Liberty movement activists take over GOP in Nevada


Last Saturday I was invited as a guest on Fox News with Brian Wilson to discuss some of the 2010 efforts within the movement. I cited an event where movement activists had taken over the GOP in Clark County (Las Vegas) Nevada.

You can watch the Fox News Segment below.

Since the segment aired, I’ve received countless emails asking about the Nevada incident. This is an interesting story considering the large amount of attention my poll got on our website about a week ago. The poll I posted, which asked about the method the movement should rally behind to achieve mass success in 2010, had more than 10,000 visits, 4,300 votes and 400 or so comments.

The following is where the results stand as of the time of this post:

Where do you think the movement should go in 2010?
-The movement needs to take over the GOP 51% (2,228 votes)
-Third party… it’s time for the two parties to be taken down 21% (902 votes)
-Third party ONLY if/when it is clearly viable 14% (623 votes)
-I think we need to avoid third parties at all costs 11% (478 votes)
-The movement needs to take over the Democrats 4% (162 votes)

I know… the poll is kind of silly in a way. But it also helps lead me to some of the next few posts I’ll be publishing. Please understand that these posts are only in place to get us, as a movement, pondering strategy for 2010 and beyond.

Many have said it’s silly to consider taking over the GOP. Many have tried and failed (including me) and many of us know that in the past the effort resulted in wasted time and money.

But that was then, this is now.

Meet the National Precinct Alliance.

Seem silly? Seem like a wast of time?

Think again.

Great News!!!

Nevada just had it’s elections for GOP Leadership. As a PC, It was my duty and great pleasure to drive 5 hours from Las Vegas to Hawthorn Nevada, along with our other delegates, to Represent Clark County. Our approved slate of candidates swept the elections and we now control the entire State. No RINO was left standing. Everyone of them has been moved out of our way. Every change to the State Party bylaws we didn’t approve of was voted down. It was a complete and total VICTORY for the grassroots conservatives in Nevada.

Now keep in mind that our little plan Plan to take over the GOP and our PC program was started by about 30 members about 6 months ago. Who was saying this will take a long time? Who was thinking this would be to ambitious, impossible and that the powers that be would never allow this to happen? We have proven every critic WRONG. This can be done! We did it! You and your County and State can do it too.

First, do your part by becoming active within the Patriotic Resistance. Contact the others in your State Group and tell them about what we have accomplished in Nevada. Join forces with your other local grassroots conservative groups and attend the GOP meetings. Set your sights high! The County GOP is your first target but keep in mind the objective is to take control of the entire State. Hold joint meetings with your coalition of conservative groups and choose your leaders from your own ranks or those that you approve of. It is just that simple.

We banded together with members of the other like minded groups, invaded and took control of the Clark County GOP. We then spread the message to our other members in the State who used Clark County as the model. Here it is by the numbers. Last May, the Clark County “RINO” Central Committee had 300 members and only about 1/2 of them were active. As of yesterday, it is 600 active members strong and the vast majority are are like minded grassroots conservatives who vote. Our movement took the County by surprise and then the State by force of numbers.

To me, it is no longer a question of, “can this work?” It is a question of when the rest of the Patriots in our Country put forth the small amount of effort required to do the same thing.

I checked in to this and I found it to be 100% accurate. This movement in Nevada has indeed caused a significant shift in the party structure across the state. In fact, just last week there was a major shakeup in leadership within the Clark Country GOP of Las Vegas.

It has been confirmed that the following previous officials within the party resigned at an emergency meeting.

-Heather Kydd, secretary
-Martha Kimpel, executive board member District F
-Christine DeCorte, finance director
-Swadeep Nigam, treasurer
-Ron Futrell, communications director
-Richard Scotti, chairman
-Melody Howard, executive board member District C
-Norm Yeager, executive board member District A

Some of these individuals give multiple reasons for stepping down, but a very good source of mine tells me that most of it took place over frustration with movement activists controlling the votes to the point that the old establishment couldn’t continue on its current path.

This is a profound shift in what is happening within the party, and makes it clear that if the movement really, REALLY wanted to put the party back in the hands of true fiscal conservatives… it’s entirely possible to make it happen.

What say you?

-Eric Odom

62 Responses to “Liberty movement activists take over GOP in Nevada”

  1. John Masson says:

    Remeber our fore father set it up.

    GOD , the people , GOVERNMENT.

    that is why we had the Revoltionar war
    Democratic are like…. following the leader >>SOMBEES
    Republicans are like …Hardheaded stuck in MUD
    So we need to go back to a Consitution Party . God and our consitution !!!!!

  2. Cold Warrior says:

    If you want more information about how real political power lies in the precinct committeemen of a party — the voting members of it — go here:


    Thank you.
    Cold Warrior

  3. Luke Sexton says:

    Reading down through this, alarm bells ring. A 3rd party seems to always split the vote and leave/put the insatiable power mongers in place (Ross Perot’s and Ron Paul’s failed bids). On the other hand, there’s always the problem of those in power pretending to align themselves with those espousing constitutional government and, with their familiarity with how things work, taking over the movement. Extreme caution/cohesion in every step is absolutely essential, or we wind up “shotgunning” and hitting nothing!

  4. S.L. says:

    Suzie Q is spot on. I also know all the people who resigned from the CCRP recently and I also know the real reasons they resigned, not the reasons cooked up by chest-thumping “we dun couped the party, guys har har” ingrates who have managed to accomplish nothing else in the admittedly brief time they’ve been there. Now the County Party is perilously shorthanded from long-term expertise, spend their meetings nitpicking everything and getting nothing done except grandstanding and ego stroking and are the laughing stock of the rest of the counties (who are actually accomplishing their set out goals). BRAVO CLARK COUNTY. You are NOT REPRESENTING your Republicans and those of you elected to the Executive Board are NOT upholding the pledges you made to the thousands upon thousands of active and highly concerned Republicans and Conservative voters in the Las Vegas and greater Clark County area.

    Eric Odom is very misinformed, the “Tea Party Patriots” are too blinded in this, and the Grassroots Movement is mowing itself into a blotchy reseeding job with their arrogant shortsighted inability to see what they’re doing to the County Party. Follow this model and you’ll tear apart the fabric of your groups as well.

  5. jerry felt says:

    p.s. i really liked what eric odom had to say on fox!

  6. jerry felt says:

    good point, julie, but how about ‘replacing’ (instead of ‘taking over’) the gop leadership as they did in nevada, throughout the country.

  7. Pam French says:

    I can see people are particularly fed up with goverment taking control where they sould not.. I am for Sarah Palin, Mike Huckabee & Eric… All who are for the people and not themselves….

  8. Sharonlynn says:

    I am considering a run for Mayor of Baltimore City in 2011 but there is so much corruption in the political scene that I actually do believe it would be Impossible for me to win. Take Shiela Dixon for example, citizens of Baltimore knew she was corrupt and yet, they still elected her. It baffles me beyond belief why people are so eager to vote for a politician whom they know does not have the interest of their needs and their city at heart. Members of my family live in Belair and Monkton and ask me why they should concern themselves with Baltimore City Mayoral election? I answer, “Most Mayor’s in Baltimore City end up running for Governor of Maryland. That Mayor may become your Governor. Is that Mayor the person you want for Governor?” It certainly has them thinking. There is no doubt that Sheila Dixon had plans to run for Governor sooner or later. That’s why citizens outside of Baltimore City should be concerned. Now Stephanie Rawlings is going to make the run for Mayor and she is worse than Dixon. Not only is she too a questionable candidate, but she likes living on the darker side. Strip/porn scenes and gambling seems to be her priority and she believes night entertaining is the question to Baltimore’s financial woes. That’s not only proposterous and absurd, it’s also a lacking of Intelligent answers. I am tea party all the way. If you see my name in the election for Baltimore City Mayoral election and you have friends in Baltimore City, tell them to vote for Sharon Benson. I am sick of old time corrupt politicians who never seem to lose their seats and their wallets are growing fat as the city loses trash pick up, snow plowing and salting, jobs. Dixen gave herself a fat raise now earning herself $150,000 and stealing Christmas gifts from children. To be honest, the chance of a blonde haired female winning in the Baltimore City Mayoral election is very, very slim but I am considering that run anyway. If my tea party members can fight the biggest fight of this century, than so be it, why can’t I give it a try for something as small as Baltimore Mayor? God Bless The Tea Party! It’s a tremendous relief for me just knowing others are just as ticked off with these politicians today as I am. It’s hard being angry alone, but it’s wonderful when many, many others understand why I am so angry. I Love My Tea! lol

  9. Sharonlynn says:

    I am very proud of those who stand against what has been happening in politics. I have another Idea we need to change that I know will have some effect against corruption. A President is only able to run two terms. A Congressman/woman can run without limited terms of office. Here’s the Idea, why not put a limited time on the term of office for Congress? Why not make it so any member of Congress can only hold two terms (eight years) of Congressional office? We not only limit term of office, but we limit their time of corruption. We will never stop politicians from corrupt behavior but we can at least curve their appetite.

  10. Roland says:

    Taking over the GOP should not be all that difficult. It has to be recognized that there are a lot of local GOP organization members who already are on the Tea Party side. For many of us Sen. McCain was something like the third of fourth choice and we voted for him because he was the lesser of two evils.

    Most local party groups are not program or action oriented. They get together to bemoan what is happening and to help candidates that declare for offices. You have to capture the local position of leadership to help your candidates. Local leadership discourages discussion of issues fearing splits and feuds. So, here is the prescription:

    1. Join the local GOP organizations.

    2. Be active; run for being presidents, secretaries, treasurers, etc. This should not be difficult because conservatives normally are reluctant to do organizatiaonal work.

    3. Declare yourself to be candidates for local representation of the county and state organizations.

    4. Declare yourself candidate for local offices such as school board, town council, etc.

    5. Present what you think is a program for a viable Republican candidate would be. Remember what the German Chancellor Bismarck said: “Politics is the art of possible.” Keep the conservative direction, but avoid absolutes. If asked, if you are for or against “choice,” or “life,” say that “The rights of the unborn should be defended. We all agree that partial birth abortion is murder. I think that we can take the next step and agree that the last trimester abortion if mothers life doe not depend on it is also murder.” You don’t need to berate those who think in absolutes, you just have to offer a viable next step in the right direction.

    6. Make sure that the program which you propose can get local support and is the program advocated by the Tea Party candidate(s).


  11. Please kick out Reed.

  12. JoLytte says:

    Thank God for people who are willing to stand up and be counted. I am a part of the 9/12 project (I was also one of the organizers of a tea party in my town) and we will be checking out people’s background and actually take that into account (unlike Barack’s background being taken into account-it was all there) and we will also be checking on a candidate’s VOTING RECORD and vote for or against them according to how they have voted. LET’S TAKE OUR COUNTRY BACK!!!!!!!! Then we must take back our schools, restore prayer in our schools and put God at the head of our country. We have allowed the liberals to blackmail us and it must stop.

  13. Susie Q says:

    I know every single one of the people that resigned from the CCRP and they are as Conservative as it gets, in fact they even tried to bring in more Libertarian/Independent types with events at prominent activists’ homes, only to be shot down at every turn by this new “movement.”

    People were excited to see the change in leadership at elections, new Conservative blood with experienced Conservative activists, but the label of “old guard” and “RINO” stopped anyone from being able to accomplish anything.

    I hope they crash and burn because in their haste and judgment they have thrown out several good and caring Conservatives who only wanted to help make the party better.

  14. steve says:

    Must become Tea Party Republicans and Tea Party Conservative Republicans or the left wins without a wimper.

  15. As one of over 1,000 unpaid volunteers who got Jason Chaffetz elected in 2008, we were taught by Jason how to take back our own party and defeat the compromised 6 term incumbent that our own party kept foisting on us.

    The incumbent Republican outspent us by more than 6 to 1 and we still defeated him in the primary by 20 points…60% to 40%

    Many of us volunteers then created I-caucus to spread the message of the “Chaffetz mriacle” and what we learned from Jason to show other people around the country how to do exactly what we did in their own neck of the woods.

    Clark county Nevada then did the same thing in 2009…verifying that Chaffetz in 2008 was not a fluke.

    We all can do this…the key is uniting behind properly vetted and qualified candidates, which is what I-caucus is also doing all over the country.


  16. C. Shannon says:

    Congratulations. You might want to check out some of the judges while you’re at it.

    Many are very far left, like Valorie Vega, but keep on getting voted back in.

    Go Vegas!

  17. gatekeeper96740 says:


    Charlotte Iserbyt served as Senior Policy Advisor in the Office of Educational Research and Improvement (OERI), U.S. Department of Education, during the first Reagan Administration, where she first blew the whistle on a major technology initiative which would control curriculum in America’s classrooms.



    Also see The founders of the Communitarian Network began “shoring up the moral, social and political environment” in the early 1990s. Today the communitarian theory is the basis for hundreds of new global rules and regulations eliminating individual rights, yet fewer than one percent of the affected population knows about it.


    Communitarianism was embraced by leaders in every nation after it was financed by the international banking elite. Today the theory of community influences all aspects of life: news, science, money, law, land use, health, education, policing and employment, not to mention the arts, fashion, fundraising, causes and entertainment. Community is the buzzword on everybody’s lips these days.



  18. Bonnie A says:

    Good Work! This is the way to achieve our goals. A grass roots bottom up takeover of the party. I suspect there are more folks who lean conservative in the party than not but control is in the hands of rinos. Rinos will always stab you in the back when you need them most. (How many times has McCain done it?) I’d rather see them on the other side where they belong. Eric, you did a good job with Brian Wilson on Fox. The only thing I might have said was that the Republican candidate was not moderate but to the left of her democrat opponent and married to a union organisor. It was rumored that after the election she might switch parties. Had Ms. Scazzafava been a little bit moderate and not the commited socialist that she was, the Tea Party Movement would not gotten involved. I really think it’s amazing that Hoffmann did as well as he did.

  19. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JN0By0xbst8

    Bezmenov on demoralization in America and about useful idiots


    Yuri Bezmenov 1983 Soviet subversion of Western Society

    Yuri Bezmenov, a.k.a. Tomas Schuman, soviet KGB defector, explains in detail his scheme for the KGB process of subversion and takeover of target societies at a lecture in Los Angeles, 1983.
    Yuri Alexandrovitch Bezmenov is a former KGB propagandist who was assigned to New Dehli, India, defected to the West in 1970, and was interviewed by Edward Griffin in 1985. Bezmenov explains his background, some of his training, and exactly how Soviet propaganda is spread in other countries in order to subvert their teachers, politicians, and other policy makers to a mindset receptive to the Soviet ideology.

    He also explains in detail the goal of Soviet propaganda as total subversion of another country and the 4 step formula for achieving this goal. He recalls the details of how he escaped India, defected to the West, and settled in Montreal as an announcer for the CBC.


    All warfare is based primarily on the deception of an enemy. Fighting on a battlefield is the most primitive way of making war. There is no art higher than to destroy your enemy without a fight—by SUBVERTING anything of value in the enemy’s country.
    Sun Tzu
    Chinese philosopher
    500 B.C.
    We rarely use guns to kill people and take their country. The cleanest way is to blackmail, pervert, bribe, lie and intimidate the POLITICIANS and the MEDIA, and they will destabilize and disunify their own country for us. Then all we have left to do is to arm the procommunist or simply criminal factions and we have a coup and another “liberated” country. As neat as that.
    Yuri Bezmenov
    former agent of APN-KGB
    What war rages between 1945 and … now? Ah, only a third of mankind was conquered! No war at all. Just peaceful liberation.
    Lev Navrozov
    Soviet dissident writer
    Psychological warfare, a form of ‘covert’ action which breaks down the opposite side’s home defenses without a shot being fired, is waged by Soviet Communism throughout the communication media of other countries.

  20. Ben Smith says:

    If the process ends up getting us good God fearing candidates that will be good for the republic, then it will have worked. I would prefer to vote for a third party but if we get good candidates in the republican slot, I would vote for them to. The candidate should represent our beliefs and not necessarily those of the republican party.

  21. gatekeeper96740 says:


    In August, David Horowitz began NewsReal’s first series exploring Saul Alinsky’s Rules For Radicals. He explained how the modern Left had put Alinsky’s ideas into practice. Here’s the entire series for those who might not have been with us when it first ran:

    Part 1: Alinsky, Beck, Satan, and Me

    Part 2: Hell on Earth

    Part 3: Boring From Within

    Part 4: To Have and Have Not

    Part 5: Postmodern Leftism

    Part 6: Means and Ends

    Part 7: Means and Ends, Continued

    Part 8: The Nazi Option
    As more mainstream Americans see what is behind the Obama agenda, they realize how dangerous it is to our nation – an agenda driven by the writings of a man who hated America, Saul Alinsky. In the short time Obama has been in power, we’ve witnessed:

    The virtual bankruptcy of our economy. The deficit is at $2 trillion and rising with the overwhelming majority of the money spent to grow the federal government.
    More than 35 “Czars” controlling billions of dollars and making management decisions about everything from our auto industry to “green” jobs to urban development. These Czars answer to no one but Barack Obama!
    A maniacal attempt to socialize our health care! Contrary to his stylish rhetoric, the Obama plan will put private insurers out of business and put bureaucrats in charge of our health care. Anyone who has stood in line at the Post Office or waited in a security line at an airport has had a glimpse of a future with government-controlled health care.
    Raising our taxes. Obama’s first budget will consume 28% of the entire GDP! 28%! He plans to repeal the Bush tax cuts, raise income taxes, the capital gains tax and block the repeal of the estate tax (death tax) for the sake of “morality,” he said. But there is nothing moral about taking more and more of your family’s income to feed his socialist agenda.
    We’ve identified six more points in our newspaper ad. Each action designed to undercut our independence and, just as you’ll learn from the booklet, adhere to Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals, his “how to” book on destroying America.

  22. gatekeeper96740 says:

    Alanski’s book dedicated to Satan shows how strongly these radials feel about their objective.

    “Lest we forget, an over-the-shoulder acknowledgment to the very first radical:” (Pause there for second. Now continue): “from all our legends, mythology, and history(and who is to know where mythology leaves off and history begins — or which is which), the first radical known to man who rebelled against the establishment and did it so effectively that he at least won his own kingdom — Lucifer.”

    Alinsky begins by telling readers what a radical is. He is not a reformer of the system but its would-be destroyer. This is something that in my experience conservatives have a very hard time understanding. Conservatives are altogether too decent, too civilized to match up adequately, at least in the initital stages of the battle, with their adversaries. They are too prone to give them the benefit of the doubt. They assume that radicals can’t really want to destroy a society that is democratic and liberal and has brought wealth and prosperity to so many. Oh yes they can. That is in fact the essence of what it means to be a radical — to be willing to destroy the values, structures and institutions that sustain the society we live in. Marx himself famously cited Alinsky’s first rebel (using another of his names — Mephistopheles): “Everything that exists deserves to perish.”

  23. gatekeeper96740 says:


    Conservatives think of war as a metaphor when applied to politics. For radicals the war is real. That is why partisans of the left set out to destroy their opponents, not just refute their arguments. It is also why they never speak the truth. Deception for them is a military tactic in a war that is designed to elminate their opponents.

    Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals is first of all a broadside against the New Left. What Alinsky attacks about the New Left is its honesty — something I”ve always regarded as its o–nly redeeming feature. While American Communists — the Old Left — pretended to be Jeffersonian Democrats and “progressives” and formed “popular fronts” with liberals to “defend democracy,” we in the New Left disdained their deception and regarded it as weakness. To distinguish ourselves from these Old Leftists, we said we were revolutionaries and proud of it.

  24. Rich Galicki says:

    So this is what we have to sink to “infiltrate and domminate” a page right out of alinski’s book its sad but if thats what we need to do to take back our country so be it but beware those who find the power to controll irresistable will always look to controll
    In other words we used force to take controll of the gop “because we are right” isnt that what has happened throughout our country with the progressive movement who belive “they are right”

  25. gatekeeper96740 says:

    How To Beat The Democrats: And Other Subversive Ideas by political strategist and commentator David Horowitz is an excellent book and you may want to talk to him for ideas on stategy.

  26. gatekeeper96740 says:

    The leftist have always use infiltration as the means to achieve their goals.They infiltrated the schools,the infiltrated the Democratic party,they infiltrated and took over the media.The same can work for us.Get Alanski’s book and David Horowitz’s book on stategy and start doing the same back,infitrate…bore into exsisting organizations and take them over.

  27. Paul Keith says:

    Your “Complete and Total” victory in Nevada shows what is possible. After a few more victories like this in other states the GOP will never be the same.
    We can totally reshape the GOP as the party for conservatives. While you are at it you may want to mobilize the disgruntled Democrats in the Tea Party movement and do the same thing. I see no harm in having two conservatives squaring off in the general election as long as we are not splitting our votes. It could be the Tea Party version of becoming Pro Choice. Actually having a choice of candidates that represent mainstream American values.
    Congratulations to all of you, now lets go get the other 49.

  28. christine bondi says:

    Thanks! That was great news!

  29. John says:

    I couldn’t be more pleased.Taking over control of the Republican Party is THE way to go. This news made my day.

  30. BS61 says:

    Look where worrying about splitting the vote and voting for the lesser of two evils has put us?! We have Republicans who constantly vote along side the Dems! Eventually, over time, we will quit splitting the votes. Many Republican’s do not deserve our votes in 2010, now is not the time to panic due to our crazy socialist government. Vote values, and quit worrying about the R or D.

  31. Taking over the party as conservatives is fine, but DO NOT run as a third party. You will lose. Ross Perot thought he could win, and, with all his money and resources, all he did was split the Republican Party and give the election to the Democrats. Both parties have been at fault, but the Republicans are trying to clean up their act whereas the Democrats are spending like drunken sailors and power hungry maniacs. We must stop the socialist movement now.

  32. Dennis says:

    Let’s get busy!

  33. Brian Hawkesworth says:

    Splitting the vote is not the way to go. Support conservative republicans who run against moderates in the primaries then go after the democrats in the final election. Have we not learned anything from people like Ross Perot and Ralph Nader affecting the final result? I think your movement is best used to publically demonstrate the citizenries’ discontent with the current lack of representation in Washington through protests, internet, media etc. Sorry, I can’t support a third party on the ballot.

  34. Tammy Symons says:

    I think that all the fearful people who will vote only for a sure thing (the lesser of two evils) are the problem. That’s why we have a Congressional Country Club…we voted for the lesser of two evils instead of voting for good people who might not have the money or special interests behind them…and THAT’S THE POINT ITSN’T IT?

  35. douglas hanlon says:

    That is right I have had enough.
    I have had enough of the republican party.
    I am sick to death of democrats doing what they can to use the constitution when it suits their purpose,such as in the legal system but I am sicker still of going along to try to get along.My blood boils everytime I hear the phrase bi -partisanship.
    This movement got started because we could no longer stomach what had become of the gop and most of us never really believed any thing the democrats have been doing.
    If it means a few more years of congressional democrats and obama in power so be it(you don’t know how much that thought sickens me)but to continue the business of government under this 2 party system is not why I have made signs and stood in the street protesting.I did it because two parties will find it easier to go along to get along.After all there are cocktail parties in washington that will be ruined with real debate over the issues of the day.
    So I sya good bye gop and watch out dems ,i for one are coming for you.


  36. George Stallone says:

    This is the perfect way to go!
    One down, forty nine to go
    then on to the RNC and we’ve won!

  37. Rob says:

    A “take-over” of the GOP is the way to go. Terry is right! The Centrist GOPers
    will then be given the choice of voting with true conservatives or voting with the Socialists come November. They just have to be convinced to get out and vote!

  38. DR HWOSBORNE says:


  39. Liz says:

    As long as moderates aren’t being chased off, it’s a good thing. Trying to “reform” those that have “strayed” might be a way to keep the ones that are commited to getting the Dems out. The 2010 elections are fast approaching, and we need GOP votes.

  40. Terry Pease says:

    While I understand the concern some may have about splitting the vote, and it resulting in a Dem. victory, I don’t think it is valid. At least not in the event of taking over the Republican Party or large segments of it. The danger of a split vote comes from running independent candidates or a third party. If we take back the Republican party we have eliminated the split vote, and at the same time gain the use of an already existent party superstructure. We should only go outside the party if we are very confident we can prevail, and can not gain control of the party locally or on the state level.

  41. Diane Carliner says:

    Fabulous! Great work! Perhaps this is a sign that Harry Reid might go, a thorn in the side to all of us.

    Concentrate on getting rid of liberals, especially progressives. I’m with Rush and Sean, don’t think a third party is a good idea.

  42. Babci Cathy says:

    This is so inspiring!!! You guys set a goal and reached it. I love it. This is what makes me proud to be an American. Good, principled people working together for our children and grandchildren.

    See you all in DC on April 15th!

  43. [...] With regards to the point about Nevada, you can read a post I just published on TaxDayTeaParty.com about it here. [...]

  44. DJ says:

    “Be careful what you wish for. This could split the vote from the right and give victory to the left……….”

    You sound like a leftist hoping for just such an event…? Well, that could conceivably be a problem when you actually have a viable “Left”. By the time they force this Healthcare legislation down our throats and tax increases kick in, we will be hunting leftists with dogs, Gods and if things get really dirty, our guns. Seeing as how they seem to be some of our favorite things to cling to on our favorite things list, right under our FREEDOMS, as guaranteed by our constitution.

  45. Dianna in Columbus says:

    Its about time!!!! Thank God conservatives are finally taking a stand. We are moving in this state to start taking over the Republican central committees. If its not feasible for us to start a new conservative party, then we’ll take back the Republican party. I know for a fact that conservative groups like the 912 project are going to support conservative candidates in 2010 in whatever way we need to. No matter what state they are in. Remember Doug Hoffman? He WILL win the seat in the 23rd district next year! Look out Republicans, here we come!

  46. David Woolley says:


    The real risk in taking over the GOP is that you end up being taken over BY the GOP. Once you’re in the door, brother, there are a lot of power hungry goof balls who will do and say anything to keep power. They’ll agree with tea party principles, and then keep on doing the same thing.

    The GOP has made a living for over a hundred years lagging a stones throw behind the progressive movement. I don’t think you could ever clean house. Better to build a new one.

    Once you build it, they will come. And then the GOP and the DEMS will grow together into one party, the Socialist Democratic Republicans. SDR. That has a nice ring to it. And we’ll steam roll them every four years.

  47. Bill G says:

    Congratulations! There couldn’t be a more appropriate state than Nevada to start the ball rolling. Senator Reid needs to be FORMER Senator Reid pronto.

  48. Paul Symes says:

    As the Marxist liberals in the Obama administration used to say back in the 60s when they were hippies - - - - “Right-on Brother” !!!!

    Perhaps what was done in Nevada is the key to the end of the Obama reign and the beginning of our repossession of America.

  49. Bruce Spence says:

    Way to go grass roots conseratives! We will be supporting you and and our conserative canidates! Well will be working in the precincts this Winter, Spring, Summer & Fall to assure victory!

  50. Julie Croker says:

    Be careful what you wish for. This could split the vote from the right and give victory to the left……….

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