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In the post below, we’re updating all day with your reports and pictures from your events.

This is an open thread–say whatever you want in the comments.

I’m also going to add links here to good commentary that I see elsewhere on the web, starting with:

The response to the tea party protests.

An FAQ on the Tea Parties.

Tea Parties launch movement for liberty. (Good news round-up there also.)

Small-town rally shows true meaning of tea parties.

Comic book layout of Tea Party pictures.

Liz Mair: A few notes on Tea Parties.

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  1. Kristi Allen-Gailushas says:

    Hello to all Patriots!

    I have been thinking and hearing and knowing that we need to keep up our movement. What we did with the Tea Parties was fabulous and we know that it worked by the reactions of the liberal media and liberal politicians. The next showing I believe and know we should do is a Pro-Troop Rally for our armed forces. We need to show our support, love and gratitude for our men and women who are currently serving, our Vets (I know we have a Veterans Day) and especially our men and women who have died serving our great nation and protecting and fighting for our freedom! I believe that right now we need to show our men and women of the Armed Forces, that we support them and thank them for what they do. We need to do this nationwide. We need to stand up for the troops! Just like we did with the Tea Parties we should next do for the Armed Services and what better day then May 16th ARMED SERVICES DAY! Let me know what you all think and let’s start planning and spreading the word….PLEASE. I feel really strongly about this. If you want, please contact me and lets start planning and getting the word out….we have a month.

    Kristi Allen-Gailushas

  2. Leonard O Goenaga says:

    Tax Day Tea Party Moderator,

    I finished a comic strip summarizing nation wide protests. Feel free to route the link or use the images.


    Leonard O Goenaga

  3. KN/Fallbrook, CA says:

    I attended the Tea Party in Oceanside, CA - home of Camp Pendleton - and the best Marines around! After we marched to the pier to throw our tea ‘aka beach sand’ everyone gathered in an outdoor amphitheatre for a picture. People then started singing patriotic songs and we recited our National Anthem as the sun set. It was very inspiring. There were plenty of veterans there too - upset at being labeled ‘extremists’.
    All the backlash and name-calling from the left is proof that they are scared. We just need to keep the momentum going.

  4. Charlie says:

    For your information; the Gulfport, Mississippi Tax Day Tea Party crowd was estimated at between 1200 - 1400.

    Someone posted the crowd was only 516.

  5. Pam says:

    The problem is, they can’t get it. They are for sale, we are not. They do not understand that we do not care if we are going to ‘get something’ for what they are taking. They do not get that we do not want our government running our financial institutions or bailing our car industry or earmarking billions of dollars to their special interest groups and PACs.. No, we want what we had: A country where the Tenth Amendment was understood and obeyed. What we have now is an administration hell bent on rewriting the constitution in their new image. For us, even if you said “your life would be easier, your income more stable, and we would take care of you” we still say F YOU, give me freedom. We understand that freedom goes hand in hand with responsibility. We understand that some succeed, and some fail. And when some fail, the new ones rise up and succeed. Such is capitalism. We ‘DO” get it, they just don’t understand why we believe it. It seems so logical to them: tax the rich, share with the rest, get all you can and have as little self determination as possible. Why would you not want to be taken care of? Why are you complaining about the government paying your way? Because we do not want to be subjects of the kngdom called the government! We are the government! We elect representatives, NOT LEADERS!! Mr. Obama fails to see the position of President for what it is. HE is the one who is deluded as he thinks he is there to be worshipped and obeyed and we should thank him for all he does for us. No, he is there representing the people of the United States of America. He is not who we follow, he is who we lead! He needs to understand that as does Congress. 2010 is not that far away. Let’s see how they like change when it comes to the seats of Congress. When people say “no, we do not want you to do that” and they say “it’s for your own good” they have misunderstood the meaning of our America. Part of what they can do with their time when booted from office is read the Constitution they swore to uphold. This is not a Republican vs Democrat issue at all. There plenty of signs at the Tea Party I attended that said “I am a Democrat, I do not want socialism.” and “Democrats against Bailouts”. There were young adults, older adults, people of different races and religions. This is about who we want to be as a nation. This is so much more than the politicians can understand. This is about Americans saying I do not work for you, you work for me! This is about the reality that there is a majority in America and it is not who they think it is. This is about a President misunderstanding why he won, what his win meant, and what power he has in the White House. Maybe they will get it with a few more protests. Maybe they never will. Unfortunately, it is too late for the trillions of dollars they already signed off on. All we can do now is speak with our votes in 2010.

  6. dick casagrand says:

    Let’s pick three possible themes. The Fed. gov. is out of control, cut the budget,and save capitalism. etc. etc.

  7. Janus says:

    The Houston Tea Party was a tremendous success. I’ve posted all the pictures (about 150 of them) I took at it: http://www.secularconservative.net/fiscal-policy/pictures-of-the-houston-tax-day-tea-party/

  8. Elsie says:

    My husband and I went to the Sacramento Tea Party and were so relieved to be around people who are as frustrated as we are. We feel alone out here in Silicon Valley.

    However, I was disturbed when I noticed an American Flag sprawled out on a table, at times touching the ground, and people lining up to write their names on it. I was taught to have respect for the flag. I’m sure this was well intentioned, but it is disrespectful and I wish more people had thought about it before defacing our American flag and what it represents.

  9. dick casagrand says:

    We should have another,soon,on saturday,hopefully with better weather in the east and north. Remember,this rally was on a work day.

  10. Let’s keep this moving! Everyone needs to stay in contact via blogs, twitters, facebook, meetup groups, anything. Find locations to band together through, and stay in communication. Get involved in local campaigns. Write letters. Make phonecalls. I worked in legislative politics, and this DOES make a difference!

    Next thing you know it, we’ll be having protests on July 4th, to celebrate the potential LIBERATION FROM OUR GOVERNMENT!

    Leonard O Goenaga

  11. Doris says:

    Was at the Dallas party yesterday and i’m still pumped up!! There had to be thousands that came out!!

    YES WE CAN doesnt only apply to Obama!

  12. Terecar Pasa says:

    RESTON, VIRGINIA. The April 15 Tea Party in Reston had to be moved to another bigger location because of the higher-than-expected attendance–no Fox or CNN/ACORN, no TV coverage, electrified and a big one nevertheless (300-400), but probably one of the smaller ones compared to Atlanta (15,000-20,000 +-) and San Antonio. Retirees, college-age, young professional, libertarian, constitutionalist, taxation activist attendees–there not just because of tax issues but other offensive programs now being pursued by the administration. I also went to a tea party in Solomons Island earlier this year and it was empowering to see a lot of people of all ages and walks of life who feel the same way I do.

    The CNN putdown? What else can we expect from these bleeding-with-bias “reporters” who come to report “news” already determined to put us down? No surprise there. Ho hum.

  13. John says:

    Houston Results
    Of the 8532 included in the sign-in sheets, 389 attendees checked the “volunteer” column indicating they want to work for the cause! So many of them were really “pumped”.

  14. Paulie says:

    We attended in Coos Bay, OR. It was outstanding!!!! We expected about 40-50 people and there were about 500!!! WE took our two children ages 10 and 13. They were excited to part of something so positive. Even with voting for two fo the democrats serving in D.C. I guess I am a right-wing extremist also.

  15. teablogger says:

    Leonard, great!!!

  16. Tea Party Site Moderator,

    I placed the pictures of the Tea-Party on my blog, LeonardOoh.com. It’s in a nice little comic book layout. I’m going to make a comic strip with all the major Tea Party sites, listing the cities and the numbers in attendance.

    You’re welcome to use them.

    It was a fantastic turnout.

    Leonard O Goenaga

  17. Chuck says:

    In a way its a good thing that the media was so blatantly biased and completely dismissed this beginning of a movement to recapture what our beloved country once was. They won’t have a clue what happened in 2010 and 2012 and of course will misdiagnose that too because there is practically no real journalism anymore. Lets keep this going!

  18. Chuck says:

    We went to the Monterey, CA Tea Party and were astonished and delighted to find about 500 people had turned out! I talked to about eight or ten, all of whom insisted they were unafiliated Independents as I am. While taxes were the focus of getting together, the underlying theme was that both politicial parties have been hijacked by special interests and have forgotten who sent them there.

    Everyone I talked to was equally disgusted with both parties.

    The media, of course is blaming this on rich Republicans or some other fantasy.

    I just hope we can keep this going througt 2010 and 2012

  19. Julie says:


    Thank you for your accurate portrayal of the media. I have thought this many, many, many times in the past and it seems only to be getting more and more pronounced. The media is so biased and powerful that I have taken to not reading or watching or believing anything published by any mainstream sources. It makes me feel physically sick when I apply any intellectual interest to what is out there. I unfortunately feel I am limited to reading special interest media, but that too is biased. Maybe the most practical way to interpret what the media says is to read or listen with great doubt and distrust. Truth is hard to come by.


  20. GM667 says:

    My wife and I went to the Chicago rally. We live very far out from the city, and I had a previous commitment, so we arrived late (event went noon-2PM, we arrived at 1:20). I was dissapointed in that it was mostly dissipated by that point. We missed all the speakers. But only 2,000 attendess for a city the size of Chicago is paltry.

    For those of you outside Chicago, WE NEED HELP HERE. I firmly believe, as this movement sweeps the nation (I was encouraged by what I saw on Fox in San Antonio, Atlanta, Birmingham, and Sacramento) that the Socialist Republic of Illinois will be the last bastion of the big government control faction. Folks, Blagojevich is just the tip of the iceberg.

    If you want to see what the nation at large is headed for on its present course, come to Chicago. It’s already in place here. The city, Cook County, and state governments in IL are run by a big interconnected political machine. Mayor Daley controls everything in the city and can do whatever he wants. Just read what he did to a small downtown airport years ago:
    Taxes here are incredible…I believe Cook County has the highest county tax rate in the nation. The new Governor, Pat Quinn, is planning to increase the state income tax by 50%!!! And the worst part of all of it, is that like-minded individuals like those on this site are a definite minority here. There’s an overwhelming sentiment here, especially in Chicago, like those of Italians during Mussolini’s fascist rule “well, the trains run on time, so things are fine.” For most Chicagoans, as long as the city looks beautiful, and they’re relatively comfortable, they either resign themselves, or relish the fact, that “that’s just the way things work.”

    These tea parties MUST keep going. It seems natural to me that the next big holiday to have these nationwide is Independence Day, July 4th. The Crosby, Stills, and Nash song “Chicago” has the following lyrics. A different time, but it still rings true. What about a mass gathering of people from around the country in Chicago on July 4th? Would you come and stand with us here?

    “Though your brother’s bound and gagged
    And they’ve chained him to a chair
    Won’t you please come to Chicago Just to sing

    In a land that’s known as freedom
    How can such a thing be fair
    Won’t you please come to Chicago
    For the help that we can bring

    We can change the world
    Re-arrange the world
    It’s dying … to get better

    Politicians sit yourselves down
    There’s nothing for you here
    Won’t you please come to Chicago For a ride

    Don’t ask Jack to help you
    ‘Cause he’ll turn the other ear
    Won’t you please come to Chicago
    Or else join the other side

    We can change the world
    Re-arrange the world
    It’s dying … if you believe in justice
    It’s dying … and if you believe in freedom
    It’s dying … let a man live his own life
    It’s dying … rules and regulations, who needs them
    Throw them out the door

    Somehow people must be free
    I hope the day comes soon
    Won’t you please come to Chicago Show your face

    From the bottom of the ocean
    To the mountains on the moon
    Won’t you please come to Chicago
    No one else can take your place

    Yes, we can change the world
    Re-arrange the world
    It’s dying … if you believe in justice
    It’s dying … and if you believe in freedom
    It’s dying … let a man live his own life
    It’s dying … rules and regulations, who needs them
    Throw them out the door”

  21. Gary says:

    I applaud what you are doing here,and hope that this is only the begining.
    I hope this movement will grow and reach all types of people diverse people who all have common values such as fiscal responsibility and liberty. being a conservative it always bothered me how Conservatives always seem to keep silent,hopefully that has changed.
    To those Americans who call themselves “Liberals”, a true liberal would recognize that this unfair tax policy, Trillion Dollar Bail Outs, Multi Trillion Dollar deficit spending are all common problems that should be able to unite Liberals and Conservatives. The Constitution has been shreaded since the last months of the Bush adminstration and the Obama adminstration has tripled down on those hurtfull policies.
    This movement ios about the preservation of our liberties . Billions of dollars of pork in every spending Bill shows that the Government does not respect the American Tax Payer.
    Hopefully this movement will result in to a Million plus great Americans marching on the Mall in Washington DC

  22. So Awesome! What a great day. Went to Yorba Linda Ca. Tea Party great turn out. What I loved the most was that the majority of the people that where there it was their first time to ever protest. The slient majority has spoken and it is just the begining. Hang on to your signs and let do it again.
    I Love America……………………………………….

  23. ADAM POLLICH says:

    I hope the next step is for everyone to get together millions strong and march on washington. Lets show the government we have had all we can take. Show them what we are saying at there front step. I hope it is the biggest rally in history bigger than the recent inauguration.

  24. Debbie says:

    I’m looking for numbers, for an estimate of the number of Americans across the nation who attended the over 800 TEA parties. Does anyone know if any such estimate has been taken or is available? Feel free to email me.

  25. Kansas City MO had about 5,000 in attendance. It was a respectful, professional crowd of concerned citizens. We had a line up of about 10 speakers, with Talk Radio 710’s Chris Stigall as the keynote speaker.

  26. Mark says:

    Here in Memphis, TN, ‘WE’ were expecting 500-1000 people. Instead, 4500-5000 came. And thousands more drove by honking and revving their engines. The Tea Party conspirators spontaneously gathered along the sidewalk holding their hand-made signs, whistling, shouting and ‘dumping their tea’ (frustrations)! WE are very happy and excited about the prospects for the future and encourage our fellow Tea-conspirators to STAY THE COURSE, IGNORE THE MEDIA, REMAIN UNITED, AND CHANGE AMERICA!

  27. Dale Caruso says:

    As a retired journalist who practiced his craft for nearly 25 years - I was mortified and embarrassed by the shallow and highly biased degree of advocacy journalism that was displayed by the - as Rush Limbaugh has - I now think, justifiably termed them “drive-by” media, wire, and the print media coverage of yesterday’s nationwide tea parties.
    To even detail the trash that attempted to pass itself off for “news coverage” would elevate it to a level of legitimacy that this bilge doesn’t deserve.
    After I retired, I taught journalism for nearly 12 years - IN ALL those years teaching, I can say with certainty that none of them would EVER stoop to the level of reporting and writing I witnessed and have read to this point.
    I can remember something said by the great columnist, Jimmy Breslin - There are no “journalists” today - they are nothing more than PR Agents - sitting in their little cubical, waiting for the news to come to them - usually in the form of a press release, which they take and regurgitate into what they pass off as a news story … They need to get off their “lard” asses and actually go out and cover the news!
    What we see and read today in the media, is what we see in Washington with regard to our governance - professions without substance - and what has become most ominous for the fate of our nation, a separation and blatant disregard for the interest of those they purportedly serve. In the case of the elected representatives, the public whom they were elected to represent - or with the news media, the public who they contend that they inform and protect. They (the politicians and media) have become the ruling elite … and worse, they have come to think of themselves as infallible! This self-bestowed infallibility is nothing more than ARROGANCE. It is this arrogance that potentially bodes, in my opinion, catastrophic consequences for this nation.

    Dale Caruso

  28. KATEB says:


  29. Leanne says:

    I attended the Redding, CA tea party at the Sundial Bridge. It was a spectacular event. It’s extimated between 1500 - 2000 people were in attendance. It’s possibly the largest event of this sort this community has ever seen. I’m planning to be in Sacramento July 4th.

  30. Tim in Biloxi says:

    National…PLEASE POST ME!!! Quickest way to get this message out and it is time sensitive…BOYCOTT NOTICE (ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN) Thanks

    GULFPORT, MS SUCCESS- We anticipated 250-300..Hoped for 500…GOT between 1,300 and 1,400. MSM, as always, played down, or ridiculed us, even they even covered it. Listen all, we have to be heard….and we need to pressure the MSM for that….TV Sweeps week is coming up very soon and that;s where the networks set their ad rates from. Will be contacting the organizers nationwide as soon as I have all the specifics, and this will require a bit of sacrifice on all our parts if CBS, NBC, or ABC has any shows that you can’t live without, but…if we boycott these networks during sweeps week, it just has to impact their ad rates and bottom lines. LET’S HIT EM THE ONLY PLACE THEY FEEL IT…IN THEIR WALLETS! Especially those facists Immelt and Zucker at NBC. If we organize it right and we mas email those pinheads a day or two before sweeps start I think we can impact them….We’ll send them all thousands of ransom notes…and then boycott them anyway….THOUGHTS ANYONE

  31. I hope everyone will consider the next step. It seems this morning that our government will dismiss us….AGAIN! I say give them something they cannot dismiss. I personally will not pay anymore FEDERAL INCOME TAX! My business will continue to pay federal income tax because of the 16th amendment to the constitution, but it is illegal to tax my labor and wages. I urge all Americans to go to their employers, change your taxes to Married and 9. They will take no more Federal Income Tax out of your wallet. If you are scared of the IRS and The Federal government…remember….they can’t lock us all up at one time. Let’s take their hands out of our pockets and force them into tax reform. It is easy to dismiss letters, emails and phone calls. If we take away their paycheck…..they will listen then. I hope that in the great success of this TEA PARTY we will take the next step.

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