Tea Party news: Thursday p.m.


Just like our morning news thread, this post is compiled from reports participants and organizers left in different places on this site, or sent to us via e-mail.

This post will be updated throughout the evening.

Olympia, Washington: “According to the state patrol, we had 5,000 people at the capitol building in Olympia, WA!!!!!!!! Not too shabby in the liberal bastion of the Northwest! It was great with great speakers and great people!”

Yuma, Arizona: “The Colorado River Tea Party had about 1500 in attendance, with 1084 of those signing a resolution demanding that the legislative and executive branches repeal the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, TARP, the Homeowner Affordability and Stability Plan, the 2009 Appropriation Bill, the President’s 2010 budget proposal, the 16th Amendment, and to abolish the Federal Reserve.”

Photo from Yuma:


Rochester, Minnesota: “I showed up at the Rochester, MN rally. I expected maybe 300 people but it looked more like 1,000-1,500. I couldn’t even see to the back!”

Toledo, Ohio:

Bemidji, Minnesota: “It was great to see the turnout yesterday in Bemidji, MN. We only had about 350 people, but many many people driving by honked and waved in support. It is very obvious the working class (and the retirees) understand where this ‘freight train’ of a country is heading.”

Lynchburg, Virginia: “There were approximately 1,200 - 1,500 patriots at the Lynchburg, VA Tea Party!! And it was a rainy day!!”

Photo from Lynchburg:


Albany, Oregon: “We attended the Albany TEA Party, and it was excellent. Apx 140 people stood together in peaceful assembly telling DC Enough! Lots of honking support from passing traffic. There was nothing mean or negative, and we saw no opposition…one by one, many took turns at the open mike telling their stories and concerns. Our country enjoyed a real success yesterday.”

Tampa, Florida:

Oceanside, California: “I attended the Tea Party in Oceanside, CA - home of Camp Pendleton - and the best Marines around! After we marched to the pier to throw our tea ‘aka beach sand’ everyone gathered in an outdoor amphitheatre for a picture. People then started singing patriotic songs and we recited our National Anthem as the sun set. It was very inspiring. There were plenty of veterans there too - upset at being labeled ‘extremists’.”

Woodland, Texas: “Our official expectation was 700 people. In fact we were really expecting 1500-2000 people, as we could feel the enthusiasm and deep commitment of our volunteers and supporters. In fact, we had over 7000 participants (5500 signed up with emails & phone numbers.) And the only reason we didn’t have more is because we caused such a traffic jam within an 8 mi. radius area around our Party, that people included announced speakers were unable to get there. It was just phenomenal. And people just can’t wait for the next one.”

Santa Monica, California:


Wichita, Kansas: “We only had 1,500 but Wichita is only a medium sized city. We had congressmen, senators, and local leaders attend.” More here on Wichita.

Photo from Wichita:


Hicksville, Long Island, New York: “All kinds of just folks: families with young kids; dads and teens, grandparents, salty dog types. The violations to the Constitution that are happening now, and the ones we know are coming unite us.”

Washington, DC:


Weatherford, Texas: “A small community of 25,000 people, saw over 3,000 people marching through the streets and past the court house, carrying signs and thousands of flags. The rally was incredible and through the cheers we could hear the support of local traffic honk as they drove by in support. Well done North Texans! YEHAW.”

Raleigh, North Carolina:

Gering, Nebraska: “We had 300+ ENTHUSIASTIC people at our tea pary in Gering, Nebraska. We were very pleased as we are a community of around 20,000. No problems at all, almost all comments were positive. LET’S KEEP IT ROLLING!”

Warner Robins, Georgia: “A wonderful turnout of 400 - 500 people, maybe more with all the coming and going. Toddlers to the elderly were represented and I was very happy to see so many teens and college age students in attendance.” (More here.)

Photo from Warner Robins:


Harbor View Park, Cape May, New Jersey: “A driving rain with strong northeasterly winds whipping across the harbor didn’t stop 85-100 from gathering for our own harbor Tax Day Tea Party. We had planned to have a boat participating from the harbor for our tea dumping but the weather prohibited any boats from taking part. The commitment and fortitude of the people who showed up around the country in the same kind of weather makes me proud. But, you know those right wing extremists- they just don’t have enough sense to come in out of the rain! God bless them.”

Metairie, Louisiana:


Moscow, Idaho: “They say 100 people but it was awesome. This is just the START.”

Plymouth, Michigan: “The Protest in Livonia/Northville (along the city limits on both sides of the road) drew an estimated 400 people, and the Rally at Kellogg Park in Plymouth drew about 1000 people.”

Photo from Plymouth: (More here.)


Las Vegas, Nevada: “It was unbelievable! It was cool, windy and drizzling, ‘unusual weather. I was concerned that Las Vegans wouldn’t show up but they did! Groups came and went from morning till night. People stayed around in between events. It started at the main post office, where demonstrators were present all day, all kinds of people of all ages. Additional groups had arranged space at a nearby park. We were there for an event put on and supported by a local talk radio station 840. We arrived at 11 AM and stayed through 4PM, there were on average 2,500 people consistently and, absolutely NO PRESS OR MEDIA present that I observed!”

Morehead City, North Carolina: “Conservative estimates of our attendance was 1,500, including law enforcement. I humbly submit that it was phenomenal!”

Sarasota, Florida: “Official estimate by the Sarasota Herald Tribune was “over 2000 people”. Lots of cheering, and horn blowing by people going by. A continuous round of speakers condemning out of control spending by both parties. We lined the road 2-10 deep for a couple of blocks around the bay and filled the bayfront park. A fantastic day!! No opposition or even police in sight. (I don’t think they expected a crowd. :-) All was peaceful and enthusiastic.”

Photo from Sarasota:


Omaha, Nebraska: “My husband and I were also in Omaha. I was closer to the front so I couldn’t tell how many for sure but estimate 800 easy. I loved the speech of Patrick Henry. Let this be the beginning of holding the politicians feet to the fire and stop spending our children and grandchildren’s prosperty.”

Baton Rouge, Louisiana: “I am a Baton Rouge native living in Houston. WBRZ reported that you had 3000 people max at the state capitol. I saw the picture, and as an Architect who knows space, there were way more than 3000 people there! Measure the approximate area taken up by the standing crowds and divide by 5 square per person (max. occupancy calcs by IBC for standing room only assembly areas) and that would be your total. It looked to me that you had between 8,000 and 10,000 people there. I do have one complaint from my Mother who attended: IT WAS BORING!! NO ONE WANTED TO HEAR POLITICIANS, ESPECIALLY REPUBLICAN ONES WHO SPENT LIKE DRUNKEN SAILORS UNDER BUSH. GET A BAND, HAVE CITIZENS SPEAK, GET RILED UP!! DICK ARMEY AND HIS ORGANIZATION IS NOT WHAT THIS SHOULD HAVE BEEN ABOUT. HERE IN HOUSTON IT WAS A TRUE GRASS ROOTS PHENOM STARTED ON FACEBOOK AND WE HAD 10000 PEOPLE ATTEND. IT WAS FUN AND WE HAD MUSIC AND FOOD. Come on LA, make an ex patriot proud next time.”

Birmingham, Alabama: “Estimated 3000 at the Birmingham party.” More photos here.

Photo from Birmingham:


South Bay, Los Angeles, California: “Historic Tax Day Los Angeles South Bay Tea Party. 1,200 to 1,500 people attended at Dockweiler Beach in the middle of a Small Craft Warning to Gale force winds with temperatures around 61 degrees. That’s a blizzard for Californians. WOW what a great group of people.” More here.

Ocala, Florida: More here.


Santa Ana, California:

28 Responses to “Tea Party news: Thursday p.m.”

  1. Tammy says:

    I’m from the Vegas area where no press was present. Apparently the main stream media doesn’t believe their own press…we’re right radicals…with violent tendancies….need to be watched…I think if they really believed that, the media would have be present in spades.

  2. Harrisburg, PA says:

    Harrisburg, PA tea party was so exhilerating! I may have been soaked and freezing because I came straight from work without an umbrella, but it was well worth it to stand on the steps of the capitol building with my fellow Americans. Everyone was in good spirits and smiling. It was the first example of live patriotism that I’ve ever seen and I think we should do this more often. We have become like robots over the years, obeying the government, like it controls us, when we SHOULD be out there, speaking our minds, when it is WE who control the government, not the other way around.

  3. taxpayer revolt says:

    if anyone know where i can see more pictures of Atlanta or Rome GA tea parties please let me know.

    The left wing Media is out to destroy this movement but remember they sold their souls to get OBAMA elected…by telling half truths or outright lies to the VOTERS to even keep HILLIARY from getting the nomination.

    WE MUST UNITE and STAND FIRM, email your friends and BOYCOTT sponsors of SHOWS OR MEDIA that slad or misrepresent our CAUSE..WE HAVE TO MOVE QUICKLY because the GOV is..

    We also do not want REPUBLICAN SPEAKERS …no more POLITICS as USUAL..we need to clean house and have a new PARTY for the PEOPLE with honesty, fiscIal responsibality …..


  4. Fred Patton says:

    I think it far exceded 375000 people

  5. Fred Patton says:

    Oklahoma had Tea Parties in 11 places.

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  7. Sam Smith says:

    Communists Central oops! (I mean Comedy Central) should be happy, this event gave Jon Stewart and other little weasel Cobert lots to joke about. I watched a little to catch what they had to say about the Tea Parties, it was a great leftist display.

  8. WorldPeace says:

    I was at the Tea Party at Westlake Park in downtown Seattle. I am a peace activist and a mature person. I had some very positive interactions with many folks with whom I disagree. What we did often agree on is that this spending being given to rich, corrupt, fraudulent corporations is the wrong way to go. What we disagree on is why no one was ever in the streets protesting the obscene spending during the Bush Administration or his illegal wars. TARP was created by the Bush group et al not Obama. We are needing to spend these funds to give workers re-training and let these corrupt ones go down. By the concepts of capitalism, if one fails one needs to go down! This “socialism” many cite in their signs and rhetoric is nothing new in America in the form of civil “servants” getting the best healthcare at our expense, schools poorly planned and funded as administrators get the dollars. The military contractors have lapped up big dollars at our continuing expense. Does the lives of your families mean more than the lives lost and damaged due to war, torture, and directed torture from contractors by the Bush Crime Family? We do agree that Obama is making some bad mistakes by appointing those who come from this same population of crooks. Oh, the Seattle Times said there were 1,000 to 1,200 at this park. This is false as I was there. This park does not even hold this many. I would say it was closer to 400-500 Max. and I also have no faith in the numbers from Olympia because it was written by the same folks.

  9. Joy DeGroot says:

    I went to the Seal Beach, California Tea Party. It was organized in about 4 days and there were over 500 people all ages. We met at the city hall and walked to the beach and then to Pacific Coast Highway where we were met by many cars and busses honkoing there horns and waving flags. We had a bull horn and a single crate and peoplw took turns talking. There were no long speaches but people felt impowered and proud to be there

  10. John Liggio says:

    Here in Easton, PA we had at least 250 peaceful and cheerful TEA Party members. From all walks of life from a mom who is trying to become self sufficient and off government welfare to people who own and run a small company.Black,White & Spanish.Jewish,Muslim & Christian were their for the same reson “Their Childrens Future”. In the midst of all turmoil and dissension in 1917 a Nation-wide essay contest was held to develop an” American Creed”by the congress of the United States, It was submitted by a Congressional Page William Tyler Page.it stated ” I believe in the United States of America as a Government of the People, by the People, for the People; whose just powers are derived from the consent of the governed;. A democracy in a republic, a sovereign Nation of many Sovereign States; a perfect Union, one and inseparable; astablished upon those principles of FREEDOM, EQUALITY, JUSTICE, and HUMANITY for which AMERICAN PATROITS sacrificed thier Lives and Fortunes.
    I therefore believe it is my duty to my country to LOVE it; toSupport its CONSTITUTION; to obey its LAWS; to RESPECT its Flag; and to defend it against all enemies.”
    To me in todays America I see a Congress set laws that force sovereign states to take TARP money knowing that it will force those states to raise their TAXES to pay for programs that the TARP program by law will set up on those states,even if those States do not wish to have those programs in their State. Even to the point of by passing the elected Governors and governing bodys who by the way where elected to run the state for the people by the people.This is hypocrisy at its best when the Federal Congress and Executive branch by derogatory act over the sovereignty of each State. If the Federal Government can by decree tell sovereign states what and when or how to run there States Citys,Countys,Villages and yes even YOU how to live.
    We then become pawns as the Russian People under communism with fear of reproof.Our founding fathers knew that with out check and balances that one ominous government can and will traumatize our rights under the CONSTITUTION. This is why I feel the AMERICAN CREED adopted by the House of Representatives in 1917 has so much more meanning to it today. Like the PREAMBLE tithe Constitution in 1787 stated “We the people of the United Stated, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquillity, provide for the common defense, promote the GENERAL welfare,and secure the Blessings of Liberty to OURSELVES ond our POSTERITY, do ordain and establish this CONSTITUTION, for the UNITED STATES of AMERICA”.
    If you agree with me and so many other Americans then protest under the first amendment peacefully and VOTE not at 40% of Americans but at 100% at election time. Write your Senator both state and federal.Also write your Congress and let them hear from you on all issues, this not the time to let them guess what you want because of a few special groups invalidate your vote.
    Thank You John V.Liggio

  11. Diane says:

    We had close to 500 people at noon on the lawn at the courthouse in quaint, small town, Honesdale, Pennsylvania in the Pocono Mountains on Tax Day. People carried signs and flags, and we said the Pledge of Allegiance, sang the Star Spangled Banner and said a prayer (people were deeply moved) - and many gave speeches. We will NOT go away - no matter how much the “mainstream” media, tries to ignore us and/or mock us! We’re doing this for our country and our children and our grandchildren - for our FREEDOM.

  12. Snowy says:

    How about July 4th ? Independence Day Tea Party. I like it !

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  14. Deborah says:

    Prescott valley AZ

    Temperatures were in the low 30s with windchill. We had 2000-2500 (police estimate) folks show up for the protest on 15 Apr. These were Liberitarians, Independents, Democrats and Republicans. More importantly, they were mostly people who have never held a sign up in protest. It was orderly, on focus, and inspirational. People are sick and tired of the wasted spending and pork projects and lack of a fair tax in this great nation. It does not matter what party holds the White House or Senate or Congress. Days of greed and corruption WILL end. Mark my words, the American people have spoken and they have said “ENUF IS ENUF!”

  15. JoAnn Abbott says:

    Washington DC- in spite of pouring rain the modest estimate for the height of the day was over 3000 people. It was amazing! Thank you all for coming out and participating, it is so good to know that we are not alone, that there are probably a million or more who took part in these parties Wednesday. The formerly sleeping conservative, constitution-following lion is awake now- and we are just STARTING to roar!
    JoAnn Abbott
    Grassroots Organizer
    Washington DC Tax Day Tea Party

  16. Over 1000 people attended the Tea Party at Virginia Beach, Virginia. Lots of great speakers, lots of great signs and lots of great people. We won’t be silent anymore, our country is worth speaking out for.

  17. Trisha says:

    I was at the Fort Smith, AR Tea Party Wednesday. I joined 300-400 people who showed such patriotism. I am so proud to be an American and I want my children to be proud too - this country is worth fighting for! As a single parent, I took my son with me to see how important it is to stand up for what’s right (even when you feel your part is so small). Thanks and blessings to all who organized this!

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  19. old construction worker says:

    The turn out was great in Columbus, Ohio. According to our local paper we had about 7000 protesting the $1.9 trillion Bush/Obama bailout, Polosi/Obama’s $4.5 trillion stimulus plan and the unknown trillions purposed budget plan.
    How does Polosi want us to pay for this huge debt? She wants a new government tax revenue system. She wants a CO2 tax or a hidden CO2 fee/tax Cap and Trade program.
    House energy and commerce chairman, Waxman and another Polosi’s lackey Markey will have a CO2 Cap and Trade Bill ready and voted on by Memorial Day.
    CO2 TAX = The New TEA TAX
    Tell them to shove it where the sun don’t shine.

  20. marti slowik says:

    As a participant here in Tucson, I saw few of the hundreds of hand painted signs that mentioned our president/campaigner. Actually, most of our groups were in a new mode as political activists and were all over the lot with their protests against both political parties spending without accountability and taxing us unethically and basically against our freedoms according to our Constitution.

    WE MUST have regular Tea Parties if we want to protect ourselves from the encroachment of socialism. We need our military, our anti balistic development, our scientific health advancements and medical professionals to secure the future for our country.

  21. Vinny says:

    Scranton PA had approx 250 people.

    Wilkes Barre had roughly 450.

    Hazleton had 250

    Not bad for these small cities during work hours.

  22. P Sullivan says:

    The citizens of North Lake County, FL came out and were heard in Eustis yesterday! Just over 1,000 strong and an excellent program filled with perspective from children and youth, our future who will be paying for the insane spending of today.

  23. Jeff B says:

    Lancaster, PA:
    Roughly 500 people braved the cold, rainy weather to protest confiscatory taxation and a government out of control.

  24. Theresa says:

    It is absolutely hilarious to me that while the hallmark of the left wing has always been their relentless protests about anything and nothing, when someone else (with an opinion different than their own) rallies to speak out– they consider it some terrible threat to national security! The left wing used to represent free thinkers, but these old hippies have grown rigid, narrow-minded and hypocritical. They really are a sad lot.

  25. sarah says:

    I am appauled by the way the mainstream media (CNN, MSNBC) made a joke out of concerned citizens excercising thier first amendment rights. When I see hundreds and thousand of citizens, some standing in the snow and cold, all over this country protesting government waste, I don’t see how “journalists” took this as an oportunity to make jokes like school children.
    Listen up left wing media - if you continue to slant stories, report only what suits you and make light of serious newsworthy stories, you will start to loose viewers. Once you loose viewers, you will loose adverisers. Once you loose advertisers, well, that’s usually the end of the road. Oh, wait, there’s always a bailout option isn’t there?
    For all of you that participated either at a tea party or in spirit, it’s time to start considering your source of information and tune out programs that do not report unbiased, unprejudiced news. I will no longer tune in to CNN or MSNBC.

  26. James Davis says:

    We Had at least 10 thousand “domestic Terrorist” at Indy a few of them Purple Heart recipients, and all of them loving this country made great by our forefathers. I did not see one Acorn or Union member but I saw something much worse…Mainstream media!!! I have another party tomorrow in Fort Wayne Keynote Alan Keyes Im there too! Thanks Tea Party Patriots!

  27. Weatherford Texas says:

    Weatherford TX, a small community of 25,000 people, saw over 3,000 people marching through the streets and past the court house, carrying signs and thousands of flags. The rally was incredible and through the cheers we could hear the support of local traffic honk as they drove by in support.
    Well done North Texans!


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