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I do not believe that spending what we do not have will pull us out of a black-hole economy.

People are coming together to fix those things that they see as not working for them. Everyday people are learning how to get their voices heard.

The complaint is chronic fiscal irresponsibility, now become acute fiscal extremism.

My party has let the country down with its massive overspending, corrupt career politicians, and willingness to play business as usual when it’s not called for.

Some observers have compared the Tea Party Protests to the Tax Revolt that began in California in the 1970s and spread nationwide, eventually providing important support for President Ronald Reagan’s landmark 1981 tax rate cut. But there really is nothing in modern American political history to match the spontaneous explosion of grassroots political activism in recent months among what once was known as the Silent Majority.

Leadership in America will have an opportunity to recognize America’s demands through our non-violent demonstration of grievances on April 15th.

We citizens will be standing outside, protesting government overreach and proclaiming our rights.

Make your voice heard. Take part in an event you can tell your children about. We may not be Samuel Adams or Thomas Paine, but we can do our part to take back our country and to remind other that elections (of socialists) have consequences.

The current day tea parties, over 2000 scheduled to have occurred by the end of this week, also signal a rebellion — a rebellion against government spending and a change in the philosophy of this country.

These taxpayer tea parties are the biggest opportunity we have to show the grassroots fire against the spending, debt, tax increases and freedom-killing big government.

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  1. Darren says:

    I will be attending the Austin Tea Party today with my 10 and 13 year old boys. We have talked through these issues for years, and they have intelligent and well formed opinions on these issues. My children are ready to be interviewed by the predominantly liberal media who are most surely to attend and attempt to misdirect this event. Are you? So when you attend, please be ready to talk about the issues in an intelligent and informed matter. Always remember that the media may talk to you for five minutes, then take and use just a few sound bites. I have included a few of my notes for the event - I hope they help. We are making history with this event. Thank you for attending!

    Why are we here?

    The Tea Party rallies take their names from the Boston Tea Party, the 1773 event in which colonists dumped tea into the Boston Harbor to protest taxes imposed by the British monarchy.
    1. We are demonstrating a form of civic activism as Patriotic Americans and Texans concerned about our nation’s and children’s future.
    2. We are starting a grass-roots anti-tax and anti-spending movement against the current and projected ballooning of the budget deficit.
    3. We are specifically protesting the federal government’s $787 billion-dollar economic stimulus bills, spending packages, and bailouts for the banking and auto industries. We are trying to stop President Obama’s government spending policies that in a few short months have racked up trillions of dollars in debt that will be inherited by our children. We are trying to stop the spending of money our country cannot afford and rely on our own personal and business ethics and hard work to pull us out of this recession.
    4. We are not just talking about it at home, in public, and in our boardrooms - we are taking action.

    What we need to stop
    1. We want to stop President Obama from spending trillions of dollars of our children’s money over the next four years and then leaving our children to spend the next forty years trying to find where the money actually went other than toward supporting failed business models/companies and Obama’s private socialistic agendas.
    2. Our new leaders continue to propagate the last generation of Entitlement and take it to new levels of Socialism. We must stop the slide of our country from capitalism into socialism in the name of punishing greedy capitalism and rewarding an entitlement mentality.

    What do we want?
    1. To pressure Congress and states to reject government spending as a way out of the recession, and to focus their efforts on helping the small and large businesses that can succeed in a competitive environment.
    2. To build an anti-spending coalition around regular taxpayers.
    3. Washington politicians to repeal the ridiculous spending and the out-of -control financial waste.
    4. President Obama to stop using the financial crisis and subsequent bail out plans to reshape the country into a socialistic society that our children will not be able to recognize as a Capitalistic Democracy.
    5. The last generation was the WE generation. We want to make this next one the “U.S. Generation”!

    What we believe
    1. I’ve worked hard all my life and no one has given me a handout. And I don’t want one! I want to work my way out of this recession, not spend our way out of it!
    2. President Obama’s $75 billion bailout of mortgage defaulters “rewarded bad behavior.” Sure GW spent a lot, but Obama proposes a $3.6 trillion budget, a package the Congressional Budget Office says will produce record-breaking deficits of $9.3 trillion over 10 years.
    3. We are not your hippie protesters. For many this is our first attendance at an organized protest. We are predominantly intelligent business people who have worked hard all our lives to give our families an equal or better way of life and we don’t want our money taken away and given to people who aren’t working hard or believe they are entitled to our money! Clearly, we do not believe in redistributing the wealth from the hard workers to the hardly working.
    4. We are patriots that love the United States of America - trying to save our country. America has lost its way. We have become a nation of whiners, asking for entitlements and hand-outs vs. contributing to our country. We need to change that.

    JFK, a Democrat, said “And so, my fellow Americans: ask not what your country can do for you—ask what you can do for your country. My fellow citizens of the world: ask not what America will do for you, but what together we can do for the freedom of man.”

    Winston Churchill said that Socialism is a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy, its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery.

    We need to espouse these values:
    • Nation before individual!
    • Pride in being an American!
    • A sense of hard work vs. entitlement
    • Personal Responsibility!
    • Reward success and penalize incompetence – no bail-outs! No free rides!
    • Reinforce/Fund Success not Failure!
    • Hope is not a plan - Take Action!
    • Belief in God!

    Learn these words well and repeat after me:
    • I will Work For vs. I am Entitled To
    • I will Earn vs. I will Receive
    • I will Own vs. I will Owe
    • I will Act vs. I will Hope
    • I am responsible vs. They are responsible
    • I owe the Government vs. the Government owes me

    Signs – searching for a sign to carry? Here are some ideas:
    Child: “President Obama - please don’t spend my/our future!”
    Child: “President Obama, get your hands out my piggy bank!”
    Adult: “Choose wisely - Capitalism or Socialism”
    Adult: “Spread my work ethic, not my wealth.”
    (I took some of these from other postings…)

    Cya at the party!

  2. Paula Renton says:

    There are several reasons I will be there. First, spending has been out of control for a long time. New American Tea Party has just now given us a voice. Second, we are in a economic crisis and the government is not acting as though they understand that. They are continuing to spend as though nothing is wrong. It seems as though they should be cutting spending at this point. This is not the time for new spending and programs. Finally, my children are watching me. They do see wht is going on and they are asking my what I am going to do about it. Well, I’m going to speak out, with my family and and let the government know that I am tired of their blatant disregard for the will of the people.

  3. It’s not out-of-the-question that the 2009 Tea Party participants could someday be regarded by history as patriots who made a difference- same as 1773. This sort of public outrage might be just what’s needed to break through the media’s manufactured reality.

    And you can believe that Obama and the left are plenty scared of the TEA party movement- how else to explain the dubious timing of his “everything is under control” speech on the economy, and (on the same day before the protests) the DHS report warning of “right-wing” radicals and their propensity to violence?

    Barack Obama is rapidly liquidating everything that made this country great… and needs to be put back-on-his-heels with a major embarrassment that puts an end to the myth that everybody just loves Barack and his wacked-out agenda… because millions of us DON’T.

  4. It’s not just about the USA? In my opinion : your protests are an inspiration to people all over the world. Thank you! Freedom : it’s the doing that does it?

    I hope that my little suggestion will be helpful. I did not blog for six months while I read thousands of pages about the credit crisis. Start with the facts and the most brilliant minds. Finally, I put it all together into a blog post. The blog post at Namke Productivity is called - ‘Business : the only way to end the Credit Crisis’. The theme is simple - screw the banks, it’s not their money.

    I hope that my little blog post will show that it is possible to end the credit crisis without increasing the debt of citizens - in the USA and any other country where the financial scam artists did their scams.

    To me, your efforts and your protests are a shining light in these dark days. I hope that my little contribution may inspire - or at least be good for a hard-earned laugh!

  5. Jessica says:

    This is not a protest along party lines. This is a call to get back to the foundations of our country, The UNITED States of America. Somehow in the midst of showing the world our prowess and ability to be a blended society, we have become nothing but a holding pen of ideals and no direction. And thus, we are being left behind internationally and have no sense of purpose, pride or PATRIOTISM.
    The United States has no “united” purpose. Our “elected” leaders are a result of a popularity vote. Republican, Democrat, Independent– few out there can honestly say they actually know their representative. And our representatives cannot say they know their constituents. When you spend 9 mos out of the year AWAY from your responsible area, 1 month on vacation on some tropical island and the rest with your family, when exactly do you hear our voices, our concerns, our needs and wants as the backbones and foundation of this country? How are YOU representing ME? But they make decisions on my behalf, that I am responsible for and must live by.
    In fact, most representatives are more itnterested and bogged down by their own endless chatter. They purposely stall,prolonging or even extending issues that are on the table, based on their own clickish mentality. Politics– a portayal of selfishness.
    I was raised to be proud of this country. I am in my thirties, so it was not that long ago we taught patriotic responsibility, faith, values and civic responsibility to our children. We recited and studied the Pledge of Allegiance with the American flag hanging proudly in each room; we took time out to honor our fallen heroes, bring them into our classes to speak of their sacrifice; we communicated on what it meant to be an American- for those who were born here and those who migrated. We were one people. We have now become a society of conformists, “every body wins”, a precious pat on the head, “good job” and no ones can account for the end result. We lay down our principals and our foundations as if we are ashamed, to make room for a cause that has migrated here from another land.
    No more, I’m tired of it. I want MY country back. I want to KNOW my government, have it represent ME. Stop giving billions of dollars to other countries, when yours is sinking. I want to be the priority to my government.
    If our “representatives” don’t see this movement tomorrow as the beginning of a revolution, they are truly lost.
    This is a “call to arms” (so to speak) America. Its time to remind our government WE ARE STILL HERE and will exercise our power as well. If they cannot, or will not hear our voices tomorrow, it may be time for them to stand alone and we can once again, as 250 years ago, form “One Nation, under God, indivisible… for ALL”.

  6. Loretta says:

    It seems to me there is an outcry from the American people but no one in congress is listening.

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