Our first primary battle is heating up…


Fellow Patriots,

Last week we posted a poll for our readers that asked a simple question. Would you support J.D. Hayworth in his run against John McCain in 2010?

The results? Out of about 3,500 votes, 79% of you said you would indeed support Hayworth in his challenge to John McCain for the Arizona Senate Seat.

As I told our committee on our conference call with J.D. Hayworth this week, the overwhelming amount of emails coming in support of J.D. Hayworth makes this feel like the special election in MA for Scott Brown that took place earlier this year.

In that particular scenario, Scott Brown was the underdog just six weeks before the election. In fact, at the time, he trailed by 30 points! But once the movement unified and rallied behind him, he was able to overcome the special interest and big money behind progressive candidate Martha Coakley.

It is the opinion of our committee that John McCain has become a problem for our movement. His progressive positions in the Senate have been damaging to our efforts, and in many cases he appears to position himself against what we as a movement stand for.

Erika Franzi, organizer for the Asheville Tea Party sent us the following statement.

“John McCain, the man who was once the ‘maverick,’ is now the personification of the mushy-middle, establishment Republican. His memorable bipartisan efforts, including Campaign Finance Reform, Climate Stewardship, Amnesty, and TARP, demonstrate his lack of regard for the constitutional limitations of the federal government. Senator John McCain is not a liberty candidate. Asheville Tea Party supports J.D. Hayworth’s bid to replace Senator John McCain as the GOP candidate for Arizona Senate.”

Erika hit the nail on the head with her statement, and our committee fully agreed that it’s time to oppose John McCain in a public manner.

Many, MANY tea party organizers responded to our email earlier today asking about their thoughts on the matter. Those in support of Hayworth include Jason Carey (Tea Party Organizer - Sag Harbor, NY), Erika Franzi (Asheville Tea Party), Marlene Bonilla (Tea Party Organizer in Kansas), Jennifer West (9/12 Organizer from Hattiesburg), Laura Boatright (California based Tea Party Organizer), Allen Coniglio (Buffalo, NY Tea Party Organizer), Diane Benjamin (Illinois based Tea Party Organizer), Ralph Reagan (North Carolina based Tea Party Organizer), Joni Schmidt (Texas based Tea Party Organizer), and many others.

Arizona Tea Party Organizers like Easton Kelsey and Keith Sipmann have also thrown their support behind J.D. Hayworth, and other Arizona organizers are getting involved as well.

Liberty First PAC, including its projects TaxDayTeaParty.com, The Patriot Caucus and The American Liberty Alliance will all now fully support Hayworth and strongly oppose John McCain.

If we as a movement unify in this particular race, we can make a HUGE difference in the outcome.

We challenge each of you to do the following:

-Email everyone you know and ask them to get involved

-Share this information with your local tea party groups and activists

-Spread the message via Facebook, Twitter and other social networks

-Visit J.D. Hayworth’s website and sign up for his updates

It’s time to fire John McCain from office. Are you ready to help make it happen?

For Liberty,
-Eric Odom

UPDATE: For those looking for Hayworth’s voting record, we would like to point you to American Thinker and the American Conservative Union ratings.

J.D. Hayworth’s last full year in Congress was 2006. His 2006 ACU score was 96, his 2005 score was 100, and his lifetime average was 97.56. His lifetime average put him in 16th place in the 2006 House, or in the top 4%

UPDATE: Keith Sipmann, an Arizona Tea Party organizer and Chair of Tea Party Arizona PAC, sent us the following statement.

We are supporting JD Hayworth because he was one of the first in the state to publicly and officially support the Tea Party movement. He believes in many of the core values and beliefs that the conservative movement is built around. A lot of people may say that he is just riding the Tea Party and conservative movement to become elected, and I beg to differ. In reality, with the help from grassroots organizations like ours and others, he helped us establish and ground the Tea Party movement in Arizona by giving us a microphone to speak out…This was all before he decided to run for any office mind you.

UPDATE: Easton Kelsey, founding Vice-Chair of Activism/ Candidates of the East Valley Tea Party Patriots, sent us his statement.

The Founding Fathers agreed that the Senate should be occupied by ’seasoned statesmen’. I believe JD Hayworth more aptly fits that description than any other candidate. JD is a strong adherent to providing national security and securing our borders and enforcing immigration laws is key to this most basic Constitutional protection.

Check out one of Hayworth’s latest web ads…

3 Responses to “Our first primary battle is heating up…”

  1. Spiking says:

    Taxation WITH Representation

    Just made the google rounds. Tea Party hits USA Today:


    To devour the entire country, I recommend that we focus on Taxation WITH Representation. And how to get there.

  2. Spiking says:

    He may be too modest to post it, but Eric hit US News and World Report:


    “The State of the Union can be summed up in one statement … Washington is completely out of touch with the people it works for.”


  3. Spiking says:

    Interesting. Although it has been my position all along that the Tea Party movement underestimates its potential.

    As I recall, the last Fox poll was Tea Party 33, Democrats 25, and Republicans 12.

    Democrats and Republicans continue to ruin our Treasury and our economy.

    There is a different path:

    1. Do you support taxpayer approval of spending? If not, why not?
    2. Do you support instant runoff voting?
    3. Do you support public seed money for new candidates?
    4. Do you support a 32 hour work week, to spread the work?

    Dunno what Kinzinger’s position is on these issues. But I’m REALLY tired of being bounced around between Democrats and Republicans.

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