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Organizers, what’s on your plate for today?

Online Tea Party Wed, 11 Mar 2009 13:21:48 +0000 teablogger I’m not sure what an online Tea Party is but the Tea Party on Twitter assures me that tomorrow, radio talker Roger Hedgecock is hosting one.

But do we really need one?

Because it turns out that Obama is not overwhelmed and that anyway, it was somebody else’s fault.

We are forming a Martha Stewart chapter of the Tea Party rebellion Wed, 11 Mar 2009 13:10:43 +0000 teablogger We’ve noted previously — because one of our readers told us to — that sending real tea bags in the mail can cause problems. That means that we have to send something else.

Here’s an idea one from one of our dedicated local organizers.


locate an image of a tea bag.


Copy it onto paper.


Print as many as you’ll need. At a minimum, print out four: One for each of your U.S. Senators, one for your U.S. Representative and one for the Savior of the Economy who lives in the White House.

If you want to use these to mail information to your local activists, print many more.


Fold in thirds, like you would if you put it in an envelope. (But you don’t have to put this in an envelope.)


Address it to your elected officials. (In middle section, outside area.)


Add your return address.


Add any handwritten note you wish.


Fold back into thirds, making sure addresses are on outside.


Tape in the center where open edge is, to close it.


Stamp and mail.


Try to mail it at the best time to arrive on April 15th so they get bombarded from all over the USA, by Tea Party Protestors.

We get mail…lots of mail. The Wednesday Morning Edition. Wed, 11 Mar 2009 12:56:47 +0000 teablogger In my quest to meet your insatiable demand for Tea Party news, back, by popular demand, are the most recent comments on state pages.

We could use some help getting this organized and up and running. We are getting a lot of support, but soem evil looks from the good ol boy network here. There are many people fed up on the eastern Shore and I am sure that the passing of the 410 more billion to watse will upset people even more. Send all questions to

LOL….what exactly would they show up to say against us? “WE WANT WASTEFUL SPENDING!”??

It’s really a no-win for them. (Come to think of it, no-wins are what their best at…nevermind.)

Tax day the 15th of April is a Wednesday and we didn’t want people having to choose between church and our protest, so we moved the protest to Friday the 17th.

Looks like the Tea Parties will get just the stimulus they need. Yes folks, Congress is considering yet another theft from US Taxpayers.

I am glad to see someone would like to do one is Newark.
They need to check if they need a permit. If they can not attain one I would suggest marching from the Star Ledger to City Hall and back. If you dare. I would also suggest someone step up to do one in Trenton. You can share press releases.
I am looking forward to see more info.

those interested in springfield speak up please! ive sent out emails and am working on getting something going here.

Peggy… we’d love to have you at the Albany Tea Party!

John: I don’t know if you’ll see this, but I’m a W&L student and would love to get something going here in Lex. We’re on Spring Break on the 15th (although I do live in VA, so I’m going to try to get to C’ville/Richmond), but something in May would be doable

Also, we are planning a huge Tea Party for May 16th in Columbia. This is to coincide with the state Republican convention that day. We want to tell the Republicans that they aren’t much better than the Democrats when it comes to pork in the spending bills. Please keep checking & for more info or you can email me to get involved.

The April Greenville Tea Party is scheduled for Friday night the 17th at 6 PM. We are still working out the location. The city requires a 60 day notice for a permit for more than 200 people. We are still planning for downtown, but have to find a large enough private location. 2000 people attended in February; don’t miss this one!

This is for jredheadgirl! Go to the web page “ and check out the tea party which was held in Fullerton March 7th. There is a slide show on the page. You can also go to click on the State map (California) in this case or any State to get location and time. Hope this helps you out. I like the one in Fullerton! They had a large crowd.

Does anyone here know of a site that lists where tea parties are in the works? I am in Alabama and just wondering. Thanks in advance and I will check back.

I would like to help out and participate in the tea party please keep me informed. thaks and keep up the good work for us working folks!!

Let’s get one going in St. George!

How about Desoto County?

Throwing a link up on Anti-Strib for you guys.

We’re really close to having all the states participating — only 9 states without a coordinator listed yet. Maybe if you know someone there you can encourage? Remaining states are: SD, IO, WY, KS, AK, AR, WV, VT, NH.(100% would be great)
Also, here’s a link to Jim Vicevich’s speech at the Hartford Tea Party. Nice tone, respectful, inspiring

I am interested too. It would be nice to have something here in Wichita. But the good stuff always happens when I am working and cannot do anything during working hours!

I’m filing an extension only if I owe. I’ll be in Salem 4-15-09 to throw some tea down and stand for the freedom given to by God.

I’m in the Ventura County area. It would be easier for me to attend if in L.A., Santa Barbara area. I did attend the fullerton rally last Saturday! This is getting big!

Yes, there is a group organizing tea parties across TN. I am the coordinator for Fayette County (a bedroom community outside of Memphis).

There is a “viewing party” of the special Glenn Beck show this Friday in Shelton, CT and other places around the country, it’s an event based on core principles which GB identifies on his website and in his daily show, for more info check the GB website, and sign up… I am looking forward to it and to garnering more support for the CT Tax Day Tea Party!!!

Annapolis party on the 15th is now 12:00 - 2:00 pm.
See for further details.

Time to volunteer (get the invitations out, contact Aaron at for more).

What I would like to sign is a recall petition for NJ’s senators. I doubt they could be tossed out of office, but I bet they would take notice!

Best place to go for info on the Tulsa Tea Part is

Regardless of where you go, dont forget to bring signs, hats shirts, anything you can get your hands on to get your point accross to the masses. God Bless all of you! and God Bless the United States of America!

I plan on attending the tea party in Little Rock on the 14th, and am working diligently to get one together here in NW Arkansas. Please email me at if you would like to attend, and I will get with Conservatives up in NWA to get this together as soon as possible. If unsuccessful, perhaps we can to go to Tulsa on April 15th as a united group.

Let more people be persistently unemployed, let the economy drag along the sludge-laden bottom of the progressive sewer, let businesses close down or move overseas, let tens or hundreds of thousands of capable people publicly declare how excessive taxation and regulation is causing them to work less, take less risk, and employ fewer Americans, and finally let people recognize that capitalists are not a “necessary evil” but rather that they are a necessary good.

Developing? TCOT teases… Wed, 11 Mar 2009 01:57:02 +0000 teablogger I just saw these two headlines at TCOT Report.

Headline 1:

DEVELOPING: Major Figure in American Political History May Be Coming on Board as Co-Sponsor of Nationwide Tax Day Tea Party

Headline 2:

Tax Day Tea Parties To Be Held in ALL 95 Counties of Tennessee
Brings Total Nationwide to 170 and Growing

Why you matter, Part 3 Wed, 11 Mar 2009 00:11:56 +0000 teablogger Can you say rag-tag band of courageous insurgents versus Politico: 20+ lefty groups holding daily calls to coordinate messages.

That’s what we’re up against.

Do I care?


They’re wrong. What they want is wrong. They are moral cowards who are reckless, dangerous, arrogant and smug.

I pick you–the person reading these words right now–for my team against their team any day of the week.

What kind of conservative are you? Tue, 10 Mar 2009 23:55:35 +0000 teablogger Me, I’m a Tea Party Conservative.

I heart Joe Braun Tue, 10 Mar 2009 23:52:11 +0000 teablogger You will too.

Joe Braun is the president of the board of trustees of the Clermont County Public Library in Ohio.

Library head rejects stimulus money.

Read it all…especially the last paragraph where Braun says he plans to “protest by attending the Cincinnati Tea Party, 3 to 5 p.m. Sunday at Fountain Square downtown. Modeled after the Boston Tea Party tax protest of 1773, the rally is designed to pressure Congress to repeal the federal stimulus plan.”

See Cincinnati Tea Party for more details on the event this Sunday, March 15.

(There’s also a Tea Party in Columbus, Ohio on Saturday, March 14.)

City Hall Tea Party in Dallas? Tue, 10 Mar 2009 23:45:39 +0000 teablogger You Tea Partiers! The stuff you dream up!

A City Hall Tea Party.

Is Leppert hinting that he is going to rule Dallas like New England was ruled in the 1700s? Taxation without representation, and making decisions without imput of the citizens? Maybe the citizens of Dallas should have their own tea party by dumping tea in the pool in front of City Hall.

I sense a meme.

Meet Felicia Cravens, Tea Party organizer in Texas Tue, 10 Mar 2009 21:26:28 +0000 teablogger Felicia Cravens is organizing April 15 Tea Party events in Houston, Texas.

Here’s our e-interview with Felicia.

(Click here to read yesterday’s interview with Laura Boatwright and here, to read our interview with Pam Fowler.)

Felicia is from Katy, Texas, a western suburb of Houston. She is a part-time drama teacher, and is married with two daughters, 9 and 19. Felicia’s 19-year-old helped her organize the February 27 Houston Tea Party and both children helped run it.

Do you have any advice for any other local organizers?

ASK FOR HELP! People want to be a part of the event! Don’t be shy and think you have to do it all yourself! If people know about the event, they will come to you!

Ever done any organizing before?

The largest organizational task I’ve ever taken on was chairing a PTA carnival.

Why are you doing this?

At stake here is nothing short of our liberty. People forget that economic freedom determines the fate of so many of our other freedoms. Pamphleteers (as well as bloggers!) need resources to propagate information and opinion. Gun owners need financial resources to obtain and maintain their firearms. Churches and non-profit organizations need access to donations to fulfill their missions. Take the plank of financial liberty out from under any of these other rights, and they can easily topple as well.

How are you getting the word out?

We purchased a website, captured and entered all the emails we received to send e-mails directly to our list, and we are blessed to have three local talk hosts on board with us, donating time, money, and air time to our cause. They talk about the event on their shows, help with planning and speaking, and even record promotional spots for us to advertise the event. We could NOT reach nearly as many people without them.

Anything easy about this?

Getting people to the rally was amazingly easy. The people we invited quickly spread the word to their networks of friends, and where we expected around 150, we saw 500! People who planned to attend also called in, on their own, to the local radio shows to talk about and promote the event.

What’s challenging?

The hardest thing has been keeping up with communication. We haven’t perfected the contact plan yet for future events. We’re better organized than we were for the first rally, but the e-mails keep coming in bunches every day. The sooner we get a contact management system in place, the better we’ll be able to keep in touch with our local forces.

Are you in this for the long haul?

I love this country and the principles from which it derived, and it grieves me to see it in danger of losing its historical character of a land of opportunity, hope and freedom. Many people are disheartened and don’t know what they can do. They’ve all but resigned themselves to waiting out the bad times.

My goal is to see people inspired to stand up and find out what they can do about the direction of the country. It will take a long time, longer than we will like. But if we persevere, if we refuse to accept the unacceptable, if we insist upon a return to sanity and accountability and personal responsibility in government, if we DON’T GIVE UP, we will prevail.


I’d sum up Felicia’s last answer as another well-known female Republican activist put it:

“You betcha.”