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In an effort to build exposure for the Nationwide Tax Day Tea Party events through subscriber lists and e-mail campaigns, we've decided to launch a new contest that will give YOU the chance to win all kinds of free Tea Party Gear.

This contest is designed to help build our daily "RSS feed through email" list, develop more agressive work-of-mouth marketing campaigns through blog posts and social media, and generate more attention to our Tea Party Store so that we can sell enough gear to be able to send our organizers free goodies for their local Tea Party events.

Great, so what do I need do?

Entering to win is really quite simple. All you need to do is one or more of the following:

1: Subscribe to the Fresh Tea Daily Blog Feed through RSS using the form below. This will get you 1 (one) entry

Enter your email address and confirm to subscribe:

2: Write a blog post on your blog that links to BOTH this page that you're reading AND the Tea Party Gear Store. In this blog post you'll want to plug the Tax Day Tea Party, this contest, and encourage your readers to check out the store. This will get you 2 (two) entries.

3: Purchase ANY product in the Tea Party store and send us a picture of yourself with your Tea Party purchase when you receive it. This will get your 3 (three) entries.

4: Use your Twitter account to "tweet" the link to this contest and encourage your followers to join. This will get you 1 (one) entry.

Tell me about the prizes

Grand Prize A prize pack that includes a TEA-shirt, a wall poster, 3 bumper stickers, some buttons, a keychain, a coffee cup and a Tea Party Flag

First Prize A TEA-shirt and a wall poster

Second Prize A Tea Party wall poster

Sweet! What are the rules?

The contest deadline is Friday, April 3rd, at 11:00 PM Eastern time. On Monday, April 6th, the winner will be chosen LIVE ON VIDEO (through a drawing from a hat) during the nationwide Tea Party planning conference call at 9:00 PM Eastern time.

You can only receive a maximum of 7 (seven) entries for the contest.

When I purchase something from the store, who gets the proceeds?

We're hoping to be able to send a "Tea Party Organizer" TEA-shirt to the organizer in every city for April 15th. Because this might end up being more than 100 shirts, we need YOUR help to raise the money to pay for this. The proceeds from the Tea Party Store will go towards the purchase

I'm in! Who do I contact with my entries?

Send proof of your entries (including email address used to subscribe and/or blog address and twiiter account) to