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The first week I started blogging I was under the impression that I’d be able to keep up with Tea Party news.

That day has long, long past. There are so many of you doing so many terrific things. At most I feel like I can occasionally reach into the absolute whirlwind of organizing you’re doing and pull out a quick story or idea…and plenty of the best stories and ideas dash madly past before I can even try to catch them.

And that brings me to something I’d like to suggest.

There are a number of very-well organizedand funded groups in America whose leaders benefit from big government programs. They do well when they get weak-minded politicians to spend more of your money.

These groups don’t, um, like the Tea Parties. I’m thinking of ACORN as one example.

There are rumors floating around some of the Tea Parties that groups like ACORN might show up at one or more of the Tea Parties and:

While anyone has a first amendment right to show up at a rally, it is good to think ahead and prepare yourself. If your Tea Party is targeted by big-governmnent goons, the thing they’re most likely to do is masquerade as Tea Partiers and behave in offensive and obnoxious ways with a view to getting a headline in tomorrow’s paper that blames you for the bad behavior.

How will you deal with this if it happens at your Tea Party?

Whatever else you do, it really is important to be able to get your side of the story out there quickly. Think about how you might do this. Bear in mind that there are about 500 Tea Parties scheduled on April 15.

There will be a massive amount of blog coverage and probably a fair amount of local mainstream news coverage as well. If you need to set some facts straight, it won’t necessarily be easy for you to get your story through to this blog, or some of the national bloggers like Glenn Reynolds and Michelle Malkin who are providing great coverage of these events.

With that in mind, how will you set the record straight on April 15 and immediately thereafter if you’re the subject of left-wing sabotage and misrepresentation?

Some tips:

  • Have your own blog set up in advance.  (You should be able to get a simple Wordpress blog that has the name of your city and the word “Tea Party” in it.
  • Have the ability to quickly send information to the press in your area, including bloggers.
  • Have the ability to quickly send a mass e-mail to all your supporters to make sure they know what is happening.
  • Make sure you are available via email or phone as much as possible for those seeking the facts.

7 Responses to “Telling your stories”

  1. If greed and power are at the core, taxation and corruption are merely symptoms. The excision of the basic moral code (10 commandments) from all public display or proclamation has determined and predisposed the immoral
    consequences of TAXES without the limitations of conscience. I’ll be there !!!

  2. Bonnie Scholting says:

    Have waited a long time to see Ameraica stand up and support our constitution. Right is on our side and we can win if we just forge ahead and not back down .

  3. Dick H. says:

    It is so refreshing to see the collective efforts and identities of various groups that speak for freedom and liberty in the USA. This website is like a breath of fresh air, and appears to be more than that, as in the means to provide life-giving breath to a movement that is badly needed. I plan to support and attend a Tea Party, and to spread the word as best I can to all who will listen!

  4. emil says:

    Tea Party

    Attending a Tea Party might just be the last stand for us to preserve the remaining freedom we still have as Americans!

    Like a freight train the public sector has been increasingly draining the private sector to extinction. It may just be too late to stop this freight train. The public sector only survives by the seizure and or sadly the granting of the wealth created by the private sector. The public sector does not create wealth and as such must garner wealth through the hard earned wealth created by the private sector in order to exist.

    You know which sector you’re in? Does it matter? It matters only if you’re aware and rationally believe in the expansion of the public sector at the expense of the private sector. It is you, the power-elite that this tea party is all about. The balance of the wealth creators and the wealth takers has reached the tipping point. One can complain about it but is meaningless unless action follows. The tea party ought to remind these power elites in the public sector that enough is enough. You know these power elites notwithstanding of their political affiliations. The ultimate goal of their actions is the same and that is the eventual control and domination of the private sector.

    This is today in a nutshell. Just look all around you, open your eyes. The tentacles of the power-elite is suffocating freedom to extinction. The suffocation in Europe is much more advanced but we’re closing in fast just like that freight train. That freight train is out of control in the country where I was born and all of the 3rd world countries without exception. That will be the inevitable destination of that freight train unless we do something about it.

    In 1773 a grassroots movement of Americans in Boston had a tea party against these power-elites. There is such a grassroots movement today and near you. http://www.teapartyday.com/Locations.aspx


    Please pass on.

  5. stalefishair says:

    I am going in as strong a support as I can to the tea party. However I think when the original guys did their act of rebellion, they were taking a much greater risk than we are. If we are willing to gather in support of each other resisting facisim, I am suggesting that is entry level!! STOP feeding the beast! don’t complain, stop paying the illegal tax! Go to Lost Horizins.com and research for yourself. I did and I’ve done it. It is liberating!! REALLY BE a revolutionary. Its time.

  6. copperpeony says:

    Huffington has posted that ACORN will hold Anti-Tea Bag rallies the same day. I don’t know how this will play out but I do know they will disrupt and provoke us into behavior that will give them ammunition for MSM to report that we are fringe loonies. Obviously they have been given orders from their messiah. This leads me to believe that “someone” is scared that our coalition will grow into a powerful force they won’t be able to control. Therefore, lets ignore the obots and show them we have more class than they do.

  7. Michael says:

    I’ve noticed a new trend emerging, I think it started with the Taxday Boston Tea Party folks as a symbol of their commitment to take back control of our government.

    They are giving the all seeing eye on the back of the one dollar bill a black eye with a black marker, or they are cutting out the eye with a hole punch. I hope this doesn’t upset anybody.


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