The worst bailout in the world


When is a bailout not a bailout?

When the company being bailed out: a) is politically well-connected; b) owns major media properties, including two national television networks; and c) has friendly ties to the current administration. In other words, when you’re GE.

Read on and learn about a great new website, Worst Bailout in the World.


One Response to “The worst bailout in the world”

  1. Rita Taylor says:

    President Obama will go down in history as America’s first Black President….but he will not go down as the first Great Black President….it’s easy to try and find solutions by spending money, especially someone else’s money…he will go down in history as an out of control spender.

    It takes Greatness to think of ideas but most important to think of solutions to problems….that will help not just the poor,rich,middle, big business or any business, but solutions that will help most American’s. It will not be 100% just not possible.

    President Ronald Regan was our last great President…hope there’s more.


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