It couldn’t be more clear…


Fellow Patriots,

One of the first emails I read this morning was also one of the most devastating emails I’ve read all year. The email came in from RedState.com, and explained a situation brewing in the Senate over Healthcare.

Essentially, from what I read, Harry Reid and his band of Senate thugs have written into their Healthcare legislation a section that could not be a more blatant violation of their oath to uphold and protect the Constitution.

If ever the people of the United States rise up and fight over passage of Obamacare, Harry Reid must be remembered as the man who sacrificed the dignity of his office for a few pieces of silver. The rules of fair play that have kept the basic integrity of the Republic alive have died with Harry Reid. Reid has slipped in a provision into the health care legislation prohibiting future Congresses from changing any regulations imposed on Americans by the Independent Medicare [note: originally referred to as "medical"] Advisory Boards, which are commonly called the “Death Panels.”

It was Reid leading the Democrats who ignored 200 years of Senate precedents to rule that Senator Sanders could withdraw his amendment while it was being read.

It was Reid leading the Democrats who has determined again and again over the past few days that hundreds of years of accumulated Senate parliamentary rulings have no bearing on the health care vote.

On December 21, 2009, however, Harry Reid sold out the Republic in toto.

Upon examination of Senator Harry Reid’s amendment to the health care legislation, Senators discovered section 3403. That section changes the rules of the United States Senate.

To change the rules of the United States Senate, there must be sixty-seven votes.

Section 3403 of Senator Harry Reid’s amendment requires that “it shall not be in order in the Senate or the House of Representatives to consider any bill, resolution, amendment, or conference report that would repeal or otherwise change this subsection.”

Are you getting the full effect here? Do you understand the implications of this maneuver?

These thugs are not just working to pass legislation that Americans don’t want, they’re actively seeking to include unconstitutional language that would essentially bar future lawmakers from being able to change it!

At this point… I don’t think it could be more clear.

Our government has violated its oath to uphold the Constitution. In essence, this government is now rogue and operating outside of the constraints of the laws that govern our land.

This is dangerous. And it comes at a time when we as a people are hurting… which makes it all the more evil and malicious.

I hate to have to send you this just days before Christmas, but I believe we as a nation are in trouble. And I think it’s our duty to respond.

More on this after Christmas.

-Eric Odom

UPDATE: Let’s not forget that according to Reid… bribing Senators is a perfectly legit practice.

UPDATE 2: In case you’re wondering why I’ve been saying that Senate Dems need to be our primary target before we start waging political war on the entire government establishment… (which is certainly needed) this would be my answer.

It took hundreds of millions of dollars in bribe money to win over Sens. Mary Landrieu, of Louisiana, Ben Nelson, of Nebraska, and Bernie Sanders, of Vermont, (plus even more millions for a senator whose identity cannot be determined thanks to the obtuse language of the bill). By hook or by crook, Obamacare’s Senate backers got their magic 60 votes. Now Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, of Nevada, his 57 Democratic colleagues; and both Senate independents own Obamacare. Their votes moved Obamacare past its biggest legislative hurdle yet in a tally taken in the dead of a very cold Sunday night on a massive bill none of them actually read in its entirety.

These 60 senators have joined in what surely ranks among the most breathtakingly arrogant spasms of anti-democratic hubris in American legislative history. By every credible measure of public opinion, opposition to Obamacare has grown for months as people learned more about it. Fully 61 percent of those responding to CNN’s most recent survey turned thumbs down on Obamacare. And still these 60 senators opted to thumb their noses at the majority.

248 Responses to “It couldn’t be more clear…”

  1. Greg K. says:

    Clif said that we are a rebublic, not a democracy, the difference being that a democracy is a government where the people hold the ruling power which they usually give over to a group of elected representatives whereas a republic being a state or nation where voters elect officials to make the laws and run the government. These definitions are based on Websters dictionary. I’m not sure I understand the difference but I suspect it has something to do with one form having a ruling constitution. I think this is a classic example of what is going on in politics today and is a popular ploy used by public officials to sidetrack the issue at hand. The voters often get sidetracked on definitions, trivialities, or more minor issues to the point where they no longer feel a commonality of purpose and waste their energies instead of uniting to address the larger issues. I agree with Joy that we should be able to influence our elected officials by contacting them to voice our opinions but this just doesn’t seem to be working. Maybe its voter apathy, maybe the representative recieve so many divergent, detailed and conflicting views that they are unable to decide what to do first or just become synical and simply assauge us with little intent of action. Another possibility is that despite their best intentions they are basically helpless to make positive change because the long time politicians in D.C. that hold most of the key chairmanships of committees and other positions of power do not really give a hang about what is fair, right, wrong, or best for this country but only what gets them re-elected and/or puts dinero in their pockets. I feel that this is the biggest issue in this country that must be addressed before we can move forward in a good way. The states that these power brokers represent like the benefits they are able to attain for their consituants so they continue to re-re-re-elect them. These guys are smart and know how to manipulate us to make us feel they are doing what we want and fixing problems while doing neither. Remember tax simplification, if that was simplification I’m for tax complication. Politicalspeak, spinmeisters, we are being scammed. We are becoming a scamnation, and it will lead to our demise if not fixed. Abe Lincoln asked “If you call a tail a leg how many legs would a sheep have?” Then he answered “Four, you can call a tail what ever you want, its still a tail.” And government run health care is still socialism. I do agree that health care costs are out of hand. I thought this health care discussion was originally about cutting costs. Have they addressed tort reform? Only in a perfuntory manner. Their attourney buddies don’t want it. Pharmacutical costs?????. Big campaign contributors. Doctors salaries or more doctors for increased competition? No, the AMA doesn’t want that. Insurance company fraud and gouging? Once again to many donations at stake. Folks, they are bought and paid for and all we are going to get is a smile and a pat on the head until we make it very clear that we are in charge. Whatever you want to call our system what matters is that it is of, by and for the people. Not our representatives. Our vote is our revolution. Let’s vote out the incumbents in our primary election so we can have a choice in the general election. Lets demand term limits and elect representitives that will carry that mandate to Washington D.C.

  2. Joy says:

    I have been sharing gems from the U.S. Constitution with as many people as possible. Once they understand even one principle (Article, section, etc.), they start to SEE what the current administration and the congress are doing. Some republicans seem to be trying to at least speak out about certain unconstitutional practices, BUT they do NOT seem to be speaking with TOTAL Authority and One, Unified Voice! There must be such a Unity among our Constitutionalist LEADERS and ALL THE GRASSROOTS ORGANIZATIONS! WE NEED TO BE UNCOMPROMISING IN OUR CONSTITUTIONAL GUARANTEES!!! Seems most leaders Do Not Completely KNOW the Constitution. Some people say Both Democrats and Republicans do not have respect for our rights. Definitely, the Democrats and the Executive Branch, Czars, and other Appointed Cabinet Members and Advisors, are going AGAINST OUR INHERENT RIGHTS More than Anyone else in Congress. However, STRONGER, MORE UNIFIED, AND FULLY KNOWLEGABLE VOICED LEADERSHIP MUST TAKE PLACE TO ENSURE REPEALING, RESCINDING, REVERSING, PROSECUTING AND IMPEACHING THOSE MOST GUILTY OF THESE OATH BREAKINGS TAKE PLACE!!! REINSTATING THE PROPER SOVEREIGNTY OF OUR NATION, OUR PERSONAL/INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS (LIBERTY, LIFE, AND THE PURSUIT OF PROPERTY) MUST TAKE PLACE!!! 9/12 PROJECT AUG. 28TH AT LINCOLN MEMORIAL–D.C. TO RESTORE HONOR!

  3. JP says:

    Revolution? Yes, but in what form. We don’t have to pattern ourselves after the founders of this country. We still have the freedom to use our heads and yes maybe arms to respond in a way that is most beneficial to our country. I am not referring to calling our representatives in Washing we already know they don’t care, but to using the same tactics the liberals have used for years on us. After all it takes the will to succeed and character to really live as free men. Remember we can always move forward to greater degrees of action or force, but it is very difficult to go in reverse. Together we have a voice in the tea party we need to gather locally and then nationally. Is DC in April a goal to show our presence in a peaceful gathering?

  4. kyle says:

    folks, the word many of you are tiptoeing around is revolution. Its a scary word for many of us but one which we all know is imminent unless some changes happen fast. there is a breaking point that all of us have when enough is enough. this breaking point is different for everybody but sooner or later we will all be broken and we will do whatever it takes to take back our nation. If it comes to arms it comes to arms. We cannot stand idley by and watch the greatness of our country come tumbling down. Marching is good, letters are good but there needs to be more of them. this is a call to action. we will be a socialist country if we don’t stand up right now.

    I just bought an anti obama/health care t shirt from http://www.relevanttees.com to help raise money for people to participate in demonstrations. the guys at sundance apparel are true patriots and are donating proceeds from their shirts to a tea party foundation so people can get their voices heard. go to the site and buy a shirt- lets work together on this and save our nation!

  5. Clif says:

    We are a republic, not a democracy. The main difference is that even if we allow poor representation, they are bound to the law … the constitution. If this were a true democracy, what is happening on capitol hill would still be subject to the ongoing will of the people, but, could possibly be legal. Since we are not, what is happening is not legal.

  6. Matt R says:

    I’m not finding the text you mentioned–either in the main amendment text or the “manager’s amendment”. I’m not calling you out, I just question everything (like I’m sure you do!). Can anyone cite a doc and page/line number?

  7. Greg K. says:

    In a democracy the people get the government they deserve and unfortunately too many of us have allowed ourselves to be ignorant for too long. The America of our ancestors was founded on hard work and high moral principles such as those included in the constitution. Due to the freedom and individual rights so granted we were able to become the most creative and inspired populace in the history of the earth. We were indeed “other countries untold masses striving to be free”. With this great success came what our founders would have considered untold wealth, but humans being the imperfect creatures we are wanted more, more than we had, more than our neighbor, far more than we needed. Bigger houses, fancier vehicles, longer vacations and on and on and on. Not only did we want these things but came to believe we were entitled to them, in fact as Americans it was our right to have almost everything. All told, what has happened is the great opportunity that our founders gave us originally made us a great people but then we started to believe we were a special people and our greatness didn’t have to be earned but was an American birthright. Our elected leaders played no small part in patting us on the back in re-election efforts. This wealth and feeling of entitlement has brought an underlying change in the guiding attitudes of our country over the past 40 or so years culminating in a large portion of our population more focused on how to get something for nothing than on being a contributing member of society. Another large segment has good intentions but do not understand the importance of the opportunity to fail as a motivator and natural component of a free people and a free enterprise system. These people seem to want everything protected and continually turn to government (us) to provide them the illusion of security while in reality are only guarnteeing mediocrity or worse. Another segment which cannot be left out are the greedy which are out to win at all costs with thier end justifying the means. Those means may include large political contributions, deceptive advertisng(lies) and any other unsavory act which legal council determines worth the risk. We’ve never been so corrupt. Its a mess. The sad part of it is that a large portion of the population feels helpless or is too lazy or is benefitting too much to change it. We are well down a very destructive path with our elected leaders skipping merrily ahead as they line thier pockets. (most are attourneys who attended law school primarily to be rich, not exactly the type of people our founding fathers envisioned to lead us and not very “representative” of the average American) Kind of like our residential real estate system - dissipate risk - everybody wins - yeah right. They knew better, they’re corupt, not stupid. Our politacal system including the voters has come to resemble supporters of a football team that primarily care about winning instead of doing the best thing for thier country, our country, one people brought together by a common bond of opportunity and freedom without all the age old hatred that plagues so much of the world and divides countries along ethnic and religeous lines. To fix this we must again come together as a people and find our commonality, our fundamental Americanism before it ceases to exist. The political establishment as it is believes this won’t happen and will work to assure it doesn’t. We are at a crossroads in the history of this country and I frankly can’t believe we’ve gotten to this point. I believe we must put aside our disagreement on minor issues and band together not as Democrats or Republicans but as countrymen and demand term limits. Career politicians must go, but many states will be reluctant to give up thier power brokers. However if we get enough new people in office in a short period of time they will be able to carry the vote. They will be our true representatives with a mandate that cannot be denied. Only then will we begin to see real change. Lets take our country back!

  8. Ayn says:

    I’m afraid, truly I’m afraid of the horror that I’m seeing here. These people are more concerned with passing laws that will hurt America then to try and do the right things and do the will of the people and protect the people.

    I pray, I PRAY to God in heaven, that it doesn’t have to be like this. All I want from Christmas this year is this bill to die and just go away.

    Now, I’m afraid of how the government is handling these airplane guys.

  9. Donald O. Taylor says:

    If anyone outside America’s boundaries attempted to alter the freedom we have under our constitution, we would take up arms and go to war.
    I just cannot understand how the people have allowed Obama to get this far.

    We have an Adolf Hitler in our nation’s highest seat and he needs to be removed BEFORE he inflicts Socialism on the United States of AMERICA.

    Those who do not know their history are doomed to repeat it.

  10. Rod says:

    I believe it is time we take back our Government. Mr. Reed has to go along with Nancy Pelosi. We, as the American People have the say of what is right and wrong. It does not say,” We the Government, It say’s We the People”. We cannot wait any longer in our efforts. We have to do something now!

  11. Dan Knauf says:

    We are supposed to have a system of checks and balances. Why not let the courts decide if the language is constitutional? I still have faith in our FORM of government even though I lack confidence in the crooks IN government. Some representative needs to rise to this challenge.

  12. mark Wolfe says:

    We the people need to demand a Constitutional convention. Call your state Rep. and Congressman and demand one. Their are 300 million of us and only a few hundred of them. We need to organize and run Congress out of Washington on a rail.
    All 50 States have asked for a Constitutional Convention Congress has violated the Constitution by not calling one. Have we lost the will to Fight!!! I haven’t. This is my Country and I want it back and am willing to fight to the death!!! Wake up America!!! My 5th GR.Grandfather Jacob Wolfe of Fredricksburg Va. Refused to be counted and refused to pay taxes to the Crown. He faced death for making a stand. I will too if necessary. Don’t Tread on me.
    Sincerely, Mark Wolfe from Kentucky

  13. linda ruff says:

    when we elect totally new representatives, the 1st law they should pass is one making it legal to REPEAL ANY previously bills passed that were unconstitutional, even if they contain “you can’t touch me” clauses. that should take care of this sh…crap.

  14. G.Tate says:

    I believe it is simply time to rise up as a Nation in the upcoming mid-term voting opportunity and wether the representatives in our “government” are good or bad, they should all be voted out…send in the new clowns, and if they are not what we want, do it again and again, until WE THE PEOPLE have our country back! God Bless America and Pledge Allegiance to the Flag!

  15. David says:

    It is abundantly clear that three major actions must take place to have a serious effect on current events in Washington. First many more must join actively the Tea Party Movement. The numbers of members will have a direct impact on wielding power and leverage. Second there will need to be a charismatic leader to be the spokesman and potentially seek a nomination to a yet unnanmed third party. Finally, if all else fails everyone in the movement should consider halting payments on their taxes. Fees and taxes are what sustain the exorbitant lifestyles of the politicos in Washington. This must be done enmasse to have any real impact.

  16. Debbie says:

    Hasn’t anybody wondered why Obama is trying to transform (more like destroy) America with LIGHTENING SPEED ??? His plan is to bankrupt the nation so he can usher in “The New World Govermment” and the only way he can do it is to collaspe the economy. We can not afford this Health Care Bill and he knows it will bankrupt this country. Why do you think Bernanke wants the value of the dollar to collaspe ??? So they can introduce the New World Currency. Obama is just a puppet and the people who are pulling the strings are the Elites of the Elites. Meaning David Rockefeller, The Federal Reserve Bank, Elitists from Europe, World Bankers,and others who are very powerful people and they have been waiting for a very long time for this “New World Government”.

    Obama has stated earlier this year that he doesn’t care if he is a one term president. In a sense that is a very dangerous comment to make because what does he have to lose ??? Nothing and it totally explains the recklessness, arrognance, especially the CRISIS MODE GAME (that he has been playing on a daily basis) where every bill from Health Care Reform, Stimulus Bills, Cap & Trade Bill, takeover of private companies (and the list goes on and on) all has to be done now !!! He knows he is not going to be re-elected unless he does what Chavez did earlier this year which was to pass a law that he has unlimited term limits. I have a bad feeling that we can not wait until 2010 of Congress and the big election in 2012. Look what Obama has accomplished in just the first 9 months of his presidency. Can you imagine what this out of control president is capable of doing given 4 more years of running the country ??? Wake up America !!!!

  17. Glenn Lord Sr says:

    As the offences of an out of control government get bolder and more brazen every day what are we really doing about it? Begging to Staffers in letters that are trashed as soon as they are opened? Making calls to Staffers that fall on deaf ears? Visiting Staffers that would really like you to just go away?

    Friends there can be no doubt that our government is completely out of control and no amount of begging, demanding or threatening will ever bring it and them back to sanity. They have resorted to making their laws un-repealable by placing unconstitutional provisions in the laws themselves. They use our tax dollars to pay off Congressmen for their votes for legislation they know the people don’t want.

    Friends it is time to quit begging and making empty demands. It is obvious people like Senator Bill Nelson could care less, and the agendas of enemies of the people of the United States are now more important. The fact is we have no representation in our government today.

    The original founders risked all and many sacrificed their lives because they had encountered the very same thing, and they refused to accept rule without representation. They made the necessary complaints and they revolted peacefully in the beginning, but the fact is; they had no recourse but war and violence to win their freedom.

    Today we may be able to win our freedom without violence because of one thing the original founders did not have. We have the ability to vote out the ones decimating our nation if we choose to use it. We have the ability to rescind permission to rule, but that only happens in one place; the voting booth.

    There are those that want the angry Tea Party crowd to remain “non-partisan” uncommitted to candidate or party, and do not want to risk defeat or alienating that someone I still haven’t figured out the importance of. But the fact also is; the Republican Party is just as much to blame for the tyranny that has invaded our freedom. The corruption that keeps 94% of incumbents in office regardless of their service, knows no party bounds. So I find myself caught between standing on the sideline shouting or choosing a side that has already stabbed me in the back until I have bled nearly to death, and I choose neither.

    This is a quandary that cannot be resolved with a third party, because of the loyalty of 40% of the medial led masses to the now full out Socialist Democrat Party. Splitting the conservative vote means absolute failure.

    If the Tea Party still wants to remain non-partisan, and does not want to embarrass themselves by continuing to beg at the feet of staffers, they can. They can call for an all out election where every incumbent is tagged for dismissal in favor of the new candidate who may listen. To carry it even further they can vet and endorse any candidate that supports their views, but be assured, no Democrat will ever meet those standards. Be also assured, the media will always say the Tea Party is a Republican shill no matter what you do or say and 40% will believe them regardless.

    Real Conservative Candidates are fighting an uphill battle with opposition coming from both sides of the aisle. The establishment Republicans (really same people as Democrats) are fighting to maintain their power as the Democrats build up war chests aimed at keeping the status quos of socialism enact.

    This war will not be won in the offices of Congressional Staffers or over the phone lines begging for sanity. It will be won in the campaigns of the new leaders that must be elected if we are to save our country and our freedom. This is the only thing that can and will save us no matter how you choose to participate. This must be the battle you ultimately join or freedom dies. Even one word of support that has not been heard yet can have powerful meaning.

    The decision of the Tea Party leaders to either be a cry in the wilderness or a force to be reckoned with must come and come quickly. We have hashed and re-hashed the evils of those in power until most are sick with fear. Now the answer remains; what are you going to do about it? Will the person in the voting booth know who will represent them, or will they just pick a name they have heard over and over? The decision you make today will decide whether you let them know who supports the issues you do, or just what the issues are. That connecting link may seem to simplified and too easy, but rest assured the media and the campaign ads will tell them who to vote for if you don’t.

    Glenn F Lord Sr

  18. Robert Brown says:

    If people would stop belly acheing and start impeachment procedures against all the ones in congress that have had something to do with the shoving things down the publics throat( such as Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosie and Chuk Shunan, and anyonelse who is guilty) Then and only then will we be able to get this country back to where it is free again.

  19. Clif says:

    Gary, just one thing. We have laws. The foundation is the U.S. Constitution. Yeah, I know it’s been violated before. I doubt any of us were happy then, but it’s way out of control now - to the point many of us, independently decided we have had enough. Getting your party in control doesn’t give you the right to re-write the rules, at least not without certain procedures.

  20. Clif says:

    For anyone promoting taking off from work for a day, week, or month, think. Can you do without electricity, gas, groceries for a month? You are suggesting everyone do this, right? If all business was shut down for a month, it might have an impact on the federal government, but not as much as it would on the individual and businesses, particularly small businesses that still need to pay their rent.

    Instead, change you withholdings to $0 and pay quarterly (1040-ES) - totally legal (as far as I have read) but 3 1/2 months they won’t have our money for their books to look good.

  21. Willie says:


    What makes it evil is that it is unconstitutional. Please read and understand the constitution. You will then understand why we are against this. The Founding Fathers - Framers of the Constitution warned us that this type of power grab was possible. This is why they provided Article V of the Constitution allowing the states to amend the Constitution. It is time State Legislative Bodies take their place in history and forced Congress to live within the confines of our Constitution.

  22. [...] entrusted to them, illegally paid for votes through bribery and crooked backdoor deals, openly ignored the constitution (which, by the way, also makes it clear that the Senate cannot give advantage to one state over [...]

  23. Gary says:

    The People went to the polls.

    The People elected Democrats to Congress and the Whitehouse.

    The Democrats implemented a Democratic set of reforms.

    In what possible way is this “fascism”, “tyranny”, or “anti-democratic”?

    You disagree with the legislation. Fine. But just because you disagree with it does not make it evil.

  24. Beth Witt says:

    I think John P. read my mind and expressed my sentiments to the tee. I am 70 years old and have never witnessed such corruption. I say we have a major tax revolt and then lets see what these criminals do. What about Obama’s Birth Certificate? Who is this guy and who sent him to destroy America? If we don’t fight we will end up like the Jews in Germany under Hitler. It is time to take our country back. God Bless America and Merry Christmas to all! One Nation Under God and if you don’t like that get the Hell Out!!!

  25. Bob Corbell says:

    Good morning all you American’s. This morning when if woke up and the Senate had passed the this unconstitutional bill I got to thinking that I am armed and I think that there is more than just me that believes that they will only be able to push the People so far and there is going to be blood. If the same people that voted for this Health care thing had their way we would be defenceless and the goverment would have done this a long time ago. I and allot to others are ready to do what ever it takes to keep my county and my constitution from those that would take it all.

  26. Gin Dagger says:

    I do my own taxes and understand that we can claim up to 10 deductions during the year as long as we pay when taxes are due. I have been thinking if we all claimed 10 at the beginning of the year, it would cripple government’s ability to use our money.

    We had founding fathers, who were willing to stand up for freedom. I am. Anybody else?

  27. JP says:

    I don’t share my thoughts easily or without thought to where they might lead. There is the fear they might be misunderstood or taken out of context. In any event it is time for me to start here and continue with the millions of other Americans who want real change that leads to restoring our country.

    There is a lot of justified anger and emotions among us who care about this country and some good ideas on how to respond. I am also angry and frustrated that our “representatives” don’t care. Actually they haven’t cared for many years; they have just been playing us one against another for a very long time. The issue isn’t about health care or trying our servicemen for punching a terrorist, or bringing the 9/11 terrorist to New York for trial, the bailout, the kickbacks to friends, bringing communism into the White House under the title of Czars, it’s those concerns and a thousand other fronts those who want to see our country changed into something it’s not and to keep us off balance. It’s a systematic destruction of our country as we know it and our founding fathers intended.

    Don’t get me wrong I am not a bomb thrower or nut job looking for a reason to act out. Everything must be thought out, all possible solutions looked at and at all cost refrain from violence.

    But because our representatives don’t listen to our concerns and seem hell bent on over whelming our system to the breaking point we must act.

    My idea is very simple; I recommend an act of civil disobedience through our taxes.

    First-every person that works for someone else changes their W-4 to at least 10 exemptions or exempt status. Your employer must make any changes you request and it’s not necessary to explain to them why you are making the changes. Their only responsibility is to make the changes you have requested. This will immediately lower their cash flow and you can change it back at anytime.

    Second-if all taxpayers would file their taxes from 1-1-2010 to 3-15-2010, but instead of sending a check if you owe money send a letter explaining that until the federal government makes immediate changes to comply with the Constitution and the Bill of Rights we will not pay another dime. It could possibly get the attention that we the people are serious and will not settle for the status-quo. (It’s important if we could have this document drafted by an attorney knowledgeable in constitutional law and send it out over the net.)

    The reason to file early is that many of us may be willing to loose everything for what we believe in but we have families, obligations and responsibilities and if we find there are not as many of us willing to stand we would have time to send in the monies to the IRS before the deadline. There is strength in numbers. We only need 20% or more to follow through for it to work.

    A couple last thoughts; I think Sarah Palin is great but even if she was the president we first need to clean house in Washington for before any real long term solutions can be found. Would it hurt some Americans? Possibly in the short run, but if the system fails they along with us will be devastated. In the long run returning to a more conservative constitutional government would be beneficial to all Americans.

  28. Ray says:

    I suggest we boycott the Census. That would make a major and immediate impact on this administration. We would send a clear message that if they won’t listen to us, then we don’t count! They can put us all in jail if they want. Also, we all need to get tax extensions for Oct 15, and reduce our tax deductions from our paychecks so they get the minimum or nothing. If enough of us do this, they will feel it. They already are as revenues are down. We need to demand that this people are impeached, starting from the top! I’m mad and I have had it!

  29. Jan M says:

    If only more brave souls would defect from the Democratic Party, resulting in the majority of seats being Republican, would the madness stop?

  30. Jeff K. says:

    When I joined the US Army I took an oath to uphold the Constitution, so did these A-holes. I really doubt that most have read it since they were in grade school, if ever. How do we get this looked at by the Supreme Court if it passes? I’ll be plaintiff #1 if “We the People” can sue.

  31. John P. says:

    What really amazes me is that 3.5 MILLION people will go see that Yankees ticker-tape parade and only a few THOUSAND will have the guts to march to Washington D.C.
    Most people are ALL TALK! Just like WABC radio…ALL TALK, NO ACTION!
    Wake up people and wake up soon!
    WE are the cause of our own inflation and money ills and here’s an example why:
    Cable used to be less than TEN dollars a month, right? Now, the Cable company raised the rate and what did we ALL do? We continued to pay the new rates, right?
    Had we all said “cancel my cable” at the very first rate raise, it would still be around Ten dollars or so.
    Do NOT listen to Obama and “spend” or “help the economy”, save your money and let the people who got us into this mess get us out of it.
    I, for one, don’t buy anything unless it is absolutely necessary. I don’t support athlete’s ridiculous salaries and I do not give to charities…why?
    Because I am taxed from my paycheck, taxed when I buy things and taxed again when I do my taxes…and I am tired of working for taxes and having nothing for me or my family!
    Want to watch the Government fall to its knees? Just stop spending your money.
    Remember, the Government WANTS you to spend and go into debt…and then they “own” you and you’re stuck. Save, Save, save your money!!!!
    Everything in D.C. is out of control.
    Just remember who taught and paid for the 9/11 Hijackers to crash those planes and kill all of our people…WE, the US Government paid for them to use our money, our education system and our teahers!
    I could go on FOREVER!!!!
    Start voting for the THIRD PARTIES, which the biased-media won’t even include in their election forums.

  32. We cannot afford to lose anymore seats in either the US Senate or US house to the democrats. I don’t like some of the republicans either. But I am a true blue conservative Christian who is not evangelical but Lutheran, and we must get our moral values back on track along with all else in government, including spending, taxation, regulations, and the US Supreme Court! In the beginning of our nation’s history 52 of the 55 founders/framers of our constitution were Orthodox Christian. There is no such statement in the constitution that states “Congress must keep Church and separation of state separate.” You will not find that! We have been dumbed down over the last 50 to 75 years and we must all wake up before it is too late. Here are some of my ideas………..
    1. Congress should privatize social security and allow people to invest their money in Certificates of Deposit or in Mutual funds or gold.
    2. Pay out all the money each person legally contributed to SS over their lifetime and with at least 3 percent interest compounded.
    3. Create a fair tax of perhaps 15 or 17 percent on all items and services, but abolish all hidden taxes on every item or service that congress has taxed over the past 75 years.
    4. Make certain we maintain a strong military as Reagan desired and created.
    5. Abolish lawsuits on religions such as Christian and Jewish.
    6. Abolish the trial lawyers ideologies. Allow for all lawsuits but only allow lawyers to collect a maximum of 2 percent on the gross collected and won in the courts. Let the people keep the 98 percent.
    7. Allow people to purchase health insurance across state lines. Pay for the poor who need medical care but verify that they are American citizens. For all illegal immigrants……you have but one time only for an emergency room visit and at the time of your visit a police officer will verify your lack of or US citizenship and report you to the authorities from which you shall have 90 days to leave the country with your family, if they are illegal also. No ifs, ands or butts about this one!
    8. Abolish the dept of Education! We don’t need fancy buildings we need good teachers who teach the truth and not fabrications or propaganda!
    9. Stop this crazy Al Gore hipocrasy and lies about global warming!
    10. No more big government bailouts with preconditions!
    I could go on and on but this is definitely enough for now! I am so outraged but yet have enough common sense to know we must not allow the republican party faulter. We need to get all the third parties together and write, email, and meet with each and every member of our elected GOP officials and any democrats (if any are still decent) and band together for next falls elections. We must work together or we will fail and we cannot afford to fail! God bless this nation and keep it safe with a peaceful revolution, but if I must lose all or most of my liberties then give me death! Amen.

  33. CMElec says:

    Oh settle down, this won’t hold up to a Supreme Court challenge and the whole thing will dry up and blow away intact. Focus on providing some sensible leadership we can vote for and leave the wacko stuff alone. We need to do some House cleaning (pun intentional) in DC with a broad brush. Make sure you have some people lined up and ready to go, so that when the voters go to the polls they have something more than Pub or Dem swill to ping-pong back and forth on for choices. Chop-Chop.

  34. Dvet6876 says:

    This traitor scum needs to be taken out!!! America, rise up now, before it is too late!!!!

  35. MISHAP says:

    Recycle congress ASAP

  36. Linda C says:

    A few senators, i.e. Lindsey Graham being one, are beginning to fight against the corruption against our constitution. Let’s do this legally - let’s encourage any members of congress, or elsewhere in our government, who can see what is happening, to step up and take these so-called representatives of the people to Court - “We can do it, Yes we can!!” - May God Bless us and help lead us away from this disaster.

  37. Declaration of Independence. That whenever any form of goverment becomes destructive to these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it,

  38. Corags says:

    Welcome to Fascism !

  39. Claudia says:

    This new move by Reid does not surprise me. Our congress is no longer the congress which was created by the Founding Fathers. The whole idea of the U.S. Government taking over healthcare is absurd. The government can’t even balance their own checkbook! How are they going to be able to provide healthcare for everyone?

    People should be entitled to healthcare but not by the control of the U.S. Government. All facets of the healthcare industry (medical administration, doctors, medical insurance companies, suppliers, and others) should meet together to figure out a solution that helps everyone without sacrificing the freedoms we have fought so hard to preserve. Only those individuals have the knowledge and the ability to make the changes needed. The answers are there and these people can find them if they sincerely want to.

    In my opinion, it was only a matter of time before someone introduced such language in a bill. With congress being able to vote themselves raises, give themselves the best of healthcare available in the U.S., and be able to provide financial support for themselves and their families after their service ends, it is no wonder we are in the position we now find ourselves in.

    Abraham Lincoln said that revolution is not a bad thing. Perhaps this issue will be the catalyst that wakes the American people and pushes them to take their country back from those who would deny us our freedoms and destroy our government.

    We still have the best government system in the world but it is no longer being operated in the manner designed by those who are supposed to represent us. As representatives of the people, our congress has the responsibility to represent our desires and our beliefs. This, sadly, they no longer do. Our government is not run by the people but by the special interest groups, the lobbyists, and those companies with the power and the money to buy votes.

  40. Tim says:

    Tomorrow at 6:00AM on the steps of the Capital there will be a protest. For more info. go to TyrannyEve.com!

  41. Michael Nelson says:

    The bailouts, deficit spending, and now bribe-laden health care “reform” have completely undermined the financial underpinnings of the US. We may have no choice other than to engage in the Second American Revolution. The message of finanical responsibility must be sent directly at the ballot box. The confiscation of private wealth at the hand of a ruinously redistributive government must be stopped, even if it means risking prosecution. The fiscal jail we now occupy is more crushing than any physical jail.

  42. tom says:

    we need a “MAJOR” anyone but REID drive.

  43. Hawkin says:

    For those of you that have been watching C-Span today, you probably feel the way I do. I just wanted to puke.
    I do not believe that we can take back our country in a peacable fashion. Tyranny will not give up their control without a fight. I hope the people will not get discouraged and stand up when the time comes. Never give up.
    Merry Christmas to all

  44. BlueRidgeRunner says:

    What to do?

    Unintended Consequences, by John Ross,
    is the blueprint. Do that, one Senator
    at a time. . .

  45. Nancy W. says:

    I too have written and called. IT IS TIME TO DO MUCH MORE TO GET THEIR ATTENTION. I can not afford to take a month off, but I can afford to MARCH ON WASHINGTON. WHY NOT MARCH ON 50 STATE CAPITALS (Simultaneously)BEFORE THEN AS WELL? Say Feb.-March?
    I will help in any way I can. I’m sure we can ALL GET BEHIND SOME OF THESE GREAT IDEAS.

  46. mike harris says:

    I am gratified to see others up in arms about our deceitful, self serving, globalist, socialistic, communistic, need I say more, congress critters. I give not a damn that the US is the only major nation without national health care. Is that supposed to make me feel bad? Not. The US is also the only nation, major or otherwise with a constitution like ours. The Russian constitution says the people are entitled to health care? It also says it is the duty of the citizen to work. The US constitution says that citizen is free; or was until the Harry Reids came along. I have been studying this for more years than many of you have lived. At this point what ever we do will not be easy. These people have not spent the last century setting up world government to give up easily, but patriots cannot stand idly by. Give us liberty or give us death. Don’t think for one minute they are not prepared to give you death. As Gary Allen well said; “They have blood on their hands”. A little more is of no consequence to them. It is noteworthy that up to this point the blood has not been from them. We may well have gone beyond a simplistic voting them out of office; which, by the way, we need to do. Just be prepared for the consequences.

  47. Nancy W. says:

    I too have sent letters and made calls. I agree it’s time to do MUCH MORE TO GET THEIR ATTENTION. Lots of good ideas…I’m sure we can ALL get behind some of them.
    I could not afford to skip work for a month, but I could afford to march on Washington. WHY NOT MARCH ON ALL 50 STATES’ CAPITOLS BEFORE THEN AS WELL? Say Feb.-March?
    I too believe we need a Tea Party President…but need to be careful on going about it. Isn’t there a representative in Florida already? (????)

  48. Brian Byrnes says:

    I think it is clear at what must be done, removal from office and or impeachment. I also believe that every single one of “OUR” representatives that took “Bribes” should be held accountable for their actions!

    This is clear common sense their is no gray area.

    God bless

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