Reports from our readers. YOU DID IT!!!


These reports are coming pouring into our inbox and our comments boxes from all over. Keep scrolling. This post is being updated about once every five minutes…and there are still hundreds of Tea Parties still in progress or that haven’t started yet!

Besides scrolling and re-freshing your page, click on the comments as readers leave reports there.

“New Jersey: Flemington (tiny town) 200+ regular folks stood in the rain and sleet for two hours and made sure their voices were heard…awesome turnout!”


“I’m not good at estimating numbers but it appeared that at around 500 people turned out for the tax rally on the lawn at the statehouse in Montpelier. I was suprised by such a large showing in a state that is so liberal. The rally was from 12;00-2:00. After the rally, demonstrators entered the statehouse while the representatives were in session. They were surprised by the number of people there!”

“I would like to thank the 300 to 400 people who showed up at the courthouse here in Montrose. We had a great day exercising our right to peaceful assembly.” (Colorado)


“Just got back from the one in Denver and it rocked! Way more people than I would have expected!!”

“Over 1000 people turned out at the Trussville Tea Party.”

“I was at the CULPEPER, VA rally earlier today and there looked to be 300-400 people. It was cold and rainy, but that didn’t stop a good-sized group from gathering peacefully and protesting. It was a good cross-ection of Americans and a good vibe.”

(Photo above from Nashville}

“The Tulsa Tea Party had THOUSANDS in attendance. See link for pictures.

“I just got back from a TEA party in Ventura, California and it was great. There were about 300 people assembled listening to speakers and another 100 or so people lined up on the streets in front of the Government Center. Not only were the protesters on the street invigorating, but so were the constant honks and cheers from the numerous cars passing by. It is apparent that MANY Americans agree with these TEA parties!”

“Glad I attended the event at the state capitol. Very inspiring. Pleasantly surprised by the turnout. Very reassuring to see that not everyone is being lulled to sleep by the spin put forth by our elected officials.” (Connecticut)

“The rain in Harrisburg, PA could not keep away a very patriotic noontime crowd. My tea bags for Casey, Specter, Rendell and Obama are in the mail!”

“We had about 500 people out at lunch time in Crystal Lake, IL taking up all four corners of Rt. 14 and Main St. I saw and talked to people that had never been out to a protest before.”


“I just left the tea party in Hammond, LA, there was about 100-150 people there. I was really surprised and excited about the turnout.”

“I attended the tea party in Nashvile at 12noon, it was said we had 10,000 but I’m not sure. I know it was huge. I am so proud that I took off work to stand to attend and stand against all this spending. Keep it up fellow Americans, this is our time to stand and defend our Nation, our Constitution, and protect the future of the next generation.”


“Massapequa, NY: approximately 300-400 tax day protesters at Massapequa Long Island Rail Road train station.”


Awesome pics!

“1,200 people gathered on the banks of the Maumee River in Toledo, Ohio, enduring cold, wind and rain to demonstrate their opposition to the direction in which our country is being taken.”

“Just got back from the protest in Bel Air, MD. Cold and rainy, but about 300-400 of us still managed to crowd the green in front of the County Courthouse to make our feelings heard. A call for limited government and liberty from all comers. It was awesome.”

“Attended a rally in Montpelier from noon - 2 . . . it was huge! I would estimate the crowd size to be near 1,000 people. I was amazed at the number of people who showed up in the middle of the day on a work day. The size of this gathering by Vermont standards was HUGE!” (Vermont)

“5,000+ at Denver Colorado Tea Party being reported by Denver Post.”


“The lunchtime Tea Party in the little CA town of Danville, which was not advertised (didn’t even get listed on this site until 4/13/09!) was EXCEPTIONALLY well-attended. At the busiest time I counted almost 100 participants!!”

“Thank you to all the people who came to the Tax Day Tea Party in Naples, FL at the corner of US 41 and Pine Ridge Road at 12:00 Noon today. I am told, last count, we had 3,000 people attend!!!”



“I went to a small local one here. The paper reported 300. The actual number was about 600 (I counted). The organizers were expecting 50. It was a street corner protest instead of a rally.”

“I just came from the Ogden, UT tea party. It was AWESOME! There was about 200 people!!! And it was snowing! You can’t stop us! Way to go Ogden!!!”

“The Lansing (State Capitol) Tea Party was awesome.. 4000+ people in attendance.” (Photo below from Lansing.)


“We held our Tea Party in Montgomery, Alabama at noon today….We were hoping to draw a few hundred people… 100 - 200 was what we hoped for, and we figured that 500 - 600 would be awesome. Our official attendance estimate is 2300 - 2500 people! It was AWESOME!!!”

“Picayune was a huge success. I was all ready to stand out there with the ten people who might show up. Turns out that upwards of 250 people showed in the sleepy town (not so sleepy afterall).”

“Just got back from the Colorado Springs Tea party. Talked to two cops, they both agreed that there were at least 2,500 in the park. Very peaceful and lots of great signs..”


“I too just came from the tea party in Pocatello. I was very impressed to see nearly 400 come out in support even in the rain. Keep up the fight my friends!”

“Mobile Alabama- About 1000 participants held a rally at Cooper Riverside Park demonstrating against increased debt by an ever increasing government and the taxes that it will take to pay that debt. Power of the People!”

“I went and there was a good deal of people at the boston one.”


“Looks like 3,000-4,000 patriot rally in Colorado Spring’s Acadia Park. I was so proud to be an American today.”

“Just came from a local tea party in Gilbert, AZ. Expected turnout: 50-100 people. Actual turnout, witnessed by my own eyes: 1,000-2,000 people. Listen up, D.C. - the people are speaking today - LOUDLY!.”


“1000 People at the Sarasota Marina Jack Tea Party at 12 Noon!!!!!!!!!!!”

“New Haven Tea Party backed up traffic for 5 miles in either direction as rubberneckers honked and waved.”


“500 people at wyomings protest in cheyenne, another protest at 530pm 2nite.”

“Canton Ohio. A crowd of 2000+ showed. I am stunned. All ages, parties, backgrounds!”

“Just got back from our TEA PARTY in Pocatello Idaho. We had a great turn out. There in the rain and cold we had 300 or so show up. A GREAT TURN out. A great beginning.”

(Photo above is an aerial of San Antonio’s Tea Party)

“I attended the tea party in New Port Richey Florida today. What a moving experience! A Wonderful gathering of Peacefull ,Sincere , and concerned people ,expressing their frustrations the way our founding fathers intended. the March to City Hall from Veterans Park will go down as one of the most memorable even ts in my 57 years.”

“reports have approximately 4500 in the early hours of an all day event in Boise, Idaho.”

“In our town of Salina we had over 500 people turn out this afternoon.”


“Just came back from the Oklahoma City gathering and it was AWESOME! Someone had set up 1500 American flags on the ‘mall’ in front of the Capitol, so as you’re walking up the street you saw a mass of American flags. The turnout was large and enthusiastic - much bigger than I expected! I am terrible at guessing crowds, but I’d venture to say it was between 5,000 and 10,000 (the media had been predicting 1,500-2,000).”

“2500 people in front of the Capital, Sacramento, 11:15 AM before the party even starts.”

“A crowd estimated at 400+ straddled both sides of the Burlington Street bridge at the Iowa City Tea Party!.”

“Greensboro, NC had upwards of 800 people at our rally (some estimates up to 1500)!”

“Just got back from White Plains TP. About 250-300 showed up and it was a spirited event.” (New York)

Photos from Cincinnati.

“Just came from the one in Tupelo 600+ attended. It was great.”


“I don’t see where we are to record the crowd size of our event. In Adrian MI we expected 100. We only put it on the teaparty and 912er websites. We had a total of 267! It was a great group. It was so cold outside and everyone had to stand in the wind, yet everyone had a great time and had good things to say.”

“Just got back to work from the Columbia Tea Party. Maybe 2,000-3,000 folks there. Lots of flags and signs and kids.”

“In North Carolina: Greensboro: 1,000-1,200; Charlotte: 700-1,000; Fayetteville: 300.”


“There was a pretty good turnout for the Tea Party at the Court House in Elko considering that it snowed the entire time. I estamate that there were close to 75 people in attendance.”

“8000 in Madison.”

“Here in Nashville we had basically 10,000 people in attendance. Attendance on actual Legislative Plaza was pretty definitively set at 7,467 and about 2,500 spillover on steps, sidewalks, the hill up to the capitol building and in cars circling and honking their horns (ala anti-tax protest from 2002) and who couldn’t find parking.”

“Fort Collins, CO at least 2,500 attended. It was Amazing, very divese and powerful.”

(Photo above from Madison, Wisconsin).

“Thank you so much for a great Tea Party today! Could not hear Grover Norquist because 3,000 people showed up!”

“Way to go Vegas. I just got back from the Tea Party at Sunset&Eastern roads. All I can say is that the party is a huge success. Wow! What a great turnout. I estimate,conservatively that approximately 5000 to 6000 patriotic Nevadan’s showed up for this well organized and peacefull demonstration.”

“I went to the one in my small town of Frederick, MD and over 1000 people showed up despite the cold and rain. It was definitely an event that impacted me in a way that I have not experienced before. Just being a part of that group of people who were standing up for themselves was so empowering.”

(Photo above from Pennsylvania).

“Harrisburg PA had around 4,000 to 5,000 on the steps of the Capital.”

“Went to the DC rally today. It seemed like a few thousand people between 11:30 and 12:00. I could only stay for a half hour, due to work.”

“Great turnout today in Columbus! Very happy to see there was such a good crowd in Tupelo. Let’s keep this ball rolling, folks!”

(Photo above from Oklahoma City).

“OKC estimates were around 7k.”

“…roughly 300 on a cold and snowy day here in Helena, MT.”

“700 in the hamlet of Hudsonville.” (Michigan).

(Above photo from Denver).

“I’d estimate 2-3,000 at what was supposed to be the ’small’ protest for the SE area of the greater Phoenix area. Downtown rally should be HUGE!”

“I was racing, tax returns in hand, to make the last pick up at the post office when The Beatles’ “Tax Man” came on. Smiling and thinking how prophetic the old song was, I rounded the bend near Pray Park in Waterville, Ohio (Rts 24 & 64), to find a crowd of people from this small village on the banks of the Maumee River, gathered in protest. Trust me…I’ve lived southwest of here and have driven this route for 10 years; I’ve never seen anyone at Pary Park, much less a rally like this. Didn’t seem to be organized; only an impromtu gathering of citizens. Amazing…they’re demonstrating what I’ve been thinking. If I weren’t so tired from trying to meet the filing deadline, I’d have stopped and joined them.”

“I too just got back from the Tea Party at Sunset & Eastern and it was FANTASTIC. They estimated about 2000 people there, but for every person actually there, there was also at least one car driving by honking in support.”

“Over 350 in Sault Ste. Marie, seems small, but this a huge turn out for a town of barely 13,000.” (Michigan)

“Just got back from the Jackson, Mississippi tea party. I estimate the crowd to be 3,000 people.”

“Hard to estimate because a lot of people arrived after the protest started, but Hattiesburg had between 700 and 1000 people.”

“2500 in Boise Idaho!!!!”

“700+ showed up for the Tax Day Tea Party in Corning, New York (pop. 10,000).”

” 2,000 in Appleton.” (Wisconsin).

“Just got back from the Reston, VA tea party. Excellent turnout… easily 400 in the pouring rain.”


(Photo above from Resistance is Growing.)

“Started out today at the Greensboro Tea Party. It was a great crowd, somewhere north of 1,000 patriots. Superb placement in the courthouse square attracted onlookers and curious downtowners. Fantastic mood and enthusiasm.”

“Went to the Livonia/Northville rally on Haggerty Road. There were between 300 and 500 people there.” (Michigan)

(Photo above of San Francisco from Daily Pundit.)

“Toledo was expecting 300 and we had around 1,000.”

“Just got back from the Plano, TX tea-party, was still going strong when I left. About 200 folks, ages 7-70, lots of flags, horns, and patriotism.”

“went to the Boston Tea Party ! where it all began.. fantastic turnout ! never knew taxachussetts had so many conseratives ! huge turnout Sam Adams would have been proud ! I certainly was.”

“New Jersey - Piscataway about 300- 400 people. Marched to the Raritan river and threw our teabags in. Today I knew why I have always been proud to be an American.”

“Although small our little town of Geneva, Illinois held a Tea Party today at the Kane county Civic Center. It was held between 4-6 pm and about 300 people turned out on a beautiful sunny afternoon.”

(Photo above from Denver.)

“Over 300 showed up to the Findlay, Ohio Tax Day Tea Party. The rain and cold didn’t deter people from showing up.”

“Just got home from Tea party in Hauppauge and it went well. I would estimate maybe a thousand people but hard to tell as they were pretty spread out. A lot of great signs held up to traffic along a busy Vets Hgwy and a LOT of honking in solidarity.” (New York).

“We had about 2000 - 3000 at the Tea Party in Louisville KY throughout the day. We had great media coverage and everything went perfect. No police harrasment, no anti-protesters, everyone was kind and organized. We made a big impact here in Louisville, Go Get’em America.”

“Attended the Longview Tea Party earlier today and it was announced that we had about 1,000 people. Not bad for a city of that size.” (Texas)

That’s it for this thread! Please keep leaving your reports and soon we’ll start another thread.

170 Responses to “Reports from our readers. YOU DID IT!!!”

  1. Steve Van Loon says:

    I’ve never been so proud to be part of something. I went to the Tea Party in Nashville. I felt like I was in the company of real, true Americans. We Tea Party Patriots, and our rallys are so different from anything that comes from the left! I’m 58, and typically shy away from groups of any kind, because they tend to destroy individuality.
    What is happening in Washington worries me…..A LOT! I will just come out and admit it: I am fearful of the direction they are taking America. I drew strength from the nation-wide turn-out for the Tea Parties, and I am starting to believe………Yes I do believe………Joe Sixpack is a conservative.

  2. David T Syrnyk says:

    Denver, CO TEA Party was an awesome success!! An estimated at 5,000-6,000 folks showed up. We were so loud in our cheers and enthusiasm that the state capital lawmakers adjourned for the day and split. POWER TO THE PEOPLE!! We stand STRONG with all our patriot brothers and sisters across the nation. GOD Bless!!

  3. AJ in California says:

    I went to the Santa Clarita (CA) tea party from 4- 7pm. It was awesome, with about 500 people. All ages, old, young, teens. Everyone was polite, yet we all shared the common sentiment of no more wasteful spending. We had lots of people driving by and honking in support. It was a good afternoon!

  4. D says:

    I was at the San Diego Tea Party and it was great. Everyone was happy and pleasant. The turnout was perhaps about 300 people at it’s peak but I am proud to have participated.

    I know we can keep up the great effort and accomplish what needs to be done!!!!!

  5. Brenda P says:

    there’s still many tea parties listed on PJTV that don’t have
    their attendance numbers posted. Go to: tpattend@gmail.com
    to add them in if they are missing! So far their total is 714,276
    I think Washington will be bursting at the seams on SAT JULY 4TH!

  6. Gene Terrell says:

    Enjoyed a great turnout of approximately 4-600 in Augusta, ME. Looks like we are onto something, Patriots.

    I do, however, have some concerns. While we want our movement to be grassroots, it seems that there are too many individual groups working toward the same goal. I have been getting emails from several groups since the “party” and don’t know which one to join or which ones are even legitimate.

    It would seem to me that we need to combine forces or, at least, have some communication among different groups so we all show up at the same places at the same time in the different states. I’m not sure how we can accomplish solidarity, but we will have a great time while doing it.

    Don’t let up!

  7. Rich says:

    Attended the Tea Party in Belmar NJ. (on the Atlantic Oceanfront) There was a northeast storm going on with heavy winds and rain, but at least 700 hearty souls were there to show their outrage at Congress and the President moving the U.S. and us toward a socialist workers paradise.

  8. Annette Charlson says:

    NEXT TEA PARTY we need to pass out copies of page #6 of the Tax Foundation statistics : % of Income Tax Paid by Each Group. The source is the Internal Revenue Service.

  9. Annette Charlson says:

    Chico, California - About 500 Real Americans came out which we figure the local paper had about right. It was the headline of the day here. There were about 20 very inspiring, enthusiastic obviously grass-roots ‘citizen speakers’. We didn’t want it to end. Of course the Redding channel gave most of their time to the anti-military protesters who were there.

  10. JGPess says:

    Went to Tea Party in Nashville, TN. Some reports at as much as 15,000 but everyone was so energized, very polite and no mess left behind unlike the one our Govt has provided. Also went to one in Franklin, TN, estimated to be a few thousand.

    My daughter went to one in little Martin, TN where she said there were around 100.

  11. FedUpinPhx says:

    I too was at the Phoenix, AZ rally. What great energy and enthusiam everyone showed. All were respectful as we listened thru the speakers. Did my heart good to see people from every walk of life…..young, old, babies and veterans.
    All were upbeat and positive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    We really can make a difference by making our voices heard.
    We are sick of BIG Govt and those in DC telling us how to run our households. The massive debt coming our way is no way to run the country.
    There is hope for us, our kids and grandkids in the future.

  12. David says:

    AMARILLO, TX held two TEA Parties. Noon and 6:00PM. There were about 600 people at each event. We signed up (contact sheets) over 850 supporters. We are planning another event for July 4th.

    We had about 5 planned speakers who gave short talks, then the microphone was turned over to those in the audience who wanted to make comments–and BOY did they make comments–very inspiring. One lady stole the show. Her name was Irma Heras. She started her heart-felt and emotional talk by saying “People say I am an Hispanic-American, but I AM AN AMERICAN”.

    I think that attendance would have been greater if we had more parking.

    Other nearby cities in the Texas Panhandle had their own successful TEA Parties and I estimate that another 1,000 or so people attended those.

    What should be the next step? We need a tremendous letter writing campaign. Every person should write at least one letter to the President, each of their Senators, and their Congressman.

    One important step is to identify the big spenders and vote them out of office. Citizens Against Government Waste has their “Porker of the Month” award list and their annual Pig Book is out. That is a great place to start.

  13. Mercy Bowers says:

    We went to the Broward County Tea Party in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. It was great, we had over 4,000 attendees. We were there for 4 hrs. and it went off without a hitch.
    When is the next one? We have to keep the pressure on.

  14. TheRev1953 says:

    Fabulius idea! Boycotting the media during sweeps week…. and while we’re bopycotting them, maybe a few demonstrations directly across the streets from their offices (not on their property as we don’t need to be getting arrested just yet.)

  15. [...] I am committed to posting a brief report and pictures if you send them from any April 15 Tea Party. If your event is not mentioned here, here or here or here. [...]

  16. NH says:

    Please read about the banking cartel for whom Obama is looting the country. Read what he just did at the G20. This is the root of the problem.

    Obama Endorses Soros Plan to Loot America

    “By embracing the “global plan for recovery and reform,” which is how it was
    officially described, Obama explicitly endorsed International Monetary Fund
    (IMF) surveillance of the U.S. economy, creation of a global “Financial
    Stability Board,” the expanded use of a new global currency called Special
    Drawing Rights, a new global warming treaty, and costly fulfillment of the
    United Nations Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). This is in addition to the explicit and reported commitment of over $1 trillion in additional taxpayer
    money to the IMF and the World Bank.

    The Special Drawing Rights proposal, which is a vehicle for further U.S. foreign
    aid to the rest of the world, was the brainchild of billionaire George Soros,
    who told CNBC’s Maria Bartiromo that the G 20 conference was a “success.”

    “…Obama has sold out the sovereignty of the United States and has laid the groundwork for the death of the U.S. dollar as the world’s dominant currency. While President Bush started this insidious process of holding G 20 meetings, Obama has taken the process much further down the road. It is truly unprecedented.”

  17. [...] For earlier reports, see here or here or here. [...]

  18. trekker says:

    Drove by 80 protesters early in the morning along the highway in Richmond Hill, GA. Plenty of honking from the commuters who needed to go to work that morning.

    Later that afternoon, 1,400 attended a well orginized rally on River Street in Savannah, GA. I was impressed.

    Had this been held on a holiday or week-end, I’m sure that the numbers would have been MUCH higher.

  19. cfox says:

    Hey- I was at the Albuquerque tea-party… it was great and I had a lot of fun being there with my wife and kids, as well as my dad- 3 generations :)

    There is no way we had 10,000 people- maybe half that, but i’d still be skeptical. 4,000 sounds about right. I spoke to people that drove down Wyoming and they saw 1 person by Montgomery… no chance that people were all the way up to Juan Tabo. I don’t think it made it as far west as San Mateo either. It was a great crowd, and a great time- but let’s not start pulling numbers out of our arses! Leave the make believe stuff to the libtards.

  20. [...] a short report and photos or a video about your event are not mentioned here or here or here, and you have a report or photos, send ‘em on in because I have another dozen reports in hand [...]

  21. Jim_NH says:

    We need to exercise our contitutional term limits. VOTE THE INCUMBENT BUMS OUT!

  22. Buck Ofama says:


    when is the next National tea party?
    This date has to be decided soon
    so organizers can arrange bigger events
    & raise funds if necessary.
    Funds can pay for flyers, advertisement
    on radio & rent better audio equipment.
    for guest speakers.

  23. Ray says:

    I was also there at the SPOKANE Tea party. I overheard one of the organizers saying they had counted upwards of 6,500 people about halfway through the event, and more people kept arriving throughout the entire thing. FYI Tom, the person who spoke was not the state representative but the 5th District Congressional Delegate Cathy McMorriss-Rodgers. I suspect that she was one of the few if not the ONLY congressional representatives invited to speak at a tea party.

    The crowd was very involved and when they asked to see a show of hands on how many veterans were there I estimate about 1/3 of the hands in the crowd went up.

    I included a link to my facebook album with some pics of the crowd taken from my cellphone.

  24. Rick Abbott says:

    We had over 700 in attendance who signed up onsite. We had live TV and radio coverage, and we are already planning for our 4th of July event. The momentum is amazing!


  25. Melissa MacDonald says:

    Greetings fellow PATRIOTS!!! We did it!! But lets KEEP THE BALL ROLLING!! My home state is VA (northern) but I’m temporarily in Az…..I went to downtown PHOENIX and Arizona didn’t let me down!!!! Great showing of approximately 6000!!!!!!!!!!!!!YEAH! I LOVE AMERICA AND MY AMERICAN FAMILY!!!! See y’all back in VA!! But GO ARIZONA!!!! :D

  26. Tony says:

    Let’s define humanity.

    It is excellent that we all went to defend or freedom and independence but where is the united? Lady Liberty weeps, and the tea party was the start to those liberties we call our constitution and ten commandments. They have great significance in our world today but we can talk about that all day.
    Our children are being put to work by the parents at a young and younger every offspring but yet we worry about jobs and the sight we see is it is the government’s problem.
    The vision once was to stop working children and require education, so that way a greater humanity can come about but we have just know see the reaction to that action taken, but no one knows what happens because of the current issues behind living and breathing those event opposed to learning and studying them, age is no factor any more for the most harsh reality has been pushed onto our children and we all have fear, so stand for the here now and leave the now and then for later.
    Social Issues has gone on long enough and I call for a plan of action. For I know that we all have a say in this so I ask set the priorities we trap our children in a shrunken world and now we don’t know what to do, globalization is necessary as well as understandings of inter-connective-ness. All of people or just one? We all know the answer but we all have to survive too, so who’s being biased?
    Rational solutions to what we want must come from the people, so let’s bring back the independent, support me by asking questions, time is all we have, so stop hiding from yourself and the place you call earth for time is all we have on it. All creations need time lets bash our own creations and make new ones as humans, the intellectual beings of humanity, but that’s just my opinion, so take it how you want, but I see an ill mannered society, with backward values and uncontrolled aggression.
    I do not get to pick what is right and wrong so I am not proving anybody wrong so all I ask is for a listening ear and a true eye. So all we have come to be are concepts but language has lead us there and language develops emotional outlook due to explaination so check yourself and how you survive, then we’ll talk.

  27. MSgirl says:

    Tampa, FL 1000+
    Awsome fellow Americans !!! The “extreme” from this right wing extremist - singing GOD BLESS AMERICA and it always swells my heart, makes me cry and reminds me of how blessed I am, to fight the good fight.
    Democrats want to change the world. This Republican does not want to be changed BY the world.

  28. Ethan_Allen says:

    Doesn’t look like anyone reported yet from Santa Ana, here in the heart of Orange County, CA. At street level it was hard to estimate how many people were there. One of the organizers mentioned in a follow-up message today that the Santa Ana Police deploys a horse platoon when crowds exceed 3,500 people. Well, the horse platoon was there. Of course they had nothing to do other than sit there; the protesters were the friendliest, most well-behaved group of people. Here is a YouTube video of the Santa Ana tea party singing America the Beautiful: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dZaRalzf0XU

  29. Reuel says:


  30. Brad Van Pelt says:

    We had 300+ ENTHUSIASTIC people at our tea pary in Gering, Nebraska. We were very pleased as we are a community of around 20,000. No problems at all, almost all comments were positive. LET’S KEEP IT ROLLING!

  31. Maria says:

    Harbor View Park , Cape May, NJ -A driving rain with strong northeasterly winds whipping across the harbor didn’t stop 85-100 from gathering for our own harbor Tax Day Tea Party. We had planned to have a boat participating from the harbor for our tea dumping but the weather prohibited any boats from taking part.
    The commitment and fortitude of the people who showed up around the country in the same kind of weather makes me proud. But, you know those right wing extremists- they just don’t have enough sense to come in out of the rain! God bless them.

  32. Lovey in Las Vegas says:

    Las Vegas, Nv., it was unbelievable! It was cool, windy and drizzling, ‘unusual weather. I was concerned that Las Vegans wouldn’t show up but they did! Groups came and went from morning till night. People stayed around in between events. It started at the main post office, where demonstrators were present all day, all kinds of people of all ages. Additional groups had arranged space at a nearby park. We were there for an event put on and supported by a local talk radio station 840. We arrived at 11 AM and stayed through 4PM, there were on average 2,500 people consistently and, absolutely NO PRESS OR MEDIA present that I observed! As much as people were outraged and vocal, there was no threat or danger from the crowd present, seen and being heard, desirous of a return to the fundamentals of our Country. There were a number of police cars visible with some cops directing traffic, and two or three protestors on the street we were made aware of but I did not see. ‘CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW…?” was one sign which summed up the multitude of reasons why people attended. A very inspiring speaker at one event was Herman Caine, talk show radio host from Atlanta, GA. I look forward to hearing more from Mr. Caine and thank him, along with all the people who took responsibility for pulling it together via many venues and all the folks who took time to attend. See you on July 4…let freedom ring! Be clear anti-American media and press, this is an idea whose time has come. Cox was supportive and practically the only media network giving any credence to this, an American movement. I’m on line as are most of the people who were present and we will persevere with or without mainstream press or media, who reads or listens to them anyway. There are many on the side of fairness and rightousness, believers in the fundamental values of our Republic. God Bless America!

  33. Doris Smith says:

    My husband and I were also in Omaha. I was closer to the front so I couldn’t tell how many for sure but estimate 800 easy. I loved the speech of Patrick Henry. Let this be the beginning of holding the politicians feet to the fire and stop spending our children and grandchildren’s prosperty. Both parties were and are responsible for this. Let your representatives and senators know what you want and become involved. D. Smith

  34. Josh Self says:

    Estimated 3000 at the Birmingham party. Many pictures on Flickr. Check out this panoramic below:



  35. Jennifer Cyr says:

    I went to two yesterday. One in Concord NH. I was never good at that game where you guess how many beans are in the jar, but there were at least 500 people there. I don’t know. I was towards the front, the crowd was thick (”excuse me” crowded) and I could see signs over people’s heads that went way back towards Main St. It was a jolly, rowdy, determined crowd. Who knows there may have been as many as 1,000. I was never good at counting.

    In the afternoon I went to a much smaller intimate Tea Party in Rochester NH, my town. Considering that Rochester is not a big city, more like a large town, and we had only a week’s notice, I was impressed by the 100 person turnout. It was a different crowd; more thoughtful and subdued.

    Not that the Concord people had any shortage of ideas how to keep the momentum going, but in Rochester we all seemed to realize we were meeting our neighbors, and the plans we made amongst ourselves as we milled around and listened to a couple of important speakers indicate that City Hall in Rochester ought to sit up and take notice. They won’t, though. If the ruling class weren’t so boneheaded to begin with, we wouldn’t be in this mess, and since we are in this mess, it proves that the ruling class are boneheaded. Does that make sense?

    Listen, people, I told my granddaughter that attended with me that we were probably going to have at least 50 of these days before the boneheaded ruling class even begins to scratch their heads and wonder if they’re supposed to be concerned about all this. Just wait, I told her, until protesting gets old. (Ah, dang, another Tea Party today. :-) I asked her, “Do you have what it takes to go the distance?”

    One thing that seriously impressed me about our little Rochester Tea Party. The organizer didn’t have a whole lot of time to put this together, so she only had 2 speakers to fill what was supposed to be a 3 hour event. She figured that if everybody took a turn at the mike, we could fill up our own three hours. I thought, uh-oh.

    Except she was right. People *did* take turns at the microphone. We all got up and had our say (including me, and I’m practically a hermit!). We threw ourselves our own Tea Party, we were our own speakers. Everybody had something intelligent to add to the discourse, and we used up our 3 hours. How’s that for a small town?

    City Hall, be afraid.

    Oh, and one more funny thing, I know this post is already too long, but in Concord we held our protest at the State House because the legislature was supposed to be voting on their inflated budget and their own version of porkulus. We figured they could debate (if there is any) while they listen to our big mouths. Except it didn’t quite pan out that way; those fools cancelled work and stayed home. Terrified of my 10 year old right-wing extremist granddaughter, probably. With her little braids and her Hannah Montana T-shirt, oooooh, scary stuff there. We booed the heck out of those guys–jeer! Out of the 400 politicians that sit in there daydreaming about money, only 6 maybe came out to talk to us. They had good things to say. One woman, I forget her name, told us about how they spent $74,000 on this luxurious bathroom on the third floor, and it’s broken. It doesn’t work. She invited us on a tour to see the stoopid bathroom. I loved her and wished she was my representative.

    I attended with a flu with fever and mostly shivered all day long. I’m paying today. So what. I’m sick as a dog, and happy as a hog.

  36. James says:

    What a great day for our country, lets keep it going!

  37. Jayne Kallas says:

    Distribute the wealth evenly? Some people cannot afford to pay taxes so others should pay more to make up for them? I think you misunderstood the whole point of these tea parties (my husband and I were at Boston Harbor). It’s about less government and therefore less taxation for everyone regardless of where they are on the income scale.

  38. Brandy N says:

    Hey everybody! I have been praying for a day like yesterday for a long time, it was awesome to see everyone together fighting for our freedom, but but taxes arent the only thing that there are doing to us, they are poisoning us everyway they can. There spraying chemtrails on us, poisoning or food and water, there trying to dumb us down and/or kill us so we are more easily controlled. We need to do something about this too!

    Please research!

  39. Freedom4America says:

    I went to the Santa Maria California rally and we had about a 1000 people. It was awesome. I watched the 11pm news on KSBY channel 6 and the video they played showed 7 people standing by a truck and that was it. Talk about misinformation and bias. The liberal media wants to call Fox new bias. If it wasn’t for Fox News we would only get the news the government wanted us to here-like in China. Thank God for Fox News. The liberals are going to have some suprise when they realize this is a movement that isn’t going to die!

  40. S.E. Stewart says:

    Bellingham, WA WOW! I thought I was alone. The local organizers expected about 200-400 people at our Tea Party and over 1500 showed up. People of all walks of life—seniors, 20 somethings, kids, baby boomers and immigrants who came here from repressive countries. It was a fun festive atmosphere and a great civics lesson for all. Now I know I’m not alone here and feel very energized to advocate for putting things back on track.

  41. Krista says:

    Official Count for Lansing Michigan 5,000!!!! I Could hear the battle cries almost 4 blocks away at the Community College where I was!!!!

  42. PamH says:

    We had a FANTASTIC turn out at the state capitol in Little Rock, AR. Of course our newspaper completely got it wrong and terrible article. Just tripe their numbers they said for the whole state just for the Capital party! Way to go Mountain Home!!!! Let’s keep going. We are continuing the fight at arkansasteaparty.com and our Facebook page. We had a lot of young people at the party. Thank you for being aware, awake and ready to march on! Yes, I’m a proud radical right wing, hard working, college educated, extremist Christian mom!

  43. Big Fish says:

    From Santa Rosa, California.

    A great event with about 700-800 at the couthouse square which later marched to the Federal Building and local offical offices. Attendees were just working class Americans angry and fearful of the taxes and future of the country under Obama’s direction towards Marism and socialism. A hand showing revealed about 75% of attendees that this was their first activtist rally. The event was conducted by local business people with speechs by anyone who wanted to speak. Two Americans who grew up in Czechoslovkia and Finland gave short testimonials about growing under socialism with emphasis on taxation and healthcare. Another young woman from Mexico said coming legally is the only way. It was wonderful high tension, good feelings, non-violent and truly an American activity. People were very “expressive” and the police were fvery understanding. The local press did not cover the evnt and did not report the following day. Nothing. In Santa Rosa (pressdocrat.com)jounalism is clearly dead and terminally biased to the left. To readers, Sonoma County(north of occupied San Francisco and Marin County) is a bastion of left wing political activity.

    Committees are being formed to become more organized for near future events.
    Remember to thank and pray for our troops!

    Keep screaming until the revolution starts…

    Big Fish

  44. teablogger says:

    Report on Memphis is on the Thursday update on main page.

  45. Jen says:

    Lots of fun! We probably had at least 1000 at the Rancho Cucamonga, CA party. Everyone driving by was honking and waving. It was a great day, cold and windy, but fun!

  46. harris says:

    No one’s mentioned Memphis, Tenneessee. Great Tea Party with probably 3,000 or more folks.

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