HUGE: Announcing the Nationwide RECESS RALLY


For several weeks now, we’ve been force fed false statements and downright lies about the healthcare legislation Congress is attempting to put in to law. We’ve all read the headlines, digested the stories and seen the mainstream media sanctioned infomercials. We know exactly what they’re trying to do, but liberal Democrats and their followers continue to push the legislation through.

When we combined efforts for the April 15th Tax Day Tea Party, we had more than 20 free-market minded organizations, over 850 organizers, and tens of thousands of American patriots working together to make a unified statement.

Last week, Erick Erickson at RedState.com and I discussed the need for another large scale, widely promoted and unified stance against this dangerous healthcare legislation. After talking with Erickson, the folks at Smart Girl Politics and several other free-market groups, we decided that Saturday, August 22nd (during the Congressional August Recess) would be the perfect day for this nationwide event.

Michelle Malkin, one of our biggest allies for the April 15th, Tax Day Tea Party effort, has joined the coalition along with Smart Girl Politics, American Liberty Alliance, American Majority, the Sam Adams Alliance, Americans for Limited Government, Freedom Works, and RedState.com. The coalition is expected to grow in the coming weeks.

Michelle Malkin said“Now is the time for all good tea party activists to get out on the streets and tell Washington to keep its grubby hands off health care. The socialized medicine brigade is on the run. They’re hoping that the August recess will take the steam out of the counterinsurgency, but they are wrong. We will not let up. We are going to get out to a Recess Rally near us on August 22nd. It’s crunch time.”

It’s crunch time indeed.

On August 22nd, at noon local time, every freedom loving American in this great country needs to be at the office of their elected Representative. We’ll be hand delivering a petition and coalition letter, along with a strong and unified message carried by hundreds of thousands of Americans.

The Recess Rally is planned for each and every House of Representative’s district office in the country. These Government thugs think they can slip socialism into America without is knowing about it. We think it’s time to prove them wrong.

Official Recess Rally Website:

Tax Day Tea Party Facebook Page:

American Liberty Alliance Twitter Feed:

For Liberty,

-Eric Odom

21 Responses to “HUGE: Announcing the Nationwide RECESS RALLY”

  1. Ed says:

    Maybe it IS about Racism! Your leader melted down on CNN Tuesday and called President Obama a “Indonesian Muslin Welfare Thug” who doesn’t represent real (white?) America.

  2. pat says:

    Stop confusing socialism with democracy. Democracy is a type of government. Socialism is a type of economic system. It is possible to have a socialistic democracy and it is possible to have a capitalistic dictatorship.

  3. Karrie says:

    My husband has been injured from work for a few years now. He battled workman’s come and had surgery on his hand that was injured on a job. After his surgery he getting worse with his cough spells. He can’t work for more then 20 mins or an hour. If he does he is sick for the rest of the day. He is does not have any coverage of health care. He goes to er and they want him to pay 1,000 dollars we don’t have. Are you telling me my husband is not qualify to get help ? Are you so shelfish with your money? The reason why we are in debt in this nation is because republicans president Bush had spent our tax dollars on a stupid war.
    If you have a Job , health insurance, a nice home and a car and luxuries. You are to be ashamed of yourself. Also I didn’t like the guy at the ralley today that said that America is only a white nation. Get a life we need a change and stop having hate in the land.

  4. Don Parks says:

    The Obama speech to school kids on September 8, 2009 was
    to further Obamas’ two goals:

    1. A new pledge of allegiance:

    I pledge allegiance to Obama,
    Ruler of the United States of America,
    and to his associates for whom he stands.
    One nation, under Obama,
    With liberty and justice for Democrats.

    2. A new “high 5” greeting; with right hand raised chant:

    Obama Rules!

    To help your kids keep these goals ever before them
    have them print them on banners, e-mails, and
    post cards (about 20 cents in large quantities).

    Forward this e-mail to everyone on your e-mail list.

  5. wanda cade says:

    I would like to know if there are any rallys planed for the reno Nv. area on 9/12/09
    We would like to go if there is one

  6. Russell says:

    To whom it may concern:

    Mr. Hussin, and his brown shirts must be
    impeached, and pushed back where they came from, the gutter.

  7. Are there any Tea Parties going on in California? I have requested Town Hall meetings to my Senators and Representatives, but have received no response.

  8. Are there any tea parties happening in California? I have requested town meetings to my Senators and Representive, but to no avail.

  9. Aaron says:

    In response to Gary:

    First, the republicans, namely George Bush, forced the bailout of the banks on this country — not the current administration. Get it straight.

    Second, the VA hospital system is actually one of the most impressive in the world. The computerized medical records are bar-none, and the quality of care is first rate. It knocks the pants off most community hospitals that change an arm and a leg for mediocre care.

    Before you rant and rave get informed. The misinformation comes from the right and the left. If you want the truth you have to seek it out yourself.

    Stop jumping on the bandwagon. Read about it from a variety of sources on both sides. Think about it. Then speak for yourself.

  10. Spencer says:

    Anybody driving from the rutland, VT area to a recess rally (burlington)? goto my business web page and send me a note: http://www.the-team.biz/MV1133118 I may bring my kids but I’ll have space for one more, or if I find a sitter, I can take 3!

  11. Spencer says:

    Anybody driving from the rutland, VT area to a recess rally? goto my business web page and send me a note. http://www.the-team.biz/MV1133118 I may bring my kids but I’ll have space for one more, or if I find a sitter, I can take 3!

  12. Gary says:

    The Issue is Democracy

    Do not let the Democrats and the President smoke screen, manipulate, and deceive the issues to continue to force their agenda’s down the throats of the American people.
    This is not just about HEALHCARE – IT IS ABOUT DEMOCRACY!
    Yes, we need healthcare reform but without the government involved – Why? Let us look at the Democrats record till now.
    1.The majority of Americans were against the Bailouts – they forced it down our throats.
    2.Majority of Americans were against the stimulus package with pork – they forced it down out throats.
    3.Majority of Americans were against the takeover of General Motors – they forced it down our throats.
    4.Majority of Americans are against terrorists coming into the United States – they are forcing it down our throats.
    5.Majority of Americans are against the Government Healthcare plan – they are trying to force it down our throats.
    6.Obama has manipulated, deceived, and flipped –flopped on several issues – yet he believes that just because he says something that we the American public must be naïve enough to buy his words. He is a president of division – he turns Americans against Americans to push his socialist agenda. You want to look at a true government run healthcare system setting Medicare and Medicaid aside – LOOK AT THE VETERANS HOSPITALS AND ALL THE PROBLEMS OUR VETS HAVE EXPERIENCED. Yes, the medical system works in Colorado, but without the Federal government involved. That is why it works. WE MUST KEEP THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT OUT OF HEALTHCARE. THEY HAVE RULE OVER OUR FINANCIAL INSTITUTIONS, AIG, GENERAL MOTORS, AND NOW MAKING PRIVATE BEHIND OUR BACKS AGREEMENT WITH AMERICAN MEDICAL ASSOCIATION AND PHARMCY ORGANIZATIONS. WHO WILL LOSE THE AMERICAN PEOPLE?
    Why are so many people angry – we see the Democracy that our nation was birthed into under attack by a socialist movement thru the Democratic Party? America is a Democracy and will remain a Democracy. America has fought hard thru many battles to maintain our Democracy and may have to do it again. There are three ways to fight battles if we are to preserve Democracy for our sons and daughters:
    1.Politically – start a national campaign now on the grounds “Democratic Party – taking freedom, rights, Democracy” Start national street walks with these signs/hang banners. Start teaching our youth this lesson.
    2.Financially - Everything the government is taking over stop doing business with them. We are asking physicians to withdraw memberships to the AMA. We are asking AARP members to drop all memberships, drop insurance policies. Hollywood must by hurt
    financially, who are the greatest supporters of the Democrats. We are starting to have home gatherings to prevent the money they make thru movie theatres. On Fridays, we will have a movie night and invite the neighbors and friends over. They all bring snacks and we watch movies (rented are already bought, minimal money to Hollywood) and visit. We no longer go to movie theatres.
    3. Let us pray we do not need to go to the third type of battle
    Remember this, the only states that are seeing any economic gains so far are the states that voted for the Democrats in the last election. This shows the manipulation and prejudice of this administration. We must be united and steadfast like an enemy without mercy if we are to win, especially if we want to stay away from violence.

    Do we want to be a Democracy or Government Controlled.

  13. pegpond says:

    Hey I went to read the story but it was on Huffington Post and I will not read any of the stuff from them, however, they had a big banner ad from Omaha Steaks, and of course I ordered Steaks from them yesterday. GRRR. So I sent them an EMAIL asking if they intended to keep advertising on the HP as I would no longer be able to order from them if they were. Anyways the Huffington Post has a letter writing campaighn to Becks Advertisers so here is the Info. I am requesting info from the Companies as I cannot buy from any co. that would support the Views of the HP and its ilk.
    Here is some of what they had to say: GEICO told us that they will no longer run ads during Beck’s show. And they are working on advertisers : Lawyers.com, Progressive Insurance, Procter & Gamble, and SC Johnson.
    Here is the link for the Story: http://www.facebook.com/ext/share.php?sid=116816046169&h=BvRiE&u=ipJYW



  14. Ken says:

    The tea aparty rallies we had here in April/july were alot of fun, i really enjoyed being apart of the event.The Washingtron rally is long over due so let’s pass the word and bring as many as possible family and friends.
    Let’s try and car pool, car, truck or busses what ever it takes to get there. Remember this is our nation, not the crooked liars of corruption we find our selves with in office around the nation.

  15. Ken says:

    The tea aprty rallies we had here in April/july were alot of fun, i really enjoyed being apart of the event.The Washingtron rally is long over due so let’s pass the word and bring as many as possible family and friends.
    Let’s try and car pool, car, truck or busses what ever it takes to get there. Remember this is our nation, not the crooked liars of corruption we find our selves with in office around the nation.

  16. Ken says:

    I’m looking for those who are going to washington d.c. on 9-12-09,I have made plans to go so I’m looking for others so that we may plan to ride together or rent hotels rooms together and so on. If any one would like to just talk about the plans lets get together soon.
    The bus tyickets from columia sc. tro d.c. are only $88.oo round trip, but I think the trip would be more fun trvaling with other patriots.
    PS: please let me know.
    American Patriot

  17. Barry Greenberg says:

    I can’t believe you people are against health care for all Americans. All this rubbish about the government sanding between you and your doctor. That is what is going on now with insuarance companies. How many people do you know that have health insurance and get sick and are refused treatment because their health insurance company turns the claim down. As far as Socialism, what about the VA. The VA owns the hospitals and pays the doctor, that is Socialism. Remember Walter Reed Hospital when that maniac Geore Bush privatized it. The care went drastically down as did the building themselves. I think it is wholly UNpatriotic fro people to not want all Americans to have health care. If the health care passes and you don’t want a health plan don’t sign up for it.Are you taht selfish that you don’t want our country to thrive. A univeral healthcare plan would eliminate Worker’s Comp insurance which would make our companies more profitable and competetive. But I guess you would rather listen to Limbaugh, Hannity and the rest of the right wing crack pots than do something for you fellow Americans. Shame on you!!!

  18. Chuck Fowler says:

    I attended a July 4th TEA Party in Nothern Virginia which had about 1,500 attendees, but I haven’t seen any coverage about how we did nationwide on the 4th. If there were thousands of protestors at hundreds of venues on Tax Day, April 15th, did we do better or worse on the 4th? Anybody know where I can get some stats?

  19. TellEVERYONE says:

    I know many of you have seen/heard the MSM news media and especially the White House insinuate that We Tea Party people are “manufactured” “astroturf” “hired MOB”, and so forth.
    But, we are REAL people. And, actually the White House has put out a call for people that want to help Obama FORCE thru his nasty Health Care Reform Bill thru, to counter-PROTEST US, at every possible place and way. On our websites and in person, any way they can harass us, the WH want’s them to do this.
    Well, I found an Ad. Yup, a REAL Ad for a JOB to Protest FOR the PRO-Health Care Reform bill!
    Here is the Ad:

    JOBS: 503-224-1004
    Earn $11 per hour!
    Full Benefits!
    Rapid Advancement!

    In the flashing fancy Ad, it was women and a few men holding professionally made signs that want OBAMA’s Health Care Reform NOW…All paid Protesters!
    So, they are busy HIRING people, fake people, not REAL people like WE ARE.

    And I also found where they are HIRING teenagers for the SAME thing!
    Yes, and here’s the link to the story:

    It’s about SouthWest Organizing Projects (SWOP)
    They are run by the Parent group, CIVIL OPPORTUNITIES INITIATIVE NETWORK (COIN).
    These people take teenagers under the age of 18, to New York City to have a long and extensive training Program in Saul Alinsky’s ‘Rules for Radicals’ agenda. Then when the teen’s are good and brainwashed and trained, they come back to their hometowns to go door to door for OBAMA, telling people how GREAT Obama and all his Policies and how MAGNIFICENT his Health Care Reform Bill would be for the people of the U.S.!!!

    PLEASE, tell people to call that JOBS phone number for Counter Protesters against our good people that truely are going to meetings because they CARE about the Health of our people!
    Thank You !

  20. David Jasinsky says:

    The tea party in Columbus, OH this past weekend was awesome. I have, and will continue, to raise awareness of our projects. Now I can run for president. I am a community organizer!!!

  21. Susan Johnson says:

    what about the taxpayers March on Washington, Sept 12th? are you a part of that? It is most important that we have as many as possible show their opposition to what is happening to our Country and Freedom. Please find info at 912dc.org
    Susan Johnson
    Londonderry NH

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