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The Collectivist News … excerpts from today’s issue of The Union News.

Union-backed, tax-funded fraud group remains optimistic … The liberal activist group ACORN is trying to turn its negative publicity into a positive. The group, formally known as the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now, wants to double its membership to 1 million members next year, as it celebrates its 40th anniversary. The group has turned into a punching bag for Republicans over the past few years. Just this month, Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele accused the Obama administration of partnering with ACORN to rig the upcoming census in favor of Democrats. In an ACORN voter registration drive during the 2008 election, 400,000, or about 30 percent, of the registrations proved to be faulty, and some were fraudulent. The activity triggered investigations in 13 states. The Obama campaign denied that ACORN was involved with its own voter registration drives. ACORN also had an embezzlement scandal last year involving the brother of ACORN founder Wade Rathke, who was dumped by the group’s board. (newsmax.com)

Obamalinsky’s first 100 days … arack Obama and his team are engaged in a long-running campaign with important milestones. What is his end goal? What should we look for in the meantime? The evidence to date suggests that President Obama is not simply formulating his own goals, but has rooted it in the tactical prescriptions of leftist godfather Saul Alinsky. Alinsky: “… taking a new step is what people fear most. Any revolutionary change must be preceded by a passive, affirmative, non-challenging attitude toward change among the mass of our people,” — according to Rules for Radicals: A Pragmatic Primer for Realistic Radicals, by Saul Alinsky, 1971, Random House. Many observers praised Mr. Obama’s “change we can believe in” slogan as clever marketing, but might it be more than merely clever? His “change” mantra, combined with an almost Reaganesque appeal to “hope,” were designed to calm the fears many people have concerning radical social change so that they would more readily embrace the full range of the agenda that Mr. Obama and his allies have in mind for America. (thebulletin.us)

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Obama rekindles 1970’s-style secrecy, paranoia … Do you reject “federal authority in favor of state or local authority,” or “government authority entirely”? Are you “dedicated to a single issue, such as opposition to abortion or immigration”? If so, you are a dangerous, right-wing extremist according to Obama’s Department of Homeland Security, which bans the use of the word “terrorist” unless it’s applied to us right-wing extremists who, for example, are so extreme as to view the grisly murder of the unborn in their mothers’ wombs as cold-blooded murder. Are you a veteran returning from Iraq or Afghanistan after risking life and limb to protect your fellow Americans? If so, you are a ticking time bomb likely to be recruited by those dangerous right-wing extremists. After all, the vaunted Extremism and Radicalization Branch of the Homeland Environment Threat Analysis Division, Department of Homeland Security, warns that you “possess combat skills and experience that are attractive to right-wing extremists,” and these Obama-ite loons are concerned that right-wing extremists “will attempt to recruit and radicalize returning veterans in order to boost their violent capabilities.” Have we really come to this? Has Adolf Hitler’s propaganda chief, Joseph Goebbels, been reborn and recruited by the Obama administration to scare the heck out of the American people with absurdities such as this whacked-out document? Obviously recognizing that public knowledge of the nonsense alleged in this document is very undesirable, the weirdoes who prepared it did not want you to see it. They warn: “No portion of the LES information should be released to the media, the general public, or over non-secure Internet servers.” Too bad. The Washington Times got their hands on a copy and revealed it to the entire world. (linncountynews.net)

Shameful ACORN socialists in life-threatening protest … Protesters disrupted several foreclosure auctions Tuesday on the Sacramento County Courthouse steps, winning a temporary cancellation of one and sending an unidentified auctioneer to the hospital with chest pains. Bidders on dozens of foreclosed Sacramento-area homes, all declining to provide their names, called the ACORN protest the first major disruption of an established auction schedule that plays out every weekday at the courthouse following 37,000 foreclosures in the capital region since January 2007. The chants, whistles and bullhorns created a commotion that made it difficult to hear and conduct the auction. Then the auctioneer began to collapse and was later taken to a local hospital. Other auctioneers, who said they were associates of the man at LPS Financial Services of Sacramento, said he had a pacemaker. “I think it’s a shame he had a medical condition and that happened,” said ACORN spokeswoman Christina Livingston. “That was not our intention by any means.” (sacbee.com)

Obama salutes success of Latin leftists … The United States on Tuesday congratulated Ecuador’s leftist President Rafael Correa on his election victory and voiced hope for cooperation after a rocky patch between the two countries. Correa, an ally of US nemesis President Hugo Chávez in Venezuela, claimed a second term in office as exit polls showed him ahead, although his main rival refused to accept defeat. “We salute the people of Ecuador for conducting peaceful and transparent elections (on Monday) and congratulate President Correa on his victory,” said State Department spokesman Robert Wood. “The United States will continue to build on our cooperation with Ecuador, consistent with our commitment to supporting Ecuadorian democracy, prosperity and security.” (google.com)

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  1. Allan Mick says:

    I support the third party Tea Party movement. To create a rapid ground swell of growth that gathers momentum, we have to stay on the high road and sound respectible. We also need leadership and advise on what is published and released to the press. We need an advisor such as Dr. Phil or an experienced campaigner. Do not let the Tea Party support trash talk or attacks on individuals. Do not embelish facts. Strive for truth on all issuses.Do not over use inflamitary language. Let the Democrats and Republicans and press do that because that process tends to discredit the speaker. Take the HIgh Road always and we shall prevail.

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