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Meet Felicia Cravens, Tea Party organizer in Texas

Felicia Cravens is organizing April 15 Tea Party events in Houston, Texas.

Here’s our e-interview with Felicia.

(Click here to read yesterday’s interview with Laura Boatwright and here, to read our interview with Pam Fowler.)

Felicia is from Katy, Texas, a western suburb of Houston. She is a part-time drama teacher, and is married with two daughters, 9 and 19. Felicia’s 19-year-old helped her organize the February 27 Houston Tea Party and both children helped run it.

Do you have any advice for any other local organizers?

ASK FOR HELP! People want to be a part of the event! Don’t be shy and think you have to do it all yourself! If people know about the event, they will come to you!

Ever done any organizing before?

The largest organizational task I’ve ever taken on was chairing a PTA carnival.

Why are you doing this?

At stake here is nothing short of our liberty. People forget that economic freedom determines the fate of so many of our other freedoms. Pamphleteers (as well as bloggers!) need resources to propagate information and opinion. Gun owners need financial resources to obtain and maintain their firearms. Churches and non-profit organizations need access to donations to fulfill their missions. Take the plank of financial liberty out from under any of these other rights, and they can easily topple as well.

How are you getting the word out?

We purchased a website, captured and entered all the emails we received to send e-mails directly to our list, and we are blessed to have three local talk hosts on board with us, donating time, money, and air time to our cause. They talk about the event on their shows, help with planning and speaking, and even record promotional spots for us to advertise the event. We could NOT reach nearly as many people without them.

Anything easy about this?

Getting people to the rally was amazingly easy. The people we invited quickly spread the word to their networks of friends, and where we expected around 150, we saw 500! People who planned to attend also called in, on their own, to the local radio shows to talk about and promote the event.

What’s challenging?

The hardest thing has been keeping up with communication. We haven’t perfected the contact plan yet for future events. We’re better organized than we were for the first rally, but the e-mails keep coming in bunches every day. The sooner we get a contact management system in place, the better we’ll be able to keep in touch with our local forces.

Are you in this for the long haul?

I love this country and the principles from which it derived, and it grieves me to see it in danger of losing its historical character of a land of opportunity, hope and freedom. Many people are disheartened and don’t know what they can do. They’ve all but resigned themselves to waiting out the bad times.

My goal is to see people inspired to stand up and find out what they can do about the direction of the country. It will take a long time, longer than we will like. But if we persevere, if we refuse to accept the unacceptable, if we insist upon a return to sanity and accountability and personal responsibility in government, if we DON’T GIVE UP, we will prevail.


I’d sum up Felicia’s last answer as another well-known female Republican activist put it:

“You betcha.”

A few thoughts on organizing Tea Parties

As I monitor comments on the state organizing websites, every so often someone expresses frustration such as:

How about information for a Tea Party in or around Columbus on the 15th. This is the capitol for crying out loud. There needs to be more publicity about the events going on I just stumbled on this by accident. I’m sure if more people knew, there would be greater participation.

As a reminder:

  • The organizers of these events are unpaid volunteers, many doing this for the first time.
  • There is no one whose job it is to do outreach.  Any outreach that is getting done is being done by unpaid volunteers who are freely giving of their time.
  • If you see a job that isn’t getting done, volunteer to do it.
  • In most cases, this means that you just start doing it…like everyone else here.
  • However, if others in your area are already working together, it’s a good idea to get in touch to arrange for a division of labor and to avoid re-duplication.

Why April 15 matters, Part 5

From an Instapundit reader.


Stay tuned

Later today, I’ll be posting the third in our series of daily interviews with local Tea Party activists and organizers.

Are you a local organizer and activist?

Then I’d like to e-interview you, as well.

Please e-mail me at

We get mail…lots of mail. The Tuesday Morning Edition

Back by popular demand, the most recent comments on state pages.

Any “parties” in the North Bay area? - Had it with dead-beat politicos throwing my tax money around

I will be at the one in Charleston. People in Columbia, get with a local conservative group or Republican party to organize one. I’m fed up with this stuff. People are losing money every time Obama opens his damn mouth. And all they do is smile because it’s exactly what they want. To make people desperate and more accepting of radical changes.

The Young Republicans of South Carolina have the event for Greenville posted on their website - I’m not sure if they are planning one for April or if it has already happened - you should check that out.

I also am interested in helping / attending upstate tea party. please email me info or post an email so I can contact someone.

I am planning on attending. Just joined TCOT as well. Never before did anything like this but it is TIME NOW.

It is my understanding that Iowa City will be having a “Tea Party” off the Burlington St bridge in April. Please consult the for more info.

I am willing to help, i live in Akron and know a few who are coming along for hte ride. time to take back our country from ALL politicains.

I will go to ANY Tea Party in the NYC area, and IF I can get a ride, I’ll go upstate.

To coordinate with Arizona Director for Americans for Prosperity, we are now moving the event to the AZ state capitol, and starting no earlier than 6 pm.

I want to show up with a sign and support this effort. This is about standing up for what we see is destroying our country. The silent majority is going to be heard on April 15!!!!

Hey Everybody! Im Planning an Ozark Tea Party, if you would like to help email me at It will be in Baxter County and you will be hearing more about it soon.

Count me in! THE MAN is bringing us down. On top of that THE MAN in Sacremanto is doing the same. Down with THE MAN!

Could we possibly set up a tea party in Klamath Falls? We have a lake conveniently located next to Veteran’s Park or we could take it a short way upstream to Klamath Lake.

Here is the Facebook link for Las Cruces. I don’t have a location yet, but when we get some people in we will meet and make some decision about location, etc.

Tulsa had one a couple of weeks ago when others had them around the nation. I read there was a great turnout there, so I’m assuming they’ll do it for tax day also. I’m in Washington County. I can’t do the drive to Little Rock, so I’m hoping for something more local. I think all we need is for somebody to head this thing up and take the reins.

I would like to plan a tea party in Pasco County (Hudson or NPR area). Anyone in this area willing to help me organize one? I just can’t get to Tampa or Clearwater or St. Pete. It would probably be the weekend before or after tax day.

Liberty Restored: The 2009 Tea Party Revolution


Take me out to the ballgame

Instapundit posts an idea from one of his readers.

“DAVID PINTO OFFERS A TEA PARTY SUGGESTION: “Obama is throwing out the first pitch at opening day for the Washington Nationals Monday, 4/13, a 3:05 EDT start. Given that stadiums get too many tax dollars, and it’s two days before the IRS deadline, it seems like a perfect place for a tea party protest.”

Find some delicious, strong, hot tea on Twitter

You don’t have to be a registered user at Twitter to follow all the Tea Party news there:

Just click on this link for some bracing hot Twitter Tea.

Mmmmm. Tea.

Much better than Obama’s kool-aid, don’t you think?

Tea bags and the U.S.P.S.

A kind reader sends along the following cautionary note in response to the idea of sending actual tea bags to the White House or Congress:

actual tea bags will CLOG UP the letter sorting equipment……….BIG TIME………..and might invite postal inspectors to inquire…………

also, more than 1/4″ thick letters, require a SURCHARGE, extra stamp charge, and will PROBABLY BE RETURNED without it the extra surcharge stamps……….

The reader suggests as an alternative:

i would like to do this, but with TEA PAPERS (flattened)….

In other words, try sending the paper wrapper that some tea bags come wrapped in.

Joe Biden Tea Party this Saturday in Little Rock

A coalition of organizations is planning to demonstrate the stimulus package, the bailouts and the Obama-conomy outside the Peabody Hotel in Little Rock, Arkansas on March 14, 2009, at 5 p.m.

Vice President Joe Biden will be appearing at the Peabody that day, at a $150 a plate luncheon fundraiser for Senator Blanche Lincoln. Like Biden, Lincoln plays for Team Bloat.

Lincoln will be kicking off her 2010 campaign for her third term as senator at the hotel.

Tea Partiers are asked to come, bring their friends, and bring signs and chants to make sure Biden and Lincoln know your thoughts.