300 cities and counting!


On March first, Stacy Mott, Michael Leahy and myself had a conversation about our goals for the Tax Day Tea Party. The February 17th “Nationwide Chicago Tea Party” took place in about 40 cities, and the estimates show around 30,000 Americans took part in the protests. We collectively decided that our goal for Tax Day would be to organize in 41+ cities and see 30,001 citizens take part.

This goal has already been crushed as the latest tally of confirmed Tax Day Tea Parties is now 300 across every single state in the union. We have good intel that suggests we will have 10+ cities that exceed 5,000 in attendance, and when you add 290 more cities on top of this… well, you get the picture.

There is no doubt that the Tax Day Tea Party Protests will be very Historic in nature due to the high volume of simultaneous protests happening on April 15th. This is because of people like YOU, and this is a prime example of how true grassroots activism moves mountains.

-Eric Odom

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  1. Chris Crew says:

    We are having a large event in Lacey, WA on Tax Day (April 15th) from Noon until 3pm at Huntamer Park. We have the formal stage reserved, a sound system, and a number of strong speakers. It will be a terrific all ages event and I hope you attend. Email chris.w.crew@gmail.com for more information.

    Its time to take back our country!

  2. greg coe says:

    I have never been involved in anything like this; are there organized methods of getting to D.C.? I am unable to drive to the Capitol, however, if a bus, or other transportation is available, I would take two of my kids out of school tomorrow just to attend the rally. I tried to locate contact information on the tea party page, but they have none that I saw. Is it too late? Greg

  3. [...] THE CONSTITUTION OR FACE THE CONSEQUENCES! Tax day is coming.  Do you plan to join your local Tea Party?  A strong message needs to be sent to Washington.  One that says we’re angry and not going [...]

  4. kat Gandy says:

    Yes, April 15 from 4 to 6 at p.m.he state capitol. Listen of Kim Wade 1180 am from 5 to 6 p,m for more information.

  5. r says:

    Could this be the start of a second revolution? People talk is cheap, politicians talk, we need real action!!!

  6. Julie says:

    In an effort to “Kill 2 birds with 1 stone”….

    Bring can goods to the Tea Party to be given to the poor.

    This MIGHT just help catch the media’s attention - plus, help those in need!

  7. Maria says:

    Since there is basically no national media coverage, what good are all these Tea Parties going to do. Don’t get me wrong…I am all for the Tea Parties and - if I can get a sitter for my youngest - I was planning on attending one myself. However, what’s next? Read this blog post.


  8. ONTIME says:

    These legislators don’t deserve free tea bag the are fresh, they get to many freebies now, so send them used tea bags and don’t forget a few civil pointed words to go with them.

  9. Linda O'Keefe says:

    It is just wonderful to witness this movement growing with everyday! My experience with the Tea Party Movement through Twitter just amazes me every time I think how about how small it started. With just one shout (thank you Rick Santelli) that voiced so many “tweets” and Twitter was literally all a Twitter. And, thanks to TCOT we were able to find one another across the twitterverse to join together and say “we are not alone”. Now is the time to put all egos and self-glorification aside to unite as no other country can do with our American spirit that has made this country the greatest country in the world. Like Tony Blair says, a country’s greatness can be measured by how many people are trying to go there. People who are proud of country for all her accomplishments must stand together to fight those who apologize for her greatness, those who want to equalize the world by lowering our standard of life and redistributing our wealth,and those who rather turn over US leadership to some centralized world leadership. There are those who seek to extinguish the beacon on the hill and there are those that want to spread the light into the dark corners of the world and to hold up Freedom as the way to value life. The Tea Party is a such a symbolic representation of all that we hold dear in life. We are such a young country to have such a rich history. No other country in the history of the world has ever valued freedom more than the United States. god Bless America!

    Was the initial Tea Party on Feb 17th or Feb 27? Your remarks say that it was Feb. 17, perhaps that was when the Santelli rant occurred.

  10. Robb in Tucson says:

    Don’t Wait for Tax Day!
    Let the world know where you stand today!
    Post an American Flag AND a TEA BAG on your car antenna!
    Let them see tea bags by the millions!

  11. Keith, Diamond Bar, CA says:

    I……. LIKE IT… Tea bag hang’n from the rear view mirror coming up. Absolutely monumental idea that will surely catch like a wild fire… Baaaammmmm…

  12. Marsha says:

    Hey to show solidarity in between the tea parties, hang tea bags from your rear view mirror!

  13. Marie McLEAN says:

    This is a very serious matter and needs to be looked into by all members and organizers of the Tea Parties. Mr. Barack Obama (I refuse to call him President and Commander-in-Chief) is NOT a natural-born U.S. Citizen! His “birth certificate” posted on his webside is a Certification of Live Birth and NOT the actual birth certificate. According to our Constitution (see Article II) Mr. Obama is NOT eligible to hold the Office of the President of the United States of America. Mr. Obama was born in Kenya and his mother was too young at that time to pass her citizenship on to Mr. Obama.

    We have learned from different sources that his elgibility to be President in currently being challened in our courts but no judge (including our Supreme Court) is willing to look at this crucial matter. Mr. Obama has 3 law firms (NOT 3 lawyers) representing him on this citizenship issue).

    Several people are now appealing this ruling and if Mr. Obama has nothing to hide, then why won’t he submit his true birth certificate and college records to the American people? This man is trashing our Constitution and this matter needs to be looked into further. People are starting to wake up!

    Thank you for all the work being accomplished.
    Marie, Florida

  14. R E Taylor says:

    It is encouraging to see the momentum growing by leaps and bounds. I found our Monticello Tax Day Tea Party contact on this site and immediately became involved. If there isn’t a Tea Party in your area, start organizing. Whether you have 100 people in your town or a million, you can have a tea party on April 15.

    Call the media and ask if they will cover the parties in your area. The time is now to get busy and get involved.

  15. Charles Schmidt says:

    I have two comments
    1.I read so many comments that basically say ” When will the Tea Party come to my area”

    Well it wont, if you writers dont get off your duff and organize one.

    2. I get a lot of email asking if there is a tea party organization in their area.
    We need a web site that lists Tea Party organizations by city.

    If I know how to do that I would but I am technology challanged.

    USA Ho Rah

  16. julie says:

    Any Lady Gadivas out there?

  17. Robert C. Whitten says:

    I live in San Jose, California. Is a tea party scheduled for there?

  18. Ruth says:

    Have a look at this graphic of the projected deficit and you will see why the tea party movement is growing:


  19. GAIL GARBO says:

    Has a tea party of Jackson, MS or anywhere in MS be planned?
    Please advise

  20. David says:

    Wow! This is great news. If the “mainstream media” attempts to ignore or minimize these events nationwide, they will relinquish any remaining credibility they may have.

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