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Tax Day Tea Party

Meet Laura Boatright, Tea Party organizer in San Bernardino, California

Laura Boatright is organizing a Tax Day Tea Party in San Bernardino, California on April 15 from 3:00-7:00 p.m. (Here’s the event’s Facebook page.)

I contacted Laura and she graciously agreed to do an e-interview with me about how she got involved and why she thinks this is so important.

Laura, when did you decide to get involved?

Last week when I received an email from Freedom Works, I initially planned on 4/11, but when I saw this push for 4/15, I changed plans.

Do you have any advice for any other local organizers?

Don’t be afraid to jump in! I am a “nobody” politically. Just a “work horse” (avid volunteer). But I know how to talk and circulate information. We CAN do this thing. Don’t be intimidated. Network, network, network! And remember, our founders were “just a bunch of English citizens”…until….

Have you done anything like this before?

Not anything like this, but I have been involved with many different community orgs (local NFRW chapter, PTA-Fundraising Officer, church leadership, etc.) Worked hard last year with voter registration, information, rallies, many different venues, etc.

What has been easy and what has been hard about putting together this rally?

It’s easy making a plan, it’s harder to get individuals to see that a large movement grows one-by-one. Many people are waiting till it’s “big enough to make a difference” to get involved. To which I reply, “A million-man-march begins with ONE.” We cannot AFFORD to be apathetic…our opposition relies on our apathy.

What’s at stake in the Tea Party movement?

IMO, the future of America is at stake, and taxes TO ME are a “moral issue”. Our tax system is at the root of many of our societal ills: from public education, to funding abortions, to diminishing state sovereignty, diminishing NATIONAL sovereignty!, to silencing churches, to creating ghettos, subsidizing illegal aliens, and now nationalizing private industry. No, I am not content to let our great land become the USSA without a fight! The only way to kill this beast is to STARVE IT! I am a devoted conservative, and IMO, TAXES, should be the FOUNDATION of every single candidate’s campaign in 2010. “Abortion? yes, well, let’s DE-FUND IT!” I was not a Mike Huckabee supporter, but he is dead RIGHT on FAIRTAX. All conservatives should run on THAT in 2010. (If we aren’t completely socialized by then.)

Thomas Jefferson said this (among many other things): We may consider each generation as a distinct nation, with a right, by the will of its majority, to bind themselves, but none to bind the succeeding generation, more than the inhabitants of another country. -emphasis mine- We cannot allow our children to be enslaved by the actions of a very few politicians now in power.

We can’t be a nation of “Neros”…while America burns. At least*I* can’t.

What are the main things you are doing to get the word out?

I have posted the facebook event page on several others’ pages, sites. I have emailed many national conservatives PLEADING with them to promote the Nationwide Tax Day Tea Party (Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, Larry Elder, Dr. Frances Rice-Nat’l Black Rep Assn, local radio stations, and newspapers. I am also handing out (at freeway offramps and shopping centers) the flyer, attached. Asking local businesses to post one in their windows, and putting them on community bulletin boards. Of course, emailed EVERYONE I know…LOL


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  • By Julia Fields, March 8, 2009 @ 3:19 pm

    I want my country back with God back in it ! Obama lied to “We the People” as stated in the Constitution with his broken promises. So far no transparency, allowing Tax cheats in his cabinet. Too many double standards in this “Clinton White House” Clinton is a Rhodes Scholar and believes in Socialism.

    Read New York Times article from Sept 30,1999 The housing foreclosure problem started with Bill Clinton! No surprise that Clinton Cronies are on staff at The White House today. Majority of foreclosures are from illegal’s.
    No Amnesty for Illegals !!

    I have much more to say re Obama & his cabinet & his Kool-Aid drinkers Democrat Congress. We must have a law for voted officials to read any Amendments or any excessive govt spending. A large majority of Democrats Did NOT read the spending bill before voting on it ! I will be at the Nation wide Tea Party in my city.

  • By Carrie, March 8, 2009 @ 6:54 pm

    Cheers for Laura Boatright!

    CALIFORNIA is the perfect example of all that is coming to the country, and Californians are already hurting like no where else.

    WHY?… Because the state has been on a SPENDING spree with a socialist agenda for a VERY LONG time! The state finances countless people like Octo-Mom, illegal aliens, and addicts that jam the hospitals, overrun the public schools, perpetuate crime and infest the courts and jails, all with our tax dollars. The state continues to do this because it has made it STATE LAW to do so! Now (Feb 2009) a panel of federal judges, overseeing California’s prison system, ruled that the state must release tens of thousands of inmates to reduce prison overcrowding, and the state is refusing to detain known criminal illegal aliens because of the cost. Although the state is getting big bail out bucks from the federal government, there will be no relief for taxpayers. Currently, state unemployment is more than 10% and rising, sales tax is up to10%, and MORE taxes are promised to follow, while home values fall, foreclosures increase, and any savings that the people have put aside for our future and our children evaporates! Enough!

    The following is not meant to be a partisan statement; it’s just the truth…

    WHO runs California?
    Liberals have run the state for more than a decade and they are very well entrenched. …
    California State laws are made by:
    51 democrats and 29 republicans

    Californians are represented in Congress by:
    36 democrats and 19 republicans,
    (including speaker Nancy PELOSI and senators Dianne FEINSTEIN & Barbara BOXER)

    Not even Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger could help the state.

    Now the whole country has been seduced (including democrats) with sweet talk, and false promises from a charismatic, but radically liberal, politician. We have a radically liberal president and a radically liberal congress with nothing but socialism and to look forward to…
    Just like California!
    UNLESS… the people take back the country!

    Enough is enough!
    Believe this… If we rally California and the whole country will take notice!
    Attend the Tea Party!

  • By Laura Boatright, March 8, 2009 @ 11:34 pm

    Thanks for your hearfelt post Carrie.

    Unfortunately, many states that were once great have been decimated by (what I call) socialist policies. Look at Michigan. While the rest of the country was experiencing economic growth (albeit much of it due to the housing bubble) Michigan was losing residents. What did they do? Raise taxes.

    America has the second highest corporate tax rate in the world…and who pays those taxes? You and me, consumers do. CORPORATIONS PY NOTHING, they pass it along in the cost of goods and services! But ask “the guy on the street” and he will agree with Washington, that we need to “stick it to the man”…not realizing “the man” is us. Meanwhile, some of those corps move to other countries with lower taxes, and take our jobs with them. (Which has happened in California too…lots of our jobs went to other, business-friendly states over the past few decades. Due to taxes and environmental regs.)

    That’s not what I call “progress”. Even SWEDEN lowered it’s corp tax from 28% to 26.3% TO BRING BUSINESS TO SWEDEN.

    I could rant on forever…LOL

    Glad to have you on board!

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