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Tax Day Tea Party

Meet Pam Fowler, Tea Party organizer in Connecticut

Pam Fowler is organizing April 15 Tea Party events in Connecticut.

Here’s our e-interview with Pam. (Click here to read yesterday’s interview with Laura Boatwright.)

Pam, what’s at stake in the Tea Party movement?

What’s at stake? Our entire way of life! We are moving from a system that honors and rewards hard work to an entitlement system. And our children’s future is being mortgaged and they don’t even get a say.

When did you decide to get involved?

After seeing the February protests and saw it as a means to express my concern for the dangerous economic path this administration is pursuing.

Do you have any advice for other local organizers?

Contact local Republican Town committees (some democrats have been open to the idea as well) and ask them to send your Tea Party link to their membership. Go through your own email list. Twitter. Facebook. Write a letter to your local paper. Keep track of the skills people tell you they can offer. For instance, one person in our state said she was not well suited to organize a group but would make signs.

What has been easy and what has been hard about putting together this rally?

Coming up to speed on using the media is my challenge but I’ve sought out several people to help with that. Managing people’s expectations. It’s important for people to feel that they have really contributed something for their time and effort. The easy part was deciding to do it! The hardest but most rewarding part is the execution.

Have you done anything like this before?

Nothing like this especially from an organizational perspective!


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