A potpourri of Tea Party ideas


In no particular order, I’ve been emailed these interesting and thought-provoking Tea Party suggestions:

  • Organize a clean-up crew and have them in place to keep trash picked up during and after the event.  The person who sent this idea said you don’t want to leave your event site looking like DC after the inauguration.

  • Keep signs “credible and dignified”.  This person goes on to say, “I have not been to a Tea Party yet but I plan to attend one on the 15.  Ours is a very liberal town and I have no doubt that our Tea Party will be attended by some hardcore liberals, looking to criticize and some independents who are on the fence and can be convinced to continue to protest with us.  These are the people we want to impress because those of us who are already mad as hell don’t need to be convinced that America is being destroyed. I feel that mentioning the words conservative, republican or any other partisan party in the material relating to this movement is detrimental to the cause.  I think that demeaning pictures and words about any particular individual or political party defeats our purpose and our credibility.  THIS IS NOT ABOUT BEING A DEMOCRAT OR A REPUBLICAN - IT IS ABOUT BEING AN AMERICAN.”
  • Might I suggest that instead of sending teabags, we encourage everyone to fax or/and mail photos of themselves holding the signs they are planning on carrying to the partys to their state senators and congressmen?  For a fax, a first page saying “Revolution is Brewing” with the date and time of the local tea party you will be attending, and for the second page the photo of you and your sign and the words “I am watching you.  I am fed up.  And I VOTE!”
  • “People, this is an exercise in networking….you have got to get you name on the web as organizers….how?  Craigslist…blogs….penny paper ads…I recently got an invite from a local talk radio…spent 20 minutes on there talking about the movement !  Sweet stuff.  You need to find people you can trust.  People that see eye to eye with you…that begins the networking…if you ask me you should have no problem finding people like yourself.”
  • Provide a banner and markers at your Tea Party and ask everyone who attends to sign it as a memento of the event.  This was done at our local Tea Party at the end of February and people waited in line an hour to sign it.  I think the organizer mailed it to the White House.
  • Put a button on your website that website visitors can click if they plan to attend a Tea Party.
  • We need to have a coordinated effort to record/tape these tea-parties and also to make a firm count of all who participate. Then we need to take these videos and counts, send them to all 536 members of congress and the president, the media (most probably won’t report it anyway) and let them know where we all stand.
  • I am addressing my own city next Tues. to ask them to NOT take the funds….and I will be letting all my Tea Party Revolutionaries know so they can show up in support…I am asking them not to betray their integrity, or the residents of this city, by bankrupting America.
  • If the same Republicans and Democrats fail to fix America’s financial policies in 2009, and they are re-elected in 2010, where is their incentive to change?When do we stop accepting excuses, and how do we demonstrate to Washinton D.C. that we mean business? What are our peaceful options for cutting off the supply of political air to Washington?
  • Ask someone to donate copies of Mark Levin’s new book, “Liberty and Tyranny” to your Tea Party so you can give away a free copy to the first 10 or 25 people who arrive, or have people write their names on strips of paper and draw out 25–the first 25 names get a free copy of the book.

15 Responses to “A potpourri of Tea Party ideas”

  1. LINDA ESTES says:

    I am living in a small town and they want us to have a million dollars worth of insurance to plan an event. $75 to register plus extras. I do not want to call my husband to have me released from jail. Thoughts?

    Please email me.

  2. Eric says:

    March on Washington July 3,4…I’m IN!

  3. David says:

    Thanks, Greg, for the comments re: a July 4th Washington event. How about this? Since the problems we’re facing are the result of our Congresscritters, politicians, etal refusing to abide by the limits and restrictions of the Constitution of the United States:

    Let’s March on Washington, D.C. on September 17th, the (222nd) anniversary of the ratification of our guiding document?

    I think the Congress would be in session, the weather would be more cooperative, and the date would focus the movement’s attention on the importance of the Constitution.

  4. Meesterpaul says:

    I’ll be bringing a bag of racery bags to pass around to help clean up afterwards. I sure don’t want to look like Washington DC after the inaugaration.

  5. KMX says:

    It will be good if a Big Band can be on for entertainment at most of these events. Hannity announced a singer from Big N Rich will be at the Atlanta Tea Party. We all need to come out and show those Anti Capatalist in London how Conservatives can have a peaceful rally and still get their message across.

    Also I hope all these parties around the nation will end in One Big Tea Party On Washington later this year.

    Lets not make this an Anti Obama Campaign But focus on Liberty and freedom.

    This is the only way the government will get the message to curb spending and Stop the Bailouts. Lets march for a Fair tax - Conservatives, Libtarians, Independents, Democrats, Republicans, Compassionate Capitalists all freedom loving citizens.

  6. Patsy says:

    Please warn everyone to leave their children with a sitter while going to the tea parties. When my children were young I used to take them into the voting booth to show them how democracy works. This should not be used as a learning experience. Several years ago I participated in a silent march against abortions. All we did was stand alongside of a road holding up signs asking people to consider the rights of the unborn. We did not speak or disrupt traffic at all. The obsenities that were screamed at us were appalling. Most of the people in our group were elderly. I understand that these protests are supposed to be peaceful and will be on our behalf, but liberals have a tendancy of becoming irate when your point of view differs from theirs. Expect the worst & don’t bring your children.

  7. Greg says:

    MUST be before July…things are moving too fast. We need to stop them sooner than later.

    In case you guys haven’t understood, this is war, and the front-lines are time and ideas. This is our Iwo Jima. Stop them now, or more problems later.

    Plus, on a logistical front, DC in the heat of the summer is awful. Ninety degrees and 90% humidity. There will be heat-stroke galore. To add to the misery, the porta-jons, if there are enough, will be rank times 10.

  8. Bob says:

    Count me in for July 4th in Washington……..

    We need to work to get as many peopl eto DC as possible. We must make both houses and the president understand they have to stop the madness now?

    WHether they are in session or not hundreds of thousands or more of us gathering would have the desired effect… we will be heard….
    Cut taxes and spending immediately and end this bailout insanity!

  9. carolyn says:

    July may be to late President Pelosi is moving fast

  10. bill says:

    July 4th would not be a good time. The Congress and Senate will be on recess. A march should occur on a day when congress and senate are in session, preferrably when thy are scheduled to vote on some major legislation.

  11. Tony Corsaut says:

    I guarantee a giant contingent from TX in Washington DC July 3,4,5.

    Let’s do it.

  12. Jordan Meehan says:

    If we’re going to have a march on Washington, expect to see me there!

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  14. bill says:

    I think the next step that needs to happen after the TaxDay Tea Party events is to ORGANIZE a TEA PARTY MARCH on Washington DC. This. I think this will drive home our message and voices of protest and anger to the politicians in Washington (and the Supreme Court) who so easily blow off all of our letters, emails and phone calls. This Tea Party forum has grown to a point which makes this an ideal platform to promote and organize an effort to have a March on Washington. Obama and his left wing socialist cronies are moving fast and furious to get their agenda implemented so I think the sooner we can have a March on Washington, the better it will be for all of us. And to have the maximum impact, this should be a march with people in the MILLIONS, not just a few thousand. The event should be so large that it completely shuts down Washington.

    Let’s have the main Home page of this site start promoting this effort!!!

    What do the rest of you think???

  15. Derek says:

    Here is a suggestion.

    We surround the Capitol and White House on July 3-4th with 10 million.

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