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As I promised yesterday, here’s a collection of short reports you’ve sent me either in email or comments about your event.

For earlier reports, see here or here or here.

Richmond Hill, Georgia: “Drove by 80 protesters early in the morning along the highway in Richmond Hill, GA. Plenty of honking from the commuters who needed to go to work that morning. Later that afternoon, 1,400 attended a well organized rally on River Street in Savannah, GA. I was impressed.”

San Antonio, Texas: “The San Antonio Tea Party in front of the Alamo was absolutely the best. Great crowd, (reported to be 16,000) well behaved, did not see any reporters or police. Great speakers and entertainment and the place was clean when the party was over. Just a wonderful experience. The movement needs to continue and go to second gear…”

St. Petersburg, Florida:


Oregon City, Oregon: “We had roughly 350 in Oregon City, Or. But if you count all the folks honking their horns and giving a thumbs up as they drove by, the numbers would be, well, heartwarming. We were enthusiastic, energized and ready for more action”

Providence, Rhode Island: “I was there for the first 2 hours of the 3 hour rally and well more than 1,000 attended in that time. As families went home to make dinner, “just off from work” people showed up to take their place. Organizers estimate 2,000 + for the whole rally.”

Photo from Providence:


Gloucester, Virginia: ” I was not an organizer and came in from another county, but we had a good amount of people outside of the old Gloucester courthouse. It was a cold and drizzly day, but the warmth and friendliness expressed by the people went I got there was unbelievable. I have never been to a rally, protest, etc and was unsure of how my children and I would be welcomed. We were definitely welcomed with open arms, especially my children! And what was so nice about the whole event was that there were so many diverse people there. So many different classes of people and no one was judging or looking at each other for whatever reason, we were there for one common cause and it brought different people together.”

Photo from Gloucester:


Fort Collins, Colorado: “We had at least 2000 patriots at our Fort Collins march and everyone was so friendly and helpful.”

Fort Worth, Texas. More here.


Lafayette, Louisiana: “There were about 1000 people in Lafayette, Louisiana.”

Richmond, Virginia:


Video compilation of New Jersey events:

Great Falls, Montana: “Great Falls, Montana Tea Party was a great success. It was 36 degrees with a little snow. An estimated crowd of 500 people showed up to voice their displeasure of out of control government spending. There were at least 6 speakers who really got the enthusiastic crowd yelling and screaming at times.

There were postcards available for people to sign to go to Senator Baucus and Senator Tester. The postcards said “I am a registered America voter, and I will not re-elect you unless I am heard.”. There was also room on the cards to write additional comments and many did that. Some of the comments written were: “Stop spending my kids future.”, “Enough is enough”, “I don’t want a nanny state. What happened to state sovereignty?”, “Cut the Spending”, “What are you thinking?”, “You are taxing us to death and I don’t like your change.”, “You do not represent Montana, stay back east.”, “How much debt do you think my kids can pay off?”, “You work for us, not the other way around!”, “I have never been so disappointed.”, “Are you joking? Be a proud American! God Bless America!”, “I am neither a democrat nor a republican - but enough is enough and I will get involved now!”

Great Falls photo:


St. Charles, Louisiana: “Lake Charles Tax Day TeaParty had about 2000+, very beautiful and wonderful!” More here.

Prescott Valley, Arizona: “Temperatures were in the low 30s with windchill. We had 2000-2500 (police estimate) folks show up for the protest on 15 Apr. These were Libertarians, Independents, Democrats and Republicans. More importantly, they were mostly people who have never held a sign up in protest. It was orderly, on focus, and inspirational.”

Washington, DC.:


New York City:


Hutchinson, Kansas: “Over 2,000 attended the TEA Party at the Kansas State Fairgrounds! Hutchinson is a town of 40,000 but they came from all around Hutch. with their American flags, their signs, their banners, and most of all, their love of country! God Bless America and its people who are NOT apathetic and complacent!

St. Louis, Missouri: “Please note that St. Louis Missouri had an estimated 10,000 people at the Tea Party here on April 15th.”

Concord, New Hampshire: “What a great turnout the other day. I was in Concord, and it seems we had a couple hundred people there. There are a lot of people on conservative talk radio calling in real excited about the possibilities of this movement. Many of them did not go, because they where afraid of real low turnouts, nuts on the left shouting them down, or people getting violent. They all said they would definitely come to the next Tea Party.”

Video from Austin, Texas:

Fishkill, New York: “The Fishkill Tea Party was awesome. We packed out Dutchess Stadium, 4000+ in attendence, the police had traffic backed up to I-84 and we ran out of parking that the police had to turn people away or we probably had over 5000.

Seguin, Texas: “You can add 200 for the Tea Party here in Seguin, Texas. The first speaker started out by referring to himself as a “domestic Terrorist”. Thank you Napolitano.”

Yorba Linda, California: “Our Tea Party in Yorba Linda was attended by an estimated 3500.”

Yorba Linda photo:


Austin, Texas: “Austin had two events on at 11:30am in front of Austin City Hall where Gov. Perry spoke. 2000 Austinites were in attendence and the event planned by Michele Samuelson and sponsored by Americans for Prosperity was amazing. The second rally for Austin was held at the Capitol at 4pm and Dan Patrick spoke to the crowd of 5000.”

Photo from Austin:


Tifton, Georgia: “i attended in Tifton, Ga and there were over 250 people (official count). It was thrilling to see so many in attendance — i had HOPED there would be 40 or 50 as this is a small town (in southeast georgia).”

Video from Atlanta, Georgia:

Pinedale, Wyoming: “The Tea Party that I organized in Pinedale, Wyoming had 50 people attending. It’s still winter out here in Wyoming, and we held our indoors.” More here.

Lake Havasu, Arizona: “The Tea Party at Lake Havasu started at 5PM when over 1,000 people gathered on the south side of the London Bridge the march proceeded over the bridge and ended at a local business where speakers and entertainment were received by an enthusiastic crowd. Organizers had underestimated the size of the crowd and many marchers watched from the London Bridge above.”

Photo from Lake Havasu:


Alexandria, Louisiana: “I am no good at estimating but I would guess that there were well over a thousand people. The Alexandria levee amphitheater was overflowing with people standing all the way around the amphitheater as all the seating was taken.”

Lander, Wyoming: “John Birbari planned to hold the Lander, Wyoming Tea Party indoors, but when 250 people showed up, he had to move it outdoors!”

Silver City, New Mexico: “The Silver City, NM Tea Party was a huge success! We had 654 people that signed our sign-in sheet — way more than expected. We had a longer party - 12-7 p.m., so that we could include folks on their lunch hour and after work. The crowd was VERY respectful and well behaved - we had Democrats, Libertarians, Republicans, Unregistered voters - young kids, older folks - it was GREAT !! And the cars passing by the park were ‘honking’ continuously!”

Dallas, Texas: “I have been to many rallies and one of the things I found very interesting from the moment I walked onto this scene yesterday was the creativity and depth of the slogans on the signs. There were some that were the same duplicated slogans, but there were soooo many that were unique and generally well presented. I have been to many protests now and this was the first one that I have been to where there was such a variety of things displayed on the placards. Often placard messaging seems to be written from media talking points or created in (suspected) placard “assembly lines.” Therefore, the slogans at most protests are hardly unique and once you have seen a few, -you have seen them all.”

Photo from Dallas: (More here.)


New York City: “I thought your organization may be interested in the strange silence surrounding the NYC tea party, where attendance was supposedly estimated by the NYPD to break 12,000. I was dressed as a ‘Son of Liberty’ at the party and personally was interviewed by the AP, the Huffington Post, UVA television, News One for Black America and NYU News. The AP story has been released but the Huff Post, News One and NYU News have not released a SINGLE STORY about the tea party in NY. Why is NYC being blacked out?”

Fairbanks, Alaska: “In Fairbanks we had 300 at the first rally (sign waving) and 200 at the second rally (Federal Building). (Count from Fairbanks Newspaper).”

Columbia, South Carolina:


Duluth, Minnesota: ‘I would estimate around 70 attended the Superior Tea Party and about 1000 the Duluth MN Party! It was a great day!”

Burleson, Texas: “We estimate 1,500 attendees. Our event was very peaceful with no problems. We advocated Free Speech and allowed our Mayor, who opposed our event, to speak. Isn’t America great?”


Virginia Beach, Virginia: “Over 1000 people attended the Tea Party at Virginia Beach, Virginia. Lots of great speakers, lots of great signs and lots of great people. We won’t be silent anymore, our country is worth speaking out for.”

Wellsboro, Pennsylvania: “Here to report that from Wellsboro, Pa that we may have had one of the smallest groups, (only 80,) but it went very well. And we’re already working for the next one and hope to triple our numbers.”

Bowling Green, Kentucky: “It is important to state that we had excellent, fair, journalistic coverage. Gotta love KY! We knew we had 100 confirmed to attend, thought 200 was possible, 500 was our dream come true, and 700+ showed up.”

More here.

Video here:

Santa Rosa Beach, Florida: “Hey Guys, we had over 250 people come out to the Santa Rosa Beach, Fl which was organized by two local citizens. THIS IS A HUGE TURNOUT FOR a small community that had no listing of the event on the major tea party web sites.”

Valparaiso, Indiana: “The Valparaiso, IN, Tea Party drew at least 300 people. It was a peaceful and positive experience, and was extremely non-partisan.”

More here.

Photo from Valparaiso:


Spokane, Washington: “I overheard one of the organizers saying they had counted upwards of 6,500 people about halfway through the event, and more people kept arriving throughout the entire thing.”

Phoenix, Arizona:


Madisonville, Kentucky: “There was a small group, estimated at 40 in Madisonville, KY with a coffin which was filled with tea bags. A sign read….”High Taxes are Killing Us”.”

Rochester, New York: “In Rochester NY about 1000 to 1500 people showed up.”

Hartford, Connecticut: “I attended Hartford, CT. 5,000 people came out, complete with Highway patrol taking video of us… ”

Kane County, Illinois:


Franklin, Tennessee: “We had an estimated crowd of 2,000-3,000. It was GRAND!!!!! Let’s keep moving forward to the elections next year. THEN our voices will really be heard!!!!”

Naperville, Illinois: “We had a crowd that was estimated at about 500 people. Not bad considering we threw it together at the last minute, had no money for any advertising, and held it at noon when most people are working. There were also TEA parties in adjacent communities to ours including Lisle, Oswego, Downers Grove and Joliet.”

Photo from Naperville:


24 Responses to “Saturday news from you”

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  2. markz says:

    The Kingman, Az. Tea Party was a great sucess. Probably 500 people showed up during the course of the afternoon. Not bad for a cold windy day in the high desert. Many people held up signs. Some even had Pitch Forks. Had numerous speakers who talked about the value of the dollar, 2nd admendment rights, GIVE ACT, and Health Care. Even folks from the crowd came up and spoke what was on their mind. Vehicles passing by blew their horns in support.

    We ARE ready for the next Tea Party.

  3. Rose says:

    Does anyone who attended the New Port Richey, Fl tea party at noon know anything about a man being hit by a car driven by a woman ticked off about the protest? I was there it ran smoothly, we held our tea party at the park then marched to city hall using the sidewalk. We had maybe 200 or 300 but I didn’t see anything or hear the ambulance please Email me if you know anything. I am wondering if the guy is OK. Thanks

  4. Edie Dawson says:

    I’m interested in the march on Washington keep me posted @ nene53@tds.net we had 500 turn out in Brunswick Georgia . We stood near a busy highway with our signs most of the cars and trucks passing hit their horns and waved . There was a great group of people there . I need all the facts on the Washington March time and place .

  5. kade0868 says:

    Everyone clear your calendars and help organize again Nationwide Tea Parties on July 4th and March on Washington 9/12/2009 permits have been obtained for the March on Washington.. but your local Tea Parties must be organized again.

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  8. Tom Morgan says:

    Kerrville, Texas had over 1000 people show up April 15th to listen and be entertained by a Home School band that lead us in the National Anthem. A local radio personality gave us about 15 minutes of comments that were warmly received. The main part of our crowd and sign waving was done around noon with people in their cars and trucks blowing their horns and air horn long and loud. We were able to keep the politics out of the rally and got over 900 signitures on our Re-ratify the Constitution petition. Half of the Friday Front Page was on the tea party.
    My first e-mail that evening was “lets do it again”.

  9. Tom Morgan says:

    Kerrville had over 1000 people show up April 15th to listen and be entertained by a Home School band that lead us in the National Anthem. A local radio personality gave us about 15 minutes of comments that were warmly received. The main part of our crowd and sign waving was done around noon with people in their cars and trucks blowing their horns and air horn long and loud. We were able to keep the politics out of the rally and got over 900 signitures on our Re-ratify the Constitution petition. Half of the Friday Front Page was on the tea party.
    My first e-mail that evening was “lets do it again”.

  10. Dave F says:

    Besides writing our government representatives, at every level, and demanding fiscal conservatism.. what next?!

    Next event?

    This was real, powerful, and beautiful.. don’t let this momentum die!

    “This will remain the land of the free only so long as it is the home of the brave.”
    — Elmer Davis (1890-1958)

  11. Carol says:

    My husband and I attended the Tea Party Saturday, April 18 at Washington’s Crossing, PA. There were probably 500 there. So encouraging to see people who share your views about the direction in which our country should be headed, We were proud to be there and to stand up for what is right for our country.

  12. Sally says:

    Bellingham, WA


  13. Rob Kealey says:

    We had about 400 at the Trenton, New Jersy Tea Party on a wet and cold day. Several others were also going on around the state. Oddly enough, the only reporter I saw was from the Russian news service. Go figure.

  14. Kristina says:

    PS: At least 40% of the cars that passed by were honking their horns in support of the group gathered on 66th street in St. Petersburg. Many whistled and waved or gave a thumbs up. There was no “astro-turf” to be seen :)

  15. Brenda P says:

    Just a quick but heart felt thank you to teablogger. I’m sure I speak for so many of us who appreciate all the time and effort you have put in towards this huge
    undertaking. I’m thankful for everyone involved @ tax day tea party, pjtv, all
    the organizers across this great nation, and SO MANY MORE I can’t even begin to mention. Reading thoughts from fellow Americans, are SO IMPORTANT
    to this cause. We are so inspired by the photos and videos, my heart swells
    with pride. I know we make this pledge to each other: We will not let our great
    Nation fall to tyranny. The work has begun and must continue through each
    one of us, and through future generations, to protect and defend our Freedom.
    Thank you ALL again. Patriot Bren

  16. Dawn says:

    My video of our organizer, Nick C., at the DANVILLE, CA Tea Party…

    We had about 100 people at the noon rally, and at least that many again in the evening! GREAT TURNOUT for a tiny town with absolutely zero advertising or advance notice!!! The vid is from early in the evening event.




  17. Donna Korman says:

    I attended the combined Arlington/Grand Prairie (Texas) rally. We expected approximately 500, but about an hour into it, the counters announced over 1,000. The next day the organizer said that the number was over 2,000. Folks kept streaming in, and others who did not stop honked as they drove by. It was fabulous, and I am proud to have been a part of it. We will not be silenced!!

  18. NH says:

    ACtually Concord NH had 1,000 and Manchester nearly hit 4,000 in the evening.

  19. Howard Hellwinkel says:

    I was at the White Planes NY Tea party. We had about 250-300 people there.

  20. Kristina says:

    Thanks for posting the picture, although it doesn’t show the crowd at all.

  21. TacAirlifter says:

    For you Burleson, Texas folks… I am so glad Colorado Springs was able to help in reaching out to your local Star newspaper and mailing the mayors office. I watched on Twitter in about 12 hours the city went from being a roadblock to getting out of the way. Proud of you folks down there!

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  24. Jack Jenkins says:

    I attended the Indianapolis Tea Party with Thomas Paine (Bob Basso) as the guest speaker. It was great! It was a very large group (3000 or more) on the south side of the state capitol. Many people of all ages with home made signs and words of wisdom for all our represenatives. (Get with IT or get OUT) We have had ENOUGH!!! Check it out at Applelog.com…SEE you in WASHINGTON DC July 4th….

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