Thursday morning news round-up


Good morning! The reports compiled below were submitted here as comments on state pages or sent to us via e-mail. This post will be updated throughout the day.

Here’s the report we started compiling yesterday: You did it!!

For other round-ups, check Michelle Malkin and Instapundit throughout the day, and here’s a collection of videos.

1:30 p.m update:

I’m closing this thread (although it is open to your comments). I have about 30 reports on hand just from the last hour that aren’t reflected in this post and yet tere is such as thing as too long of a post!. I’m taking a break and will come back in the mid-afternoon to start a new thread with more local stories and photos, so please keep your cards and letters coming.

11:30 a.m. note:

From now on, I’m adding new reports here at the top so you don’t have to keep scrolling to the end to see added content.–Roxanne. E-mail me your pics!

Rancho Cucamonga, California: “Lots of fun! We probably had at least 1000 at the Rancho Cucamonga, CA party. Everyone driving by was honking and waving. It was a great day, cold and windy, but fun!”

Phoenix, Arizona photo:


Delaware: “The Delaware Tea Parties were a great success! We had 300+ in Georgetown, 150+ in Laurel, 300+ in Middletown, 400+ in Dover and between 750-1000 in Wilmington. The weather was horrible with torrential rain all day. It didn’t dampen the spirits of the participants though. A great time was had by all.”

Bozeman, Montana: “Snowed all day in Bozeman. Some 200-500 attended, many new friends, emphasis on keeping the movement going and growing. Many gathered on Gallatin Courthouse steps, others across Main St., some lined the snowbank in middle of street. Many drivers honked and waved support, especially truckers with the big rigs. Looking forward to next time - soon.” (Thanks, Dick from Bozeman)

Bozeman photo:


Fort Myers, Florida: “Wow, what a turnout! It was amazing…..I would est about 3000-3500. It was GREAT!”



Eureka, California: “In front of our county courthouse, we had an exciting turnout of over 500 people, waving signs and flags at the passing traffic on highway 101. Ordinary citizens, expressing their disgust with the corruption and mismanagement of the public treasury.”


Monterey, California: “We went to the Monterey, CA Tea Party and were astonished and delighted to find about 500 people had turned out! I talked to about eight or ten, all of whom insisted they were unafiliated Independents as I am. While taxes were the focus of getting together, the underlying theme was that both politicial parties have been hijacked by special interests and have forgotten who sent them there.”

Madison, Wisconsin. 17-year-old Melika Willoughby speaks truth to power.

Coeur d’Alene, Idaho: “We attended the Coeur d’Alene ID TEA party yesterday afternoon. The unofficial count was over 1000 people in attendance. It was great to see all of those citizens gather to make use of their freedom of speech and let their voices be heard. It was a peaceful protest where everyone was polite and incredibly patriotic. I pray that this will continue to grow.”

Photo from Coeur d’Alene:


Memphis, Tennessee: Here in Memphis, TN, ‘WE’ were expecting 500-1000 people. Instead, 4500-5000 came. And thousands more drove by honking and revving their engines. The Tea Party conspirators spontaneously gathered along the sidewalk holding their hand-made signs, whistling, shouting and ‘dumping their tea’ (frustrations)! WE are very happy and excited about the prospects for the future and encourage our fellow Tea-conspirators to STAY THE COURSE, IGNORE THE MEDIA, REMAIN UNITED, AND CHANGE AMERICA!

Memphis photo: (More here.)


Redding, California: “I attended the Redding, CA tea party at the Sundial Bridge. It was a spectacular event. It’s extimated between 1500 - 2000 people were in attendance. It’s possibly the largest event of this sort this community has ever seen.”

Photo from Redding (More here.)


Pagosa Springs, Colorado: “For two hours April 15th citizens showed up for the Pagosa Springs tea party. It was organized late, and spread mostly word-of-mouth…Alabama on vacation stopped in to show support . I would say probably 200 showed.”

Lincoln, Nebraska had a warm and friendly group of about 2000 Right Wing Extremists at our Tea Party. Teeshirts & sandals mixed with three piece suits and all shared the same outrage at the ruling elite. The idea of non-responsive government drew larger larger appause than excessive taxes. Yes, this was a tax revolt but I felt more of a revolt against a government that has forgotten who is boss.

Green Valley, Arizona: Senior Citizen Community 20 miles south of Tucson. Produced a rough head-count of 250-300 at the intersection of Esperanza and La Canada on tax day….. great success! With comers/goers the count may have reached 400-500.

Little Rock, Arkansas: (More here.)


Mountain Home, Arkansas: “1,500 In Mountain Home Arkansas!!!!!! Im the 18 year old organizer it was amazing! In a town of 11,000 WHO WOULD HAVE THOUGHT?”

Piscataway, New Jersey:: I was at the Piscataway tea party. It was very inspiring. I almost cried in the beginning when the National Anthem was sung. Just before the girl started, every single hat/hood came off and every heart had a hand on it.

Albuquerque, New Mexico: “According to the news tonight, they estimate that we had close to 10,000 people at Albuquerque’s Tea Party. We didn’t have any speakers or special music. We just had Patriots and signs and we stood along Montgomery Blvd. which is the busiest street in town. Our group stretched from Carlisle to Juan Tabo, which according to Map Quest is exactly 5 miles. We lined BOTH sides of the street. That’s 10 miles of people!”

Sacramento, California (More here.)


Lahaina, Hawaii: “I was so surprised by the big turn out here in Lahaina. On an island of maui we still have hippie colonies, but to see that this many people just won’t take it anymore makes me happy. I hope this wakes up the people our state and motivates us to get rid of the congressmen and women that vote for these bail out plans.” (Hawaii)

St. Clair Shores, Michigan: “Inspired because we couldn’t join the party in Lansing. We thought we have a local Tea Party in our little city. We were hoping for at least 50 to come and at the height of the event I counted at least 368. It was an amazing day.”

Salem, Oregon (More here.)

Austin, Texas: “The 4PM organizer in Austin said we had 5000+. Enough people for the cops to shut down the streets so we could march.”

Vidalia, Georgia:


Manchester, New Hampshire: “Manchester, NH tea party had 1000+ people. Great crowd and great speakers talking about changes needed in Federal and Local Government-let’s keep this movement going!”

Morristown, New Jersey: “We went to the MORRISTOWN NJ TEA PARTY. They expected a few hundred, got 2000!!!! IT WAS THE LARGEST IN THE ENTIRE STATE!!! Despite the rain (and hail at times) people kept coming and coming. It was absolutely AMAZING! Great job EVERYONE!!! Let’s KEEP IT UP!”

Photo from Morristown (Thanks, reader Sean!)


Lake Jackson, Texas:


Charleston, South Carolina: “Everyone had a fantastic time in Charleston, SC. The weather was awesome and the crowd was phenomenal. When we started planning three weeks ago we had a few hundred people committed to coming. At the
event, some of the folks estimated it was close to 6,000, I say about 5,000 at it’s peak. Traffic had to be redirected because the street was filled with people.”

Annapolis, Maryland: “In Annapolis: No Buses = No Problem = We walked.”

Flemington, New Jersey: “200 in Flemington NJ, on the steps of the old courthouse where Charles Linberg’s baby kidnapping trial was held so long ago. We slowed traffic on main street; gaukers and honking horns…very cool! Trenton NJ held a much larger event not 15 miles away so 200 in Flemington on a cold rainy day where we had to attend on our lunch hour, not bad!”

Baton Rouge, Louisiana:


Franklin, North Carolina: “I thought the teaparty went well in Franklin. It was well organizied. For a small town in Appalacian Mt. We had a great crowd.”

Fort Worth, Texas: “Had 5000 and Texas Governor Rick Perry! We filled a minor league baseball stadium!”

Gulfport, Mississippi: “Gulfport had a great crowd tonight last count that I heard of was about 516″.

Oswego, Illinois: (More photos here.)


“Attended the Oswego, IL Tea Party… was not expecting a large turnout since it was at 5:30pm and there was not alot of information out there on what would be happening. Instead, what I found was hundreds of cars, parking at a minimum, and easily hundreds of people in this small western burb of Illinois.”

Shreveport, Louisiana: “We had way beyond our expectation!! Last count was around 5000 people! It took my breath away to see how many showed up to show how fed up and outraged they are with the Gov’t!”

Citrus Heights, California attracted a security detail:


Washington, DC: “We were there with our 6 kids - it was wet and miserable, but so uplifting. People were very kind and smiles were on soggy wet faces. I want to say a special thank you to the nameless man who emerged from the crowd, handed me a rain poncho and faded away! What a great, loving country we live in.”

Endicott, New York: “I attended the Tea Tax party in Endicott, NY, and was overwhelmed by the amount of people that attended–at least 200! All with the same message - stop taxing us to death, keep our freeedoms, and reduce government spending.”

Hyannis, Massachusetts: (More here.)


Worcester, Massachusetts
: “The Worcester Tea Party in Worcester, MA Had well over 2000 people. Amazing energy, Amazing turnout!”

Hollidaysburg, Pennsylvania: “500 in Hollidaysburg PA. in the pouring rain.”

Salem, Oregon (More here.)


“Salem Oregon, had appx. 3500.”

Grand Rapids, Michigan: “Grand Rapids MI, official number was 3,600.”

Sacramento, California (More here.)


Greensburg, Pennsylvania: “We all took off work and attended the Tea Party in Greensburg, PA. Over 1500 people showed up *in the rain* and we had a blast standing shoulder to shoulder with other Americans! One of the highlights was how many cars and trucks were honking their horns in support as they drove by. No troublemakers at all, just great Americans. Wow.”

Adrian, Michigan: “We were hoping for 100 people in Adrian, MI. 267 people show up without putting an notice in the paper or on the radio. Just tea party websites and word of mouth. The Patriots cheered, yelled and got involved. It was an awesome crowd.”

Dallas, Texas. (More here.)

Ann Arbor, Michigan: “Ann Arbor news reports 450 in Washtenaw County, including 200 in Ann Arbor. Having been at the Ann Arbor event, I would say that number is about right.”

Georgetown, Texas: “Georgetown, Texas not sure of exact head count, but I fly an airplane that carries 200 people and I’m guessing there was at least 4 airplane loads of people.”

Stuart, Florida: “The Tea Party at Stuart, Florida was a blast. My best guess is well over 1,000. Started in front of the downtown Post Office and the crowd eventually stretched out along US1 for about 3 blocks. Lots of rubbernecking cars honking their horns and giving thumbs up.”

York, South Carolina: “Let’s be sure to count all smaller cities in this as well. Also the even smaller parties that stood in protest along side streets and highways all across the nation. I wished I could find out a good estimate of all participants in this amazing historical event. To help in this count York, SC, the very accurate estimate was 300 + . This party has just begun.”

Madison, Wisconsin. (More here.)

Fort Benton, Montana: “We had over 110 people who braved the elements and met on the old bridge in Fort Benton.”

LaCrosse, Wisconsin: “LaCrosse had 500 to 600 patriots at the rally. Amazing turnout, beautiful day. Thank you to all who showed up. Lets keep the momentum rolling and take our country back.”

Indianapolis, Indiana: “We attended the Tea Party in Indianapolis, Indiana and was thrilled to see so many people that felt the same way we did. It was a great day for Indiana.”

Winamac, Indiana: “We had 110 in Winamac, IN - a town of about 2,000. Half were local, half drove as the next nearest event was more than an hour away. We had folks who drove from as far as Plymouth and Kokomo - 45min - 1hr drive. I think that is testament to the shared feeling of disgust with Washington, D.C. 100 was the number I had in my head going into this thing.”

Manchester, New Hampshire: “Manchester, NH tea party had 1000+ people. Great crowd and great speakers talking about changes needed in Federal and Local Government-let’s keep this movement going!”

Photo from Manchester:


Indianapolis, Indiana (More photos here.)
“Happy to REPORT 10,000 at Indianapolis, Indiana.”

New Bern, North Carolina: “In New Bern, we had somewhere between 1200-1500 people.”

The Alamo, Texas (More photos here.)

“I was at The Alamo, home of Texas Liberty,,,,with 20,000 of our friends and neighbors.”

i live in very liberal town in southern Colorado and i was only expecting to see 40 or so people at the tea party but no there were hundreds of people there it really shocked me

Plymouth, Michigan: “Thank you, thank you to all the organizers and all the attendees at the Plymouth tea party. I was amazed at the turnout, proud of all the friendly people. I literally had tears in my eyes.”

Green Bay, Wisconsin. (More photos here.


Dubuque, Iowa: “About 175 turned out for 12:00 noon Dubuque party - wished we could have gone to the 3:30, had a wonderful time talking with folks who have had enough of taxation, like us!”

Charlotte, South Carolina: “The Charlotte Tea Party was smaller than some but had great energy…around 2500 people attending… people driving by the rally were constantly honking horns in show of support.”

Madison, Wisconsin: (More photos here.


Richmond, Virginia: “I just wanted to say that I attended the Richmond tea party and it was a HUGE success!!! Many thanks to all who organized this event! GREAT JOB!!! This was my first political protest ever and it was totally exhilarating! I am psyched and ready to take on Washington!!!”

Olympia, Washington (More here.)


“I am STILL hyped from the Olympia rally! Estimated count was OVER 5,000! Add that to the rest of Washington State and the numbers say to our government here - Wise Up or Pack Up!”

Greenville, South Carolina: “I was at the Greenville Tea Party at Chiefs. It was a rousing success! At least 1,500, maybe 2,000 people. Great event!”

Eau Claire, Wisconsin: “For the Tea Party in Eau Claire Wisconsin we figure roughly 500 attended, over about a 2 hour period.”

Chilliclothe, Missouri: “We had a Tea Party today here in Chillicothe, Missouri. At least 50 people attended. (We had to leave early, so more people might have come after we left.)”

Mission Viejo, California: “I was not sure if everyone knew that we had a great turn out in Mission Viejo, down in Orange County!!!!! It was great, I was happy to see the street corners packed with people!!!”

Valencia, California: “I was at the Valencia, CA TEA Party and it was great! More than 4 City blocks’ worth of true Americans…”

Eugene, Oregon: “My wife and I attended the Eugene/Springfield Tea Party. It was outstanding–we were AMAZED at the high turnout–at least 1000 people, if not more.” (Oregon)

Clark County, Washington: “Thank you to my SW Washington friends who stood with me at the Clark County Court House tonight April 15, 2009 at 6:00pm. We stood together not for media attention or personal recognition. It was people of like mind who stood on principal. The principals and values of this great Country are more important than my feelings and it is these same values that guide my life and want my elected officials to reflect in their civic duty as my representative when they walk the halls of the local, State and Federal government. Thank you again; it was an honor to meet all of you tonight.”

St. Simon’s Island, Georgia: “We had over 640 at our St Simons Island / Brunswick GA Tea Party!”

Anchorage, Alaska: “In Anchorage, Alaska more than 1,000 people met at the Federal Building starting at 11 am. Scores of people drove by, honking and yelling. Many great signs, but one of the best was “Don’t Tax Me, Bro’” I was told there were other events around the state, including 2 in Fairbanks, Wasilla, Juneau, Ketchikan and Kodiak.”

Gulfport, Mississippi: “All of us Gulfport Tax Day Tea Party organizers are proud to announce that by our best guess estimates, based on the number of cars at the event, and that well over 800 signed our petitions (and some didn’t); we estimate that between 1200 -1400 attended the event. We were pleasantly surprised at the turnout. We had a super crowd, and can hardly wait to do it again.”

Cody, Wyoming: “Over 500 people attended the Cody, WY tea party in the middle of a SNOW STORM! This from a town of 8,500 people! Today I am proud to be an American, Wyomingite, and a Codyite! Well done Cody… WELL DONE!”

“I went to the Hobbs Tea Party today and was amazed to see such a large crowd for that time of day. People showed their suport and shared stories with total strangers. People united b/c of their love and concern for their country. I am so proud to have been a small part of this historical event as well as thankful that at least for today I am free and more than ready to express myself to “my government”.”

Southern Pines, North Carolina: “I stopped by Southern Pines, NC today, where roughly 300 people gathered in front of the post office. Nearly all of the cars that passed by on the street honked their horns in support.”

South Florida: “2000+ In South Florida on Broward BLVD, Amazing!”

Polson, Montana: “Polson Tea Party a GREAT success! Around 250 people - inspiring speakers.”

Boiling Springs, South Carolina: “We had 186 people register at the Boiling Springs TEA Party today. Many did not even come by the booth to sign up as they brought their own signs and went straight out to the street. Many that signed in were couples and only one of them signed the registration. We started planning our event 2 weeks ago. Just 3 people planned that and got that crowd out there within two week period. With not advertising! Not time to really advertise the event. We estimate that throughout the 3 hours, we had close to 300 attend total.”

Photo from Utah:


St. George, Utah: “3,000+ attended the St.George,UT Tea Party! It was awesome!”

Spencer, Iowa: “Spencer Iowa Tea Party had 275 people. Great turn out for small town Iowa.”

Columbus, Indiana: “In Columbus, IN we had about 2000 people show for our Tea Party - it was AWESOME!!! True heart and soul of what America is - American’s speaking out for what is right - what they believe in - what our country was FOUNDED on!!!”

Boone, North Carolina: “We had a tea party in Boone, North Carolina (population 15,000). A couple of concerned citizens organized the tea party and we were thrilled to have 350 or so people there!”

40 Responses to “Thursday morning news round-up”

  1. uglygeorge says:

    Now see here,Protester-persons, you have committed Blasphemy by calling your Utah tax-protest “ugly”. Whatever you do to protest High Taxes, please refrain from besmirching the Good Name of famed NYC cableTV Pick-up King by calling your tea party “ugly”. The REAL Ugly George is very distinguished…

  2. LaJuana Gillette says:

    LAKE HAVASU CITY, AZ We had approximately 4000 people attend and they walked across the famous London Bridge for a ceremony. The speakers were ordinary people from Havasu and they were excellent. We had attendees from California, Kingman, Bullhead, Parker, Topak, and other small towns close to our town. The Tea Party was sponsored by District III of the GOP but we had Democrats, Republicans and Independents! It was a huge Success!!

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  4. Patty says:

    The Atlanta Tea Party was FANTASTIC! Over 20,000 at the Capitol. A group of us from the North Ga. Mountains made the two hour trip by car, then 20 minute ride by train. The train station was a scene of Red and signs. Everyone at the Party was helpful, friendly and in one accord. The time went so fast with many great (short) speakers, films and entertainment. Sean Hannity’s show with Joe the Plummer was awesome, as well as John Rich from Big and Rich Country Singers. Can’t wait until the next one. Hope it is soon!

  5. Chicago says:

    The Chicago Tea Party was awesome! To see exciting interviews of real people sharing their comments 1-1 about key issues of the cause search youtube for “Chicago Tea Party, April 15, 2009 - CR”! See a sample link / website. Corey

  6. Kini says:

    Tax Independence Day

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  9. Rhonda Elliott says:

    HUTCHINSON, KANSAS - Over 2,000 attended the TEA Party at the Kansas State Fairgrounds! Hutchinson is a town of 40,000 but they came from all around Hutch. with their American flags, their signs, their banners, and most of all, their love of country! God Bless America and its people who are NOT apathetic and complacent!

  10. Sandy says:

    I am with you on that! On April 15th I watched CNN and MSNBC just to see what they were saying about the Tea Parties and I found little or nothing. CNN went so far as to insult a couple of people and MSNBC only said something about “these so-called Tea Parties”. I am sure they were told to pull the most bizarre people with signs and interview them. It actually makes me nausiated that the president of my America thinks we the people are so stupid as to fall for his baloney. If he isn’t listening to us, it will be his own demise. And the so-called “news” channels too.

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  12. Jenny Bea says:

    I attended Hartford, CT. 5,000 people came out, complete with Highway patrol taking video of us…

    What next? Each and every single week, CALL YOUR LEGISLATORS!!! (that’s plural. Call all of them. State and federal.) Each week. Pick a day and call. Write letters. Every week.

    Next, get in touch with the coordinators and see if you can host another or help out with hosting. Keep the momentum rolling.

    Tell everyone you know. Everyone. Let the Obamabots have thier opinions (they’re not that open minded as they think!) and ignore them. Get people on board with the simple message- and make sure they know how to contact their representatives.

    Lastly- this is advice from Rush Limbaugh, and he gave it to a woman calling in who was dismayed by having to defend herself. DO NOT BE PUT ON DEFENSE!!! DO NOT play by their rules, any longer. We are on offense. Keep on keeping on, as if they weren’t there. Ignore them. I was told I should have been protesting eight years ago. (dunno what I should have been protesting…) I laughed at the lady and her thick skull.

    Keep moving forward. We cannot allow the leftist to dominate the conversation. We cannot allow them to keep us defending our positions. We know what they are- they do too. We just keep moving, full speed ahead. W would tell us to stay the course. We are great and patriotic Americans and that is defending itself. We should be proud of ourselves, and never ever again feel the need to explain ourselves.

    This is our game, now. Our rules, and we win. Maintain that attitude, recruit others, and tell them to get active. They don’t have to attend a rally to call their congress person.The left is afraid. Very afraid- and that’s why they’re acting like this. We have them where we want them, and we wil keep moving ahead.

    God bless each and every one of you.

  13. Barbara says:

    I hope there is more tea parties,

  14. Barbara says:

    Yes protest against the biased media, let them know we will not put up with them.

  15. AFA says:

    Man for the way all you guys ignored afa alot of these parties originiated on the teapartday.com site and are where there are large american family radio stations.

  16. sally says:

    What’s next?

    After the way the MSM, other than Fox, treated all of us by denigrating us with sexual slurs and jokes (tea-bagging), etc., I call for an anti-media movement. Protests all across the country against biased media.

    I am sick and tired of their arrogance in “reporting the news”. It’s time to put the pressure on them, also.

  17. Michelle says:

    According to the state patrol, we had 5000 people at the capitol building in Olympia, WA!!!!!!!! Not too shabby in the liberal bastion of the Northwest! It was great with great speakers and great people! Everyone was very polite and well-mannered. People made great signs and we got a lot of honks and thumbs-up from people driving by us at the pre-party party at city hall. Let’s keep this up! On to the next stage and the next party!

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  19. p.Quinn says:

    I am very thankful. and I have been praying for a result like this and I agree with the gentleman in Illinois and all of the great people of the United St ates. I also pray for Rush, Sean, Michelle and all of our people who are voices for the silent majority. God BLess America!!!!!!

  20. WEST PALM BEACH: around 1000. Rain cut back attendance, but people still showed up with signs, flags, and T-shirts despite the sudden downpour.

  21. Susane Crawford says:

    The website keeps telling me I’m posting too many comments too quickly (two comments over a week??) sorry if this is a repost

    Las Vegas at Sunset Park had 2600 people but we swelled to 3000 people by the time the sidewalk protesting was also completed.

    Carson City NV told me they had 2000 people or so and it was the most protesters the Legislative Police had ever dealt with.

  22. Donna Gordon says:

    The Delaware Tea Parties were a great success! We had 300+ in Georgetown, 150+ in Laurel, 300+ in Middletown, 400+ in Dover and between 750-1000 in Wilmington.

    The weather was horrible with torrential rain all day.

    It didn’t dampen the spirits of the participants though. A great time was had by all.

  23. Blastwave2k says:

    at the Albany, NY (capital city of new york) tea party. our last speaker talked about the meaning of the “Don’t Tread on Me” flags and talked about how incredible it would be to all have one and march on the capital building…


    i love it. we should completely and totally do that next. i’m going to contact the local people here and run it by them as an idea for the next round, but figured i’d also throw that up here for people to thing about it.


    LOVED the event. seemed like more of a rally than a protest to me. i’m involved now though. levin’s book has inspired me, that its no longer ok to NOT be an activist. i was a first timer. i’ve never protested before. it was great.


  24. r. young says:

    I found a tea party in Geneva IL (kane county), we went there after work not knowing what to expect and it was great! Around 150 - 200 people or so, lots of great people and lots of support from the drivers passing by. I was glad we went and proud to take part in it. A new movement is born, we need some Tea Party candidates in 2010 and 2012. Let’s take our country back. /chants USA USA USA

  25. Bruce P says:

    Good stuff.
    I attended the rally in Fort Worth Texas and was treated to an appearance by Gov. Rick Perry.
    Estimated crowd around 5-6K.

  26. Scott Entrikin says:

    I attended the Pocatello, Idaho Tea Party. About 400 folks attended. It was great! I’ve never done anything like that before, but I had a great time. We should do one of these nationally-syncronized protests every month. We need to keep the pressure on and make our voice un-ignorable! USA!

  27. Hampshire says:

    Wow 10,000 terrorists in NM! DHS must have gone wild.

    Manchester NH had about 4,000 people. I was one of the organizers so I don’t know who posted that it was only 1,000. There were that many in Concord at noontime.

    The arrogance of the president who feigned ignorance of these protests and the media complicity is going to have consequences. This is a new tactic of the left — put your hands over your ears and pretend things did not happen or don’t exist.. a tactic being used from the local level on up.

    While these media whores cheerlead for the president as he destroys our country, they smear us as terrorists, and claim we were organized from the top down. Also fake polling numbers are being used.

    “People have never been happier with congress” are being thrown, when congress has had a 14% approval rating both before and after the election.

    It’s sad to see what people will do for a $400 handout from the government now, that will cost them their freedom for generations to come.

    The dumbed down masses have no idea what went on at the G20 or that they are now being controlled by foreign bankers.

    The situation is dire.

  28. Erica L says:

    Update on Richmond Hill Roadside Rally in Richmond Hill, GA

    Yesterday morning at 7:15 am we had 75+ folks at all four corners of the major intersection in our small town. We were thrilled. We got great press coverage, too! Then most of us drove into Savannah, GA for the tea party there. Estimates are that there were about 1500 on River Street for the noon rally.

  29. Brewer says:

    Official count from Houston, TX: 8,532

    This only includes people who voluntarily signed in at the two entrances. Guesstimates place the crowd in excess of 10,000 to include those who could not get into the park after the fire marshal closed access because of the crowd.

  30. Sarah says:

    The numbers are great! Large numbers are important,>>> but it all starts with one. I want to congratulate those who stood with less than 50 representing their own home town families and businesses. I found that I had much more sharing of ideas and personal situations than I would have if I was in the crowds. For those who supported and honked, then took the next step and stood awhile - congrats!

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  33. April says:

    In Columbus, IN we had about 2000 people show for our Tea Party - it was AWESOME!!! True heart and soul of what America is - American’s speaking out for what is right - what they believe in - what our country was FOUNDED on!!! Keep it going America! It can not be a one day thing - it must keep going!!!

  34. George says:

    I watched Fox last night when I returned from my second Tea Party of the day. The REAL Americans were out in force all over the country. It gave me chills to see the crouds of people that believe like I do. This administration needs to GO ! Getting up early to catch the local news this morning has got me less than proud. There was NO mention of the Tea Parties on any of the main local channals. I am beginning to believe that they were directed to Not mention our movement or else. I have to wonder if they are being taken over by our inept government. I’m Mad As HELL, and I’m Not Taking It Anymore ! ! ! George
    P.S. Our useless president said he hadn’t heard of the Tea Parties. If he hasn’t heard of those ,then you have to believe he isn’t listening to you!

  35. Robin Abdella says:

    This was soo awesome! I am so proud of my fellow Michiganders (and the rest of our great Country) who went out and voiced their opinion(s). We can come together on our common ground and take back our lives. Never give up, never surrender! They have woken the sleeping lion, fear us.

  36. Roamin53 says:

    Attended the Ft Lauderdale Tea Party at the Federal Building and believe there were 3000 plus attendees despite police restricting the areas where people could stand. After they jammed them on one side of the street to where one relatively young guy collapsed the participants took back two other sides and spread ten and 15 deep shoulder to shoulder down a long city block and filled another corner. There were mounted patrols, and at least 50 officers controlling traffic and the entirely civil crowd. If they had that many officers available they could control 50 miles of the border.

  37. Jay says:

    Check out Emcee Lynx’s article: http://emceelynx.com/2009/04/tea-parties/

  38. Nancy Foster says:

    We had over 150 men, women, and children attend our Canton tea party in upstate northern New York. As we lined Main Street holding our signs the response from the vehicle traffic was incredible. We received several hundred vehicle support honks and thumbs up. It was an amazing experience.

  39. Larry Gore says:

    Houston - Jones Plaza. Venue was totally filled with lines stretching around the block at one point. Have heard estimates of 10-15,000. Great Event, Great Awakening of a sleeping giant - Patriotic Conservatives.

    Best Sign: Politicians, like diapers, need to be changed often - and for the SAME reason.

  40. James says:

    What’s next? Let’s keep the movement strong!

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