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  1. JD says:

    Our government and our future has been sold the likes of George Soros and the other Billionaires who run Wall Street and the major media.

    I think we need to call for an audit of every public official from local mayors all the way up to the president. An audit to cover periods from three years before elected,and up ten years after leaving office. It would happen every two years, and cover all years in office. Audits would not just look for tax evasion but also cover general corruption. Think of how many billions could be saved and how much better government we would have!

    Those caught self dealing should face the same penalties of any other traitor, a firing squad. This is what it will take to regain your government…if you are serious. They aren’t all crooks but there are sure a bunch of them. Just talk of this would some of them running for cover. If you think this is a good idea spread it around.

    I am thinking we need to march on Washington July 4th. Problem is, we are not like the million man march, we have jobs!

  2. Brandi F. says:

    Another good blog by Publius here… anyone know who he is? Meaning, does he write for a local paper or site somewhere? http://publius772000.wordpress.com/2009/04/21/secession/

  3. Wendy says:

    Why aren’t we on the steps of the Capitol????? Health care bill (socialism) will pass next Wednesday giving Obama in his first 100 days a victory with this bill!! Why, Why are Americans so lazy? We need to protest this NOW!!!

  4. Hank says:

    Most Recent polling data from:

    Tax Day Tea Party Polls.com

    Apr 23, 2009
    4:16 PM

    Website voters and their party percentages.

    13% Tea Party

    13% Independent

    15% Constitution

    21% Libertarian

    25% Republican

    Apr 23, 2009
    4:23 PM

    What do website voters want the government to do next?

    Most recent poll data is:

    45% Back to constitution basics

    17% Stop all bailouts

    17% Vote out of office big spenders

    6% No pay to play lobby any more

    Apr 23, 2009
    4:31 PM

    What do website voters want to do next?

    Most recent poll data is:

    27% Vote out of office big spenders

    22% More Tea Party events

    18% More Tea Party members to join

    16% Vote for Tea Party members

  5. Brandi F. says:

    So Janeane Garofalo thinks we’re a bunch of teabagging rednecks? Read why we should be paying attention to her … http://publius772000.wordpress.com/2009/04/22/garofalo/

  6. Art says:

    I notice that one of the Tea Party Sponsors is “Smart Girl Politics”. I guess therefore that Janeane Garofalo need not apply.

  7. Tim says:

    What to do next.
    I believe that all our elected officials should have to apply for the position there wanting directly to the American people. Wheather it be a local,state or federal position. If each Tea party group put together an application including the questions that concern them and send it to the officials that are repersenting them to fill out we could see axactly which ones are concerned enough to respond to the people they work of. Also we can see which officials think there to important to waste there time on us. If we want a job we have to apply for it.
    I think it’s time that our goverment officials really apply to the American Taxpayer for there positions.
    If we make anyone who wants to work for us in 2010 apply directly to us for the job we can weed out the ones who are to busy making money for themselves and their friends to worry about doing the job we hired them to do.
    If you believe this is a good idea . give me some suggestions on what you would like to see in an application .

  8. james trovato says:

    What’s next? July 4th, Independence Rally and march on Washington, DC? Lets to it. Take back our government. Organize and get rid of the Washington Congressional Loosers……..

  9. Beth says:

    There is a petition that was used at the Tea Parties and is available online.


  10. Brian Beames says:

    Let’s start up an initiative!!!

  11. connie scott says:

    what is the name of the man from Georgia who spoke at the Las Vegas NV tea party than went on to Ca to be with Neil Cavato?

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