much more quickly than if we attempt to splinter conservatives through a third party next year.

  15. Richard Sardo says:

    In my opinion we should take over the GOP and kick out the RINO’s. Remember the special election for the congressional seat in NY? When that woman, the GOP candidate dropped out she endorsed the democrat…. she certainly was NO REPUBLICAN! Kick out the RINO’s and let THEM form a new party or go democrat. The GOP is the party of Ronald Reagan and conservatism.

  16. Yeah we should impeach Obama thats a great idea coming from someone who can’t even spell the word impeach correctly. If your going to be a hater at least do it properly. America will never be the greatest country in the world until health care and higher education is free for all its rightful citizens.

  17. PghVince says:

    IMPEACH, IMPEACH, IMPEACH and hurry up about it, before WE lose OUR rights!!!!
    STOP everything being pushed by the muslim, African village idiot!!

    WHY hasn’t Impeachment been started already, for the entire administration????
    They’re already 11 months late!!!!

  18. William Wilson says:

    first and foremost all polititions are crooks and dioshonest we need to take over the GOP and make it a reagan GOP when things were right.. all a third party will do is get a dem/lib elected with 36% .. wich we all lose..

  19. Daniel J Kircher says:

    I think people are missing the point here. Splitting the conservitive vote and allow a Dem to win? WHO CARES! The left wing and the right wing fly the same turkey. A RINO victory is no victory. I say no comprimise, no quarter!


  20. Marcia Baracaldo says:

    REM wrote: “FIRST…..we take BACK the GOP,
    SECOND…..we take BACK the Congress,
    THIRD…..we take BACK our Country!!!!


    I COMPLETE IT: then WE IMPECH obama…

    WE MUST IMPECH obama….

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