Finally! The last April 15 Tea Party round-up


Thank you for your patience. Here’s my last round-up of reports you have sent me about your Tea Party events.

Earlier editions are here, here or here and here.

Issaquah, Washington


Wilmington, Delaware: “I was at the Wilmington Tea Party. I want to thank those who organized it so well. It was a great time. I was energized because I saw how many people felt as I do. It makes you feel good that you are not alone. I was truly impressed by all the speaker, and the young man from the University of Delaware was great.”

Chicago, Illinois:


Indianapolis, Indiana: ‘I attended the Indianapolis Tea Party with Thomas Paine (Bob Basso) as the guest speaker. It was great! It was a very large group (3000 or more) on the south side of the state capitol. Many people of all ages with home made signs and words of wisdom for all our representatives.”

Santa Maria, California:


Lake Charles, Missouri:

White Plains, New York:
“I was at the White Plaines Tea party. We had about 250-300 people there.”

Bloomington, Indiana:


Easton, Pennsylvania: “Here in Easton, PA we had at least 250 peaceful and cheerful TEA Party members.”

Cheyenne, Wyoming: “the cheyenne WY party had about 300 attending in the rain, thunder and lightning.”


Maui, Hawaii: “We also had two gatherings in Maui Hawaii, and we got quite a few honks from the public on our side. We stood with American flags, and signs, the police did not bother us, as a matter of fact, we were given the thumbs up by some. From a citizen, not a subject.”

Santa Cruz, California: “This was a modest, but invigorating, turn out. They were from all walks of life; liberal, moderates and conservatives alike, and the crowd was polite and enthusiastic. It was wonderful to see the many many drivers, honking in support. Downtown Santa Cruz is very quaint and quiet, so when a semi-truck made the turn and blew that wonderful blaring horn long and loud, the crowd exploded in delight.”


Honesdale, Pennsylvania: “We had close to 500 people at noon on the lawn at the courthouse in quaint, small town, Honesdale, Pennsylvania in the Pocono Mountains on Tax Day.”

Middle River, Maryland: “There was a splendid tea party in Middle River in eastern Baltimore County today from 10AM-Noon. Estimated crowd was about 100-125. Good speakers, lots of flags and signs. Good response from public judging from the horn-honking and thumbs up signs.”

Woodbridge, Virginia:

Seal Beach, California: “I went to the Seal Beach, California Tea Party. It was organized in about 4 days and there were over 500 people all ages. We met at the city hall and walked to the beach and then to Pacific Coast Highway where we were met by many cars and busses honking their horns and waving flags. We had a bull horn and a single crate and people took turns talking. There were no long speeches but people felt empowered and proud to be there.”

Laurel and Jackson, Mississippi:


Arlington/Grand Prairie, Texas: “I attended the combined Arlington/Grand Prairie (Texas) rally. We expected approximately 500, but about an hour into it, the counters announced over 1,000. The next day the organizer said that the number was over 2,000. Folks kept streaming in, and others who did not stop honked as they drove by. It was fabulous, and I am proud to have been a part of it. We will not be silenced!!”

Wadsworth, Illinois: “We had a small but fun TEA party in Wadsworth Illinois. There were people there that suggested TAX FREE day which now comes on May 30th as the next rally. I say we do it. I’m so sick of being called a right wing red neck racist because I don’t want my future generations paying for this bailout!!!”

Atlanta, Georgia:

Atascadero, California: “…about 1000 people, from all over the county, turned out to let there voices be heard. We’re a city of about 27,000 people that recently took back our city from the left and don’t ever expect to let it get out of hand again.”

Dixon, Illinois: “Dixon, Ill Tea Party and was very surprised that at least 300 people were there.”

Danville, California:

Huntsville, Alabama: “We had a fabulous, well organized Tea Party in Huntsville Alabama, attended by about 2,600.”

Johnstown, Pennsylvania: “We had a beautiful day and over 500 people attend. It was a great turn out for the first day of trout and the beginning of little league season. People are ready to keep things going…”

Newport, Tennessee: “We only have about 35,000 residents in the entire county, but we had approximately 400 folks show up for the rally!”

Kahului, Hawaii: “Lahaina: 80. Kahului: I counted 220, Maui News reported 250.”

Newberg, Oregon: “In our little town of Newberg, population 20,000 we had about 100 people turn out to listen to a couple of speeches and wave flags and banners while motorists blared their horns in support.” More here.

Trenton, New Jersey: “We had about 400 at the Trenton, New Jersey Tea Party on a wet and cold day. Several others were also going on around the state. Oddly enough, the only reporter I saw was from the Russian news service. Go figure.”

Rancho Cucamonga, California: “It was at the corners of 2 very busy streets and there must have been over 1000 of us. So much honking from all of the cars going by. It was so uplifting to see that so many Americans have FINALLY awakened. It was a long and tiring day but well worth it.”

Sherman, Texas: “Our Sherman, Texas Tea Parties were held at 10:00 AM and 4:00 PM on April 15th on the grounds and steps of the Grayson County Courthouse. The 10:00 AM rally was attended by approximately 500 people and it was a very peaceful, robust protest by an energized crowd.”

Lexington, Virginia:


Homer, Alaska: “We had a turn out of about 80 on the 15th. Not bad for a small town, but we’ll be even bigger next time!”

Norwich, Connecticut: More here.


Billings, Montana: “I attended the Billings event. It was exciting and energizing. I am going to keep up the effort whenever I can. I want to fight to keep this beautiful country.”

Bellingham, Washington:

Albuquerque, New Mexico: “We had about 10,000 in Albuquerque if you include the bumper to bumper supporting traffic. Wow! This is a blue state too. Zero police reports. I was a block captain and we occasionally had to ask people to move from the driveways and keep off the grass, which they did immediately without hassle except for one fired-up patriot, but he cooled off and left. Wonderful group of Americans. Proud day! God Bless America!”

Fresno, California: “7,500 people can’t all be wrong.” More here.


Washington’s Crossing, Pennsylvania: “There were probably 500 there. So encouraging to see people who share your views about the direction in which our country should be headed.”

Hanford, California: “I didn’t see my little town on the list and since we had over 300 partiers, I thought you might like to add it.”

St. Louis, Missouri: “According to park rangers there were about 7000, to 10,000 participants at the St. Louis Tea Party. It was held on Kiener Plaza in downtown St. Louis. It was an amazing event. The event kicked off at 6:15PM, but people started to gather much earlier. The crowd peaked at about 7PM. I left the party with some hope about our future as long as there are like thinking people like us. There were no incidents, only people who love their country.”

Rome, New York:

Boise, Idaho:
“We attended the Boise, Idaho Tea Party, and the turnout was awesome! I’ve heard anywhere from 2,500-3,000 attended by the time it was all said and done. Funny thing, on the radio news while headed down there, they were reporting “there are possibly 200 people at the park, waiting to march to the capital”. We arrived thinking there had to be a better turn out than than, and YES there was!”


Owensboro, Kentucky:

Leaser Lake, Pennsylvania: “150 signed in at Leaser Lake near Kempton despite the rain and cold wind. Men & women, old & young, working & retired, & children….Not one drop of litter was created and the Lake was left clean and beautiful just as it was found that day. Congratulations to all our brave and proud American citizens who are concerned about the direction the USA’s government is taking it and came out to let their voices be heard. The silent majority is no longer silent.”

Crossville, Tennessee:


Salisbury, Maryland: “400 turned out in the rain in salisbury md. all ages -many speakers from the audience-standing in the cold drizzle waiting for the chance to speak and VOICE THEIR OPINIONS while we still can.”

Carlsbad, New Mexico:

Nacogdoches, Texas: ” We attended the Tea Party in Nacogdoches last Wednesday. It was wonderful. Over 2000 people came - what a feeling of unity!”


Harrisburg, Pennsylvania: “…was so exhilerating! I may have been soaked and freezing because I came straight from work without an umbrella, but it was well worth it to stand on the steps of the capitol building with my fellow Americans. Everyone was in good spirits and smiling.”

New York City:


Loveland, Colorado: “I was at the Loveland Tea Party and there was about 1000 people at a very busy intersection in Loveland Colorado. There were many good signs and the weather was perfect.”

Savannah, Georgia:


Washington, DC: “My daughter and I were at the DC Tea Party. There were apparently some permit issues, but there was a nice sized crowd gathered in Lafayette Park in spite of a steady drizzle the entire time. There was a crowd gathered on Pennsylvania Avenue immediately in front of the White House with a bullhorn they were using as an open mic, also. We lasted about an hour and a half in the cold rain. I heard an estimate of 3000 people from the day, which is believable. There were a lot of people coming in and out of the park with the bad weather, and the sound system was terrible. If you weren’t within about 25 ft of the speaker’s tent, you couldn’t hear anything, which meant most of these people were there milling about in the rain and mud just to be sure their presence was noted and to network with other attendees.

We are an active duty military family from Florida. While I would normally have liked to go to a local Tea Party in my home state, that wasn’t possible, so since we live so close to DC, that’s where we decided to go. I have never in my entire life taken part in a protest of any sort, but I am truly afraid for my children’s and grandchildren’s America, and my free-market, small-government beliefs are outraged by the bailouts.”

Naples, Florida:



Sarasota, Florida: “I was a proud participant in the Sarasota, FL T.E.A. party! It was great to see the thousand or so patriots in attendance.”

Matamoras, Pennsylvania: “matamoras p.a. tea party 1500 people!”

Cape Cod, Massachusetts:


Belmar, New Jersey: “Attended the Tea Party in Belmar NJ. (on the Atlantic Oceanfront) There was a northeast storm going on with heavy winds and rain, but at least 700 hearty souls were there to show their outrage at Congress and the President moving the U.S. and us toward a socialist workers paradise.”

Chico, California “About 500 Real Americans came out which we figure the local paper had about right. It was the headline of the day here. There were about 20 very inspiring, enthusiastic obviously grass-roots ‘citizen speakers’. We didn’t want it to end.”

Martin, Tennessee: “My daughter went to one in little Martin, TN where she said there were around 100.”

Phoenix, Arizona: “I too was at the Phoenix, AZ rally. What great energy and enthusiam everyone showed. All were respectful as we listened thru the speakers. Did my heart good to see people from every walk of life…..young, old, babies and veterans.
All were upbeat and positive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We really can make a difference by making our voices heard.”

Amarillo, Texas: “AMARILLO, TX held two TEA Parties. Noon and 6:00PM. There were about 600 people at each event. We signed up (contact sheets) over 850 supporters.”

Ft. Lauderdale, Florida: “We went to the Broward County Tea Party in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. It was great, we had over 4,000 attendees. We were there for 4 hrs. and it went off without a hitch.”

Sedona, Arizona: “On April 15, 2009, For the first time in our nation’s history, there were more patriots gathered in front of the Sedona, AZ mayor’s office than there were in the White House!”

Santa Clarita, California: “I went to the Santa Clarita (CA) tea party from 4- 7pm. It was awesome, with about 500 people. All ages, old, young, teens. Everyone was polite, yet we all shared the common sentiment of no more wasteful spending. We had lots of people driving by and honking in support. It was a good afternoon!”

San Diego, California: “I was at the San Diego Tea Party and it was great. Everyone was happy and pleasant. The turnout was perhaps about 300 people at it’s peak but I am proud to have participated.”

Augusta, Maine: “Enjoyed a great turnout of approximately 4-600 in Augusta, ME. Looks like we are onto something, Patriots.”

Lancaster, Pennsylvania: “45 degrees and raining in Lancaster, PA”


Kingman, Arizona: “The Kingman, Az. Tea Party was a great sucess. Probably 500 people showed up during the course of the afternoon.”

Tucson, Arizona: “Happy to say Tucson, AZ was well represented w/approx 3800-4000, many animated/enthusiastic participants. What impressed me the most was the recognition/uncovering that our ‘liberties are being taken away’ by a charlatan and thugs…….keepup the good work…….”

Pleasanton, California: “We supported the Tea Party in Pleasanton, CA. It is estimated that there were 3000 - 5000 in attendance.”

Atlanta, Georgia: “The Atlanta Tea Party was FANTASTIC! Over 20,000 at the Capitol. A group of us from the North Ga. Mountains made the two hour trip by car, then 20 minute ride by train. The train station was a scene of Red and signs. Everyone at the Party was helpful, friendly and in one accord.”

Denver, Colorado: “Denver, CO TEA Party was an awesome success!! An estimated at 5,000-6,000 folks showed up. We were so loud in our cheers and enthusiasm that the state capital lawmakers adjourned for the day and split. POWER TO THE PEOPLE!!”

Ridgecrest, California:


Waco, Texas: “Our goal in Waco, Texas was to have 50-150 people attend our Tax Day Tea Party and to Wake Up Waco. We accomplished much more than that: The Waco Tea Party can happily report that we had a combined total of around 2,000 people who attended our two events.”


Sierra Vista, Arizona:


New Jersey: “I attended a Tea Party in New Jersey - a corrupt and one of the most highly taxed states in the country under the Democrats. My reasons were simple and turned out to be many of the same reasons that the 300 people attending were there! Politicians are arrogant and do not care what Americans think. The most arrogant is our President and his administration with Nancy Pelosi as Queen of Porkulus Spending.”

Orlando, Florida: “The Orlando Tea Party had about 4,000 people or so. What a great turnout. We need to keep this effort growing and enlist everyone we can enlist. This is not about Rep or Dem this is about our Constitution and our responsibility for future generations.”

Davenport, Iowa: “I attended two tea parties in Davenport, Iowa (600-700 attended) and Moline, Illinois (300-400 attended). They were both terrific, definitely grassroots, people from all political persuasions, ages, occupations.”

Cleveland, Ohio:


Rosewood, North Carolina:


Valdosta, Georgia: “We had about 1,000 participants in this small metro city of Valdosta, Georgia and with only a few days notice. We covered two blocks five deep on one of the main streets.”


New Braunfels, Texas: “New Braunfels, Tx had a turnout of at least 400. People were coming and going from and to work. Countless honking horns and thumbs up from passer-by vehicles.”

Pasco County, Florida: “We had coming and going approximately 1500 +-, and a good time was had by all. We had everything from babies in strollers with mommy & daddy to elderly veterans in wheelchairs on oxygen sitting or standing by the road holding their signs.”


Kokomo, Indiana: “It was an uplifiting, nonpartisan rally and we had an excellent response from the citizens who attended.”

Jacksonville, Florida: “over 4,000 people showed up at the Jacksonville Landing on a bright, beautiful morning. It literally brought tears to my eyes to see SO many people, old and young, single and in families.”

Sioux City, Iowa: “Sioux City , IA (Siouxland area) had about 500.”

Frisco, Colorado:


Appleton, Wisconsin: “Probably around a thousand + people attended…It was very well done, non-partisan, everyone was well behaved.”


Provo, Utah:


Birmingham, Alabama: “Birmingham, Alabama Veterans Memorial Park. There were over 5000 people at the event and it was exciting. I Don’t feel so alone anymore. People were waving signs and EVERYONE was patriotic and true America was represented.”

Merrifield, Virginia: “There were an estimated 150-200 demonstrators despite pouring rain.”


And that, my friends, is a wrap.

12 Responses to “Finally! The last April 15 Tea Party round-up”

  1. Kelly says:

    Having the next protests on July 4th could end up being problematic. Most towns already have large events planned so it could cause clashes that would not help the message. Is everyone absolutely certain a July 4th date is right?

    What else, aside from the protests can be done? I think it would be important for as many people as possible to write to the Editor in Chief of their favorite media (magazines, newspapers, television channels) and voice their strong opinion AGAINST socialist propoganda. Let them know you will stop buying their publication (if you haven’t already) and you will NOT support their advertisers if they continue filtering out important news about the American people’s opinions - such as the way they all but ignored the Tea Party Protests.

  2. Patty says:

    I am sure most of you have heard that Nancy Pelosi stated that the Tea Parties were started by a group of wealthy “rights”. She said we are not GRASSROOTS but we are ASTROTURF. I am livid about this remark and pray we have 10 times more people next time.

  3. Patty says:

    Sure hope you will question the proper authorities regardng this! Sorry you had this problem. A “Jersey Girl” now living in Ga.

  4. Brenda P (aka Patriot Bren) says:

    curious… we paid $5.00 to park at the Trenton, NJ protest.
    Didn’t know there was free public parking anywhere. Not
    surprised - it’s NJ.

  5. SALLY HORTON says:

    HEY, sounds like we need to give the folks at the Trenton, New Jersey city hall some grief… whats up with tea partiers not being able to use the free lots?

  6. Brenda P (aka Patriot Bren) says:

    Barbara, check out PJTV.com to see lots of coverage: videos,
    pictures, etc… of the Washington (State) tea parties. There’s 2 pages
    of coverage. (Don’t know why or if there are none posted here.)

  7. rbeck says:

    We had over 400 people in Bullhead City, AZ. We talked about taxes, regulation and taking back control of the goverment at all levels. The sentiment was “throe all the bums out”..Congress watch out. This is non-partisan, we don’t like any of you.

  8. Barbara Lincoln` says:

    I just wanted to know how come there are NO pictures or comments about the Washington State Tea Parties - since it all started here in Seattle, WA??? I checked your website several times and not one comment about Washington State?? We had huge turnouts throughtout our state and made a lot of people wake up and smell the coffee - so to speak - get it - Starbucks started here - so I was wondering why nothing at all about our turnouts??

  9. Lillian says:

    I attended the Trenton NJ Tea Party. Cold & rain did not deter about 400 people. However, the state troopers were stationed at all the “free public” parking lots and anyone attending the tea party was not allowed to park. The troopers made us move our car! I felt like I was in a communist country.

  10. word4word says:

    Ridgecrest, CADespite living in a small town. We had some wonderful local speakers. The atmosphere was friendly but energetic. I had a great time, met some like-minded folks, and received inspiration from the level of participation and attendance at this well-organized event.

    The side-shot does not do us justice. There must have been at least 200 of us out there. Notice the mass of silhouettes in front of these people who were standing in the back row.


    Unfortunately, I have discovered some home-grown hostility. Search YouTube for “Ridgecrest Tea Party” and you’ll find a couple of videos labeling us as “idiots”!

  11. The government is like giving your child you check book, credit card and letting them spend whatever they need, but when you get your check book, credit card back your overdrawn and in debt to your neck. What do ya do? Go to your neighbors and demand a large amout of there money to fix it?
    Also the government has taken needed money from the disabled, how do we make that up? Oh and they make sure we haven’t the right to say anything, as it was I barely made it month to month, I need my car for the doctor’s visits but the government want to make keeping up with my car is impossible.
    Do you people no that the tax on tobacco is triple the amount of the product itself, sure the non smokers don’t care, whoo hoo to them. Oh the government is just getting started, I didn’t vote for Obama cause I had insite and the mess begins. All people thought oh he’s black, well he’s Iran,or middle east on the inside.
    I should have the right to smoke is on me, I have smoked for over 40 years and I haven’t a problem yet, who wants to live to be 80, 90 in this messed up world, smoking is a native american traditiona.It It didn’t cost
    much to smoke before the government has stepped in and want to control my right.
    If I had known about
    the tea party I would have made sure I was there, infact when I saw it on the news, I wanted to start my own, I do want to know if there will be another. Please make a bigger noise about it so the rest of us can be there. America is fed up with all the spending and taking more of our money, Many hard earned, and to complain about the welfare thing, do you all know that there are 13 maybe more now languges on the paper work,
    Its mind boogling how much money the government is sucking out of us all right now at this moment.
    It doesn’t need the triple over the amount of a product for taxes. Like I said there just getting started, and control road its on. Nip it in the bud.

  12. Iowa Farmer says:

    I attended two tea parties in Davenport, Iowa (600-700 attended) and Moline, Illinois (300-400 attended). They were both terrific, definitely grassroots, people from all political persuasions, ages, occupations. The best feeling of the day was when I had to leave the Moline party to go home to take meals to the guys in the field. I drove through the intersection where the party was located, blasting my horn and waving my American flag out the window the whole way. It was great to see all the people who supported us as patriotic drivebys and then be one myself. I am so happy that I have a place to go and people to share my concerns with. AMERICA WILL PREVAIL!!!

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