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Fellow Patriots,

In our last update, we mentioned a second part to our announcement about the next march on Washington being planned for April 15th (Tax Day Tea Party). Many of you sent enthusiastic emails and we’re excited to see so many folks already getting involved.

The second part of our announcement, however, is going to be much bigger, and much more important for the movement. But before I let the cat out of the bag, let me explain why we’re doing what we’re doing.

To borrow a line from Barrack Obama… “let me be clear.”

This government is now rogue. And I’m strongly inclined to believe the government has deliberately chosen to go this direction. Which, in my mind, presents a malicious act towards the people they were elected to represent? In effect, this move represents a clear violation of their oath to the United States of America.

The dangerous vote for anti-constitutional legislation disguised as “healthcare reform” in Congress presents us with a perfect example. Our calls, our faxes, our rallies and every poll in the country made it clear that we the people opposed the bill.

Yet, Congress ignored us and refused to represent the majority. They cast their votes in favor of the bill, and they laughed, smiled, and applauded themselves for doing so.

Again… this government is operating outside of the restraints of the constitution and is now completely rogue.

We as a movement have had a tremendous year. We’ve accomplished great success in many areas, but we’ve also had our shortfalls.

One of the areas that we seem to be lacking in is the ability for organizations to cross promote and collaborate. I think we’re all guilty of this, and it’s not something we should be ashamed of.

The reality is, once an activist puts time and energy into a group or organization, it is in the person’s best interest to see that particular group or organization succeed over others. This is not a malicious scenario, but one that prohibits true unity within the movement.

The second area we’re behind in, but catching up on some fronts, is the ability to shift our activism into campaign mode.

I don’t think anyone can deny that if we do not defeat a BUNCH of corrupt thugs in our government in 2010 and 2012, they will rip our constitution to pieces. And our liberty will be the greatest victim.

So over the past few weeks, a deep conversation has taken place within a quiet group of tea party organizers and activists. The general agreement is that we need to fix a leadership vacuum, mend the unity gap between groups and organizations, and work as a collaborative effort to shift the movement into campaign mode.

The following is a part of what we’ve come up with as a solution.

Patriot Caucus

The Patriot Caucus

The purpose of the Patriot Caucus is to directly address each of the shortfalls mentioned above.

-Electoral Victory

Before we get in to what the Patriot Caucus is, let’s make sure we know what it isn’t.

The Patriot Caucus is NOT an effort to replace any organization. It is not an effort to duplicate any plans and it is not in place to try to be the “mega group” of the movement.

The Patriot Caucus is NOT a political party, nor does it support or endorse a political party. And the effort is certainly not an effort to back third party movements. In fact, the Patriot Caucus will strive to be as “party blind” as possible with its political activism.

So what is it?

The Patriot Caucus is a peer powered entity being put in place to facilitate an environment of mass collaboration and communication within the liberty movement.

Every leadership position within the national structure will be an elected position. Each of these leadership positions will function as a “delegate” for a district, state or region.

Unlike a political party or existing organization, delegates within the Patriot Caucus exist to build bridges of communication between liberty minded groups and activist hubs. This is to be done with the following action items in play:

-Create a coherent, organized, state based directory of liberty minded coalitions, groups, orgs, think tanks, candidates and more
-Host conference calls and meetings with group leaders and movement organizers across districts and states
-Set up training events in districts and states (with involvement of groups and orgs)
-Collaborate with state and national communications teams to help market and promote events/efforts of existing groups, coalitions and orgs
-Work to ensure less duplication of efforts occurs
-Collaborate with delegates of other states for potential of unified efforts across state borders

And much, MUCH more!

As you can see, Patriot Caucus delegates are not in place to lead organizations. They are, instead, in place to help create unity and collaboration amongst existing groups and orgs. And to take it a step further… help promote and market efforts/events of existing groups and orgs.

The electoral system of the Patriot Caucus is in place to ensure that the structure is not self appointed or partisan in any way. Instead of having individuals self appoint or be appointed, the patriot Caucus creates an environment where states elect their own delegates. And those delegates elect national leadership teams.

This all sounds very ambitious… is it really possible to pull off?

When we first starting debating this idea, we were reminded of the challenges presented to General George Washington back in the late 1700’s. His army was broken into segments, was untrained, wasn’t properly communicating, wasn’t operating with proper resources, and major parts of the army were not supporting each other.

During the winter of 1777-78, Washington set up camp in Valley Forge and began doing what was believed by many to be impossible.

He regrouped, rebuilt, and eventually… reclaimed.

Is the Patriot Caucus possible? Absolutely.

Valley Forge, PA

To take this effort even further, we’ve booked a large venue in Valley Forge for the weekend of April 16-18 of 2010.

On April 16-18, 2010, we will convene for the first annual meeting of the Patriot Caucus in Valley Forge, PA.

There will be no charge for attending the three day event, but there will be a credentialing process. Each state will have a specific number of reserved seats to ensure a voting block for every state in the union.

On April 15th, we will make a move on Washington D.C. for one final warning. One final statement to Congress. One final plea for a reversal.

After the nationwide Tax Day Tea Party, the Patriot Caucus convenes for three days of meetings, panels, training sessions and more.

When we leave Valley Forge on April 19th, we leave prepared to do what is necessary to remove power hungry thugs from Congress and Senate.

This is our government. This is our country. This is our time.

Stay tuned for the public launch of the Patriot Caucus. A website is in the works. Free registration and a nominating process will roll out before the end of 2009.

There is a temporary “planning committee” in place that consists of nine tea party organizers. This committee will serve as the foundational leadership until April 18th, the day the full national infrastructure is voted for and approved to take over the Patriot Caucus.

Please join the Facebook Page and keep an eye out for the next announcement.

For Liberty,
-The Patriot Caucus planning committee

149 Responses to “The Patriot Caucus”

  1. Norman Hendrickson says:

    To the one who came here and called us domestic terrorists, and enemies of America, I want to say YOU are a part of the problem as YOU are protecting the enemies of the Constitution. We are not advocating violence on any one, and as such are not terrorizing any but those who would support the status quo, and their terror is entirely of their own making, as it stems for their desire to be kept safe and in the velvets chains of a Socialist nation.

    To you and those who think as you do, I also say, in the immortal words of colonial patriot Samuel Adams:

    “May your chains rest lightly upon you, and may history forget you were ever our Countrymen.

  2. John Corner says:

    What happened to the Patriot Caucus web site?

  3. papab says:

    Let the names of Republican and Democrat be extinct.
    Let none other be heard among us,
    Than those of a good citizen,
    An open and resolute friend,
    A virtuous supporter of
    The rights of all mankind,
    And an eternal defender of
    The Constitution of the United States of America.

    Thomas Paine circa 2010

  4. I would like to submit a goal. A law (if not a constitutional amendment) that in order to increase the national debt limit, it must be voted on by the people. And with every vote, you have the option to decrease it by the same proposed amount of increase. Going past the debt limit is allowed only during times of war and going over the debt limit for more than a year (example) is grounds for impeachment.

    The thing that will destroy our nation and has destroyed other nations in the past is debt. We need to get it under control and our politicians don’t seem to want to do it.

    I would also like to encourage voters to ask of those who want the job of representative or senator to ask them if they will just NOT INCREASE the size of government or if they will actively vote and pursue to DECREASE the size of government.

  5. Oleg Gielman says:

    ditto -what Julia Pierce said…

  6. TEA PARTY - SUGGESTED NEW YEARS RESOLUTIONS http://tinyurl.com/yd5njgd #teaparty #smartgirl #asamom #tcot #icaucus #npa #tpp #tpptc #tpx #MN

  7. Kevin Wright says:

    Job one should be to purge the Republican party of the anti-constitution office holders. Run a Tea party Republican candidate against every incumbent. Target more resources to the districts that have Republicans who are soft on constitutional issues.

  8. Julia Pierce says:

    I was a democrat when I was young, I was a Republican for the last 20 years, now I am an American. In the south there is an old saying…”it doesn’t matter who wins the race as long as both the dogs are yours.” Obviously, both parties are now dogs. I believe the GOP can be fixed. We have to be vocal, adamant and visible. And for christs’ sake, NO MORE OF THIS CRAP ABOUT “CAN’T WE ALL JUST GET ALONG?” NO, we can’t all just get along…WE MUST RECOGNIZE OUR ENEMIES and treat them as such. They have been hammering us for years and now we must hammer back, only harder! Of course I mean this in a non-violent way. I figure I better say that for all the fascists in the audience in order to protect myself from being arrested for actually practicing free speech.

  9. Norman Hendrickson says:

    The Patriot Caucus can take advantage of the fact we a polling higher than the GOP (as of a few weeks ago) and rapidly taking over the Dems, too. We can be the party that supplants the entrenched useless idiots who have subverted the Constitution. Right now we are on the brink of going one of two ways. 1) Socialism wins, and the country slides down into the same dismal swamp as the French have found themselves, but with tyrannts who know what’s best for us, in that great tradition of Mao Tse Tung and Josef Stalin, or 2) We tip the entrenched despotic career politicians into their own dismal nightmare, take the USA back to it’s rightful path, and then craft an amendment that forbids a career in politics, by taking away all perks and benefits, leaving nothing but a lousy little salary, barely enough to get by, with a tough watch-dog looking over the shoulders of legislators.

  10. I am very excited about what The Patriot Caucus is trying to do. Each existing organization will be able to continue on whatever path it is on, but being able to have a network on fellow conservatives to cross promote efforts and events will prove to be invaluable. I am looking forward to doing all I can to forward the cause on conservatism!

  11. Scott Jackson says:

    I agree with those here who want to merge other groups, especially the Constitution Party (Ron Paul)http://constitutionparty.com for their perseverence and dedication to Constitutional Purity - I will fight for no less and no, I’m not a member! (CP is now financially in dire straits)
    I know the Republicrats would be simpler and their expertise, money and existing party registration is damn sure tempting but after some really bad descisions in the name of expediency of late, regarding those they will support.
    I have absolutely no trust and little respect for them. The battle for Party control/ownership would be a huge distraction and a dangerous dillution may/would result !
    The only other way is to go it alone as we “successfully” are, leaving those others to flounder and for survival, come to us.. If everyone is on the same page Constitutionally, morally, TRULY Patriotic and totally fed up, we could almost get by with only a banner!

  12. Daniel Rockwell says:

    To those who wish for a third party, remember 1992, Ross Perot gave us B Clinton! The answer is to swing the repubs to the conservative right. Looks like at least they are listening. Dan

  13. Leonard C James says:

    I am disappointed to see a fellow compatriot of the SAR in this organization. The SAR stands for the Constitution and that includes defending the nation against ALL enemies foreign and domestic. I see the Tea Baggers as domestic terrorists and though many profess to be Christians are instead anti-Christian. When will you come to put me and others who do not agree with you in a concentration camp?

  14. Jeffrey Welsh says:

    I will run in 2010 here in Louisiana. I believe that if you are going to complain, you have to be prepared to put your action where your mouth is. I am a Son of The American Revolution through 3 ascendants and will fight to keep our country free from those that would attempt to take those freedoms from us!


  15. Oleg Gielman says:

    In response to the “Second Revolutionary War” post:
    I agree with almost everything you have said… but I am concerned that smothering the enemies’ head may not help, we are dealing with a medusa here, private jets and electronic conferences make that even easier, all they have to do is stay home or move their butts to another part of the city or even another city (like they did on 9/12) and our efforts will become negligible. As far as I am concerned, they have fired the first shot by lying to the whole nation one lie too much, and the only way to prevent a high number of casualties is by physically removing the enemies before they become more entrenched (quick and almost painless while we still have the ammo, unlike their treatment of us –besides Gandhi had no ammo so he lied and it took about 17 years of smothering to remove a Foreign enemy) –that’s the definition of enemy, the enemy has no problem interpreting this meaning –but apparently most Americans still do or they’ve still not decided who their enemies are. That’s the eventual price for ignorant, negligent, reckless, etc voting (domestic enemies become stronger)… however, I know there aren’t many out there like me so I do plan on attending the April 15 ’10 event, if only to show solidarity for Freedom.

  16. Nick_G says:

    How in the world would any of this rise above the fray with so many in charge who lack the skills necessary to lead, organize, and execute? Looks like another layer of bullshit.

  17. “On April 15th, we will make a move on Washington D.C. for one final warning. One final statement to Congress. One final plea for a reversal.”

    Unfortunately such a plea will be useless.

    Reason:History. in 11 months the enemy has not heeded any pleas. Also look at his history in russia,venzuela, argentina, these demons are not the kind you can excorcise by merely talking, and protesting, etc.

    Second, THE ENEMY IS CONRNERED and caught in his own web. That makes him SUICIDAL. Somewhat like Hitler was in april 45. He destroyed as many lives of german kids and allies soldiers as he could before killing himself. That’s what the enemy is doing. Destroy as much america as he can before his time runs out. Only thing is that there is no allied army destroying his war machine, this time.

    A cherry on his cake, he thinks if he destroys enough, he actually has a chance to have his “thousand year Reich”. So his efforts are geared towards as much chaos as he can, and come 2010 elections (which he knows he will loose), he will be ready with all the apparatus to corrupt the elections. IF no success, he will use a collapsing economy to extend the already declared “national emergency” and suspend the whole electoral process. There are other indications of what his endgame is going to be. And it is not pretty. Look at http://www.wardesk.org/endgame.html

    So, mere protests, electoral surges, calling senators, tweeting among peers,tea parties, public outrage, NOTHING is going to have slightest effect on the enemy.
    Do you see any effect of his obvious debacles in NJ and VA races recently? No. He is not worried of the elections anymore.

    The only thing we can do short of an armed uprising is UNARMED SEIGE of the Capitol. An ongoing indefinite period rally, flooding the inside and outside of the Capitol. Sit-ins, die-ins, clog-the-streets etc, that will make it physically impossible for the chambers to pass ANY legislation. AND NOT LEAVE UNTIL THEY ALL RESIGN. Same with White House. If you merely have a Tax Day Tea Party, and have even 20 million participants—the enemy is simply going to ignore you, and media is going to help him ignore you.

    IF you can, make it an ONGOING, rotating rally, lasting indefinite time and pave the streets of DC with American’s butts. Bring the whole city to a standstill. That’s our only hope.

    We, at http://www.wardesk.org are ALSO working towards unifying all groups, organizations, etc., but more—we want to use that unity to unleash an unarmed army of americans to act pro-actively to prevent the enemy from doing any more damage to USA and its constitution. Please read our pages (can count by your fingers), and if you see any truth the central thesis, please contact us, we MUST work together. But work = FIGHT. not just protest…
    God Bless America.

  18. Shirley F says:

    I live in another state. How can I help?

  19. Karen Bracken says:

    http://www.goooh.com Go to this webiste if you are all serious about a new party and cleaning house. This organization is already created and growing bigger everyday. Tim Cox (founder) was on the radio today. Don’t be surprised if you don’t see him on FOX News. This is the answer to our prayers folks!!1

  20. Karen Bracken says:

    If you REALLY want to clean house in 2010 go to http://www.goooh.com and become a member. Run for office. This group is a huge (and growing) organization that is committed to clean house…thus the name Get Out Of Our House (GOOOH pronounced GO) and remove all 435 members of Congress and replace them with everyday citizens. Gee what a novel concept. People of the people for the people. Gee do you think it will work. It is how it used to work and it how we MUST return our government to. Members fill out a questionnaire. There are 118 questions and many of them require some DEEP thinking and some research. If you end up running for office this questionnaire becomes your platform and your committed contract with the people. They can see how you answered the questions and if you do not fulfill your contract GOOOH removes you from your seat within 24 hours and you have to pay back all the money GOOOH spent to get you elected. Oh yeah another novel concept. You take no money from special interest groups. GOOOH funds your campaign 100%. To join and to fill out the questionnaire costs nothing. Go to the site….read all the great information out there and become a member. TELL your friends, family and neighbors. This is the answer to our prayers. GOOOH was on AM 1230 out of Buffalo today. Tim Cox (founder of GOOOH) is willing to do a presentation anywhere anytime or he will send one of his trained presentors. Have a group…..sound interesting….go to the website. Get active. We can only change things if we get up and get active. If you have ever dreamed of making things right for the people become a candidate. Sorry no lawyers allowed. There are currently WAY too many lawyers in Congress and we want a true representation of the people. 37% of Congress seats are filled by lawyers but only 1/3 of 1% of the population are lawyers. So to me that says the Congress does not represent the majority of the people. They are there to build a career not serve the people. The Congress was created to serve the people NOT to become a full time career. GET UP…GET GOING…JOIN GOOOH.

  21. Enslaved_By_Govt says:

    The Patriot Caucus is great, we need to get better organized for sure.
    However, in my humble opinion, until we quit playing by their rules we will be at a disadvantage. As conservatives it goes against our nature to be unruly and this is exactly why we keep getting blown off. Breaking the law or destroying property is what the anarchist do which is why 200 at the G-20 garner more media attention, and 50 Acorn/SEIU members can shake down banks.
    I am not suggesting we sink to that level of depravity, but we need to stop letting them paint us inside the lines of our own box of comfort.
    Marching on DC is a wonderful statement and act of unity but it is not how the civil rights movement was successful. The people took it to the streets and capitols of the states. Peacefully marching and garnering more sympathy and scaring the daylights out of the elected officials in that state.
    D.C. stands for don’t care. So while marching on DC is a feel good action, it is a waste of time, resources, and energy. Besides why spend our money supporting their taxbase.
    We should storm the states, conquering the capitols. 200,000 PEACEFUL people will shut down Little Rock and send a much more powerful message, 500,000 marching in Carson City will garner more media attention than a million folks in DC.
    Just saying it is time to organize for success not statements.

  22. Bill Dent says:

    It is my intention to be in DC on 4/15/10 and to participate in the caucus at Valley Forge. I know “time is short” and it takes time to organise, but we need a central Tea Party Patriot newsletter at least weeklyor by-weekly, and we need it now. We, the people, are informed about the goings on in DC. We are also informed about the status of our many National Patriot Groups. VERY CONFUSING indeed. Communcation is vital to the success of the movement. Not just one-way comunication either. Perhaps a by weekly poll would suffice. We need to be kept informed about the happenings between National groups, and especially the status of unity within the movement. A divided Tea Party movement will accomplish nothing, our goals will not be met without some “give and take” from all.
    Bill Dent

  23. Sharon Egan says:

    I’m so happy to hear you’ve planned it so close to me- even if I’m not selected to go- I would be willing to help out physically in any way. This is truly what we need- we need to beat them at their own game and they are already organized and unified- and blind to the rest of us. I’m excited and getting more hopeful every day-
    Thanks for planning this caucus!

  24. April Strickland says:

    This is a good thing. Thank you. Thank You.

  25. d says:

    it is time to impeach and get rid of all the ones in the house and the senate and put god fearing people in there we must have god first

  26. Al Maurer says:

    This is an awesome idea! I was there on 9-12 and I will make every effort to be there on 4-15-10 and beyond.

    You’ve even captured the word I used on my website: Reclaim the Blue–for America’s future.

  27. Deb P says:

    To DeDe: Your message was very clear to me, I didn’t see anything that put you in the obama camp. Speak your mind, and please do not worry about the political correctness. We need to hear all opinions. I too believe we need to redefine the GOP into something more constitutional rather than recreate another party. I am really afraid of this Healthcare bill now in the Senate. If it passes we lose alot, not just tax money (and most likely my job), but freedoms. People don’t seem to realize that there are many physicians in their 50’s (baby boomers). If this healthcare program goes into effect most of them will retire early. That means rural America will suffer even more than they have before…healthcare will be a long way away. I work for a physician and he said that is what he would do, and I’m sure there are others of like mind. Medicare barely covers costs now.
    We all seem to have the same vision and mission, now we need to translate that into action. We need clearly defined goals and then develop steps and committees to get there. Keep doing what your are all doing…communicating. I would hope to be at Valley Forge myself. I just can’t stand the thought of our great country falling into the hands of Socialism/Dictatorship. Let Freedom Ring!!

  28. DeDe Athey says:


    You are right about Amnesty and ending up with one party for the remainder of our lifetime. Rest assured Amnesty will be on the front burner after the first of the year. They need Amnesty in place before November. If you think they were harassing us over this past year calling us racists, wait until we face this fight. It will get ugly, very ugly I predict.

    The saddest thing about Amnesty when it comes to the Hispanic population is, if not for the very issue of coming into our country ILLEGALLY, the Hispanic culture itself is more aligned with conservatives than liberals in most other ways. Sadly, one day they will come to the realization that liberals are “using” them for political gain and nothing more.


  29. DeDe Athey says:



    Beautiful message. You are on point. I share your view on where we are headed and ask myself daily why there aren’t more of us that understand what’s taking place. I am very concerned about where it all seems to be leading.

  30. Mark Hall says:

    Gentlemen, I wholeheartedly agree with this plan. Such a highly-collaborative effort is exactly what is necessary in these perilous times, and with rugged determination can most certainly be successful. However, what is needed most of all is for us all to seek the blessings and guidance of Divine Providence. Without this, we will become enslaved in a Communist system.

  31. Dan Wisner says:

    States and voting public need to have a Constitutional Convention and makes a few amendments …
    1. Term limit, no more career politicians.
    2. mandatory retirement age in all levels of governments, say 62.5 which I think coincides with social security.
    3. any “benefit” lawmakers make for the public has to be used by the lawmakers.
    4. cut fraud in Government, e.g. $40 billion in Medicare.
    5. lay-off and/or terminate unproductive government workers. they have the WORST reputation of ALL labor forces
    6. remove unions from government workers to allow appropriate discipline for poor/unacceptable work performance.
    6A. approximately 14% of ALL labor in the US are represented by unions, approximately 7% (half of organized labor) is unionized. why?
    6B. the elimination of unions has been on the decline for decades to make us more competitive … why raise labor costs now? (Obama voters, still a minority)
    7. neutralize or impose racial discrimination in the federal government. there exist a disproportionate number of blacks to the white population in the federal government.
    8. remove amendment that the US President must be born a United States citizen. Obama brought us half way there and was made an instant millionaire (book sales; Nobel Peace Prize; $400,000 annual salary and a $50,000 annual expense account) when Schwarzenegger doesn’t receive any compensation as California’s Governor.
    9. more?

    I am sick and tired of representatives who have their elite best interests first, and the electorate at fund raising and voting times.

    Washington needs a good enema in the next two election cycles: 2010 and 2012.

    Our Country needs a strong third party system.

  32. Diane Hurst says:

    I think its time to provide a cohesive tea party
    focus and statement. For us to get funding,
    support and those people that have not joined
    on we need a unified front. There are way to
    many regional communications and requests for
    funding that splinters the effort. American Liberty
    Alliance, Tea Party Patriots, Freedom Works, 9-12
    alliance. It’s confusing and from someone not active looks like competing fronts.

    While healthcare is critical; our biggest threat in my humble opinion is amnesty for illegals. If the
    left get this done there will only be one party
    in the remainder of my lifetime.

    We need to unify and send out one message a day not 5-10.

  33. Bill Gallant says:

    Living in a Socialist State of California I am unable to express the trouble and fear I have for this beloved country we call America. I know few citizens who understand the desperate plight we are in let alone any who are really ready to pay the price to turn this stampeding herd around. Those who think that the Republicans are less of a threat than the Dems are sadly mistaken. I believe the litmus test is to check out the membership of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR). There are many of our Republican congressman and senators, (such as John McCain), who have become partners with one of the most devilish and sinister organizations in the world–an organization that is actively working against our beloved Constitution and its principles of freedom and independence, and in support of the anti American principles of globalism and universalism.

    Remember, it was Rear Admiral Chester Ward, former Judge Advocate General of
    the Navy, who rightly said, “The main purpose of the Council on Foreign
    Relations is promoting the disarmament of U.S. sovereignty and national
    independence and submergence into an all-powerful, one world government”

    Whatever we can do to join hands together in unity for a return to our Republic, our Constitution, true freedom from this killer government, and freedom to speak the name of my Lord Jesus Christ or any religion of our choice that isn’t declaring Jehad or death to Jews…that is what I’m willing to die for. We are so fragmented, with so many voices, so many websites, and so many different causes to support financially that it will take a miracle to pull all this together but you have my prayers and I do pray for you all and love you for your personal sacrifices and your faithfulness to this free country that belongs to us by the grace of God! Some of us may offer up our lives before this is accomplished! What a worthy cause! May God bless America!!!

  34. DeDe Athey says:


    Ralph Van Pelt says:
    December 5, 2009 at 8:03 pm
    This question is for DeDe Athey. What is your solution? You presented some very interesting questions. How would you go about uniting these various groups and electing leaders?


    (sorry my response is so long, 2 part answer)

    DeDe says:

    What’s the real story here? That’s what I’m asking for Ralph, an explanation. I’ve been following Eric’s newsletters for a long while. He used an odd choice of words, “mend the unity gap between groups and organizations”. Has there been a fracture in unity that needs to be mended?

    I just find it odd that in Texas for example there are close to 100 Tea Party groups. The Caucus idea will include a temporary “planning committee” consisting of just NINE tea party organizers. I can assure you based on what I have witnessed in Texas you won’t find a lack of leadership on the state level here. These people are motivated and don’t seemed to be compelled to wait around for “foundational leadership” or a “national infrastructure” to merge their ideas and get to work.

    Visit a couple of pages and see for yourself:
    The Woodlands Tea Party (Houston Area)
    North Texas Tea Party

    As for the Caucus:
    Tea Party Nation
    National Tea Party Convention

    Additionally Ralph, the Tea Party Patriots already have a National Coordinator Team in place. Their web site says that state coordinators are needed and instructs you on how to volunteer.

    Wouldn’t the obvious remedy be to merge with an existing group that already has “national infrastructure”?

    This is why I asked; Who are the nine tea party organizers serving on the “planning committee”? What states are they from? What organizations are they with? What are THEIR “credentials”?

    For me, it was only reasonable to ask why THIS group has not already joined with others to advance our cause.

  35. DeDe Athey says:


    What would I do you ask?

    The first thing I would do if I were in Eric’s position is “take one for the cause”. Hopefully this is not the, “I’ll do you one better” routine. If it is, STOP TRYING TO OUT-DO EACH OTHER. Hosting a Caucus or Convention that only serves an insignificant number of Patriots is probably not the best way to expend time, energy, and financial resources.

    To quote Eric, “The reality is, once an activist puts time and energy into a group or organization, it is in THE PERSON’S BEST INTEREST to see that particular group or organization succeed OVER OTHERS. This is not a malicious scenario, but one that prohibits TRUE UNITY within the movement”.

    So my question would be, why don’t YOU focus on joining with other groups NOW instead of hosting “your own” Caucus that is designed to elect another set of national leaders?

    I must ask, are you so compelled to be “led” by someone?

    There are so many groups out there. Bring them together. This Caucus will end up being one of many. Others will take place before and after April. Sorry, but this is not a new idea, it is only a new direction for THIS group.

    Eric stated, “The purpose of the Patriot Caucus is to directly address each of the shortfalls…”, Leadership, Unity, and Electoral Victory. My point is to prioritize differently with the main focus being UNITY then Leadership, and Electoral Victory.

    Between now and the first of the year the focus should be to identify ALL PATRIOTS utilizing the resources of ALL organizations and bring them under ONE umbrella, then move forward. Eric’s “group” generally agreed that they need to fix a leadership vacuum when a UNITY vacuum is the most pressing issue. Leaders have already naturally emerged from UNITY on the local and state level. A UNIFIED movement working as a cohesive unit, toward the same goals at the same time, with or without “leaders”, will be successful.

    The movement has already accomplished many great things…we’ve slowed them down. However; they have stopped listening now and are determined to ignore the masses.

    Solution, increase the masses.

    With the upcoming Christmas holiday we are presented with a great opportunity. We will be with family and friends who may be ready to “come into the fold” if they haven’t already. We need the passion and youthful enthusiasm of conservative college students. We need the wisdom of our elderly.

    While the Farmer Relief and Freedom Relay is a cause I understand and support, it occurred to me that we should focus on the roughly 27.4 MILLION Americans who are involuntary part-time workers, marginally attached workers, discouraged workers, and of course unemployed. And, as for American households now on Food Stamps…record numbers there as well. All are issues that should be addressed nationally through organized rallies held simultaneously for impact and media coverage.

    The 9/11 Never Forget Coalition needs our help. And, in return maybe they will help us. In light of recent events one would imagine they now understand what is going on even if they didn’t believe it before.

    We need to recruit Americans within these demographics to increase the masses. It would be impressive to see a nation wide “Americans in Peril” rally focusing on our unemployed, hungry Americans. That is our reality now but it has not been focused on as it should be. Can you imagine a sea of Patriots holding their normal signs with an infusion of red poster boards that simply read UNEMPLOYED AMERICAN 1YEAR 7 MONTHS or HUNGRY AMERICAN ON FOOD STAMPS?

    As we approach the great precipice called socialism, we must concentrate some effort on supporting our fellow Americans who are suffering. How much longer can they be expected to hang on?

    We are all unpaid lobbyists. That is what we have become as an organization. Once unified, we need to UTILIZE our differences and make them work in our favor rather than allowing them to tear us apart. As a unified group we would be able to divide up into focus groups to simultaneously attack several issues at the same time. We need to be able to cover the national, state, and local level all at the same time.

    Health Care, Cap & Trade, Amnesty, Taxes, Audit the Fed, elections, vetting candidates, recruitment, venue organizers, etc., whatever people have a passion for and whatever action the immediate agenda calls for. Working within a focus group on a project that addresses something you are personally passionate about will increase your effectiveness.

    Last but not least, we need ONE CENTRAL LOCATION we can go to that will tell us the business of the day, week, month. It is difficult sometimes to figure out what is going on as there are endless web sites. Our “Daily Call to Action” site should include a national agenda and an agenda for each state.

    We need to Rally daily. We need to RALLY at the drop of a hat. We need to Rally all across the nation at the same time on any given day when called for. No fancy venues required, no singers, dancers, live music, or “special guests”, just permits, signs, sidewalks and masses of people…daily.

  36. Lee Rogers says:

    First, to be successful I don’t believe a non-partisan position is the way to go.

    Secondly, both the Democrat and Republican parties are run by long-time, well entrenched power holders. They are not going to submit any more than absolutely necessary to the will of the People. Neither party is worthy of trust or power. Case in point - The Dems couldn’t care less that we don’t want nationalized healthcare…The GOP is interested in ‘compromise’ rather than avoidance.

    Third, things are the way they are because both parties want it that way. Neither will agree willingly to give up their authority or their access to our wallets. The Republican party cannot be reclaimed to the People without purging it of the existing party leadership and that is not going to happen.

    If the Patriot Caucus is going to be just another ‘think tank’, rather than a results oriented group, I don’t believe it will successfully pull like-minded people together in a way that will take us back to the Constitution.

    I believe a new party with a short and simple common sense platform, offering candidates who will uphold their obligations to the electorate, is the magnet required to unite voters to a common cause. Neither the Dems or GOP are willing to offer an honest, unified and constitutional front.

    If the likes of John McCain, his military service notwithstanding, is the best the GOP has to offer, why do we hold our hopes in them? The differences between the Dems and GOP are becoming more marginal every year.

    To be successful, the Patriot Caucus MUST offer a tangible product that promises to be far superior than what we have today. A non-partisan approach will not get the job done.

  37. Cristina Rodriguez-Roig says:

    I too like the idea of not supporting a specific political party, but we would benefit greatly from a Republican Party overhaul!

  38. Paul says:

    I sure am happy to see that the organization I just joined is already taking a big step forward.

    I do like the idea of not supporting a specific candidate or party. There needs to be a realignment of our nation’s priorities within the framework of the constitution and I’m not convinced many within either party would pass the test.

    Lets just keep up the dialogue and keep each other informed.



  39. Paul Keith says:

    These are exciting times for freedom loving Americans who want their country back. It can be done and I want to do my best to help. Trying to find the Kentucky groups to become involved locally too.

  40. Cristina Rodriguez-Roig says:

    The Patriot Caucus seems to be the perfect platform in which to create change in the Republican party. George Washington didn’t create a separate movement in Valley Forge, he regrouped, rebuilt and RECLAIMED what already existed!!! We must reclaim the Republican Party!!!

  41. Cristina Rodriguez-Roig says:

    I definitely agree that fixing the Republican party is the best option. Establishing a third party to compete with the Republicans is only falling into the “divide and conquer” strategy of librals and socialists alike (if there really is a difference besides the name they give themselves)!!!

  42. DeDe Athey says:


    Dean Allen says:
    December 6, 2009 at 1:51 am
    I went to D.C. on 9/12 and again on 11/5. I am totally turned off by your idea as presented. This “Non-partisan” stuff is seriously misguided. The only way to save this Republic, is to move the GOP to the right, and elect more true Republicans to Congress. See
    http://www.roar-usa.com and
    for more info.


    Dean Allen

    DeDe says:
    I Sir, agree with you 100%. From the onset I have been “turned off” by the attitude that we must magically produce enough like minded people to not only knock Progressives out of office, but also take on every other Tom, Dick, and Harry in Washington while we’re at it. Time is short and our resources are getting low. EVERY SINGLE DAY we are faced with a new challenge. We need people representing us NOW. I would only offer one point. We need to elect more true Patriots using every party.

    From the street, we don’t have the ability for the right hand to watch what the left hand is doing. It is imperative that we salvage reasonable people and focus on the thugs. We can only accomplish so much at a time and it is not reasonable to believe we can replace ALL of them in the first round. A lot of important votes are taking place between now and November. We MUST SUPPORT reasonable people. We MUST continue to hold them totally accountable for their vote. Some of them DO get it. Some of them are LISTENING. Be grateful for that much at least.

    Currently, “taking over” an existing party is the best strategy. We don’t have time to start from scratch.

  43. Cristina Rodriguez-Roig says:

    As an American who is born of Cuban parents, it brings tears to my eyes that our country is moving so fast towards socialism. It is only your efforts that bring me hope for the future of our beloved country with the liberty and freedom that so many died to give us. As most know, Cuba is a ghost of the country it could have been because socialism destroyed everything that was good and free about it. I learned from my parent’s generation mistakes that socialism is a force in which two things prevail, “divide and conquer” and “deterioration of family and values.” It rips people of any courage and in its place it implants fear. We the People of the United States of America will NOT allow this to happen here like it has in so many countries that have fallen to socialism. That is why this movement is so important, it will NOT allow them to divide us, it will NOT allow them to instill fear in us or make us lose sight of our values. UNITE is key. God Bless Everyone of this movement!!!

  44. DeDe Athey says:


    My post:
    DeDe Athey says:
    December 5, 2009 at 2:34 am

    Scott H says:
    December 5, 2009 at 10:46 pm
    Sounds like DeDe works for Obama & wants some details. I’m thankful for Eric & all who are organizing everything. Keep up the good fight!

    DeDe says:
    “A good fight” doesn’t always win the war! In my simple mind, we are at WAR on the home-front. I feel violated, make no mistake about it.

    I too am grateful to Eric and ALL who are organizing everything and apologize if the “flavor” of my post indicated anything other than that. I re-read it and can see how you might believe I am being critical, when I am actually being realistic.

    I have removed my “politically correct” gloves recently and I sometimes forget the same may not be true of most Patriots. I love my country, I am offended that we have allowed ourselves to end up in this position mostly because we were all busy WORKING, only to have our life long efforts re-distributed by this merry band of thieves. I am scared Scott, really scared for our future.

    God Bless America and my Patriot brothers and sisters. I’m sorry if my post offended you.

  45. w. gianopulos says:

    Plan to be involved and attend the April meetings. Not sure if I’m in the communication loop with all the various overlapping organizations sending me mail nor which one’s I consider having association membership since I’ve attended many different events sponsored by various organizations. We must somehow get a sense of organization w/o destroying the enthusiastic and embryonic nature of our various organizations, so I applaud your attempts and will support you in trying to do this.

  46. Mad as hell says:

    I will be there at Valley Forge.
    I intend to vote the bums out of office in 2011 and 2012.
    I intend to have my voice heard.
    I intend to support our Constitution.
    I will not be socialized!

  47. PLEASE read the posts from Colony14, Trevor, Dean Allen and Mad Mike - excellent points of view!

    The Pelosi’s of the world, like both Senators and 5 of the 6 Congressmen from Maryland, don’t listen to us because they know they’ll be reelected because they have a ‘D’ after their names on the ballots. We should push for legislation that removes party affiliation from all ballots - forces people to KNOW who they’re voting for or it becomes a 50-50 chance they pick their registered party.

    I hope the GOP embraces our constitutional movement - it’s a lot easier to convince a party that’s currently in 2nd place of what they need to do to get back into 1st than it is to create a 3rd party to overcome both the 1st and 2nd place ones.

    Power to the people!!!

  48. Mad Mike says:

    Hey Guys,

    Will you be able to infiltrate the establishment and put together a voting block of senators and representives like the Pogressive Congressional Caoucus and The Black Congressional Caucus? This is what needs to be done to really be effective. We need to work more with the system that we currently have and do the politics. It is always easier to change the sails on a ship than the winds. Don’t get me wrong, The winds are changing and we need to help this along as well. The Progressive Congressional Caucus IS OUR PROBLEM AND OUR ONLY PROBLEM AND THE ONE SINGLE PROBLEM TO BE ELIMINATED BEFORE CHANGE CAN TAKE PLACE!
    You have finally realized what I have been saying all along. Good job. Activisim is better than protest.

    Mad Mike

  49. Thanks for your great work here. It occurs to me that ours is a classic “marketing” problem, and specifically to the masses at that. Libertarians have all-out sucked in this regard, so the Lebowski Party is born to solidify the Austro-Libertarian cause http://www.lebowskiparty.com . BTW, I’m from Madison, Wisconsin and would like to please request a reserved seat as a member of the voting block for the April 16-18, 2010 Patriot Caucus. Press on!

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