Reports from our readers. YOU DID IT!!!


These reports are coming pouring into our inbox and our comments boxes from all over. Keep scrolling. This post is being updated about once every five minutes…and there are still hundreds of Tea Parties still in progress or that haven’t started yet!

Besides scrolling and re-freshing your page, click on the comments as readers leave reports there.

“New Jersey: Flemington (tiny town) 200+ regular folks stood in the rain and sleet for two hours and made sure their voices were heard…awesome turnout!”


“I’m not good at estimating numbers but it appeared that at around 500 people turned out for the tax rally on the lawn at the statehouse in Montpelier. I was suprised by such a large showing in a state that is so liberal. The rally was from 12;00-2:00. After the rally, demonstrators entered the statehouse while the representatives were in session. They were surprised by the number of people there!”

“I would like to thank the 300 to 400 people who showed up at the courthouse here in Montrose. We had a great day exercising our right to peaceful assembly.” (Colorado)


“Just got back from the one in Denver and it rocked! Way more people than I would have expected!!”

“Over 1000 people turned out at the Trussville Tea Party.”

“I was at the CULPEPER, VA rally earlier today and there looked to be 300-400 people. It was cold and rainy, but that didn’t stop a good-sized group from gathering peacefully and protesting. It was a good cross-ection of Americans and a good vibe.”

(Photo above from Nashville}

“The Tulsa Tea Party had THOUSANDS in attendance. See link for pictures.

“I just got back from a TEA party in Ventura, California and it was great. There were about 300 people assembled listening to speakers and another 100 or so people lined up on the streets in front of the Government Center. Not only were the protesters on the street invigorating, but so were the constant honks and cheers from the numerous cars passing by. It is apparent that MANY Americans agree with these TEA parties!”

“Glad I attended the event at the state capitol. Very inspiring. Pleasantly surprised by the turnout. Very reassuring to see that not everyone is being lulled to sleep by the spin put forth by our elected officials.” (Connecticut)

“The rain in Harrisburg, PA could not keep away a very patriotic noontime crowd. My tea bags for Casey, Specter, Rendell and Obama are in the mail!”

“We had about 500 people out at lunch time in Crystal Lake, IL taking up all four corners of Rt. 14 and Main St. I saw and talked to people that had never been out to a protest before.”


“I just left the tea party in Hammond, LA, there was about 100-150 people there. I was really surprised and excited about the turnout.”

“I attended the tea party in Nashvile at 12noon, it was said we had 10,000 but I’m not sure. I know it was huge. I am so proud that I took off work to stand to attend and stand against all this spending. Keep it up fellow Americans, this is our time to stand and defend our Nation, our Constitution, and protect the future of the next generation.”


“Massapequa, NY: approximately 300-400 tax day protesters at Massapequa Long Island Rail Road train station.”


Awesome pics!

“1,200 people gathered on the banks of the Maumee River in Toledo, Ohio, enduring cold, wind and rain to demonstrate their opposition to the direction in which our country is being taken.”

“Just got back from the protest in Bel Air, MD. Cold and rainy, but about 300-400 of us still managed to crowd the green in front of the County Courthouse to make our feelings heard. A call for limited government and liberty from all comers. It was awesome.”

“Attended a rally in Montpelier from noon - 2 . . . it was huge! I would estimate the crowd size to be near 1,000 people. I was amazed at the number of people who showed up in the middle of the day on a work day. The size of this gathering by Vermont standards was HUGE!” (Vermont)

“5,000+ at Denver Colorado Tea Party being reported by Denver Post.”


“The lunchtime Tea Party in the little CA town of Danville, which was not advertised (didn’t even get listed on this site until 4/13/09!) was EXCEPTIONALLY well-attended. At the busiest time I counted almost 100 participants!!”

“Thank you to all the people who came to the Tax Day Tea Party in Naples, FL at the corner of US 41 and Pine Ridge Road at 12:00 Noon today. I am told, last count, we had 3,000 people attend!!!”



“I went to a small local one here. The paper reported 300. The actual number was about 600 (I counted). The organizers were expecting 50. It was a street corner protest instead of a rally.”

“I just came from the Ogden, UT tea party. It was AWESOME! There was about 200 people!!! And it was snowing! You can’t stop us! Way to go Ogden!!!”

“The Lansing (State Capitol) Tea Party was awesome.. 4000+ people in attendance.” (Photo below from Lansing.)


“We held our Tea Party in Montgomery, Alabama at noon today….We were hoping to draw a few hundred people… 100 - 200 was what we hoped for, and we figured that 500 - 600 would be awesome. Our official attendance estimate is 2300 - 2500 people! It was AWESOME!!!”

“Picayune was a huge success. I was all ready to stand out there with the ten people who might show up. Turns out that upwards of 250 people showed in the sleepy town (not so sleepy afterall).”

“Just got back from the Colorado Springs Tea party. Talked to two cops, they both agreed that there were at least 2,500 in the park. Very peaceful and lots of great signs..”


“I too just came from the tea party in Pocatello. I was very impressed to see nearly 400 come out in support even in the rain. Keep up the fight my friends!”

“Mobile Alabama- About 1000 participants held a rally at Cooper Riverside Park demonstrating against increased debt by an ever increasing government and the taxes that it will take to pay that debt. Power of the People!”

“I went and there was a good deal of people at the boston one.”


“Looks like 3,000-4,000 patriot rally in Colorado Spring’s Acadia Park. I was so proud to be an American today.”

“Just came from a local tea party in Gilbert, AZ. Expected turnout: 50-100 people. Actual turnout, witnessed by my own eyes: 1,000-2,000 people. Listen up, D.C. - the people are speaking today - LOUDLY!.”


“1000 People at the Sarasota Marina Jack Tea Party at 12 Noon!!!!!!!!!!!”

“New Haven Tea Party backed up traffic for 5 miles in either direction as rubberneckers honked and waved.”


“500 people at wyomings protest in cheyenne, another protest at 530pm 2nite.”

“Canton Ohio. A crowd of 2000+ showed. I am stunned. All ages, parties, backgrounds!”

“Just got back from our TEA PARTY in Pocatello Idaho. We had a great turn out. There in the rain and cold we had 300 or so show up. A GREAT TURN out. A great beginning.”

(Photo above is an aerial of San Antonio’s Tea Party)

“I attended the tea party in New Port Richey Florida today. What a moving experience! A Wonderful gathering of Peacefull ,Sincere , and concerned people ,expressing their frustrations the way our founding fathers intended. the March to City Hall from Veterans Park will go down as one of the most memorable even ts in my 57 years.”

“reports have approximately 4500 in the early hours of an all day event in Boise, Idaho.”

“In our town of Salina we had over 500 people turn out this afternoon.”


“Just came back from the Oklahoma City gathering and it was AWESOME! Someone had set up 1500 American flags on the ‘mall’ in front of the Capitol, so as you’re walking up the street you saw a mass of American flags. The turnout was large and enthusiastic - much bigger than I expected! I am terrible at guessing crowds, but I’d venture to say it was between 5,000 and 10,000 (the media had been predicting 1,500-2,000).”

“2500 people in front of the Capital, Sacramento, 11:15 AM before the party even starts.”

“A crowd estimated at 400+ straddled both sides of the Burlington Street bridge at the Iowa City Tea Party!.”

“Greensboro, NC had upwards of 800 people at our rally (some estimates up to 1500)!”

“Just got back from White Plains TP. About 250-300 showed up and it was a spirited event.” (New York)

Photos from Cincinnati.

“Just came from the one in Tupelo 600+ attended. It was great.”


“I don’t see where we are to record the crowd size of our event. In Adrian MI we expected 100. We only put it on the teaparty and 912er websites. We had a total of 267! It was a great group. It was so cold outside and everyone had to stand in the wind, yet everyone had a great time and had good things to say.”

“Just got back to work from the Columbia Tea Party. Maybe 2,000-3,000 folks there. Lots of flags and signs and kids.”

“In North Carolina: Greensboro: 1,000-1,200; Charlotte: 700-1,000; Fayetteville: 300.”


“There was a pretty good turnout for the Tea Party at the Court House in Elko considering that it snowed the entire time. I estamate that there were close to 75 people in attendance.”

“8000 in Madison.”

“Here in Nashville we had basically 10,000 people in attendance. Attendance on actual Legislative Plaza was pretty definitively set at 7,467 and about 2,500 spillover on steps, sidewalks, the hill up to the capitol building and in cars circling and honking their horns (ala anti-tax protest from 2002) and who couldn’t find parking.”

“Fort Collins, CO at least 2,500 attended. It was Amazing, very divese and powerful.”

(Photo above from Madison, Wisconsin).

“Thank you so much for a great Tea Party today! Could not hear Grover Norquist because 3,000 people showed up!”

“Way to go Vegas. I just got back from the Tea Party at Sunset&Eastern roads. All I can say is that the party is a huge success. Wow! What a great turnout. I estimate,conservatively that approximately 5000 to 6000 patriotic Nevadan’s showed up for this well organized and peacefull demonstration.”

“I went to the one in my small town of Frederick, MD and over 1000 people showed up despite the cold and rain. It was definitely an event that impacted me in a way that I have not experienced before. Just being a part of that group of people who were standing up for themselves was so empowering.”

(Photo above from Pennsylvania).

“Harrisburg PA had around 4,000 to 5,000 on the steps of the Capital.”

“Went to the DC rally today. It seemed like a few thousand people between 11:30 and 12:00. I could only stay for a half hour, due to work.”

“Great turnout today in Columbus! Very happy to see there was such a good crowd in Tupelo. Let’s keep this ball rolling, folks!”

(Photo above from Oklahoma City).

“OKC estimates were around 7k.”

“…roughly 300 on a cold and snowy day here in Helena, MT.”

“700 in the hamlet of Hudsonville.” (Michigan).

(Above photo from Denver).

“I’d estimate 2-3,000 at what was supposed to be the ’small’ protest for the SE area of the greater Phoenix area. Downtown rally should be HUGE!”

“I was racing, tax returns in hand, to make the last pick up at the post office when The Beatles’ “Tax Man” came on. Smiling and thinking how prophetic the old song was, I rounded the bend near Pray Park in Waterville, Ohio (Rts 24 & 64), to find a crowd of people from this small village on the banks of the Maumee River, gathered in protest. Trust me…I’ve lived southwest of here and have driven this route for 10 years; I’ve never seen anyone at Pary Park, much less a rally like this. Didn’t seem to be organized; only an impromtu gathering of citizens. Amazing…they’re demonstrating what I’ve been thinking. If I weren’t so tired from trying to meet the filing deadline, I’d have stopped and joined them.”

“I too just got back from the Tea Party at Sunset & Eastern and it was FANTASTIC. They estimated about 2000 people there, but for every person actually there, there was also at least one car driving by honking in support.”

“Over 350 in Sault Ste. Marie, seems small, but this a huge turn out for a town of barely 13,000.” (Michigan)

“Just got back from the Jackson, Mississippi tea party. I estimate the crowd to be 3,000 people.”

“Hard to estimate because a lot of people arrived after the protest started, but Hattiesburg had between 700 and 1000 people.”

“2500 in Boise Idaho!!!!”

“700+ showed up for the Tax Day Tea Party in Corning, New York (pop. 10,000).”

” 2,000 in Appleton.” (Wisconsin).

“Just got back from the Reston, VA tea party. Excellent turnout… easily 400 in the pouring rain.”


(Photo above from Resistance is Growing.)

“Started out today at the Greensboro Tea Party. It was a great crowd, somewhere north of 1,000 patriots. Superb placement in the courthouse square attracted onlookers and curious downtowners. Fantastic mood and enthusiasm.”

“Went to the Livonia/Northville rally on Haggerty Road. There were between 300 and 500 people there.” (Michigan)

(Photo above of San Francisco from Daily Pundit.)

“Toledo was expecting 300 and we had around 1,000.”

“Just got back from the Plano, TX tea-party, was still going strong when I left. About 200 folks, ages 7-70, lots of flags, horns, and patriotism.”

“went to the Boston Tea Party ! where it all began.. fantastic turnout ! never knew taxachussetts had so many conseratives ! huge turnout Sam Adams would have been proud ! I certainly was.”

“New Jersey - Piscataway about 300- 400 people. Marched to the Raritan river and threw our teabags in. Today I knew why I have always been proud to be an American.”

“Although small our little town of Geneva, Illinois held a Tea Party today at the Kane county Civic Center. It was held between 4-6 pm and about 300 people turned out on a beautiful sunny afternoon.”

(Photo above from Denver.)

“Over 300 showed up to the Findlay, Ohio Tax Day Tea Party. The rain and cold didn’t deter people from showing up.”

“Just got home from Tea party in Hauppauge and it went well. I would estimate maybe a thousand people but hard to tell as they were pretty spread out. A lot of great signs held up to traffic along a busy Vets Hgwy and a LOT of honking in solidarity.” (New York).

“We had about 2000 - 3000 at the Tea Party in Louisville KY throughout the day. We had great media coverage and everything went perfect. No police harrasment, no anti-protesters, everyone was kind and organized. We made a big impact here in Louisville, Go Get’em America.”

“Attended the Longview Tea Party earlier today and it was announced that we had about 1,000 people. Not bad for a city of that size.” (Texas)

That’s it for this thread! Please keep leaving your reports and soon we’ll start another thread.

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  2. marcelo says:

    Looks like another sad, unsuccessful tea party. There were at most 50k people in DC, and of course, mostly white, bitter, gun loving people who simply hate Obama. I don’t know why conseratives can’t just ADMIT that it bugs them that a black man is their president and that he’s SMARTER than they are. Get over it!

  3. Donald B Parsons says:

    I attended the Tea Party in little Bangor, Maine and was shocked and proud that 300-500 people of all ages, genders, political affiliations showed. I was a little reluctant being from such a liberal state where even our Republicans vote more often with the liberals than their own. I was SOOOO upset when TWO of Maine’s own ( Susan Collins (R) and Olympia Snowe (R)) out of only 3 Republicans voted FOR and were the deciding votes to pass the MASSIVE Stimulus Package. I thought I would be the only one to show up and even if that were the scenario I would have stood there alone for the duration. Thank You, you crazy Maine Tea Partiers and will be looking forward to the continuation of this grassroots movement.

  4. F. L. Forman says:

    I was unable to attend the tea party held here, but did mail in my teabag! I feel it is so important we all stand up and be counted on the issues that are not in our best interest. From budget, bailouts, healthcare,social security, border control, and illegal immigrants to “stimulus” packages that were passed without being read and congressional term limits and automatic pap raised for congressmen! Let’s all let them know how we feel about these these issues!

  5. I took my 9 year old son to his first big political rally.
    He was holding a sign that said Don’t Steal My Future !
    He was walking around chanting Don’t steal my future, Don’t steal my future.
    There was about 7,500 people at the Save Mart Center in Fresno.
    We thought it was great !
    A radio station was broadcasting out there. Everyone was very nice & it
    was a total peaceful protest. I need to get my pictures developed - LOL

  6. Melodie says:

    I was at the Spokane Tea Party- VERY VERY uplifting. It was great to know there are others who feel like we do. I would say, maybe a couple thousand not 6500.

  7. Mr. & Mrs. Monty Montgomery says:

    Let me first introduce ourselves. Our names are Mr. & Mrs. Monty Montgomery and we live in Montgomery, Texas. Because my husband had a business appointment in Austin, we drove to Austin on the 14Th to attend the Tea Party there at the Capital. It was a beautiful day and thus a large turnout; we heard that there were 5,000+ people in attendance. With music and speeches from various state government people, it was a very inspiring time. After the meet at the Capital steps, the police blocked half of the street that leads from the Capital to the lake in downtown Austin, and all 5,000+ people marched the entire distance of 3+ miles for a mock demonstration of tea being dumped in the lake. There were people of all ages, ethnic backgrounds and political leanings but all were in accord when it came to the purposes of the protest. Government spending, bigger government with more control, new or larger forms of taxation (all without representation) took the lions share of “reasons” for the unrest and dismay of the participants. The signs carried by all of us spoke loud and clear as to the purpose of the Tea Party….clear that is to everyone but the government reps and the news media. Oh, speaking of the media….there was none. I remarked to my husband that it was strange to see such a huge crowd of people all protesting together and NO MEDIA CAMERAS. Well, we soon found out that they had decided to ignore the meets and chalk it up as just a few radical, right-wing troublemakers. The tenor of the comments made by the media still shocks me as they seem so cutting, full of insults and criticisms for any and all that don’t “go with the program” as they see it. I cry for our country.

    Anyway, we felt much reassured by the huge crowds that showed up at so many of our nations cities! I have a feeling that this will not be the last of these demonstrations! I believe we need to continue these showings, as I feel that each successive meet will only get larger until it will be impossible for the government representatives to ignore the momentum generated if for no other reason than their worry over re-election. We can see the day that a “new” party may have to be introduced that truely represents the PEOPLE OF THE UNITED STATES!!!

  8. Karen White says:

    My neighbor and I drove a hour and half to participate in the Rapid City, SD tea party on the 15th where we were joined with around 1700 people. It was a kind gentle friendly crowd who were all expressing their concerns over what is happening to our FREEDOMS… We look forward to step 2 and have heard from one of the organizers (who did a great job by the way!) that they are planning another meeting either today or tomorrow to discuss what we can do next. Always remember to NEVER give up, sometimes it has to get it’s darkest before the dawn.. Our dawn is on the rise, we just have to stick together and educate ourselves on the what the founding fathers wanted and wrote for the this country and try to stay on top of every little issue they are trying to slide past us without a figtht… Don’t stop calling and emailing your reps. remember THEY WORK FOR US…. Hope to see you all some time…

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  10. Rosalie Sabatino says:

    I attended a Tea Party in New Jersey - a corrupt and one of the most highly taxed states in the country under the Democrats. My reasons were simple and turned out to be many of the same reasons that the 300 people attending were there! Politicians are arrogant and do not care what Americans think. The most arrogant is our President and his administration with Nancy Pelosi as Queen of Porkulus Spending.

    It wasn’t just that taxes and spending are out of control, it is the sense that this administration is trying to change the very core of what this country was founded on! Religion, liberty, freedom, rights of the individual!

    My experience simply was that my signs “Vote the Idiots Out” ,Term Limits and Deport the Democrats were received extremely well with other people having variations! People are upset with taxes and spending, card check, e-verify (illegal immigration in NJ is about 400,000 plus this tuition fiasco for illegals), abortion (people feel that if someone wants an abortion let them pay for it - don’t use tax payer dollars), The list of all the issues coming out of this administration including Janet “anti-american” Napolitano is massive and we have no say!!!!

    My feeling is we have to vote incumbents out of office - clean house - make records easily available and market the hell out what these people stand for!

    Term Limits - how do “we the people” get them on the ballot in every state so that we have a vote! We need to know what procedure to follow!

    We need well advertised massive rallies especially in Washington, DC hooking all the conservatives, independents and fed up Democrats (all the individual groups out there fighting for the same cause) united. If we don’t do this now, we lose the American we love to the Progressive movement and maybe worse! My gut feeling is we’re past socialism and on to facism/communism! The mainstream news media should be boycotted (CBS, NBC - most definitely, ABC, MSNBC, CNN, New York Times etc.). The conservative blogs need to stay active in providing people with updated “correct” information and move toward solutions.

    Easy access to prewritten e-mails to be sent right from the site so time isn’t wasted going to congress,senate,president consistently! If we want to stop this march toward the demise of America, Americans best put their remotes down and pay attention!

  11. Mike Carter says:

    Texarkana, USA

    We had somewhere in the vicinity of 700 turn out. I am being conservative because some estimates are higher. The crowd was very enthusiastic and vocal. Our Congressman, Ralph Hall, spoke against the bailouts and liberalism in DC. He was very good. I think this movement is waking up America. There were over 100 people at the Texarkana, AR city council meeting last night opposing a water rate increase. It passed 3-2 anyway with the mayor breaking the tie. I would not expect him to make it another term. I am excited that Americans are finally standing up for themselves and being vocal.

  12. Linda says:

    I attended the San Antonio Tea Party. San Antonio police set estimates at 16,000 attendees. There was a venue and large screens set up at Alamo Plaza and another set up at Hemisfair Plaza to handle the overflow crowds.

    The program was scheduled to begin at 4pm. We wanted to get there a bit early because we had been told that an overflow crowd was expected and we wanted to be in Alamo Plaza. A bit after 1pm, we made our way Alamo Plaza. We were a bit surprised to see the Alamo Plaza was filling up fast. The stage was directed toward the street, where the videographers were set up. (Streets around the Party had been closed by the City of San Antonio to accomodate the crowds.). The area BEHIND the stage (toward the Alamo) was also crowded with people……..pretty much an SRO crowd. Now understand that this entire area was right out in the hot sun. Although the weather was great with moderate temperatures, the sun beat down, relentlessly.

    Watching the crowd is always as much fun as following the activities on stage. There were a few incidences of heat frustration. They were dealt with quickly by attendees and EMTs. Rehydration was about all that was called for.

    After Glenn Beck’s portion of the program, we walked through the crowd on the street-side, as far as we could, till the people were so crowded together, you couldn’t move. Then we turned back and went around THAT block above the Riverwalk, to the other end of the crowd, 2 oversized blocks away. It was just as crowded there.

    The rest of the Tea Party program was filled with excellent and moving speakers (I swear you guys need to go to http://www.TexasTurf.org. One of the speakers was Terri Hall, the founder of TURF. The text of her speech is here. Read it. It’ll make your hackles rise. I’ll give you a taste “$3,000 additional commuting costs per year for the average worker”. BTW, Terri is the mother of 7 children whom SHE home schools. That alone would overwhelm most people.).

    The program was wrapped up at, roughly, 8:30pm by Steve Vaus singing his rerelease of “We Must Take America Back” (2009 version). It moved many in the crowd to tears. If you would like your own copy, Steve is giving it away and he wants each of us to share it with 10 friends. The download site seems to be overwhelmed right now so, in a day or so, go to:
    We Must Take America Back

    Click the ADD TO CART to download the full version for FREE
    (ENTER Discount Code AMERICA)

    You are encouraged to share it with friends . . . play it at Tea Parties
    and other special events. All we ask is that you PLAY IT LOUD!

    P.S. There’s talk of having another gathering on the 4th of July……WOOHOO !!!!

    A FINAL, PERSONAL, NOTE: At 8:30 that night, a huge crown queued up to leave Alamo Plaza. We were among them. We looked around at the crowd and at the site. The crowd was politely and patiently leaving the grounds. Although there was no cleaning crew working during the day picking up trash, the grounds were spotless. I was so VERY VERY proud. My mind flew back to my childhood when this would not have been the exception, but the rule.

    The entire day was filled with excitement and energy. It was also filled with untold numbers of acts of kindness. We did not hear one foul word (except when we left the Plaza and wandered back out into the general public). We did not see one act of agression. We did see some people who looked (to us) weird, only to see them turn to help someone else.

    The only negative experience we had was with a tall young man walking through the crowd carrying a white power sign with a phone number on it. After being told, “Son, you’re not wanted here. You will ruin out message and destroy this for us if some reporter gets a photo of you and you know it.” He, unemotionally, said, “I’m trying to save it for the white man.” He was led away by security. He was cooperative and soft-spoken but his sign spoke volumes.

    ALL IN ALL, it reminded me of what is GOOD about America, our freedom. It reminded me that there ARE good, salt-of-the-earth people who want our country to go back to a country of law enforcement, prosperity, and individual freedom.

  13. Elizabeth says:

    Lansing Michigan …..October 15th, 2009

    > We were there in lansing and it was terrific……I find it hard to believe,
    > that everyone that feels the government is out of control, didn’t take the
    > time to attend. This is important, America is being changed before our very
    > eyes by a handful of people….Our constitution is being abused without
    > concern by those who are supposed to be our leaders. My husband has just
    > retired, from G.M……we can’t believe what is happening to this industry
    > and then to watch our 401 erode to half of its value……We don’t know
    > where this will end…..but the worst of it all is watching how our
    > wonderful country with its free enterprise system is being compromised by
    > those who feel there is a “better” way for all……..Americans are hard
    > working and clever, but how will they continue to pour their all into life
    > when “the few will be subsidizing the many”, and what will become of us all
    > as the “many” grow larger than those who earn a way of life…….
    > We Americans are a very generous people and give much to those in need. The system being set up in washington, of trying to equalize everyone, hasn’t
    > worked in other countries and it won’t work here…….We need to keep
    > sending our message to washington that this isn’t Europe, this is America
    > and that we have a wonderful document called “The Constitution” that has
    > proven itself well……We need them to actually “Read” it and to “follow”
    > it……
    > I hope that people will ignore the ridiculous statements made about the
    > rallies by the left that we are extremists or worse “terrorists”… and
    > continue to support this movement by attending and voicing our
    > opinions…..2010 is coming and it seems the only thing these people
    > understand is that they may lose “all of their power” when we voice our
    > “power” at the voting booth…..
    > Let’s make the next rally twice as large or even more…..
    > A concerned Grandmother,
    > Elizabeth*

    I had heard that the numberthat attended was 4 to 5 thousand…….I don’t know how accurate this is…….

  14. Elsa says:

    My husband and I attended the New Braunsfels, TX tea party which was held 11 am to 2pm. We lined up the big rotunda on the side of city hall. My estimate was about 1000+. KSAT12 drove in and interviewed some people. Most were carrying signs; “Do not tax me BRO”. “Keep your hands off my piggy bank”. ” I will keep my guns, liberty. Keep your change”. There were all types of people from all walks of life. Some voted for OBAMA, some voted for McCain. Those voted for OBAMA felt deceived and really angry and frustrated. They know their taxes will be raised because of the bail out and the never ending printing of money. And these are regular working people. We felt that our money in our pockets gets worth-less and less every minute. So we must do something about this forthcoming hyperinflation.
    At 4pm we drove down to San Antonio, to attend the Tea Party. Wow!! the crowd was really jumpacked. Latest estimate was 15,000. Of course, GLEN BECK was there and Mr. Nugent a musician. We were at the back of the stage. It was shoulder to shoulder. Then we inched our way towards stage. I at least had a glimpse of Glen Beck. There were 3 or 4 helicopters hovering during this rally, probably taking pictures.
    Most of the signs are: AGAINST TAXES, BIG GOVERNMENT, THROW THE BUMS OUT. BAIL-OUT IS THEFT. IMPEACH OBAMA. SECEDE. AND PEOPLE CHANTING “USA, USA, USA” I am one of them. I could feel lot of enthusiasm and energy and a sincere effort to have our voices heard. There was also a talk of a third party. Most of the people were against incumbents. Both democrats and republicans who voted for the bail-outs, were called traitors by some. Pelosi was called a “forever smiling miss porky pig”. Other comments were” Obama does not know what he is doing. His lack of experience is now showing and people are realizing it.
    Remember this is our first time in our lives to attend a protest and we are seniors past 65. We met some military guys there at the San Antonio Rally, Some are on wheelchairs and walkers. This big gov and impending higher taxes are really making us angry.
    I wish these rally would continue until Obama changes course. The next tea party will be on July 4th in Washington, DC. That is what we were told.
    Bottom line. This tea party is a huge success!!. We should not let -up and continue on until we are heard. NO MORE BAIL-OUT, REJECT THE OBAMA BUDGET.

  15. John Stewart says:

    I wish I could have attended, but i could not be prouder of all who did.

  16. Connie Emmert says:

    We had over 100 patriots at the tea party in Ketchikan, Alaska in spite of a strong cold wind. It was invigorating! Now we’re ready to start planning for the 4th of July. I can’t wait!

  17. Dale Barker says:

    I live in Livermore, CA. We supported the Tea Party in Pleasanton, CA. It is estimated that there were 3000 - 5000 in attendance. Our speakers were Brian Sussman from San Francisco Radio Station KSFO, Mayor Abram Wilson from San Ramon, CA, Tom Del Becarro, one of the leaders in the California Republican Party and Barbara Simpson also from Conservative Radio Station KSFO. Everything was peaceful and orderly. I talked to a Pleasanton Police Lieutenant who said there were absolutely no problems at the Tea Party. There were Republicans, Democrats, Libertarians, all with a Conservative leaning.
    Everybody was very friendly, courteous, pleasant. Everybody had a very good time. The Tea Party ran from 12:00 noon until after 7:00 P.M.

  18. Bob K. says:

    We had 4,500-5,500 people in beautiful downtown Ft. Worth Texas! What a great event. Anytime I can “tick-off” a liberal, I’m in heaven.

  19. Steve Van Loon says:

    Hi Sheri,
    I’m 58, and went to my first protest as well. Mine was in Nashville. I have never been so proud to be part of something. Don’t be afraid to get political. This really IS political. It isn’t so much republicans against democrats as it it conservatives against liberals. You might have to admit that most conservatives are republican though,….. are you ok with that?


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