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Maine: Bangor: 300 protested - “People are fed up,” said Lois Bloomer. “We’re taxed enough. I hope our politicians are paying attention.”

Alabama: Montgomery: More than 1,000 protest - Small businessman Steve Primavera carried a sign saying “Stimulus: The Audacity of Dope.”

Washington, D.C.: Tax protesters threw what appeared to be a box of tea bags toward the White House on Wednesday, prompting officials to lockdown the compound. The Secret Service also used a robot to inspect the package thrown in an apparent act of defiance meant to echo the rebellion of the Boston Tea Party.

Kentucky: Louisville participates: “I don’t understand how printing money and handing out more money when we’re already in debt is the solution.”

Tennessee: Nashville: Hundreds gather, Channel 4 reporter Dennis Ferrier said the demonstration at the capitol was the largest protest since the 2002 protest of an income tax proposal.

Rhode Island: Providence: Estimated at 1,000 … TaxDayTeaParty.com, which bills itself as the “Online HQ for the April 15th Nationwide Tax Day Tea Party Rallies,” seems to be the main information hub coordinating today’s national day of protest. Tech savy participants as well as members of alternative and digital media outlets are feeding the Web site with updates on rallies in progress.

Nevada: Carson City: 2,000 demonstrators included a five-year-old boy holding a sign that reads, “My share of the national debt is $36,500.” “It’s amazing what we’re doing to the children and grandchildren of our country.”

Nebraska: Papillon/Sarpy County: 200 protest - “It just seems like too much spending,” said Carol Coppi of Papillion. “Too many projects that are unnecessary. And taxes are going to have to cover this excess spending.”

Ohio: Cincinnati: 3,000 pack Fountain Square - photo gallery here

Illinois: Chicago: Sources say 4,000 … photo gallery here … Champaign: Rally draws 400 - “The tremor we are feeling today is running through this great land,” he said. “We need to warn people of the dangers of socialism.” … Elk Grove Village - A dozen … Naperville: nearly 150: “I like the grass roots movement of this and that it’s not affiliated with any one political party.”

Maryland: Cumberland: “Do Away With the IRS” and “Stop Spending Our Kids Money” … “Spending this much money might get us out of the recession right now but what’s going to happen to generations that follow that have to pay it back? Who’s going to pay all this back”

Indiana: Lafayette: Several hundred people cheered Wednesday afternoon as the tea bags were dumped in a symbolic recreation of the Boston Tea Party. Organizer Donn Brown told the crowd he was ready to pollute, a reference to complaints from environmentalists that the tea-bag protest would trash the river.

New York: Rochester:1,000 estimated - “A trillion time$ NO.”

Texas: San Antonio: Live video stream from WOAI.com

North Carolina: Goldsboro: 300 gather - “I’ve got a message for the president and the Congress: It’s not your money,” Rouzer said, drawing cheers from the crowd. Protest signs read “Change, what’s left after taxes,” “Tax breaks, not pork spending” and “Obama is the biggest threat to American freedom.”

New Jersey: Morristown: Hundreds turn out in rain, image gallery here

Massachusetts: Fall River: Dozens turn out - Colorful signs stated messages like “Stop Bankrupting My Children,” “Liberty is All the Stimulus We Need” and “Vote Them All Out in 2010.” … Boston: “Barney Frank, Bernie Madoff: And the Difference Is?” and “D.C.: District of Communism.”

Colorado: Denver: Several thousand rally - Organizers say they’re upset over government spending

Oregon: Salem: 1,000 gather - One little girl is carrying a sign that reads: I am not an ATM for Congress.

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  4. Nasville Tennessee says:

    I attended the tea party in Nashvile at 12noon, it was said we had 10,000 but I’m not sure. I know it was huge. I am so proud that I took off work to stand to attend and stand against all this spending. Keep it up fellow Americans, this is our time to stand and defend our Nation, our Constitution, and protect the future of the next generation.

    All it takes for evil to flourish is for good men to do nothing.
    May God Bless Our Great Nation and lead our way, this is our time!!!!!!!

  5. Mike Klausmeier says:

    Just got back from the Colorado Springs Tea party. Talked to two cops, they both agreed that there were at least 2,500 in the park. Very peaceful and lots of great signs. A couple that I won’t mention here, but they were funny as well. Good local TV coverage, two station live at Noon, and all three majors covered for later.

  6. Kevin says:

    Mobile Alabama- About 1000 participants held a rally at Cooper Riverside Park demonstrating against increased debt by an ever increasing government and the taxes that it will take to pay that debt. Power of the People! Americans take control of your destiny and elect officials that will listen to the will of the people!

    It was a great day for democracy and the People!

  7. Steve C says:

    Looks like 3,000-4,000 patriot rally in Colorado Spring’s Acadia Park. I was so proud to be an American today (and this isn’t the first time, unlike Michelle Obama!… try spinning that!)

  8. Byrd Kernel says:

    All good anti-socialists should burn their Social Security and Medicare cards, and do the same for their parents and grandparents. Let’s do away with socialism!

  9. Heather Mayfield NM says:

    Wish I could be there! Old “Dope and Change” is probably writhing over the audacity of free speech…..Thanks from all of us who couldn’t be there today.

  10. Patricia Zibluk says:

    New Haven Tea Party backed up traffic for 5 miles in either direction as rubberneckers honked and waved. Favorite sign was on a dog…it said Hey Washington! Everyone should clean up their OWN poop! There were people from every social strata and every race present..cars from jalopies to mercedes. God Bless America…..may she never become socialist!

  11. rev420 says:

    500 people at wyomings protest in cheyenne, another protest at 530pm 2nite

  12. Lisa Fung says:

    I read AP article Anti-tax protesters turn out for dreaded April 15 http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20090415/ap_on_bi_ge/tax_day_protests
    and tried to click “recommend” but it won’t let me. Is there somebody out there blocking this so to make the article appears to not being “recommended”? A scary thought but it might be happening!

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