Tea Party news/Sunday evening


I’m still getting original reports and pictures from April 15 Tea Parties.

I am committed to posting a brief report and pictures if you send them from any April 15 Tea Party. If your event is not mentioned here, here or here or here, please send me details at roxannekramer@gmail.com.

As of Sunday evening, I have in hand about 30 more reports. I will try to make time on Monday to compile a post with that information.

Meanwhile, here is some additional important news from Tea Party Land:

Dawn Bonner has started a blog that focuses on Tea Party updates. Go, Dawn! This is a great service. And there’s also now Tea Party Nation.

A numbers report.

GOP fails to hijack Maine Tea Parties.

Focus on defeating pols, not electing them.

Tea Party movement captures real concerns.

I can’t even count the reasons why I love Glenn Reynolds.

Speaking of the Instapundit, unless I’m mistaken, he appears to be suggesting that it might not be a bad idea for Tea Partiers to show up on May 3 at the Lariat Steakhouse in Peoria, Illinois when U.S. Rep. Jan Schakowsky will be making an appearance. I agree.

What about July 4?


I’m getting lots of notes and comments from people starting to think about what’s next. On that note, a lot of people seem to think that teabagging CNN, as our friends on the left might put it, would be a useful exercise in trying to keep the mainstream media honest.

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  1. T. Leonard says:

    I am sick of all this political correctness. Our current speaker of the house would like us to say that an illegal alien should be called an undocumented immigrant. This would be the same as calling an illicit drug dealer an unlicensed pharmacist. That’s ridiculous.

  2. MRsFrench says:

    Where’s John Stossel? Maybe he could do a special report on this? He is really good at presenting facts and exposing SCAMS ! :)

  3. BemidjiMN says:

    Chris Matthews has really fallen in the last few years, I used to watch him because he provoked answers from politicians, but he has fell so far to the LEFT he is disgraceful. I wonder if he ever watches clips of himself? I would be embarassed!

  4. Glynn Wright says:

    Chris Matthews on Hard Ball tonight referred to the Tea Party as “a bunch of loopy people”. LET”S SHOW THEM HOW WRONG THEY ARE!!

  5. Linda Ritenour says:

    I suggest we start our own political party. There are Republican and Democratic Parties. Why not a third party. We already have a name - The Tea Party! Let’s get some candidates for office and completely change government back to - we the people, for the people, by the people.

  6. AW says:

    Although Term Limits are required; they will need to be voted out before enough supporters of term limits can be in place to legislate them.

  7. Brian says:

    Check out our summary of the Cleveland/Canton Ohio Tea Parties, complete with photos. This will be republished in Capitalism Magazine:


  8. Sharon says:

    “DON’T TREAD ON ME” is just fine by me.

  9. Sharon says:

    I agree 100% We will not accept them tossing us a bone! One million is an insult!

  10. Sharon says:

    Great Job by all TEA PARTY Attendees!! I agree that we should know the facts regarding our elected officials, including their salary, retirement plan, health plan, etc. I think the person who suggested we do or own research is right on. I do not believe the government will give us anything they don’t want us to know. Also, as to the ongoing efforts, we should stay focused on the issues that brought us together in the first place, out of control spending, taxes, out of control debt dumped on generations to come, moving us towards socialism/fascism, bailouts, etc. I am so grateful that there are so many other like minded people in our country, I sure don’t feel so helpless anymore.

  11. patricia difabio says:

    I think it is critical for the Tea Party movement to adopt a symbol, such as a flag, that can be displayed in our front yards. A sign of solidarity to show friends and foe our passion for “change.” Change, however, must be specifically identified and understood. At the Cleveland Tea Party it was obvious the wide range of issues, from abortion, taxation, guns, term limits and beach erosion, that were displayed on signs.

    The “Don’t Tread on Me” flag or giant tea bags perhaps?

  12. M.L. Bushman says:

    I think we should have another tea party on Memorial Day in honor of our veterans, and a second on July 4th, where we declare once again our independence from tyranny and, at the same time, re-affirm our loyalty to America and its Constitution.

    We need to keep this ball rolling, folks.

    What angers me most is that I read just this morning that Obama’s convening his cabinet with the sole purpose of finding 100 million dollars to cut from his 3.6 trillion budget. I would laugh but it’s too serious. He’s trying appease us all by looking like he cares. But, pray tell, what’s 100 million dollars to 3.6 trillion? Won’t even move the 6 in 3.6 trillion to a 5.

    I’m sick of appeasements and political games. We the People must force change for the better. I’m more than ready for another tea party.

    M.L. Bushman

  13. Ellie says:

    How about we all come together on independence day. sound right to me.

  14. D.A. Randall says:

    I so agree with the above as well as how much back taxes are owed by some of our officials!!!

  15. jesse says:

    The government is not going to be providing us with anything that can be used to make them look bad.

    Since there are so many protestors in all 50 states, why not get started on the
    information re: elected congressmen now. I would be happy to do some research on the senators and representatives from my state. Surely there are
    people associated with the “tea party” group that would have access to some of this information.

    Problem is, where will we put all this information?

  16. BemidjiMN says:

    Ben Dover is spot on and also ALL politicians should be TERMLIMITED! I am tired of seeing the same old faces on TV! Let’s get some “Common sense” people in just by electing new crews every term, Give them all 4 years! If they cannot do it in 4 years, then WE need our SYSTEM CHANGED! Those politicians have voted themselves SO MANY PERKS! It will take a long time to undo the Comfort zone they enjoy! Guess what would happen to Lobbyists if TERMLIMITS were in place? They would have to Brown nose someone different every 4 years! TLR ! TERM LIMIT REVOLUTION!

  17. Ben Dover says:

    Maybe one of our first official post-April 15th actions should be to demand the government create a website with our ‘public information’ request including:

    -Net worth of Senators and House Representatives going into office and their present worth after X many years in office
    -How much is their government salary?
    -What are all of their perks?
    -What is their health care plan?
    -What is their retirement plan?
    -Current accumulated campaign funds available to place in personal bank accounts at retirement (if this is true)
    -How much have they given to charity since holding public office? They sure want all of us to support the non-working by raising taxes, but let’s see what they’ve willingly been donating through the years.

    Give them 30 days to create a .gov website for these facts to be available for every American to view. They should already have this info as a matter of public record and there’s no reason why it shouldn’t be presented in a simple to read and understand online format.

  18. longlivetheConstitution says:

    Bruce- I love that idea. I don’t care for the way our Vets are being treated. I have a long line of Vets in my family and have cousins in the Navy and a nephew in the Coast Guard. It would be great to stand by their sides.

  19. julie says:

    Great suggestions on starting the movement for term limits for Congress! Let’s get those facts you mentioned and onward we march……

  20. Florence says:

    This was very exciting to be part of this historical event . . . I am ready for the next event.

  21. wyogram says:

    Wow, great questions, bethereorbesquare. We all need to know those answers. The pay should be on a tier system determined by the length of service and the number of actual votes made by that representative. (not including “present”) And they definitely need to be paying into the SS system like the rest of us and their retirement should be the same as the rest of the United States of America’s taxpayers. God bless America..

  22. bethereorbesquare says:

    I think our first action should be getting legal direction on pursuing term limits for our national representatives. This would effectively “vote out” all of the politicians that have gotten our country into this fiscal mess and place real “in touch” Americans back in D.C. Personally, I’d have no problem speaking to people at WalMart or Target about why we need to get the professional politicians out of Washington. Heck, we could even make it retroactive (i.e., effective immediately) since the gang in D.C. doesn’t seem to mind placing unconstitutional retroactive laws upon the rest of us!

    In that light, has anyone ever compiled the data showing:
    -Net worth of Senators and House Representatives going into office and the millions they’ve accumulated by retirement?
    -How much is their government salary?
    -What are all of their perks?
    -What is their health care plan?
    -What is their retirement plan?
    -Is it true they get to place any remaining/accumulated campaign funds into personal bank accounts at retirement?

    Getting the facts would definitely help us in obtaining the signatures!

  23. rbblum says:

    I would like to take the opportunity to applaud all fellow independent-minded, patriotic participants of America’s interpretation of the 21st century Tea Party . . . a peaceful assembly reverberating throughout the United States of America.

    Some individuals write as clearly as President Obama speaks: 95% of the taxpayers will receive a tax cut.

    HOWEVER, the tax cuts mentioned is itself misleading at this time because it is actually a tax reduction of income taxes being withheld from the salaries paid by the employers. Congress has not, as of this writing, reduced any of the tax table liabilities to be calculated for the year ending 2009, much less for any year thereafter..

    As for the ‘tea party’ concept, (imho) it represented the people having very little need in identifying themselves with political class members pinned with the D or the R party franchise label. Independent minded individuals are, in fact, pushing back against the general trend of the federal government; similar to the current trend by 21 states pushing for reasserting their 10th amendment (sovereign) rights.

    Out of control federal spending and ever-increasing spending mandates of the states by the federal government may have been initiated under the Bush administration; however, the current Obama administration is blowing the heck out of what it means to create an unsustainable national deficit that will dictate hardship to all persons other than the clueless and addicted moochers of the government.

    If there is any further doubt as to the ill-fated monetary and fiscally irresponsible
    direction of the current federal government, one only needs to look at the higher income tax states, such as California, New Jersey, Connecticut, or Massachusetts. Only with additional federal bailouts may a few municipalities avoid Chapter 9.

    And the one downside aspect to the tea parties? Too long a laundry list of failing ideas embraced by the political class to articulate a simple one line slogan. . . . such as a ‘tea party’.

  24. Why not stand up with our veterans on Memorial Day? Lots of flag-waving people singing patriotic songs, service anthems, etc. in a respectful show of support for those who have fought to defend our Constitution. That would be a natural lead into the Independence Day Tea Party celebrations on the suggested “Learn the Constitution” them, and it would be timely since Congress is trying to ram through even more of the new agenda before Memorial Day.

  25. ADC says:

    I like the idea of tea bagging CNN. The arrogance of the elitist left needs to be exposed. Somebody pick a date and lets flood their PO Box with a few hundred thousand letters from the “Tea Party” crowd.

    BTW - The 2,000 or so folks who gathered in Indianapolis were the most polite well behaved crowd of protestors you could imagine. July 4th would be a fitting date for another such gathering of people interested in returning this country to the republic it started out as.

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