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If a short report and photos or a video about your event are not mentioned here or here or here, and you have a report or photos, send ‘em on in because I have another dozen reports in hand and I’m going to do another round-up later today.

Either leave a note in the comments or send me an email: roxannekramer@gmail.com

Update: My family has ordered me to put down the laptop so this post might go up early Saturday. In the meantime, I’ve gotten reports from about 30 more sites.

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  1. Ann Godfrey says:

    We went to a party in Gunterville, AL and I could not believe how many people were there, it was great, great speakers….Sorry CNN no rednecks there, just families who do not want their children to pay for our mistakes.

  2. ROB ROY says:

    I live in Phoenix AZ. This morning there were probally 150 illegal immigrant farm worker’s marching at a cesar chavez rally. So of course all the liberal media reported it. Unlike our TEA PARTYS that hundreds of thousands of AMERICAN CITIZENS attended and was either ignored or slandered. Maybe we do need another Revoulution.

  3. RyanNY says:

    Video from the Rome NY Tea Party, held at historic Fort Stanwix:


    Local media reported that 1,000 - 1,500 people turned out - not bad for a city with a population of under 35,000!

  4. jenn says:

    Here are a few photos from the Frederick, MD Tea Party…

  5. CorkyNM says:

    We had about 10,000 in Albuquerque if you include the bumper to bumper supporting traffic. Wow! This is a blue state too. Zero police reports. I was a block captain and we occasionally had to ask people to move from the driveways and keep off the grass, which they did immediately without hassle except for one fired-up patriot, but he cooled off and left. Wonderful group of Americans. Proud day! God Bless America!

  6. Roger H Frost says:

    Praise the Lord for the Tea Party syndrone and our country. It will help start revival in America again. Amen

  7. Peri McMillan says:

    My friend and I went to 3 different Tea Parties. Our first one was in Pasadena, CA held on Saturday April 11. There were about 300-400 of us and It was good. Our second one was held 4/15 in Glendale and 500 of us there. The best one, though, was held in Rancho Cucamonga that early evening. It was at the corners of 2 very busy streets and there must have been over 1000 of us. So much honking from all of the cars going by. It was so uplifting to see that so many Americans have FINALLY awakened. It was a long and tiring day but well worth it.

  8. Sam Smith says:

    St Paul Minnesota I hear had about 2,000 people. Had one agitator in the crowd, was had a sign saying that “Bush Lied (blah, blah) 911 was an inside job”. Luckily kicked his butt he was just ignored and like a useless waste of human flesh he just disappeared.

    I wondered if some of these agitators were sent in to cause trouble by the far left so they could report that we were an out of control mob!

  9. Buzz says:

    The Pittsburgh event had 1500-2000 in the rain, which stopped just after the event got underway. It was attended by children of all ages and quite a few seniors. It was a fairly diverse crowd. There were a couple minor disruptions by protesters trying to disrupt the gathering, but they left shorttly after arriving without incident. Some speakers were a little political, which should be kept to a minimum as this is a gathering of Liberty loving AMERICANS, not Democrats, Republicans or Independants. All in all it was a good event.

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  11. Louis Pike McCasland Jr. says:

    Hello all of you rable rousers:
    The San Antonio Tea Party in front of the Alamo was absolutely the best. Great crowd, (reported to be 16,000) well behaved, did not see any reporters or police. Great speakers and intertainment and the place was clean when the party was over.
    Just a wonderful experience. The movement needs to continue and go to second gear…

  12. Kristina says:

    Here is a link to couple of pictures from the Tea Party in St. Petersburg, FL: http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3642/3452263172_f9818078e9_b.jpg

    You can view more on my Flickr page, http://www.flickr.com/key2yeshua.

  13. Josh says:

    The archive of tea party reports shows just a small box for me..?


  14. Kelly says:

    The Baton Rouge Tax Day Tea Party was awesome! Some news reports are saying we had a crowd of around 5,000! Here is a link to that article:
    Here is a link my pictures of the event:

  15. TacAirlifter says:

    Everyday i see a new report of people at a Tax Day Tea Party and see the national numbers move up (presented by Pajamas TV), my heart just fills up with TRUE hope. That the American people just aren’t out there floating through life and letting their lives be dictated by an overarching big government and wanting to tkae a stand is truly patiotism at its finest.

  16. shawn oneal says:

    Hey Guys, we had over 250 people come out to the Santa Rosa Beach, Fl which was organized by two local citizens. THIS IS A HUGE TURNOUT FOR a small community that had no listing of the event on the major tea party web sites.
    Just a small paragraph in the local paper a few days before.
    The tea party was held at the south walton county annex.

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